12 Font Generator Tools In 2022

This post will explain font generator tools. When seeking for the ideal typeface, it’s simple to run into a brick wall. Font generators can help with that. The typography of a website influences the user experience by establishing the tone and atmosphere. The fonts you choose for your website are a crucial component of the design since the distinctive letterforms of a font contribute to the meaning of the text they deliver.

The phrase “font generator” refers to a broad category that covers both tools and websites that offer downloadable typefaces. When working with type, they provide designers a wide range of creative options.

Let’s bring a peek at some of the best font makers available to get you motivated and help you explore new ideas for your work.

1. Creative Fabrica

The company Creative Fabrica is renowned for creating some of the best solutions for increasing your online creativity and productivity. They have a fancy font generator that makes creating useable webfonts very simple.
You can upload any.otf or.ttf file to have it converted into a webfont if it is in one of the acceptable formats.
Additionally, using and operating this font generator is quite simple. Simply choosing an otf or ttf file from your device will cause an instant conversion into a webfont bundle.

.woff,.woff2,.eot, and .svg are a few examples of typical web font formats that are included in the zip file. A sample.html file with usage examples for the webfonts is also available. The webfont generator from Creative Fabrica is fantastic since it converts the needed webfonts absolutely free of charge.

But take note that before starting the conversion, you must confirm that you are entitled to use the font. This is done to prevent any misinterpretation of plagiarism on the side of any of the parties involved. The preferred location for creative minds is Creative Fabrica. Numerous typefaces, graphics, embroideries, crafts, and tools—both free and premium—are available. Eight languages, including English, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, German, and Polish, are supported by Creative Fabrica. Additionally, these gifted designers of yours have the option to start earning money from their original works by setting up an online store on the website.

For those of us in education, Creative Fabrica is a terrific resource for finding a variety of materials to utilize in the classroom. These include images, drawings, creative fonts, and many others. Additionally, teachers can publish their lesson plans and sell them to other educators and teachers.

You may quickly and for no cost convert your fonts to web fonts with Webfont Generator. How it functions Click Convert to Web Fonts after choosing the font you wish to convert from your font file (.ttf and.otf files are accepted). Then, a zip file including popular web font formats like.woff,.woff2, svg, and many more will be delivered to you. Additionally, a.html file containing usage examples for these typefaces will be given to you.

2. FontSpace


There are a few factors that make FontSpace different from the vast majority of other font makers available today. The first is the enormous number of downloadable fonts it contains. There’s no question you’ll be able to locate one that suits your needs given the over 89,000 options available and the thousands of active contributors. Imaginative typefaces come in a wide range of styles, from the charming calligraphy of Ann Margaret to the retro-futuristic design of Rush Turbo. This is another font generator tools. Also check twitter marketing tools

Many of these typefaces are offered for no cost for personal use, but business licences are also available for purchase. Additionally, none of these typefaces require you to create an account with FontSpace in order to access them. To get started, simply click the download icon next to the desired font.

3. Fontspring


This is another font generator tools. The majority of designers have come across fonts that catch their eye yet they choose not to use them owing to unclear licence terms. With a “worry-free” font licence that covers the majority of uses and applications, Fontspring eliminates this obstacle.

Page after page of excellent typefaces are delivered by Fontspring. There are many choices, whether you want flashy display typefaces or more formal serifs. In addition to providing access to a variety of stunning font, Fontspring also has a user interface that is beautifully developed.

You may search by categories, well-liked tags, and lists by selecting the “Fonts” option in the top navigation, which throws up a neat drop-down menu and saves you important time. Additionally, a helpful sidebar with classes, subclassifications, font styles, and licences is available for honed search parameters.

For designers who don’t want to waste time looking for the ideal typefaces they’re after, Fontspring is a terrific resource thanks to its effective user experience and variety of typography.

4. FontGet


FontGet drew our interest not only for its broad array of typefaces, which ranges from conventional to the more quirky, but also for its focus on quality. None of the fonts have the impression of being disposable or being used only to fill empty space.

Are you seeking for typography with a mediaeval appearance? Or maybe you’re aiming for something more cutting-edge? Numerous typographies from FontGet are influenced by history, science, and other subjects. Whatever your requirements or goals, they probably have a well-designed font you can download.

Additionally, the UI design of FontGet is flawless. The enormous category block at the top, which offers a rapid entry point to a range of font types, is a really lovely touch. FontGet succeeds with a font generator that designers of all skill levels will find helpful because it has high-quality typefaces and a simple way to find them.

5. DaFont


Even the most successful websites may find it challenging to maintain their pace. With a vibrant contributor community that consistently uploads new and intriguing fonts, DaFont has endured the test of time.

DaFont also makes an impression on us with its knowledgeable curatorial sense. The majority of typefaces stand out with a particular sense of appeal, so you don’t have to slog through font after monotonous font. DaFont has a vast collection of typography to choose from, including whimsical display fonts and exquisite serifs. This is another font generator tools.

6. FontForge


Anyone who is a typography nerd will consider creating their own typefaces to be their greatest accomplishment. You can create your own typefaces and customise existing ones using the tools provided by FontForge. Although simple to use, it is not simplistic. Additionally, there is more than enough power to create intricate typefaces. Also check campaign management tools

FontForge is free and open-source, and a vibrant developer community constantly improves its features. They provide a fantastic foundation for your own typography if you’re interested in doing so.

7. Fontello


The DIY aesthetic is something we love to see, and Fontello is an open source tool for creating font icons. There are many embedded icons that you may zoom in or out of directly from your browser.

This is another font generator tools. With Fontello, you can create icon collections easily, choose from a variety of icons, and upload your own from your PC. Additionally, a search function exists that enables tag searches (i.e. social, arrow).

Icons are crucial for directing users through web designs and motivating them to do the tasks you’ve set out for them. Any designer may easily choose the icons that best suit their needs thanks to Fontello’s large icon library.

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8. Mixfont


With its less-is-more method of font pairing generation, Mixfont stands out from the competition. It doesn’t provide many search options or even a complex user interface. But rather than seeing these as restrictions, we believe that Mixfont benefits from them.

With a red arrow button, you can reload the font pairs, which are generated at random. You can see many applications where they are displayed with objects of various sizes and weights. Once you find a set you like, Mixfont provides you with the CSS code you need to add the fonts to your own website.

The font discovery process is made enjoyable and very effective by Mixfont, which simplifies the font pairing process and leaves a lot to chance.

9. Font Meme

Font Meme

Font Meme has a lot to offer those who enjoy typography, but we’re just going to focus on one aspect – their “Fonts in Use” section. This provides you with typefaces that are similar to those used in pop culture typography samples from media like movies and television. This is another font generator tools.

This method of leveraging well-known media as a source of inspiration to identify typefaces with a specific look and feel is efficient. This is a creative technique to discover an aesthetic that you might find difficult to find on your own if you’re having problems finding the correct typeface.

10. Fonstruct


The convenient font builder offered by Fonstruct truly attracted our eye. They provide users with basic geometric forms. We adore this method of font production since it jump-starts and streamlines the process of font discovery and provides a simple way to begin creating your own fonts. Also check keyword ranking tool

In addition, Fonstruct serves as a repository for all the fantastic work that its users have produced. There is no shortage of user-generated typography, and it contains a wide range of aesthetics, from conventional types to more experimental and abstract ones.

11. Calligraphr


This is another font generator tools. You can use Calligraphr to turn your own handwriting into a unique font. This analogue and digital fusion to create inventive lettering is something we admire.

Starting out is not difficult at all. To begin, print one of their templates, fill it out with a felt-tipped pen, and then print another one. The application will then create a typeface based on your lettering when you upload this template. Your lettering can be further honed and adjusted, giving you total creative control over the finished item.

The programme Calligraphr is excellent for designing unique typefaces. Making a font from your handwriting is ideal for projects like portfolios or personal websites where you want to add a little more of your personality and sense of style.

12. Bitfontmaker


Bitfontmaker is an ode to the blocky, pixelated typefaces that were popular in home computing during the 1980s. You may view fonts that would have been perfect for an Apple IIe or Commodore 64 game by scrolling through their user gallery. This is another font generator tools.

This is not a tool for designing elegant ligatures in advanced fonts. Instead, Bitfontmaker allows you to use a bitmap editor to create retro typefaces that have a primal and blocky vibe.

Bitfontmaker will assist designers who want to establish the foundation for their own 8-bit style fonts.

Find Typographic inspiration

Everybody has a favourite font that they use frequently. While it’s simple to stick with what feels familiar, extending the bounds of creativity can produce amazing outcomes. Why not venture outside of the norm and attempt something new considering the vastness of the typography universe?

Web typography is a great method for Webflow designers to push their work in novel areas, and font generators make it simple to find new and interesting fonts.

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