15 Awesome Keyword Ranking Tool For SEO

This post will explain keyword ranking tool. Keywords are an essential component of SEO, as everyone with even a basic understanding of search engine optimization understands. When users use search engines like Google or Bing, they enter words or phrases. These keywords can create a connection between the user and well-optimized websites. A strong keyword strategy can improve your chances of appearing on the search engine results page, and using keyword tracking tools will help you keep track of how well your approach and website are doing.


An online presence is crucial for marketing your company or product, and keeping an eye on your keyword ranking can enable you to spot search trends and determine what your target market is looking for. Knowing this will not only increase your chances of connecting with your target audience online, but it will also highlight which marketing tactics are effective and which ones require improvement.

You may implement these keywords in your posts and make changes to pages that aren’t ranking high by keeping an eye on a broad range of keywords that best define your company or product. Additionally, you’ll be able to spot trending terms that are pertinent to your services or goods, or “diamonds in the rough.” You can start using keywords that are beginning to gain popularity by keeping a watch on these. If done correctly, this can help your site climb from page two to page one in search results and actively improve your search engine optimization.

“SEO PowerSuite’s Rank Tracker is a versatile tool that provides a range of features to assist in tracking and analyzing search engine rankings. Here are some of the key aspects that showcase the tool’s power of turning a user into a multitasking expert:

Rank Tracking for Multiple Search Engines: Rank Tracker supports tracking rankings on numerous search engines, including Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, and many others.

Keyword Rank Tracking: The tool enables you to monitor the rankings of specific keywords or keyword phrases for your website. You can track the progress of your target keywords over time, identify fluctuations, and evaluate your SEO efforts’ effectiveness.

Local and Global Rank Tracking: Rank Tracker allows you to track rankings for both local and global search results, which is useful for businesses targeting specific geographic regions or operating in multiple locations.

Besides, you’ll be able to conduct competitor analysis, identify competitors’ top-performing keywords, analyze their SEO strategies, and gain insights to enhance your own rankings. You’ll have access to historical ranking data and trends, reporting, and deep customization.

The tool provides a comprehensive solution for monitoring and optimizing your website’s search engine rankings.”

15 Awesome Keyword Ranking Tool For SEO

In this article, you can know about keyword ranking tool here are the details below;

You can spend more time evaluating these data and optimising your site if you use a solid keyword tracking tool rather than wasting time looking for keyword statistics. We’ve chosen the best solutions so that you don’t have to waste time looking for a keyword tracking tool that suits your needs.



One of the best tools currently available, DYNO Mapper is the only visual sitemap creator and keyword tracking tool combined. The keyword tracker in DYNO Mapper will automatically pull any keywords used in the meta of your website after you’ve created a sitemap for it. You can choose to follow specific keyword combinations by location or search engine. Also check campaign management tools

Additionally fully incorporated into DYNO Mapper are Google Analytics, data on internal linkages, content audits and inventories, and accessibility testing. The ability to identify your highest ranking pages will be useful for organising upcoming posts and updating current material, but is especially important if you intend to revamp your website. This is another Keyword Ranking Tool.

Additionally, you’ll be able to keep an eye on your rivals, which can help you stay on top of developments and possibly acquire an advantage. Additionally, DYNO Mapper will notify you on a regular basis about the success of your website, including sitemap comments, weekly or monthly content monitoring, and daily keyword ranking.

Plans for DYNO Mapper start at $40 per month for 1,000 keyword phrases and unlimited domains tracked daily, per device, and in any location. It is available monthly or annually. Each bundle allows for an unlimited number of users, but the sites, pages, and keywords you may track are different.



This is another Keyword Ranking Tool. Our second choice was SEO Profiler, which, like DYNO Mapper, offers a lot more than just keyword tracking. Although SEO Profiler lacks some of the capabilities of our first and second choices, it is still quite simple to use and incorporates Google Analytics in addition to a few other features.

SEO Profiler has two main tools that set it apart from the other companies on our list (at least regarding usability).

In order for you to incorporate these keywords into your posts (and then track how well you’re ranking in comparison), SEO Profiler will constantly monitor your main rivals and the keywords they’re using to rank well.

Second, it will alert you to keyword opportunities—keywords that aren’t currently ranking at the top of the list but may if applied properly. Knowing your keyword opportunities can provide you an edge over the competition because you’ll be able to lead the way in a keyword’s developing popularity. These “diamonds in the rough” keywords will boost your site’s ranking and traffic when it begins to rank better.



As a keyword tracking tool, SEMrush is a favourite with detractors because it doesn’t distinguish between your website and those of your competitors. Although this may have some benefits, it’s also the reason we only ranked it third on our list. You can track competitors with DYNO Mapper and SEO Profiler, but they do so in a method that makes recommendations for your site’s improvement.

Having said that, SEMrush is highly user-friendly for what it delivers. You may ask SEMrush to rank a website or page on Google and Bing by entering the URL in the tool’s search bar. When the results are available, you can choose a keyword to compare them to how other websites and pages rank.

This may appear to be exactly what our top three do, but the main distinction is that you must wait for SEMrush to complete its analysis of your website or page before choosing each keyword by hand. You can see results for all of your keywords on a single results page if you use the earlier stated search engines, which accomplish this with a lot less work. You will need to spend roughly $70 each month to get detailed info.



As the name implies, the Competitive Research and Keyword Research Gadget is more of a gadget than a true tool. The tool displays on your website as a button that you can use to create data on your site’s keyword ranking after you add it as a widget. You’ll also have the option to combine the Competitive Research and Keyword Research Gadget with any other keyword monitoring tool of your choice, but the free installation also comes with a competitive analysis tool so you can check how well your site is performing in comparison to your rivals. This is another Keyword Ranking Tool.

This makes it an perfect place to start for anyone who wants to evaluate their website and quickly compare it to your business rivals, especially if you plan to add more features later on like keyword suggestions, site mapping, and backlinks. Although both of the features of this clever gadget are already included in the functions of our top four keyword ranking tools, you can access these tools directly from your website by linking the Competitive Research and Keyword Research Gadget with any of them (or any of the tools we’ll still be listing).



The Google Keyword Planner lets you look for keywords and trends. It was first introduced as the Google Keyword Tool and Traffic Estimator. Also check keyword research tools

This is another Keyword Ranking Tool. Using words or phrases related to your website, you can utilise Google Keyword Planner to find the keywords most appropriate for your company while you’re still creating content. You will receive a list of suggested keywords as well as information on how well they are performing in the search results.

Google Keyword Planner will provide you a report on how well keywords have done over time by providing information on how frequently they are searched, in addition to their current rank.

The keyword tool is thought to be quite accurate for Google search engine results, of course, but given that Yahoo and Bing are not covered by the Google Keyword Tool (and both are increasingly popular alternatives to Google), you may miss out on a true reflection of your website’s ranking. Although Google Keyword Planner focuses largely on planning your site (hence the name), you’ll also be able to check your site’s ranking and find information on your competitors’ websites. However, using it is free as long as you’ve created a free AdWords account.



The WooRank dashboard provides technical details about your website and lets you enter the URLs of rival websites so you can compare how well your website performs against theirs.

The website review tool will show you your site’s current ranking (not just in terms of keyword ranking, but SEO as a whole), and it will also highlight areas where you can make improvements while also providing good feedback on what you’re doing well. You can evaluate your website more than once with this feature’s continuity option, and you can also go back at earlier reports to see how much your ranking has increased.

Additionally, WooRanking will recognise the keywords you have probably used and offer ideas for others that you may have overlooked in your article. WooRanking allows you to manually add the keywords you want the tool to rank to the phrases you want it to rank, so don’t worry if some of the ones you used don’t appear in the automated list.

Before choosing between the Pro Plan (limited to one project) at $49 per month and the Premium plan at $149 per month, you may test WooRanking with a free 7-day trial.



Ahrefs is frequently mentioned as the second-most preferred keyword ranking tool by detractors of SEMRush. Ahrefs, which primarily focuses on backlinks but is also a very capable keyword ranking tool, is best utilised in conjunction with another keyword ranking tool. You will be able to see which external links, top pages, and IPs your rivals are employing. Ahrefs also offers top-notch customer service, which includes support, so you’ll never be completely unsure of how to use the tool.

Although it comes with a tonne of fantastic features, its primary use as a keyword ranking tool is to automatically identify the keyword (or phrases) that your site is currently ranking for. In order to receive a localised report, you can also tell Ahrefs which country’s search engine results to look at for your website. The fact that you’ll often rank better in your country (which is mostly your targeted target market) than globally is an underestimated benefit that many website owners are unaware of. This is another Keyword Ranking Tool.

Despite the fact that there is a (very) limited free version, we advise choosing the $79 monthly bundle.



This is another Keyword Ranking Tool. The website ranking tool Advanced Web Ranking can be used on a desktop or in the cloud. You may track an unlimited number of websites with our keyword ranking tool, so you won’t need to select the top ten of your competitors to keep an eye on them and fear that the ones you had to exclude might be performing surprisingly better.

You may automate updated reports on how well your website or page is ranking in accordance with a timetable of your choice by using the Advanced Web Ranking tool. You will also be able to manually update the data by using the refresh option if you do need to create results immediately—for example, as part of a business presentation or sales pitch.

The Advanced Web Ranking programme can be purchased separately or as a bundle with the Advanced Link Manager. It is offered in four package options: Standard, Professional, Enterprise, and Server. The Standard package ($49 per month) is sufficient for the majority of website owners, but the Pro package ($99 per month) offers the full benefits of Advanced Link Manager’s SEO capabilities, including printable reports, email reports, and a localised report.



With features like an SEO Analyzer, Meta Tag Analyzer, Meta Tag Generator, Keyword Positioning Check, Page Speed Analysis, Mobile Friendly Analysis, Keyword Density Tool, Keyword Suggestion Tool, Page Keyword Analyzer, Page Rank Check Tool, Social Link Popularity Tool, and a few others, SEO Centro is a general online SEO tool that shows a surprising piece of functionality.

It is highly appealing due to the variety of features it offers, but doing so necessitates opening the dashboard of each tool separately, adding considerable time to the process of gathering data. Our top-ranking suggestions give the same advantages with a single dashboard. Using the Rank Checker will only provide you with a report on the history and position of a particular keyword across different search engines. This is another Keyword Ranking Tool.

When you join up for SEO Centro, you receive a free two-day trial that you can cancel at any time. The only major difference between their three programmes is how many site assessments you can perform each month and how frequently you can request individualised SEO support. In addition, Pro ($10 per month) and Premium ($20 per month) only permit one user each, whereas Enterprise ($40 per month) permits an unlimited number of users.



This is another Keyword Ranking Tool. A useful tool for learning about website traffic is SimilarWeb. Your ranking in the tool, your country, and your category will be reported to you in a matter of seconds once you enter your URL. There is a graph that displays the average weekly visits to a site over the previous six months. Also check spy tools

SimilarWeb will provide you an idea of how well your site is performing in terms of traffic, even though it isn’t strictly a keyword ranking tool. This information can supplement any keyword ranking tool’s reports, especially if you chose a ranking tool that doesn’t show you which sites are performing better than yours. The number of views your site has had via social media, searches, referrals, and adverts will also be shown to you by SimilarWeb.

Additionally, you can add competitors you want SimilarWeb to monitor, and in exchange, the tool will identify additional competitors it thinks you should be keeping an eye on.

You will be given a free trial period when choosing a basic account ($99 per month) or an advanced account ($599 per month). There is no free trial period for the enterprise account ($2999 per month).



As a rank tracking programme, Authority Labs was created to be simple to use. The ability to track terms for Google, Bing, and Yahoo search page results on a daily basis with an estimated search volume is the most essential of the capabilities. Additionally, you’ll be able to watch your keyword ranking locally, even down to a specific region (using the zip code), and contrast it with the outcomes of your rivals.

Authority Labs enables you to export your results as a PDF or CSV in case you require backup copies of the reports. You can use the tool to compare your ranking to one from the previous day, week, month, three months ago, or any other date you want. This is another Keyword Ranking Tool.

Additionally, Authority Labs recognises that keyword ranking extends beyond the text that is readily accessible on your website and provides results for picture, news, video, shopping, Google Places, and snippets as well.

Authority Labs provides a 30-day trial that is free. The most popular option (the Pro plan), which is included in the small business-focused Authority Labs Plus package, is only $99 per month. The $225 and $450 Pro Plus and Enterprise subscriptions, which are geared toward consultants and agencies, are available.



A cloud-based programme called RanksWatch was created to be more than just a rank tracker. Unfortunately, some of the functions are restricted; the paid tools are extremely pricey, but you’ll need to buy one of their plans to fully utilise RankWatch. They offer three sizes: Medium, Large, and Extra Large, with monthly pricing ranging from $29 to $449. There is also a custom plan, where you can select how many keywords you want to track; prices start at $58 and go as high as $5987.

A website inspector, a test for mobile friendliness, and Google algorithm updates are among the free features. SEO control, white label solutions, a keyword archive, local rank tracking, email notifications, the ability to compare your results with competitors’, Google Webmaster integration, a backlink analysis, and keyword suggestions are among the few tools available (which require a package, though a free 14-day trial is provided).

RankWatch is a powerful keyword ranking tool that is reasonably priced compared to the other premium tools we’ve covered. However, it only ranks at number 14 on our list for two very important reasons. Its backlink checker consistently produces inappropriate results, and its keyword research tool isn’t as powerful as you might think.



Although Moz is regarded as a top SEO consulting firm, in our opinion, their Rank Tracker falls short of the bar established by a few other high ranking tools. A robust rank tracking tool is available through Moz Pro, and it stores your findings for comparison at a later time. The tool provides reports on the search engine results for your site, page, and keywords for Google, Yahoo, and Bing through email. On a global, national, and local ranking—by which we mean city and neighborhood—you’ll be able to see where you stand. This is another Keyword Ranking Tool.

You can use the Moz Domain Authority tool as part of the Moz Pro package, which includes the Moz Rank Tracker, to assess how your performance compares to that of your rivals. With their SEO tools, you can also improve your ranks on search engines, compare mobile to desktop rankings, and identify any flaws with your website that the software’s crawlers have discovered.

After a 30-day complimentary trial, you can select from the Standard, Medium, Large, or Premium Moz Pro packages, which range in price from $99 to $599 each month. You can get a little bargain if you choose to pay yearly.



This is another Keyword Ranking Tool. RankScanner is a cloud-based tool for tracking search engine results pages that comes with a tonne of helpful features. Once you’ve built up a package and informed the tool of the terms you want it to rank for, it will monitor your SEO performance automatically and offer you with algorithms that contain recommendations for new keywords you should start including into your tool.

Additionally, RankScanner will alert you when your ranking status changes, and should your site’s rating decline, you will receive detailed recommendations for adjustments. Additionally, RankScanner guarantees complete accuracy for all keyword tracking, and they promise to instantly conduct a second scan at no additional charge if they suspect any mistakes with their report.

The digit of keywords you can ask RanksScanner to track for you, the number of Buzz mentions supplied, and the frequency of reports vary from package to package. The Silver Package, which costs around $10 per month, is their most popular option. The Basic Package, designed for startups and blogs, is free and (of course) the most constrained option available. Additionally, RankScanner provides a Platinum Package for enterprise users at a cost of $55 per month and a Gold Package for advanced users at a cost of $32.50 per month.



You can observe where and how your website can be enhanced by using Microsite Master’s daily keyword rank tracking for Google, Yahoo, Bing, and several other search engines. This is another Keyword Ranking Tool.

In order to stay abreast of Google updates and assess your success in comparison to that of your rivals, you will also be able to check where other websites rank for the same keywords you utilise. This is made simple by the Microsite Master SEO Scoreboard, which provides a summary report on a single screen for quick examination.

The keyword ranking tool also enables you to integrate Analytics and Clicky, allowing you to track how your links and contents are affecting your rank status and identify areas for improvement. You can see where the majority of the traffic to your site is coming from (specifically, which keywords and phrases are leading to better ranking).

The “Mom’s Basement” package increases your keyword limit to 150 for only $20 a month, but we would recommend signing up for the Affiliate account ($50 per month, 650 keywords) as a minimum for established sites. Microsite Master’s free account doesn’t offer all of these features and restricts your searches to ten keywords, but you’ll still benefit from daily updates.


DYNO Mapper is our top pick of the aforementioned keyword ranking tools, but it’s crucial that you choose one that works for you. If you use our list as a starting point for your search, it will be quick and simple, saving you time that you can use to put your newfound SEO knowledge to use and boost your ranking and success.

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