12 Best Twitter Marketing Tools In 2022

This post will explain twitter marketing tools. Do you desire additional authority over the administration of your Twitter account? Do you want to increase the number of influencers that share your material on social media and your overall social reach? Twitter is a fantastic medium on its own, but you need to take additional steps if you want to maximise your Twitter marketing approach.

To meaningfully increase your audience on Twitter, you need to do a lot more than just tweet sometimes, retweet relevant content, and answer direct messages. The top Twitter marketing tools have been compiled for you to use in order to increase your following.

These tools are not all the same. Others assist you in promoting your content by getting it in front of influencers in your niche, while some enable you to manage your Twitter account as a whole.

The best all-purpose social media marketing tool is Agorapulse. includes publishing, monitoring, reporting, and inbox. Ideal for both solopreneurs and businesses.

12 Best Twitter Marketing Tools In 2022

In this article, you can know about twitter marketing tools here are the details below;

  • Quuu Promote – The greatest Twitter marketing to encourage genuine social media users to share your content.

The greatest solution for automating your Twitter marketing is Audiense Connect. Provides highly thorough analytics and unique demographic information that is not available in other tools.

  • SocialBee – The top application for planning and posting content to Twitter. incorporates content recycling and content libraries to save time.

1. Agorapulse


Another all-purpose social media management tool is Agorapulse. This one supports Twitter as well as five other major social media platforms. Also check best Instagram tools

Its features begin with a dashboard that, especially if you have a staff monitoring your social media accounts, enables you to manage mentions and messages from numerous platforms in effective ways.

The most exciting of them is an automated system that enables topic-based message organisation and automatic message assignment to certain team members. This is another twitter marketing tools.

Several posts can also be queued up and scheduled for publication at a later time. Even better, you may have some postings queue up repeatedly by using the “Evergreen” option.

You can keep an eye on mentions of your brands, and the programme can even alert you to furious customer posts so you can put out fires before they spread into infernos.

An interesting feature labels your followers so you can identify the most enthusiastic users. Strong tools for collaboration and analysis are among the additional features.

2. Quuu Promote

Quuu Promote

You can use Quuu Promote to attract influential people in your field to share your material.

Quuu Promote for Twitter will probably provide you the greatest return on investment, but you’ll also get your material shared on Facebook and LinkedIn.

This is another twitter marketing tools. You have the option between automatic and manual. Automatic is particularly convenient because they’ll practically handle your content promotion.

Your content will be shared with Quuu’s audience once it has been accepted. These are those who have chosen to receive curated material from the site.

No matter whatever package you select, you can even get an infinite amount of shares, clicks, and engagement overall.

3. Audiense Connect

Audiense Connect

A Twitter marketing solution called Audiense Connect makes it simple for individuals, businesses, and agencies to grow their Twitter marketing initiatives.

You can build a unique chatbot using Audiense Connect if your main focus is Twitter. Through Twitter direct messaging, your personalised chatbot will automatically interact with your customers and followers.

Within Audiense Connect, you can design specialised opt-ins, a variety of subjects, and conversation trees, leaving the labor-intensive work to your chatbot.

Data from the community, competitive analysis, and analytics are further helpful tools.

With the use of community data, you can learn more about your followers’ demographics and better communicate with them. You can also filter your followers to get rid of spammers, inactive users, and problematic individuals.

You may compare your account to those of other Twitter users using competitor analysis to learn about their engagement and what material works best for them.

The analytics of Audiense Connect also examine your tweets to see how effectively they are engaging your audience. Using the Twitter Tailored Audiences function, you may target this list of engaged followers for upcoming promotions.

4. SocialBee


The top social media scheduling tool we’ve evaluated is SocialBee. Additionally, it works particularly well for Twitter marketing.

With SocialBee, you can easily create, modify, and schedule content for Twitter’s quick-paced social networking platform while saving time and effort.

For executing various or concurrent campaigns, SocialBee provides text, image, and video content that can be organised into content categories. You can then create a separate posting schedule for each category.

When writing posts on the go, the hashtag collection tool is tremendously helpful, and having your most visible or popular hashtags on hand saves time. This is another twitter marketing tools.

For more effective and efficient Twitter promotion, SocialBee offers several integrations, including Canva for content creation, Rebrandly and Bitly for URL shortening, and Pocket and Quuu for content curation.

SocialBee supports Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, and Google My Business in addition to Twitter.

5. Sendible


You can manage accounts from a variety of different platforms with Sendible, an all-purpose social media management tool. Twitter is obviously included in this.

This is another twitter marketing tools. You can schedule tweets, keep track of mentions, and respond to direct messages using the Twitter integration. Even lists are accessible.

Everything will be controlled by a single dashboard. Every stream from each account you integrate is included. Important messages and mentions are flagged in a priority inbox, and you can even filter the stream so that only Twitter is visible. Also check affiliate websites

The ability to schedule social media posts in advance is one of this tool’s most helpful features. To accomplish this, write an original post and modify it for each platform separately.

By integrating data from your account and keeping you informed of brand mentions, Sendible also enables you to keep an eye on the status of your brand on Twitter.

You can even use a really cool feature to browse popular content in your niche. This allows you the chance to retweet, like, or comment on shareable brand-related content.

6. Awario


Compared to the other social media management tools we’ve discussed thus far, Awario is a unique type. This one focuses on comprehensive social listening and monitoring.

You can track specific keyword mentions using its main feature across various social media networks. Twitter is a part of this. Essentially, the tool enables you to keep an eye on social media mentions of your company and any trending subjects pertaining to your area.

Its capacity to identify possible leads is one of its most formidable assets. It accomplishes this, among other things, by notifying you of any tweets that request recommendations for a good or service that is comparable to yours. This is another twitter marketing tools.

Another system keeps track of your messages and mentions. The search results can be filtered to only display Twitter. Additionally, you can arrange them according on how you want to respond to a tweet. You have the choice of responding, blocking, or deleting.

You can also look at a number of analytical data points. There are also filters available. They also have a special function that lets you build your own filters using boolean reasoning.

7. TweetDeck


A Twitter management tool integrated into Twitter itself is called TweetDeck. Visit or download the Mac programme to use your Twitter account to access it. Now gone is the Windows application.

This is another twitter marketing tools. It began as a standalone app and was later acquired by Twitter for $40 million. By essentially acting as a Twitter dashboard extension, the application enables you to more effectively manage both your primary account and a number of extra accounts.

An easy-to-use dashboard with columns you can add, remove, and rearrange yourself serves as the interface. You may plan tweets and keep an eye on mentions, messages, and specific lists.

Even individual keywords can be added as columns. Each tweet containing a specific term will show up in its own column, but you can set up a few filters to get a more focused list.

8. Social Snap


A WordPress plugin called Social Snap interacts with more than 30 social media networks, including Twitter. Making your content more shareable aids in expanding your audience and social reach.

The first step is adding social sharing icons to your website, particularly to your blog. These buttons are available in a variety of designs and may be positioned across your website.

When it comes time to share your content, the plugin supports Twitter Cards. You have control over how your tweets are displayed on Twitter thanks to this integration. The tweet’s image, title, and description can all be changed.

A few plans include an Auto-Poster add-on that enables you to tweet whenever a new blog article is published. Another add-on, Boost Old Posts, does similarly but gives expired posts new life by automatically re-sharing them on social media.

With the click-to-tweet feature of Social Snap, you can also urge your followers to tweet about your content. Last but not least, this plugin’s integrated analytics allow you to keep track of your progress as you refine your Twitter marketing plan. This is another twitter marketing tools.

9. Click to Tweet

Click to Tweet

Using the straightforward tool Click to Tweet, you can easily generate shareable links that your audience may utilise to easily tweet your information. Simply set up the content you want your followers to share (including an image, a description, and a link), make your link, then relax and wait.

You’ll have access to statistics that let you know how many people are hitting both the links inside the tweets you configure and your shareable links.

The tool has three different applications. For the first two, you must customise your tweet and then paste the embed code the tool generates wherever you want the shareable link to appear.

This is another twitter marketing tools. Install the free plugin on your WordPress website to create links directly from the editor.

10. Hashtagify


You can use the application Hashtagify to view hashtag statistics from Twitter and Instagram. By entering a hashtag on the webpage, you can see a preview of the tool.

In essence, it is how this tool operates. The programme creates statistics for the hashtag when you enter one that you’re interested in utilising. These comprise the hashtag’s popularity, its trending status, similar hashtags, the top influencers who rank for your chosen hashtag, and more.

The entire report on any hashtag you look at in the premium edition includes more statistics. You may keep an eye on specific hashtags as well.



Get more people to see your own content is probably one of your key Twitter marketing objectives. To increase your own social reach, you might employ an effective method like content curation and sharing from other individuals. This is another twitter marketing tools.

You may easily gather and curate content with the tool You’ll use web and social media content that has been carefully chosen to create your “newspaper.” In that way, this programme supports a number of social media sites, including Twitter.

When you’re convinced that you’ve gathered enough material for your “problem,” you can present it to your audience. You can do this using your email list, a website, or social media.

12. Triberr


By connecting you with other influencers, Triberr enables you to expand your social network and increase your influence. Joining “tribes,” which are online communities full of other influencers in your niche, will help you achieve this. This is another twitter marketing tools. Also check  keyword research tools

These tribes serve the function of spreading your material to people who may or may not be influential in your niche. You achieve this by encouraging your tribemates to support one another by promoting your content to them.

You can curate shareable content and add a number of scheduled articles to a queue. Additionally, basic analytics are provided, allowing you to know who has shared your material and how many clicks a specific article receives.

How should you choose your Twitter marketing tools?

This list of Twitter marketing tools is rather diversified.

It’s fantastic that they provide you so many options for using one of the most popular social media platforms, but it might be challenging to choose which ones to use.

Is building your network and increasing your influence your top priorities?

Look at Triberr and Quuu Promote. By enabling you to reach the top influencers in your niche with your content, these tools will help you become more influential.

As I previously mentioned, Triberr is more simpler to use than Quuu Promote because it is a more specialised platform. Additionally, it offers networking capabilities that allow you to connect with other influencers in your niche. It’s also less expensive.

For extra assistance in this area, check our tutorial on how to increase your Twitter following.

Do you want to boost Twitter engagement?

View Hashtagify, Click to Tweet, and Social Snap for likes, replies, and brand mentions. Naturally, Hashtagify can help you find popular hashtags in your industry so that more people will notice and engage with your tweets.

A WordPress plugin called Social Snap can assist you in improving the shareability of the material on your website. Along with social sharing buttons and a scheduling tool, it also has a click-to-tweet capability, but if you want to make things simpler, focus on the Click to Tweet tool itself.

If you want to further engage your Twitter followers, take a look at our article on the finest social media contest tools to employ.

Would you want to maintain an eye on the social media activity for your company?

You should keep an eye on how your brand is performing on social media. It will assist you in resolving minor customer care concerns before they have a chance to damage the reputation of your company.

Awario is your best option for this task. You may track mentions of your business and particular keywords on social media with our specialised social listening tool. Additionally, it features a rather sophisticated tool that finds prospective leads for you.

However, Audiense Connect would be excellent if your attention is primarily on specialised Twitter analytics data.

Check out our article on effective social media listening and monitoring tools if you want to learn more.

Do you want a Twitter marketing solution that makes it easier for you to effectively manage your account and client interactions?

A social media management system is probably necessary if you’re managing numerous social media accounts. That is something that Sendible and Agorapulse can offer.

These two tools are both excellent choices. Agorapulse is more simpler to use and has a superior social inbox. However, Sendible provides more robust social publishing capabilities.

These and other tools can always be found in our post on the top social media management tools. Overall, we hope this piece has shown you a few fresh approaches to taking charge of your Twitter marketing plan.

Do you need a potent yet cost-free Twitter marketing tool?

Look no further than TweetDeck and if you want simplicity. The most fundamental aspects of Twitter are enhanced by these free tools.

If you run a WordPress website, installing the free Click to Tweet plugin will allow you to generate links right from the WordPress editor, making it simple for visitors to share your material.

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