Top 5 Fleksy Keyboard Alternatives You Can Use

The Top 5 Fleksy Keyboard Alternatives. One of the most popular and well-liked keyboards for Android and the iPhone is the Fleksy Keyboard. However, in June 2016, Fleksy revealed that they had been acquired by Pinterest. As a result, Fleksy turned off its servers, which means that the keyboard app no longer offers any downloadable material, such as language packs. The Fleksy app is still accessible through the Play Store and the iOS App Store, but it hasn’t received an update in almost a year, and it doesn’t appear like there will be any more additions. Therefore, you should hunt for an alternative keyboard app for the greatest support and updates. Here are 5 Fleksy Keyboard replacements that you can use on Android and iOS:

Top 5 Fleksy Keyboard Alternatives You Can Use

In this article, you can know about Fleksy Keyboard Alternatives here are the details below;

1. Minuum


The functionality of Minuum is probably the closest to that of Fleksy. The outstanding features of Fleksy can be matched by Minuum. Like Fleksy, Minuum doesn’t support swipe typing, although it does support many of the movements that Fleksy supports. On the keyboard, for instance, you can swipe right to add a space and swipe left to remove a word. There are several other motions available, such as the ones to activate or deactivate the space bar and to switch between the small keyboard element (by swiping down from the number row).

The keyboard features a button on the upper left to enable or disable auto correction, which is a feature I particularly adored while using the keyboard. It also supports a wide variety of themes. In spite of what you may think upon first glance at the little keyboard, it is remarkably adept at deciphering any words you might be entering. Overall, Minuum is probably your best option for discovering a solid substitute for Fleksy.

Download ($3.99) for iOS and Android.

2. Gboard – The Google Keyboard


Gboard was formerly only accessible on iOS devices, but it has lately been made available for Android. When it comes to swipe typing recognition & usability, the keyboard is among the finest. You can search for and send GIFs using Gboard, just like Fleksy, and it also has emoji search, a respectably accurate autocorrect, and other features. The keyboard does, however, continually improve with usage.

The most significant of Gboard’s many other potent features is the built-in Google search that it provides. Any topic may be searched for on Google using your keyboard. When you need to rapidly recall an information or choose the location for dinner while texting someone, this can be really helpful.

Gboard offers a few movements in addition to swipe typing (or Glide typing): you can swipe left (or right) on the space bar to move the pointer. To swiftly remove several words, swipe left from the backspace key. Additionally, you may pin the keyboard to one side of a large-screen tablet for convenient one-handed use.

Download (free) for iOS and Android

3. SwiftKey Keyboard

SwiftKey Keyboard

SwiftKey Keyboard is an excellent alternative to Fleksy as a keyboard program. The app has reasonable autocorrect (again, not as good as Fleksy’s) and a fairly strong swipe-to-type accuracy ratio. The keyboard employs artificial intelligence to learn your writing style, and it does grow better with time. It’s very great that the keyboard even picks up on your language and any nicknames you may use. Also check BeautyPlus Alternatives

If you enjoyed the customization Fleksy provided, SwiftKey won’t let you down either. The program allows you to simply add themes and more than 80 different colors to your keyboard. Additionally, as SwiftKey themes are now entirely free, you may quickly download any theme you desire to personalize your keyboard. Additionally, the Emoji keyboard that comes with SwiftKey automatically picks up on the emoticons you use in various circumstances and begins displaying predictions in line with those usages.

Download (free) for iOS and Android

4. Swype


You can choose Swype (for iOS) or Swype Keyboard (for Android) as an alternative to Fleksy’s keyboard software. Whether you want to swipe to text or hit specific keys, the keyboard performs well. A number of customizing possibilities are available in Swype as well, similar to those in Fleksy. Themes allow you to change the keyboard’s appearance, and you can also change the keyboard’s height, the length of the long press, the vibration, and many other features. The app’s themes are refreshed frequently, and you’re sure to discover one or two that you like.

Swype learns your writing style as you use it and adjusts to it, making predictions and auto-correction capabilities significantly more accurate over time. Users of tablets may text easily on their tablets thanks to the app’s three alternative keyboard designs, which include a full screen keyboard, a compact movable keyboard, and a split screen keyboard. Swype also supports some gestures, albeit in a different way than Fleksy does.

Swype Key to A Slide: Swype Key to X All Slides Selected: Swype Key to Cut Slide to C Slide Copy from Swype Key to V Download Paste for iOS and Android ($0.99; in-app purchases for colors)

5. Chrooma


The Chrooma GIF Keyboard is another alternative to Fleksy that you might want to think about. Another keyboard app using AI to improve its prediction model over time is this one. Depending on the context of what you’re writing, the keyboard’s “Neural Action Row” can assist you in entering numbers, punctuation, and even emoticons. Additionally, Chrooma lets you search for and send GIFs right from the keyboard, similar to Fleksy. Also check LogMeIn Alternatives

Chrooma and Fleksy are very similar in that they both enable a high degree of customisation. Numerous themes, typefaces, emoticon types, and other options are available. In essence, you can completely alter and configure the keyboard to get a uniquely tailored keyboard experience. The “chameleon” motif, often known as the keyboard’s ability to change color based on the app you’re using, is another awesome Fleksy and Chrooma Keyboard feature. Even though this is undoubtedly original, it’s still really amazing to observe it in use. Another commonality between Fleksy and Chrooma that you might find helpful is support for gestures. The keyboard offers a free version, but it has a few restrictions, so you’ll need to upgrade to the Premium version to use all the features.

(Free with in-app purchases for premium features) Download for Android

Use These Fleksy Keyboard Alternatives on iPhone and Android

It is only a case of time before Fleksy’s keyboard app becomes outdated since the company has ceased all future development. As an alternative to the Fleksy keyboard, you can use any of the apps discussed in this post since the most of them include functions that are similar to those of Fleksy. You can think about using other keyboard applications as Fleksy substitutes, such as TouchPal, Nintype (Beta), and AI.Type Keyboard. The apps I’ve included in this article are still the ones I’d suggest, though.

What do you think of Fleksy, then? Did you mostly use it as a keyboard? Additionally, if you are aware of any other Fleksy substitutes that you believe should be included on this list, please let us know in the comments area below.

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