Top 13 Best LogMeIn Alternatives You Should Use

Best LogMeIn Alternatives will be discussed in this article. If you have a strong remote tool like LogMeIn at your disposal, you can control and keep track of your business from wherever you are, whether that be at home or halfway over the world. The program shines in everything, from enabling fast access to distant computers to facilitating seamless file collaboration. However, individuals and organizations find LogMeIn to be less enticing due to its challenging learning curve and costly pricing. This comprehensive list of the top LogMeIn replacements for 2022 has you covered if you’ve decided to search elsewhere for a quicker, more effective, or less expensive substitute.

Despite the market having hundreds of significant remote connectivity systems, not all of them can take the position of LogMeIn. As a result, I carefully selected the competitors based on the qualities that set this well-liked remote access tool apart. You may look at all of the replacements, including some free LogMeIn alternatives, below.

Why do you need a logMein Alternatives?

The fact that LogMeIn is significantly more expensive than the competition is one of the main reasons why individuals and organizations are searching for alternatives. Yes, LogMeIn has advanced functionality, but in recent years, more businesses have started to offer a comparable set of capabilities for a far lower price.

Many people find the user interface to be overwhelming in addition to the exorbitant price tag. Simply put, it’s not intended for casual shoppers because you’ll need to know and study a lot of stuff. Basically, as I’ve already indicated, LogMeIn requires a steep learning curve and is not user-friendly.

Finally, there are concerns that the remote access must occasionally be restarted after a session crashes, which is a laborious operation. Simply said, for a monthly subscription price of $108.25, LogMeIn provides less value and has a slightly archaic user interface, which is why customers are searching for a LogMeIn substitute.

Top 13 Best LogMeIn Alternatives You Should Use

In this article, you can know about LogMeIn Alternatives here are the details below;

1. Connectwise


One of the greatest LogMeIn substitutes is ConnectWise Control, formerly known as ScreenConnect. “ConnectWise Control” and LogMeIn are extremely similar in terms of efficiency, thus it is well-deserving of a spot in our lengthy lineup. In order to effectively control devices, this remote access software offers both the needed flexibility and full remote control capabilities.

It’s quite easy to set up ConnectWise Control, much like LogMeIn. Gaining a firm understanding of the complete software is not difficult and has a very small learning curve. Reliable performance is another area where ConnectWise Control and LogMeIn are comparable. Since it works with all platforms, you may manage your business from practically any device. Because of the AES-256 encryption and two-factor authentication, it is also quite secure.

As a result, your remote access will always have a reliable security measure to ward off inquisitive eyes. In terms of cost, ConnectWise Control is a relatively reasonable option to LogMeIn at $19/month.


  • Minimal learning curve
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Using two factors to authenticate
  • Cons

The search and organization skills are not the finest

Pricing: One user may establish one connection; up to a 14-day free trial; $19/month (paid annually).

2. ISL Online

In the realm of LogMeIn alternatives, ISL Online emerges as a powerful contender. This remote desktop solution offers a comprehensive set of features that make it a worthy choice for both individuals and organizations.

While it might not enjoy the same level of popularity as LogMeIn, ISL Online boasts a rich history, having been initially launched in 2003 as one of the pioneering remote desktop providers. What sets it apart are its fast, reliable and exceptionally stable connections, performing very well even in low-bandwidth environments.

Security is a top priority for ISL Online, rivaling the robustness of LogMein. In addition to AES -256bit encryption and two-factor authentication, ISL Online offers an array of security customizations. These customization options have endeared the software to organizations that handle sensitive data, including hospitals, government agencies, educational institutions, and banks.

A standout feature is the “Connect via RDP,” allowing you to seamlessly route Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) or Secure Shell (SSH) sessions between your local computer and unattended remote devices. This feature eliminates the need for cumbersome VPN setups or firewall adjustments.

Unlike LogMeIn, ISL Online does not impose limitations on the number of users or remote devices you can access with a single license. Consequently, you can deploy ISL Online to an unlimited number of users and access any device you require. However, attention should be paid to the number of concurrent sessions. With one license you can start unlimited sessions, but only one concurrent session. Like LogMeIn, ISL Online is available for professional use only. The pricing structure is $34.90 per month for each cloud license.

Moreover, ISL Online extends its offerings to include a self-hosted license, permitting you to install the software on your own server. This option is particularly appealing for those with stringent privacy and security requirements.


Robust and stable

Highest security standards

Connect via RDP feature

15-day free trial


Has to improve management tools

No free version

3. TeamViewer


You probably already assumed that this well-known remote access program would be included in this compilation. Very few products (including LogMeIn) on the market can match this tool for delivering quick and secure remote access. That is the main factor in why it has long been a favorite of mine.

I’ve always been drawn to TeamViewer because of its ridiculously easy setup. This means that, unlike LogMeIn, which has a noticeable learning curve and feels clumsy, you may get started with this program right away.

Setting alarm thresholds to reduce downtime and detect problems is another feature that makes it a wonderful choice. In terms of security, TeamViewer offers end-to-end encryption and ISO 27001 certified data centers to make sure your remote access has the critical defense against cyber threats.

It is complimentary for personal usage, in contrast to LogMeIn. However, if you want to use it for your business, you will have to pay $49 per month ($588 annually), which is on the pricey end of the range. Nevertheless, for this price, it does allow you to manage 200 devices, making it a more affordable option altogether.

The freemium edition would be the best option if you’re seeking for a free LogMeIn substitute. The pro version won’t be a bad value either if you don’t mind walking a few extra miles in exchange for greater efficiency. And if you want additional choices, check out our specialized article on the top TeamViewer substitutes.


  • Quick and secure remote access
  • Set alert thresholds
  • Offers data centers with ISO 27001 certification and end-to-end encryption.


  • The data transfer host occasionally fails
  • If you are only managing a few devices, the premium version is too expensive.

Pricing: Free for personal use; a 14-day trial is available for commercial use; monthly payments begin at $49

4. AnyDesk


Simply put, “AnyDesk” is a reliable and reasonably priced remote desktop application. So, without making many sacrifices, you can get more than a passable LogMeIn substitute. This app has three characteristics that particularly caught my eye. First and foremost, it offers an integrated file transfer capability that makes it simple to transfer information across computers.

The second benefit is that it streamlines online collaboration. It is extremely comparable to LogMeIn’s offerings in this regard. As a result, you and your team can comfortably collaborate online while working on the same project.

The third is significantly lighter (3MB) than most of its competitors. This indicates that it operates much faster and is more responsive. Additionally, AnyDesk is a great cheaper option to LogMeIn because it is free for personal use and the pro version starts at just $10.99/month.


  • Very responsive and light Lacks effective customizing tools
  • Internal file transfer functionality
  • Enables seamless online cooperation
  • Cost-effective


  • Incredibly sensitive and light
  • Internal file transfer functionality
  • enables seamless online cooperation
  • Cost-effective


  • Strong customizing tools are lacking
  • Pricing: $10.99 per session per month, free for personal use.

5. Splashtop


The greatest remote access software after LogMeIn is called “Splashtop” (formerly known as Splashtop Remote). Its capacity to provide the best of both worlds—a dependable remote desktop solution at a very reasonable cost—makes it a standout competitor. So keep that in mind if you’re looking for a reasonable LogMeIn substitute that won’t cost you a fortune. This is another logmein alternatives.

Splashtop is reasonably simple to set up, offers cheap price, and makes it simple to access and control machines. You won’t have any trouble learning how to use this software because of its clean user interface and simple features.

Splashtop can compete with what LogMeIn has to offer, even on the security front. In addition to encrypting all of your sessions using TLS and 256-bit AES, it also offers two-step verification and device authentication as extra security measures.


  • Quite simple to set up
  • Dependable remote desktop solution at a very reasonable cost
  • Encryptions using 256-bit AES and TLS
  • Device authentication and two-step verification


  • But a little difficult to use
  • Pricing: $5/month (paid yearly), 7-day free trial

6. Parallels Access

Parallels Access

“Parallels Access” can compete with LogMeIn for the title of fastest remote access provider. Yes, you read that correctly. You can manage all of your files easily on the distant computers, on your local device, or in the cloud thanks to the software’s built-in universal file manager. This is another logmein alternatives.

It places a greater emphasis on simplicity from an interface standpoint, letting you easily control your devices. It functions without any problems even on 3G, unlike several of its competitors, including LogMeIn. This could come in handy for situations if you are in a distant area without a reliable internet connection.

It features a helpful application technology that enables you to run all of your desktop applications on your mobile device, such as an iPhone, iPad, or Android phone, without any trouble. Parallels Access is a good choice for individuals looking for a quick and dependable remote access platform at a reasonable price because it is significantly less expensive than LogMeIn.


  • Runs smoothly
  • All-purpose file manager
  • Application technology that is useful
  • $14.99 for a 14-day free trial and $19.99 annually


But has to improve in terms of productivity and teamwork

7. Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist

Give Zoho Assist significant consideration if you’re seeking for a very effective LogMeIn substitute for IT support. The ability to configure unattended remote access and manage laptops, PCs, mobile devices, and even servers with the needed flexibility is probably this software’s best selling point.

Similar to LogMeIn, Zoho Assist allows you to operate devices on several platforms by supporting a variety of operating systems. It is also important to note that it establishes secure connections rather quickly. So, even if LogMeIn seems a little slow to establish connections, it is capable of handling the job.

Additionally, the voice and video chat option makes it easier for you to communicate with the client and resolve problems. Additionally, it enables you to instantly reattach to the session after restarting the linked remote desktop with only one click. Overall, Zoho Assist is ideal for troubleshooting any PC or Mac-related issues with your customers. This is another logmein alternatives.

Not only that, but it also guarantees that you may deliver updates, patches, or any other crucial files to the remote desktop without any problems thanks to a seamless file transfer capability during a live session. Finally, Assist uses SSL 256-bit AES encryption to safeguard every data communication in order to protect personal information during file transfers.


  • During a live session
  • There is a severe learning curve for the voice and video chat feature.
  • A quick bond
  • 256-bit AES encryption for SSL


  • The seamless file transfer option is a bit pricey.
  • Pricing: 15-day free trial; $8/month for the premium version (billed annually).

8. SimpleHelp


A simple remote access tool like “SimpleHelp” is necessary when you want to manage all of your chores without becoming bogged down in complexity. Unlike LogMeIn, it’s quite simple to use despite being one of the most feature-rich remote access tools on the market.

The program is among the fastest on the market when it comes to establishing an immediate connection to distant computers, in addition to placing more emphasis on user-friendly features. As a result, you may easily read the screens and operate devices without having to take any extra steps. A scalable interface that offers both standard and high-resolution displays is included with the remote access app. Additionally, you can safely access to third-party services on a distant network by using the app tunnels that are available. Additionally, it gives personalized alerts so you can stay on top of all significant developments.

You may easily manage files and collaborate with your coworkers thanks to a very useful file transfer option. “SimpleHelp” appears to be on par with LogMeIn in terms of productivity and teamwork.

Additionally, it has an enhanced diagnostics mode that makes it a little bit simpler to identify the performance-related problems. Overall, SimpleHelp is a capable substitute for LogMeIn that is simple to adapt to your personal and professional needs. This is another logmein alternatives.


  • Scalable interface
  • Apps tunnels
  • Extremely useful file transfer function
  • Mode for advanced diagnosis


  • The app tunnels occasionally feel shaky
  • Pricing: $27 per session (5 bundles), 30-day free trial

9. Goverlan


Searching for a LogMeIn substitute to increase productivity? “Goverlan” could be able to meet your requirements. To save you up to date with your IT environment, the software offers rapid access to attended and unattended machines and includes a performance monitoring capability.

This app’s numerous connection choices, which let you connect to remote devices without any problems regardless of where they are located, are another noteworthy feature.

Due in large part to the robust active directory searches and complete support for VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure), RDP, and Citrix sessions, Goverlan is somewhat more user-friendly than LogMeIn in terms of collaboration. This is another logmein alternatives.

You have easy access to managing your accounts, groups, and password resets. It also effectively enables you to apply for a domain membership and alter your name remotely.

Additionally, you can invite any operator to join a session, connect with them via text or audio chat, and share information by taking screenshots or recording videos. Price-wise, it’s competitive. In essence, Goverlan has all it needs to successfully replace LogMeIn.


  • The may quickly access computers that are being used or not being used.
  • Active Directory queries that are effective
  • Performance tracking function
  • Active Directory queries that are effective


Mac version is still in beta

Pricing: $29/month (paid annually, per concurrent tech) after a 30-day free trial.

10. BeyondTrust


A well-known remote access tool for a long time was “BeyondTrust”. Additionally, there’s a good probability that you’ve already used this program if your company has been employing remote management software.

For those who are not familiar, the tool strives to offer an integrated solution with the needed flexibility and top-notch security. Therefore, BeyondTrust would be a lot better choice if LogMeIn doesn’t seem to be able to give you the unified experience that your company needs. This is another logmein alternatives.

You may effortlessly manage and keep track of privileged passwords with the help of this program. To aid you in making more educated judgments about privilege, the product also includes smart vulnerability management. For considerably greater risk insights, it gives over 280 privilege and vulnerability reports.

You also have the choice to use extremely secure connectors to share your security data. When it comes to cost, it is rather pricey, costing $1995 per year as opposed to LogMeIn’s $108 per year. However, for those who place a more priority on security, it’s a terrific option to LogMeIn given the top-of-the-line unified experience and protection.


  • High-end security integrated into a single system that is
  • Maintaining and managing privileged passwords with ease
  • More than 280 reports of privilege and vulnerabilities


Too pricey for everyone to afford


  • High-end security and a unified solution
  • Maintaining and managing privileged passwords with ease
  • More than 280 reports of privilege and vulnerabilities


Too costly to be affordable for everyone

Pricing: $1995 for each concurrent license (paid yearly), 7-day free trial.

11. UltraVNC


Try UltraVNC if you’re seeking for a free alternative to LogMeIn with respectable remote features. The software doesn’t offer a sleek user interface or a wealth of contemporary features to rival LogMeIn. But it isn’t far behind in terms of dependability and simplicity.

Keep in mind that the computer sharing the desktop must run a VNC server, and the device accessing the shared desktop must have a VNC client installed. In terms of setup and connectivity, I believe the tool is adequate (if not the best available). This is another logmein alternatives.


  • Free and open-source
  • Simple to use, not very many features
  • Reliable execution


  • The UI looks dull
  • Not feature-packed
  • Payment: Free

12. Real VNC: VNC Connect

Real VNC: VNC Connect

VNC Connect from Real VNC is another LogMeIn substitute you might want to take into account for your remote access needs. The simplicity of implementation and administration, as well as capabilities like 256-bit AES encryption, MFA, access control, support for both attended and unattended access, and much more, are some of VNC Connect’s primary USPs.

Furthermore, you can use group policies to widely deploy VNC Connect on the systems of your business if you’re searching for a solution for a bigger firm. For an even more seamless experience, VNC Connect also allows you to run an unlimited number of concurrent connections.


  • Cloud connectivity
  • AES 256-bit encryption


  • P2P connections are only available in expensive plans
  • There have been some reports of latency issues
  • Pricing: monthly prices for devices start at $3.99.

13. RemotePC by IDrive

RemotePC by IDrive

Look no further than RemotePC if you’re searching for a platform-neutral, browser-based alternative to LogMeIn. If you wish to set up always-on remote access, the program supports that. Additionally, RemotePC enables simultaneous sign-in by several users to a single PC, just like VNC Connect does. You can feel secure knowing that the service employs TLS 1.2 and AES-256 encryption to protect your connections. Additionally, it provides functions like file transfer, remote printing, reboot, sound playing, whiteboard, logs and reports, among many others. This is another logmein alternatives.


  • Can be used simply from a browser
  • Remote access that is safe
  • Provides services including attended access, remote printing, and more.


  • Might not be the greatest option for large businesses.
  • Price: a single user license begins at $14.62 per year.

Bonus: Chrome Remote Desktop

Look no farther than Chrome Remote Desktop if you’re in need of a remote access application that is exceptionally simple to use for basic purposes. With the help of this program, you can easily grant your team access to your computer or other machines.

It is intended to operate much more quickly than many of its competitors, like LogMeIn, and is meant to be lightweight. It is compatible with a variety of platforms, including web, iOS, and Android, making it possible for you to track your device with ease.


  • Lightweight and much faster than before
  • UI that is simple
  • Offered on the web, iOS, and Android


Has no user-friendly file-transfer functionality


Go to: Website

Windows Remote Desktop

Windows has a built-in remote desktop experience that is similar to Chrome Remote Desktop. Even while it’s not close to as powerful as LogMeIn, if you only need to use it sometimes, you can get things done with it.

Windows Remote Desktop’s obvious limitation is that it only supports the Windows operating system. You may learn how to set it up by clicking here if this seems appealing.

Questions and Answers

What is superior to LogMeIn?

I think ScreenConnect by ConnectWise Control is a far better value than LogMeIn. It costs a fifth of what LogMeIn does and delivers all the remote functionality.

Q. Does LogMeIn remain free?

LogMeIn doesn’t have a free tier available right now. However, as part of its Free Trial program, you can utilize its complete service without paying for 14 days.

Q. What Free Remote Access Program Is the Best?

Choose TeamViewer if you’re looking for the greatest free remote access program. It provides personal users with a feature-rich piece of software for free.

Q. What distinguishes LogMeIn and GoToMyPC from one another?

Both LogMeIn and GoToMyPC are remote access programs. The primary distinction is that the former offers more sophisticated capabilities, including remote Mac printing, over 1TB of cloud storage, security control, and more.

Q. How Much Does LogMeIn Cost to Use?

If you choose to pay annually, LogMeIn costs $108.25 each month. However, there is a 14-day free trial period.

Pick the Best LogMeIn Alternative

You’re all set! After researching a few well-known remote access programs that are comparable to LogMeIn, pick the one that seems best equipped to meet your needs. I believe the free or less expensive alternatives to LogMeIn would be the best choices if you’re seeking for a remote access platform for personal or basic use.

However, services like SimpleHelp, Zoho Assist, and TeamViewer would be better choices if your requirement calls for a robust solution with top-notch security and professional functionality. Anyway, share with me your preferred remote access program and any noteworthy features you discover in it.

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