10 Best FaceApp Alternatives For Android And iOS

10 Best FaceApp Alternatives For Android & iOS. Hey guys! Are you peeking for some of the most suitable FaceApp alternatives? Well, it is the craze of the social media trend recently with numerous people using such apps on themselves as well as on some of their favorite celebrities including the Avengers actors!

10 Best FaceApp Alternatives For Android And iOS

In this article, you can know about 10 Best FaceApp Alternatives For Android And iOS here are the details below;

Considering that, today we will be discussing the best FaceApp alternatives for you guys!

What is FaceApp?

FaceApp is a very well designed and versatile app which enables users to use their existing or fresh photos to be processed by the app and turn them into older versions of themselves. More specifically, it makes authentic changes to nose, eyes, skin, hair, and cheeks. It’s a great time killing device and people have tons of laughs when they share it with their friends and family.

Why look for alternatives?

While FaceApp is the first preference for many, it is a known fact no app works perfectly for every single person. So, while some users are perfectly fine with it, some may be looking to get better results. Meanwhile, some may also want to just check out some other apps to see and compare.

Whatever the reasons, we will be now looking at some of the best FaceApp alternatives for your convenience.

Note: The list is not ranked and some apps might have ads to sustain themselves.

1. Face Changer Photo Gender Editor

The first app we would recommend is Face Changer Photo Gender Editor. It’s USP is in the name itself as by operating the app, you can also change your gender (male to female and vice versa). This enhances it’s reputation among the best FaceApp alternatives.

It has better than 5 million downloads on the Android Play Store as of writing this article. The only caveat is that it’s an Android exclusive and not available on iOS.

2. What Will I Look Like Old Face

The second among the best FaceApp alternatives is this app. Like FaceApp, this app also uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to age your photos and unlike the first app in this list, it is also available on iOS devices. You can try it once and make up your mind.

3. Old Face

Simply titled “Old Face”, this app does what its name promises. It takes your current photos, processes them, and gives out aged photos as to how you will look in many years to come. It has a fairly simple structure to it & you should be up to rate in no time! Also check HubPages Alternatives

4. Old Age Face Effects App

Simple and efficient, this app will do what you want in an excellent manner.

Stickers and face filters are some of the additional exciting features because they give a lot of customization options to the users.

That it has more than 500k downloads on the Android Play Store doesn’t surprise us one bit.

5. AgingBooth

AgingBooth is yet another excellent option for aging pictures. It is actually one of the multiple popular options out there with it being available on both Android and iOS devices. It also has staggering 10 million-plus downloads on the Android Play Store.

To make use of this app, just open it and tap on “start”. You will be requested to either take a new photo or upload a pre-existing one. And voila! It is just that easy to use.

6. Face Booth

If you have not stumbled onto “the one” yet, then this under rated app may be of some use to you. Having more than 10,000 downloads on the Android Play Store, this is a fairly simple app to use and get the aged photos you are looking for! Once you’re done, you can share the pictures with the world and have a laugh or two!

7. Face Story

Face Story is another such app among the various best FaceApp alternatives if one is looking out for it. This app also makes use of Artificial Intelligence to make realistic as well as authentic aged photos of yourself or others. This really is a good pattern to accomplish so and the app is fortunately available on ioS devices.

8. Old Booth

Old Booth is another good alternative which already has more than 10,000 downloads on the Android Play Store. It is available on ioS as well. The USP, to say, of this app is that after it is done converting the photo to the new aged version, it also gives you an option to compare the two photos. It really helps in giving clarity of difference and makes the experience more comprehensive. Also check Scrivener Alternatives

9. Oldify

Oldify gives you the option to select the age in question which you desire before converting to the same. This kind of customization is really welcome and serves to be a great experience for all concerned. It also has more than 100k downloads on the Android Play Store. So, yeah, it is quite popular.

10. Make Me Old (Android only)

As mentioned, Make Me Old is available exclusively on Android. It’s the simplicity of usage is it’s the greatest benefit to the users, especially the first-timers & this is what drives it one of the best FaceApp alternatives.

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So, in conclusion, we’d like to reiterate that while FaceApp is a great app to do so, some others may need to look elsewhere for a variety of reasons, & for that, we have discussed some of the Best FaceApp Alternatives out there.

Hopefully, you find the solution to your problem. We’ll see you again soon with more such relevant content.

What apps are similar to FaceApp?

The application similar to FaceApp are AgingBooth, Oldify, Face Changer, Make Me Old, Old Face, etc.

Is FaceApp for free?

Yes, FaceApp is a free application. You can download the AppStore or Google Play Store.

Is FaceApp a Chinese app?

No, FaceApp is not a Chinese application. It is developed by Wireless Lab, Russia.

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