11 Best Bitly Alternatives & Similar URL Shorteners

11 Best Bitly Alternatives & Similar URL Shorteners. Bitly alternatives are easily found on the internet nowadays. However, it might be a bit overwhelming, especially if you had no concept what to expect in the first place. Generally, a good link shortener helps you to make your website look more trendy. Other than that, it is easier to measure your performance.

11 Best Bitly Alternatives & Similar URL Shorteners

In this article, you can know about 11 Best Bitly Alternatives & Similar URL Shorteners here are the details below;

On the other hand, Bitly has been one of the multiple popular link shorteners on the internet. Besides the good things offered, its alternatives come with a pack of other good things you better consider.

Google URL shortener, for instance, is one of those platforms that had stopped its operation for particular reasons. Thus, you will find other websites that allow you to make a more catchy address in the first place – mostly for free.

Best Bitly Alternatives and Competitors You Should Know

As mentioned earlier, Bitly is one of the most popular platforms to shorten your URLs. The most solid thing that makes people love this site is that you don’t require to create an account for using the features.

Other than that, you can get as many links as you want, for free. It is also simple to monitor top referrers, click locations, and also link clicks. Thus, this place might be the first place you head to when it comes to an excellent campaign partner.

Every link you created on this platform is also encrypted so that no one could tamper with your short links in any way. You can also create QR codes effortlessly through your mobile phones and desktop devices.

The free version is enough for a smaller campaign but you can always upgrade the features by creating a premium account. More than anything, Bitly is such a convenience everyone could ask for.

However, if all you require is a decent Bitly URL alternative, you can consider the list below. Read the review before deciding which platform is right for you. Some of them offer free trials too.

1. JotURL


Talking about the best alternative to Bitly, you will find it a bit overwhelming since there is a list of options on the market. More than anything, JotURL deserves a spot on the top-10 list, after all.

This website is not an ordinary URL shortening platform. It is packed with a series of useful features for optimizing your campaigns. At least 100 features are available to support your campaign through various platforms.

JotURL is also a cost-effective choice that allows you to monitor various shortened links you’ve made in the first place. You would also love the Social Opt-in CTA feature that is shareable.

All links are available to be monitored all the time, 24/7. Other than that, the safety matters are well taken consideration of so that you don’t need to worry about any broken link or being hijacked by others.

JotURL offers a free trial that you can upgrade for around USD 10 per month. Its annual plan is even more value for money.


As mentioned earlier, there are a series of bit ly alternatives out there. And if you are examining for one of the best, is definitely another name you should consider. Just like other best alternatives for link shorteners, you can monitor the performance of per link.

Other than providing a place to shorten your website address, you also have a chance to target your audience based on their locations. The system will send different links to your visitors later.

Why should you care about this sort of thing? Well, iOS and Android users might have different preferences before clicking a download link. You don’t need to deal with the work because will do that for you. This is another Bitly Alternatives.

More than anything, this platform is such a worth considering yet cost-effective option available on the market. Feel free to give its free trial a shot before upgrading your plan for USD 20 per month.

3. TinyURL


Nowadays, you may find quite a few Bitly competitors out there. Those competitors and alternatives offer lots of exciting things that help you with the tasks you are working with. One of the best names you should consider is TinyURL. Also check Dall E Alternatives

This platform provides an excellent plate to shorten your link address. Born in 2022, TinyURL has been around for two decades now and has helped lots of people ever since.

But what makes TinyURL one of the best?

There is no requirement to report or create an account in the first place.

Comes with analytical tools.

Users can customize the links for free.

The links won’t expire as long as TinyURL is still around.

More than anything, you should give this platform a try, especially if you prefer something free that comes with a pack of features. There are no paid plans, after all.

Still, you won’t be disappointed with the powerful services offered by TinyURL in many ways. After all, this platform is the best free Bitly alternative available today. This is another Bitly Alternatives.



So, which URL shortener is best for collaboration and creativity? Even though the answer is about relativity, BL.INK is one of the best platforms when it comes to branding and link management.

Just like any other link shortener provider on this list, this one also offers a series of tools that will help you with campaigns and branding. Some other interesting things about BL.INK include:

It is possible to create & register a new domain while utilizing link shortening features.

As a campaign management tool, users get more comprehensive reports on various aspects.

Link tracking from multiple platforms.

Compared to Bitly, BL.INK has a more steep learning curve. Still, you should consider the presence of this free URL shortener platform as one of the best names out there.

5. T2M


Some link shorteners might have been around for a while now. And when it comes to the best Bitly alternative, T2M is an excellent option you can consider in the first place.

All crucial information is accessible on the dashboard, such as link activities and statistics – of course, you can track & monitor the performance of each link. Other exciting things offered by T2M are such as:

Share links to social media through a click.

The system generates links based on your visitors’ locations.

Every URL you’ve made is protected with passwords.

Feel free to create as many links as possible.

No spam and a lot more offer to enjoy. This is another Bitly Alternatives.

However, T2M is not a free platform. You need to pay USD 5 for basic features – it is a one-time payment. Meanwhile, all advanced features are only available in premium plans which cost USD 9.99 monthly.

6. Rebrandly


Are you looking for a Bitly alternative free? Rebrandly is definitely a worth-considering place, after all. Even though the free plan only comes with basic features and limitations, you can give this platform a try for sure.

More than anything, Rebrandly is an excellent URL shortener platform that boosts your branding in the virtual world. It comes with a series of features, such as:

Users can create domain names with excellent security.

The link management is legit and robust. Bulk links help to save time and there is no need to worry about security. Also check PagerDuty Alternatives

Targeting the audience is effortless with Rebrandly and it comes with analytic tools too.

This platform supports collaboration.

As mentioned earlier, the free plan only provides basic features with some limitations. You can elevate your account to the premium one for USD 29 per month.

The premium version allows you to bulk creation, team collaboration, and target audiences based on their locations.


Some platforms that provide a URL shortener feature are quite basic yet powerful. One of them is Even though this platform is simple, it is more than enough to get a shortened link for branding purposes.

There is no need to create & register an account in the first place. The tracking stats and other basic analytical tools are effortlessly accessible. This is another Bitly Alternatives.

You will also get information about browsers used, geolocation information, and a lot more. Other interesting things about may include:

Customize URL slugs as your needs.

Generate links for email campaigns and other similar things.

Track statistics of each link you’ve created. comes with a free plan but you can get access to advanced components for USD 5 per month. This option is worth trying in many ways.

8. Polr


Polr is such an excellent Bitly alternative open source to boost your campaigns. However, it strength not be suitable for beginners or those who have no experience with Lumen, PHP, and also MySQL.

The UI design is quite thrilling and modern. You can analyze the traffic from each link with some limitations. Moreover, this platform allows you to customize your domain name for better branding.

More than anything, Polr is free and an excellent choice for those who master technical knowledge. Before committing to this platform, you can check out its robust demo page. Once you make an account, you can manage and monitor each link you have made effortlessly.

9. Yourls


There are quite a few Bitly URL shortener alternatives that provide free services only. Yourls happens to be one of the most promising platforms on the internet. This is another Bitly Alternatives.

Similar to Polr, this one is an open-sourced choice and you can host your link shortener on your own. You would love this platform for various reasons, such as:

Feel free to create various links, both public and private.

You can analyze your links with more comprehensive reports.

Other features are accessible through plugins.

Easier access through bookmarks.

The system allows you to sample files before finalizing your public interface.

Yourls is a lightweight software to install regardless of the many features you have to enhance your campaign. It will be worth your efforts to try this platform in the first place.

10. Shorby


Among the alternatives to Bitly on the market, Shorby is one of the best you could have. Other than shortening your website address, you can use the website on your Instagram bio. It means that this forum allows you to gather the important links in one place.

All the links are available for updates. It will be such a crucial aspect if you use Instagram as part of your campaigns. However, Shorby comes with a price that depends on how many types of content you want to show on your Instagram bio.

The plans start at USD 15 per month. If this branding is important for you and Instagram is such a powerful place to start the journey, you should consider Shorby as your link shortener.


Is Bitly the best? It could be but there are many alternatives and competitors you can take a look at or at least make a comparison. This is another Bitly Alternatives. is one of the best alternatives you should consider. There is no necessity to register an account in the first place

All you need to accomplish is to input your website address in the designated box and make a customized link on it. Before finalizing your request, you need to fill in the CAPTCHA.

The system will deliver your link right after. Thus, if you are examining for a quick way to shorten your links for free, can be an ultimate choice. It comes with a track conversion feature that allows you to know the performance of each link.


Even though all options mentioned on the list above seem the same, nothing is created equal – and so link shorteners. This is why it is essential to understand what you are scrutinizing for & how you will use your choice.

If all you need is a free option to help your small business, can be a perfect choice. The free version is better than enough to boost your small business exposure. Meanwhile, it also offers good deals for enterprise clients.

On the other hand, TinyURL is another solid option you better consider in the first place. Casual users who need an easy solution would love this choice so much.

So, which Bitly alternatives have you tried? Is there anything that fits your needs in the first place.

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