Top 15 Best Firebase Alternatives And Competitors

Best Firebase Alternatives will be discussed in this article. When it comes to BaaS solutions, Firebase might cross your mind in the first place. However, there are tons of Firebase alternatives out there that may give you plenty of benefits, more than Firebase could give.

Generally, Google Firebase is still a work-in-progress app. There is plenty of room for progress but sometimes developers deserve better. So, if you need a robust platform to develop apps with more options of features, below is a list of BaaS solutions to consider.

Why You Should Switch from Firebase

Firebase is an excellent platform to share data across the world, especially if the connections are below one million. Other than that, you will love this app for building simple apps – implementing its real-time features won’t be as difficult.

However, it will be way difficult to take care of complex queries. According to users, your data is stored and may be shared with another third-party tool. Here is the outline of the pros and cons you should consider from Firebase.

Pros of Firebase

  • Effortless integration and setup.
  • Provides brief documentation.
  • The basic plan is free.
  • Offers plenty of pro features.
  • Database capability.

Cons of Firebase

  • Almost no support for iOS – it is based on Android in the first place.
  • The service depends on the platform.
  • Limited options on data migrations.
  • Not for complex queries and connections

Best Firebase Alternatives to Check Out

After brief information about Firebase above, you may consider switching to other platforms. More than anything, all you need is an app that helps your work at most, right? So, here is the list you should consider.

1. Back4App


The first name on the list is Back4App. You can tell that this software is one of the best Firebase alternatives open source. There is no need to manage infrastructure even if you have to develop modern apps on a large scale.

Back4App allows you to store and develop relational data on the cloud. That makes accessing apps through API possible. This app is quite rich since it offers various vendors. You can focus more on the UI design while the system will take consideration of the infrastructure.

You can utilize this app for free as starters, and the paid plans start at USD 25 per month. So, if you know how things work with open source apps then you should consider Back4App as an alternative to Google Firebase.

2. Parse


The next alternative to Firebase you should consider is Parse. This app is comprehensive and provides excellent features. Parse is another open-sourced backend framework. Thus, you can download and use this app for free.

What makes this app better than Firebase is its intuitive dashboard design and multi-cloud deployment functions. According to users, Parse is proven to make and develop apps faster. So, if you are examining for a free platform to create and develop applications then Parse is the answer. It has a huge community, which will be such a help in the future.

3. Kuzzle


Kuzzle is another open-source Firebase alternative worth considering. Today, this platform offers two products that provide better functions. The first product is specifically designed for IoT and the other is to accommodate the development of apps and websites.

Of course, both offers are open-sourced, which will be much more flexible for IT enthusiasts out there. Other than being a free app, you can use Kuzzle to use the cloud to host or self-host an app instead. The hosting plan starts at less than USD 90 per month.

  • So, why should you consider using Kuzzle in the first place?
  • It comes with various tailor-made plans.
  • The educational and professional training and services are top-notch.
  • You can use various vendors.
  • Kuzzle is open-source.

4. Supabase


Do you know that the keyword Supabase vs Firebase is quite popular on search engines? Well, here you will find why this platform is better than Firebase in the first place.

According to companies and many users, this app allows developers to create a backend pretty quickly – it takes less than two minutes. Other than being an open-sourced app, this platform also allows you to host the app on the cloud.

Even though Supabase is still young and green, it has been used and supported by tons of developers. Also, it comes with a Free Tier plan which will be appropriate for those who want to give it a try.

More than anything, Supabase is one of the best apps to create a backend and develop apps out there. Besides, the price list is affordable – paid plans start at USD 25 per month.

5. AWS Amplify

AWS Amplify

AWS Amplify is simply one of the best Firebase competitors out there. Other than developing full-stack apps for websites and phones, this app is packed with a bunch of useful features.

Using this app is a way to create a backend as fast as possible. Other than that, you can scale your creation effortlessly and ship it steadily.

Developers love AWS Amplify due to its open-source nature. Also, this app won’t lock you to Amazon or a single vendor – it is up to you to use multiple vendors. All in all, this app is an ideal alternative to replace Firebase.

6. Flutter


You will find quite a lot of open-sourced options to build and develop apps. Flutter is one of them. While being part of Google, this app is a Firebase analytics alternative you should consider too.

Flutter is an excellent tool to create native-looking mobile apps, especially if you only have access to a single codebase. This app has stood around for almost a decade now and is popular among developers.

Users love this app due to its ability to create apps quickly while building native visual performance on different platforms consistently. Building apps for desktops is possible but this app doesn’t perform well on blogs and other text-rich sites.

Since Flutter provides a free start, why don’t you give it a try? This platform suits developers who want to provide native-looking UX.

7. RxDB


RDxB can be a Firebase cheaper alternative for sure. It comes with a pack of components that help you to develop anything with JavaScript in it.

According to users, this platform is one of those tools that make developing real-time apps way easier. Besides, it comes with excellent performance benefits.

RxDB has a series of modules specifically designed for real-time replication. Other than that, the endpoint is manageable through GraphQL and CouchDB.

While Firebase doesn’t provide free features or real-time queries, RxDB will do you a favor in many ways.

8. Backendless


Backendless has been around since 2012. This platform is a great tool when it comes to developing visual apps. Since it provides Backend-as-a-Service solutions, this platform gains lots of attention and popularity.

Generally, you can create location-aware apps, real-time apps, and other general apps both for the web and mobile. Also, its visual app builder allows developers to get a more intuitive experience and may develop apps faster.

The paid plans start at USD 25 per month and other plans are available under the quotation, depending on how many features you want to enjoy. Backendless, more than anything, is one of the Firebase app alternatives that offer better options for any developer out there.

9. SashiDo


Another Firebase notification alternative you should consider is SashiDo. This platform allows you to create APIs in a matter of minutes. Other than that, it is feasible to create serverless apps with a NoSQL database.

SashiDo allows you to do plenty of scalable things effortlessly. Since this tool is an open-sourced one, you have more control over everything. And if you are into open-source stuff then you should give this platform a try.

10. Appwrite


On the other hand, appwrite makes the best Firebase alternative self-hosted out there. This platform is basically a backend server for Web, Mobile, and Flutter developers. More than anything, if you prefer using open-source alternatives then appwrite is one that you have to consider. This platform is quite young – was launched in 2019.

Yet, it comes with a bunch of useful features and functions. No wonder many developers prefer using anything else in the first place. Besides, you can download and enjoy all those features for free, for now. Other reasons to love appwrite include:

  • Verbose documentation
  • Straightforward UI design and useful features
  • Specifically designed for Flutter developers
  • A huge community
  • Open source and free

11. LoopBack

One of the best Firebase alternatives that provide the ability to compose APIs quickly is LoopBack. The platform runs on TypeScript and you can build dynamic end-to-end API in no time. Later, you can connect the systems to SOAP and REST services.

LoopBack has developed a new core that allows the app to provide better extensibility and flexibility. Other than that, you can create scalable APIs even with minimal coding. Of course, the result is quite promising and consistent.

So, why don’t you start your platform by using LoopBack? This tool is excellent to build a robust framework, for sure.

12. Hasura


Are you looking for some Firebase free alternatives? Hasura, on the other hand, is not a totally free option but it comes with a free plan, after all. This one is an open-source platform that could help you create APIs and apps way faster than other traditional methods.

Compared to Firebase, this platform doesn’t come with products that rely a lot on the database. Instead, Hasura offers GraphQL instant APIs that speed up the development process. Other than that, users can bring the external database to the library.

Hasura supports various options of the database, such as Google Big Query, Amazon Aurora and the SQL Server, and Postgres. Other than using the free services, you can upgrade your plan and host your apps on the cloud.

13. Couchbase


On the other writing, if you need an open-source platform for enterprise apps then Couchbase is worth a try. The system runs natively on-device and will sync to the server for IoT & mobile environments.

As mentioned earlier, this platform is excellent for apps with a larger scale, which cannot deal with low-latency data. So, if you need an app to better requirements then Couchbase is the right man to have a business with.

Even though this app is especially designed for large-scale interactive apps, it comes with a free plan. You should give Couchbase a try to find out how it works for you.

Final Thoughts

More than anything, Firebase is an excellent platform when it comes to a Backend as a Service solution. However, even though Google has developed this platform for a better service, everything is still in on-progress.

Of course, Firebase comes with a series of great things and features. Still, it lacks features here and there. Other than that, several countries may not get any access to this platform.

In the end, you better know what you need from a BaaS platform to pick the one that suits you the most. And if you are examining for a platform that comes with a pack of features, a stable open-source, and various options for vendors, then AWS Amplify is one of the best Firebase alternatives you should consider.

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