10 Best Photo Resizer Apps For Android And iPhone

This post will explain best photo resizer apps for android. Hardly ever a picture we tap or import is of the perfect size and dimensions we need. Due to this, the need for resizing images arise, and image resizing apps come into play. If you, too, are interested in resizing an image or just want to conserve some area on a gadget, this post is just right for you. Here we will go over the ten best image resizer apps for both Android and iOS users.

10 Best Photo Resizer Apps For Android And iPhone

In this article, you can know about best photo resizer apps for android here are the details below;

What an image resizing app should have?

Whether you want to publish an image on social networks or fill an online form or sign up with various pictures, Image resizing has ended up being a necessity these days.

To some, this might sound easy, yet selecting the best app for this can be an overwhelming task. Hence, when looking for the best application to resize images on Android and iOS, guarantee quality is not compromised when the Image is compressed.

Now, let’s take a look at handpicked best photo resizer applications for Android and iOS.

List of Best Photo Resizer Apps Android and iOS

1. Image Size

Like its name, the very first app enables resizing images by specifying output format in cms, inches, pixels. Moreover, you can email, print, or share the resized Image.

To resize an image using Image Size, collect it from the gallery or tap the Image from the application itself.


– Four resizing options inches, centimeters, pixel, and mm

– Easy to utilize

– Image quality is not jeopardized

– Resize by percentage or resolution

2. PicsArt

Another best photo resizer app for Android and iOS is called PicsArt. At a glimpse, it appears like a photo editor, yet its Image resizing choice is amazing.

To resize an image when utilizing PicsArt tap the + icon > Edit. As soon as the Image is picked, tap the Tools button. You will now get the Resize alternative here. Get in the custom-made worths to resize an image, and you are excellent to go.


– Maintains image quality

– Best Image resizing app

– High-quality Image resizing app for apps and iOS

– Works on lower image resolution

So, these are the two most popular apps that both Android and iOS users can use. Below is the list of standalone apps for iOS and Android.

3. Resize Image

Readily available for iPhone users, this Image resizing app features an interactive user interface and enables fast editing of images. Furthermore, utilizing it, you can share images on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Not just this, the app is fully optimized for all versions of iOS and includes a trial variation. This indicates you can see how the app works and, if you like, can choose the paid variation.


– Compatible with iOS 9.0 or later on

– Allows batch resizing

– Customized file resizing

– Share last image

4. Picture Compress Shrink Pics

Diminish Pics and save disk space occupied by large images. This fantastic app to lower the Image’s size compresses a single image, several photos, or the whole album. Also, it enables tailoring the strength of JPG compression and compresses images without resizing. You can also preview to check image quality and understand the disk space that can be recuperated.


– Simple and user-friendly interface

– Allows deleting initial and keeping resized images

– Batch or single Image resizing app

– Compatible with iOS

5. Image Resizer: Reduce & Resize

Minimize image size to specific KB, MB in a single click with Image Resizer: Reduce & Resize app for iOS. This app permits getting in the desired size to reduce the app image without compromising the quality. Also, you can lower the image size proportionally (by portion, i.e., 50%), and the resized image is saved into the gallery. This makes it an incredible app to utilize. Also check vector images


– Easily minimize the image size to KB or MB

– Resize by pixels or percent

– Helps to resize the Image to a specific resolution

– Ad-free.

6. Picture & Picture Resizer.

This swift and easy use Image resizing app deals with Android gadgets and helps reduce file size. As soon as the Image with the output result is achieved, you can share the last version directly from the app. Likewise, the app diminishes image size without impacting the quality of the Image. Photo & Picture resizing app is developed to keep the element ratio. This is one of the best and most intelligent Image resizing apps for Android users.


– Detailed and easy-to-use user interface.

– Tutorial for easy understanding of the app.

– Gives the option to replace initial pictures with resized images.

– It even provides a cropping function.

7. Lower Photo Size.

With a very standard and easy-to-use user interface, Reduce Photo Size app offers surprising functions and makes you compress images easily. This app lets you select images from an image gallery. Though you do not have a specific resize choice but can utilize the decrease choice.

This reduces tab offers different alternatives choices to lower size. When the image is resized, you can turn, share, save and do a lot more.


– Suits every fundamental Image resizing requirement.

– Image quality is not jeopardized.

– Multi-lingual.

– Resize Image and share on social media.

8. Best Photo Resizer.

Another excellent app for Android users to resize images is Best Photos Resizer. This app lets you choose images from the gallery or click utilizing the cam. In addition, it gives you the alternative to select in between the size and decrease the size for social media.

Utilizing the drop-down menu, you can contract the images to a specific portion and quantity.


– Help lower image size to save device memory.

– Reduce image size to match social media account requirements.

– Allows resizing any measurement.

– Crop and produce social media image.

9. Resize Photo (Photo Scaler).

Once you launch the PhotoScaler app, you can tap anywhere on the blank screen and choose the image to resize. This app offers multiple resolution choices to resize an image. Also, it permits decreasing photos size from regional and remote storage media like Picassa, Google Drive, and more.

To resize an image, add it to the app and select the resolution choice. Next, tap on the photo and get details relating to the new size of the resized images. Moreover, you can change initial images and more similar-looking images in your gallery. Above all, it allows to from another location locate files to be resized. Also check unblur image


It- Small, quick, and easy to use.

– Best image resizer to minimize the size by a ratio.

– Allows accessing Images from regional and remote locations.

– Save resized images to the folder.

10. Image Resizer HD.

Last on our list is Photo Resizer HD that includes multiple Image resizing choices. It also uses SHARPENING choices that can be changed from the alternatives of Low, Medium, and High. Utilizing this app, you can resize, shrink, compress and submit modified images to social networks.


– Sharpen images after resizing.

– Customize size and quality.

– Keep EXIF tags.

– Share and save diminish images on an SD card.

So, here is the complete list of the very best photo resizer apps. A number of them are multi-platform, while others are available just for iOS and Android. You can utilize them easily and resize images without jeopardizing the quality of the Image.

Do let us understand which one you utilized and selected in the remarks section.

Q1. Which is the best picture resizer app?

PicsArt, Image Size is the very best apps to resize apps for Android and iOS users.

Q2. How do I resize an image on Android?

To resize images on Android, you can use.

– Photo & Picture Resizer.

– Photo Resizer HD.

– Resize Photo (Photo Scaler).

– Best Photo Resize.

To use these apps, head to Play Store, download them > add the Image to resize and pick from predefined outcomes.

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