Top 8 Best Tools To Analyse Website Traffic In 2024

Best Tools To Analyse Website Traffic will be described in this article. Perhaps you’re curious about how well your traffic is being converted. Or perhaps you want to monitor the effectiveness and return on investment of your marketing initiatives. Still, without depending on a trustworthy online traffic measurement platform, you won’t succeed very far.

Top 8 Best Tools To Analyse Website Traffic In 2024

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What is website traffic analysis?

Are you wondering what website traffic analysis entails?

What is website traffic analysis

What is Website Traffic Anaysis?

In a nutshell, it’s gathering and analyzing information on people who visit your website and their behavior. This data can then be used by analysts, marketers, and website owners to optimize their strategies and increase site traffic, conversion rates, and return on investment.

Software that monitors and assesses different visitor behaviors and activities on your website is known as a website analytics solution. Pageviews, traffic source, bounce rate, & average time on page are examples of common metrics. To improve your website, campaigns, or marketing approach, you can gain insights into what is (and is not) working by using a web analytics tool.

Advantages of using a website traffic analysis tool

1. Performance measures and optimisation

Monitoring the efficacy of your marketing campaigns is a difficult undertaking. The implementation of efficient performance measurement is the main advantage of utilizing a web analytics solution. You won’t know what is and isn’t working with your marketing and content if you don’t know how to measure your efforts.

You may get the information you need to determine whether or not your marketing campaigns have been successful by using a web analysis tool.

For example, even though your new website design is stunning, you should start again if people aren’t converting as well as they could and aren’t remaining on your site as long.

2. Audience insight to improve the user experience

Platforms for web traffic analysis offer more for you than merely display visitor behavior. It makes clear who your target market is. To help you better understand your audience, a robust website analytics tool will provide you with detailed demographic information about them, including information about their geographic location (city, state, or nation).

Observing how your audience engages with various pieces of material on your website can also help you understand more about them. You’ll begin to notice that some material works better than others, which will help you better understand the conditions and preferences of your audience. This implies that you’ll be able to better target your audience with marketing campaigns and website content to enhance user experience as a whole.

3. Improve SEO

We discussed how insights may help you create better content for users who are currently on your site in order to enhance user experience and increase conversions in the first two benefits. However, did you know that utilizing a website analytics tool can also help increase the volume of visitors to your website?

One benefit of using a web analytics tool to improve your content creation is that SEO can lead to an expansion in traffic from organic search. Furthermore, your platform is probably going to provide additional traffic sources that your visitors are coming from (for example, traffic that is being referred to you by another website), allowing you to take advantage of those high-performing sources and gradually optimize your incoming traffic.

Top 8 Tools ti Analyse Website Traffic

This is a comparison of the top eight online analytics systems to assist you in evaluating the special features, cost, benefits, and drawbacks of each tool and help you choose wisely.

1. Matomo

Matomo is an open-source internet analytics application that offers comprehensive insights into your web traffic while putting user privacy and data protection first. It’s among the most effective tools for monitoring your customers’ whole online experience.


Why Matomo? More than a million websites, including NASA, the UN, and the European Commission, rely on Matomo because it is the industry leader in open-source, privacy-friendly, and ethical online analytics.

By completing in the blanks where Google Analytics is limited (such as the requirement for a cookie consent banner), Matomo works nicely with Google Analytics to track your websites. In order to provide deeper insights and maintain compliance with the most stringent privacy rules, such as GDPR, LGPD, and HIPAA, Matomo integrates traditional and behavioral web analytics.

Matomo Standout Features and integrations:

Comprehensive visitor monitoring, multi-attribution, goal tracking, event tracking, roll-up reporting to pull data from various sites, tag manager, custom dimensions, custom reports, automated email reports, session recordings, and more are among the noteworthy features.

Among the integrations are WooCommerce, WordPress, Google Ads, Wix, Drupal, Joomla, Cloudflare, Magento, Vue, and SharePoint.

Matomo On-Premise, which is free to set up but needs servers and technical know-how, and Matomo Cloud, which has a 21-day free trial and doesn’t require a credit card, start at $23/month.


  • Best for protecting the privacy of visitors
  • You are the owner of your data, so make sure it’s not shared with outside parties for things like advertising.
  • adhering to the most stringent privacy regulations
  • Increased adaptability with the benefits of open-source and the choice between self-hosting and cloud hosting
  • Capable of operating without cookies, offering nearly 100% precise information and an enhanced user experience without requiring an obtrusive cookie consent popup.
  • Outstanding customizability – customize dashboards, reports, alerts, white labeling, and custom dimensions to enhance decision-making speed and yield better results.


  • While On-Premise is free, more money is needed for advanced functionality.
  • On-premise management calls for servers and technological know-how.

Try Matomo for free

Obtain the web insights you require without sacrificing the accuracy of the data.

2. Google Analytics

With about 30 million active websites, Google Analytics is the most popular and widely used online analytics tool worldwide.

Google Analytics

Why Google Analytics? Because the Alphabet group of companies supports it as one of the top tools for analyzing online traffic. It’s a fantastic free alternative for anyone just starting out to understand your audience and online traffic.

Google Analytics Standout Features and Integrations:

Comprehensive visitor tracking, event tracking with Google Analytics 4 (GA4), simple interaction with Google marketing tools (such as Google Search Console and Google Ads), customizable reports, and simple data import from external sources are some of the standout features.

Google Ads, AdSense, WordPress, Wix, Shopify, Zendesk, Facebook, Marketo, WordPress, Hotjar, SEMrush, Salesforce, Hootsuite, and more are among the integrations.

There is no cost.


  • In-depth understanding of the audience
  • Reports that are customizable
  • connectivity with other Google products that is seamless
  • Simple to assemble


  • Not privacy-friendly—your data is shared with third parties for advertising purposes, and you do not own it.
  • intricate interface
  • requires a cookie consent banner in order to comply with GDPR, which has a severe impact on user experience and data accuracy.

3. Fathom analytics

Fathom Analytics is a lightweight, privacy-friendly web analytics solution that was founded in 2018. The dashboard on the platform is straightforward and understated.


Fathom analytics

Why Fathom Analytics? Website owners may use this simple-to-use tool to learn more about the behavior of their customers without sacrificing their privacy. This user-friendly tool provides a condensed summary of the most widely used data points. Fathom Analytics is a simple, affordable option for beginners to web analytics looking for key information like visitor counts and traffic sources.

Fathom Analytics Standout Features and Integrations:

A single-page dashboard for a rapid overview of metrics, traffic summaries for selected timeframes, visually arresting graphs for easier data digestion, simple, automated GA4 importation with lifetime data preservation, and privacy protection covering key compliance laws are just a few of the notable features.

Squarespace, Drupal, WordPress, Discourse, Bloggi, ConvertKit, Webflow, Transistor, Remix, Gatsby, and Carrd are among the integrations.

With a 30-day free trial, pricing for up to 100,000 pageviews begins at $14 per month.


  • does not make use of cookies
  • Unconventional GDPR, ePrivacy, PECR, and CCPA adherence
  • excellent for insights from visual data
  • Tracking script that is lightweight and loads quickly


  • difficult to observe traffic patterns on particular sites
  • For individuals that desire advanced analytics, metrics could be too basic.

4. Mixpanel

Mixpanel is a web analytics tool that facilitates better client retention and visitor tracking. 8,000 companies use the program globally, including CNN, Yelp, BuzzFeed, and Netflix.


Why Mixpanel? Websites with e-commerce features benefit greatly from Mixpanel. With the use of this tool, you can better understand both your customers and site visitors, which can enhance customer satisfaction and boost conversion rates.

Unique Features and Integrations of Mixpanel:

Unique features include the ability to categorize customers based on particular behaviors, visual analysis that reveals user dropoff points, and detailed insights into how your goods are being used, including your most popular features.

Google Cloud, Figma, Mailchimp, Zoho CRM, Databox, Marketo, Hotjar, Slack, Zapier, Google Ads, and HubSpot are among the integrations.

Up to 20 million events each month are free of charge, while growth events cost $20 per month.


  • Beginners can easily use the interface.
  • Comprehensive reporting choices
  • Options for personalized event tracking
  • Determine user behavior using data science models.
  • Send users customized messages that motivate them to take action.


  • Not everyone finds user-based pricing to be the best option.
  • Alert handling can be difficult to understand.

5. Kissmetrics

Through qualitative data insights, Kissmetrics is a marketing and product analytics platform that supports the growth of SaaS and e-commerce businesses. Ten thousand users, including Microsoft, Unbounce, AWeber, Dropbox DocSend, and SendGrid, trust the online analytics platform.


Kissmetrics is a website analytics platform that is primarily focused on e-commerce, making it ideal for enterprise organizations. However, it also provides flexible price options that allow individuals to experiment with website analytics without becoming overwhelmed.

Kissmetrics Standout Features and Integrations:

A customizable dashboard for immediate access to important data, thorough visitor tracking, cohort analysis with power user tracking to identify your most engaged visitors and customers, and insights into customer lifetime value and churn rate are just a few of the noteworthy features.

HubSpot, Slack, Live Chat, Marketo, Optimizely, Mailchimp, Recurly, Wufoo Forms, Facebook Ads, WordPress, Shopify, and WooCommerce are a few of the integrations available.

The Pay As You Go Plan costs $0.0025 per event, the Build Your Plan is $25.99 per month, and the Small Teams plan is $199 per month, which includes a seven-day free trial.


  • Adaptable price schemes
  • Simple to set up
  • Many options for examining analytics
  • Visual insights into the checkout funnel
  • Monitor sessions on a desktop or mobile device.


  • Even with more alternatives for price, the total cost is still high.
  • difficult for novices to use

6. Adobe Analytics

Within the Adobe Experience Platform is Adobe Analytics, a platform for web and marketing analytics. It is one of the most widely used analytics tools on the market, with over 170,000 firms using it.

Adobe Analytics

The purpose of Adobe Analytics is that it was designed with huge organizations in mind. In essence, it’s Google Analytics’ business edition. Offering a tailored analytics solution that can produce individualized user experiences at scale is what the tool excels at. Also check best dlna server

Adobe Analytics Standout Features and Integrations:

A few notable aspects are automation based on customer behavior, strong consumer segmentation, AI-driven predictive analytics, and attribution.

Included in the integrations are Google Ads, Google Search Console, HubSpot, Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, Hootsuite, Contentsquare, Sisense, and Mouseflow.

There is no free trial period, and users must plan to spend at least $2,000 per month. Custom pricing is available upon request.


  • Designed with enterprise businesses in mind
  • smooth workflow integration for customers of Adobe Experience Cloud
  • Amazing possibilities for customization
  • The integration procedure is adaptable.
  • able to precisely trace substantial amounts of traffic


  • incredibly costly
  • Unsuitable for small companies
  • For novices, the setup is difficult.

7. SimilarWeb

A powerful analytics tool called SimilarWeb lets you analyze and evaluate website data against that of other websites. supported by a group of skilled mathematicians and data scientists for in-depth analysis of search engine traffic and website traffic. Established in 2007, well-known companies including Adidas, DHL, PepsiCo, and Walmart have faith in the platform.



Why SimilarWeb: To help provide a better knowledge of visitors and consumers, the application uses a variety of scientific processes and approaches to data analysis. The platform is excellent at developing prediction models for acquiring new customers through the application of machine learning to provide competitive analysis and SEO insights.

SimilarWeb Standout Features and Integrations:

In-depth visitor tracking, competition traffic and engagement analysis, keyword analysis to improve your SEO and search advertisements, affiliate traffic analysis, search traffic analysis, and funnel insights are some of the features that set this platform apart.

Salesforce, HubSpot, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Adverity, SimilarTech, Biscience, and AT Internet are just a few of the integrations.

The Starter plan has a seven-day free trial and is priced at $125 a month.


  • features an easy-to-use dashboard for basic insights
  • Highly configurable platform to match your unique requirements
  • Simple study of competitors
  • Get insights from your funnel to increase conversion rates.
  • Excellent client service


  • High prices
  • is a piece of code that may be used to extract data directly from websites
  • doesn’t display your site’s subdomains

8. Hotjar

With tools like heatmaps and session recordings, Hotjar is a behavioral website analytics solution that focuses on offering insights into specific user sessions. Over 900,000 sites use Hotjar, which was founded in 2014.


Why Hotjar? Because it is a behavioral analytics solution that offers detailed behavioral insights session by session, as opposed to more conventional web analytics options like Google Analytics. With the help of the tool’s many features, you can care how users interact with your website and gain an early understanding of their behavior.

Hotjar Standout Features and Integrations :

Comprehensive heat mapping, visitor session recordings to watch what visitors performed in real time, feedback surveys to get information from site visitors, and conversion funnels to identify leaks in your funnel at each stage of conversion are some of the standout features.

HubSpot, Slack, Jira, WordPress, Shopify, Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Microsoft Teams, Zapier, and ClickFunnels are among the integrations. Also check PC Benchmark Software

The Basic plan is free, while the Business plan, which includes a 15-day free trial, is priced at $80/month.


  • You can monitor exactly where users scroll, click, and move.
  • View session recordings to observe visitors’ actions in detail.
  • See what proportion of visitors engage in specific activities.
  • Features of data segmentation to aid in your thorough understanding of KPIs
  • The platform allows for infinite users, which facilitates easy scaling.


  • Although Hotjar offers behavioral analytics, it lacks Matomo’s insights into more conventional web analytics, such as bounce rate and traffic sources.
  • Monitoring historical data is difficult.

Elevate your website performance today

When trying to enhance the functionality of your website, it is imperative that you comprehend the wants and behavior of your users.

With the help of a website analytics instrument, you can learn more about your visitors and use information about the effectiveness of your campaigns and content to enhance user experience.

Matomo is a great option if you want to use a web traffic analysis tool right now.

Matomo is a potent, privacy-friendly, and legal tool that allows you improve the functionality of your website by providing detailed insights about your audience, your content, and your marketing initiatives. Along with these powerful behavioural analytics features, your Cloud membership also gives you access to heatmaps, session recording, and other services.

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