7 Tips to impress the hiring manager during an interview

The crucial part of the hiring process is an interview with the hiring manager. If you are an introvert, it can be quite difficult to manage things at first, but worry not, if you are skillful, and have knowledge related to the job, you are half away there, and to cover the next half, we urge you to read out tips to impress the hiring manager. So without wasting much time, let’s get started.

What are hiring managers looking for during interviews?

Hiring managers search that what is the worth of a candidate. The hiring manager asks your previous work whether you have done it or not by asking some questions. During the interview, you have to be cool, calm, and confident. You need to give proper answers in a perfect manner to impress the hiring manager.

Interviewers are looking for evidence that you can do the job well. They want proof of your past performance by asking specific examples of how you completed projects or handled challenges successfully.

Hiring managers also want to know if you will fit into the culture of the new company. They look for evidence that you understand and appreciate the values and mission of the company.

While asking questions, the hiring manager wants to check your analytical and reasoning skills. You can impress them by answering their questions with proper examples and figures.

Having said that, here are some tips you wanted.

Tips to impress the hiring manager during an interview

1.    Good looking resume

The first thing a hiring manager looks at is your resume. At first glance, he/she should be able to tell you are well educated and qualified for the job. Your resume should also show exactly where you have worked before and your achievement while serving in that particular company.

If a manager sees a good resume, your chances of being called for an interview are increased. If you don’t know how to create a resume, you can try out the online resume builders, which provide you templates which you just have to select and edit.

2.    Knowledge of the company

Knowing about the company you are applying for is very important. If your interviewer knows that you have done research about what they do and how they do it, he/she will think better of you.

This shows that you value your career, which in turn leaves a good impression on the hiring manager.

So before the interview, research the company and its competitors and know what they can offer you. This will help in impressing your interviewer when he/she asks you questions involving this information.

3.    Gets to the point

As much as it is good to impress a hiring manager with all your qualifications and knowledge of the job, it is not a good idea to take too much time in the interview. Most hiring managers will only give you a few minutes, so be very direct and answer all questions quickly and to the point.

If there is something you don’t know about or haven’t done, try not to lie about it because if they hire you and then discover that you were lying during your first week of work, chances are they will fire you on the spot.

4.    Display confidence

If you display confidence as well as knowledge on what can make an employer hire you, your chances of getting the job increase greatly. It shows that not only do you have what it takes to do the job but also that you believe in yourself and this helps hiring managers. But again, you must show that you are humble enough to listen carefully and learn new things.

5.    Being on time

Arriving late at the interview is never a good idea, no matter how experienced or qualified you are for the job. If they decide to hire you after looking at your resume, knowledge of the company, and confidence during the interview, but then discover that you arrived late for your appointment, they probably will not consider you again.

Hiring managers often make judgments about a candidate based on first impressions and sometimes these decisions can be final. So having all the tips mentioned above in mind before going for an interview might make it easier and increase your chances of getting hired.

6.    Being attentive and listening

Hiring managers tend to give their interviewees an idea of what the job is about and what they will be doing day-to-day. Don’t interrupt them while they explain this to you.

Let them finish explaining before asking any questions because if you come across as someone who lacks attention or listens poorly, the hiring manager might not want to get involved with such a candidate.

Listen carefully and ask pertinent questions such as how your role would fit into the bigger picture within the company, why did previous employees leave and how long should it take for you to start making an impact.

7.    Asking questions

Asking relevant questions that show that you have done research about the company and its competitors and know what they do helps in impressing the hiring manager tremendously. If you don’t, show that you are interested in learning more about their industry and how it works.


Having first impressions and making a lasting impression can be very helpful in job interviews. First impressions are usually based on the clothing you wear to the interview as well as your body language and how punctual you are.

Making a lasting impression is about impressing the interviewer with your knowledge of their company as well as confidence and willingness to learn new things.

All these tips will increase your chances of getting hired by an employer. It also increases your chances of being offered the right type of position within a company that will have a positive impact on your career.

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