Gift Card Deals & Offers: Use This Promo Code to Save 5% on Tech Gift Cards

It’s that time of year where people are looking for the perfect gift to get their loved ones, and if they have a techie in the family, are struggling with what to go for.

Well, it’s no secret that techies love their tech so why not consider buying them a gift card to one of their favourite stores? I mean don’t you wish you could just tell your relatives or friends to buy whatever they want but have someone else pay for it? Imagine all the stress gone! That’s what happens when you give an electronic gift card, then all they have to do is pick out what they really want. Plus, at the moment there is a 5% off promotion code on most electronic cards!

Here are 10 tech gifts you can pick with your gift card:

1. Amazon gift card

This is the easiest one to use. All they have to do is head over to Amazon and pick something from there. You can never go wrong with Amazon because their products are always top quality. You can also get Samsung promo code from this gift card. Give them a gift card for any dollar amount, and they can go wild.

2. PlayStation Network card

PlayStation offers gamers access to a whole world of fun through gaming consoles, games and more. So why not give them an instant download code that they can redeem on the Playstation Store?

3. Xbox Gift Card

The same goes for the Xbox gamers, you can either give them a card with a dollar value so they can choose their own gift or choose an item from the Microsoft store yourself.

4. iTunes gift cards

If your loved one loves gadgets and apps then this is perfect for them! They can download all their favourite music, movies, TV shows and more without having to pay for anything. It’s as simple as that.

5. Steam Wallet Codes

Let’s face it, gamers love playing games on PC too! And if they have any games already installed onto their computer then this is even better because they just have to top up their wallet with money instead of buying another subscription or game license to play.

6. Nintendo eShop gift card

Don’t forget about the gamers who love playing on their Nintendo consoles that they got for Christmas! Just like Playstation and Xbox, all you have to do is gift them with an eShop gift card so they can buy any game they want without having to pay for it themselves.

7. The Google Play Gift Card

This gift card allows them to choose whatever apps or games they want from the Google play store giving them instant access to thousands of products at their fingertips! Plus, you know what’s cool about this? There are no terms and conditions! So if your loved ones have already paid off all their credit cards then there’s no need to because this gift card will work.

8. Walmart gift card

If they’re looking for an electronic item to pick up in store then it’s best to get them a gift card for Walmart because this way not only do you save yourself the hassle of picking out the perfect gift, but you can even go through their store and pick something out yourself! This is perfect if you know what your loved ones are looking for.

9. Old Navy eGift Card

This particular gift card allows your loved one to shop online at their favourite clothing stores which are Old Navy, Dressbarn or Justice. The best part is that they will receive free shipping, no minimum purchase required!

10. Applebee’s eGift Cards

Last but not least, these gift cards are perfect for families who love to eat out. You can give them the option to choose from over 1,700 locations nationwide so they can enjoy their dinner in style without having to worry about how much it’s going to cost!

With all the above mentioned gift cards you have no reason not to get your loved ones an electronic gift card that will turn into something amazing, just like what you wanted! It may be a little difficult at first especially if you’ve never given this kind of present before but once someone shows you how it’s done, it won’t take long until you’ll get the hang of it. Remember not only will your friends and family love whatever gadget or game card you pick out for them, but you will also experience the joy of giving like never before.

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