Top 4 Hearthstone Arena Classes to Play

Hearthstone and Blizzard’s deck-building hit, continues to be popular with its players. Since the release of patch 19, there have been numerous adjustments made to the game. These improved the gaming experience by restoring equilibrium to the current meta. For those who intend to play Hearthstone Arena competitively in ranked matches, there’s a lot to digest right now.

The game was first released for PC and Mac in March of 2014. The game is now available to mobile users on platforms including Android and iOS. As a result, playing the game is a blast because it’s challenging yet rewarding most of the time. I’m thinking about beat stick decks that just summon Deathwing and use it to wipe out entire rows of opponents.

Playing Hearthstone Arena

The Arena mode has a tournament-style setup where players compete for significant rewards. Players build a 30-card deck by choosing cards from 30 distinct sets. If players reach three defeats or 12 victories, they can continue playing. They will get a range of rewards based on their overall win total. Here are the best arena class Hearthstone decks!

Best Hearthstone Arena Classes

The ones in S-tier and A-tier are the greatest classes to choose from in this game. Like the standard level classifications, S-Tier has some advantages over others. These decks are among the best in the game right now if you have the cards to build them. This will help you win more often on the Ranked level.

  • Paladin

The decks of the Paladin, an S-tier, are ideal for those that prefer to play aggressively. You can quickly and easily put together a powerful system. As long as dragon synergies are a significant part of the metagame, a Paladin can thrive. Most of the time, low-cost, common troops like the Truesilver Champion are sufficient.

Beginners will quickly learn the Paladin class and enjoy excellent success as they play more matches. The Paladin is presently the only overpowered class in Hearthstone. In this deck, you’ll find cards like Blessing of Authority, Turalyon the Tenured, Zephrys the Great, and Underlight Angling Lord.

  • Control Priest

Another deck belonging to the S-tier that follows is Control Priest, which focuses on mending your minions while eradicating the threat posed by the opponent’s own. Using as many efficient spells as possible in the Control Priest deck is the key to success. In the meantime, they exhaust the other player with their cards’ resilience and sheer value generation.

A Control Priest’s major purpose is to sustain early and mid game dominance. This is done by strategically using removal spells to remove any dangers. For example, the player injured Alexstrasza. On your next turn, you get Execute, which you can use to massively damage Alexstrasza without having to re-engage her.

Holy Smite, a card that may be added to the deck at any time, fills this void for Control Priest’s control priest. Even so, the deck’s swarm of boosted minions keeps the opposition on the defensive. In the meantime, they have spells that prevent them from summoning their powerful minions.

  • Hunter

One of the most compelling reasons to play a Hunter deck is the ability to summon a Primordial Explorer. The Hunter stands out owing to its superb value-to-resources ratio. Though a Hunter deck is in A-tier, it can get you a long way with few resources like Paladin. Hunter’s great hero powers favor aggressive play, and you’ll notice that yours will be as well.

The absence of late-game alternatives prevents Hunter from reaching S-Tier status. When it comes to close matches, the Hunter deck falls short of being a foregone conclusion. Some good cards to get are the Primordial Explorer, Zephrys the Great, Desert Spear, Trueaim Crescent, and Nagrand Slam.

The Aggro Hunter is one aggressive hunter deck. This deck is designed to win games. They do this by using inexpensive burn spells and adaptable minions. The deck specializes in using inexpensive spells, especially when combined with Kolkar Pack Runner. The board will be overrun with Hyenas, which will assault all minion units on the opposing team’s board.

  • Druid

Druids are perfect for gamers that want to dominate from start to end. Druids have a lower burst than other aggressive classes, but they are faster and create a greater mana pool over time, making them A-tier. The class’s top decks are Treant Druid and Guardian Druid. The Druid is a class that offers both consistency and variation.

The Token Druid is one of the Druid classes. Token Druid’s spawning, minions, and buffing cards are a nightmare. The player’s decisions shape the Token Druid. It’s trendy to swarm an opponent’s board with minions. Another tactic is to gradually escalate hostility while increasing the power of their minions.

Tips in Playing Hearthstone Arena

Regardless of the card’s abilities, you can focus on the mana cost. Having a curve deck, which means getting the most value out of your mana every round, is one of the best ways to win. Choose your cards wisely. Many players entering the Arena choose too many removal cards. These can be a major advantage against some decks, but against a weapon-based deck, it is meaningless.

A card’s opportunity cost is also considered when drafting. In the Arena, aim to play cards as rapidly as possible. As a result, you can regulate the game’s pacing more effectively. First-round picks like Primordial Drake or Lich King can be pricey. Consider how long these cards will take to use if you plan to utilize them.


Choosing your cards well is the key. It’s easy to get overwhelmed at first, but as you play more, the game gets less difficult to master. Keeping a level head and focusing on the criteria presented here can help you rack up Arena victories quickly.

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