Top 8 Apps like Libby And Libby Alternatives In 2024

Best Libby Alternatives will be described in this article. being a fan of reading — you might have already discovered all forms of reading, whether we are talking about the usual paperback books or e-books and audiobooks. Although physical books are still famous in the market, you can still find a lot of pure gems through ebooks and audiobooks, and to give you these masterpieces — we have some amazing apps like Libby out there. Libby by Onedrive offers you stories in the form of ebooks and audiobooks, while it also offers magazines from popular and local libraries. Its personal library includes millions of genres and award-winning, much-loved pieces by renowned writers. Yep, Libby sounds like a fine app, but if you have already given it a shot and weren’t able to find much of your interest, then we are glad you stopped on this page because we have presented a list of the best apps Libby below – the same apps which are going to give you some real classics to read.

Top 8 Apps like Libby And Libby Alternatives In 2024

In this article, you can know about Libby Alternatives here are the details below;

1. Hoopla Digital

Hoopla Digital

Hoopla Digital is one of the leading, all-in-one digital libraries, including more than 1 million titles from all across the world. Its library has chart-topping albums, blockbuster movies, best-selling novels, and some really exclusive content.

With hoopla Digital, you can choose to either watch, read, or listen to your favorite titles 24/7 without getting interrupted by ads. Additionally, it offers a free library card, which can be used anytime and anywhere – without late fees.

Key Highlights

  • Updates every month — hoopla Digital updates its library with thousands of new titles in every category it offers every month.
  • Offline use — hoopla Digital has the option of offline, watching, listening, and reading that you can either stream the content right away or choose to download it for further use.
  • Kids mode — hoopla Digital is indeed a family-friendly app where if you turn on the kid’s mode, then it will only show the kid-friendly content.

2. Audible


When it comes to entertainment through audio, whether we are talking about e-books, podcasts, or audiobooks — Audible has to take the lead role at some point.

With Audible, you can listen to books anytime and anywhere, and enjoy storytelling through podcasts, audiobooks, and Audible originals. Moreover, Audible has all types of genres to offer with beautiful and well-suited voices that will really feel like they’re directly speaking to you.

Key Highlights

  • Explore catalogs — Audible has thousands and thousands of content in every category it offers, with the list having exclusive series and shows on it.
  • Personalize your library — Audible has given you your personal library, which can be customized according to your favorite collections of titles, and you can also add your favorites to different wish lists.
  • Storytelling everywhere — Audible has storytelling anywhere and everywhere, where you can switch on the car mode, go back to your previous listening stories with the widget, use sleepy stories to sing you a lullaby, etc.

3. cloudLibrary


cloudLibrary is again one of the popular apps when it comes to private libraries including all your favorite titles from renowned writers. This is another Libby Alternatives.

cloudLibrary has an easily accessible library where all you need is the library card to enter. You can switch accounts with ease and manage multiple libraries with library cards from one single device. Moreover, cloudLibrary has new digital content updated on its platform often, where you can also keep track of your physical and digital library activities.

Key Highlights

  • Customize the homepage — cloudLibrary allows you to customize your app homepage bookshelves according to your favorite genres.
  • Sync through multiple devices — you can sync multiple devices with one account because cloudLibrary is available for free for both Android And iOS and can be downloaded on pretty much every device.

4. LibriVox


LibriVox is another favored platform for audiobooks – offering unlimited access to around 40,000 free audiobooks. The app also includes new recordings, out-of-print titles, and classic best sellers.

Additionally, with its user-friendly UI, it makes it super easy to find the book you want, either from the search bar or your personal library – you can download it for offline use or start streaming right away.

Key Highlights

  • Find books by the narrator — LibriVox has the majority of audiobooks with beautiful voices, hence, you can also search for books by the narrator, or wish to listen to all the books by the same narrator.
  • Bookmark and Sleep timer — LibriVox offers unlimited bookmarks for every book available and you can also stop the playback and add a sleep timer.
  • Old titles — LibriVox gives you free access to old radio, dramas, and many such old collections with full support and control over Bluetooth, android auto, and GoogleCast.

5. Chirp


Chirp is another audiobooks app offering a satisfactory service — bringing you limited-time promotional offers and deals on widespread audiobooks, including the New York Times bestsellers.

The best part about Chirp is that it offers you 95% off on all the audiobooks available on its platform every day and there’s no such thing as a subscription fee. This is another Libby Alternatives.

Moreover, Chirp is a team of book lovers that work to offer must-listen audiobook deals and offers every day from top authors and publishers.

Key Highlights

  • Stream or download — Chirp lets you start streaming your favorite title right away or you can always choose to download it for further offline listening.
  • Sleep timer — Chirp has a sleep timer feature in the app to help you stop reading when it’s time to sleep and add a sleep timer with a few simple steps.
  • Smart controls — Chirp is ready to be synced with smart speakers and has accurate control over Chromecast and Bluetooth.

6. Loyal Books

Loyal Books

Loyal Books is a promising yet underrated audio entertainment platform filled with a variety of audiobooks and ebooks. It’s a good place to explore popular books – all for free, with beautiful images to increase the thrill.

Loyal Books allows you to make your own personal library and add thousands of free ebooks and audiobooks. You can also read reviews by other users on the app and choose to stream right away or download them for offline use.

Key Highlights

  • Read in different languages — Loyal Books has books to offer from different parts of the world and you can listen to them in over 25 languages.
  • All genres included — Loyal Books doesn’t only focus on main genres like mystery, thriller, action, fiction, romance, horror, etc, but also focuses on other underrated genres like children’s books.
  • 1000s of audiobooks and ebooks — Loyal Books has over 7000 audiobooks and more than 35,000 ebooks to offer with adjustable playback speed, along with reviews and ratings for each of them.

7. YouTube


Yes, we all know what YouTube is, what it does, what type of content it offers, etc, and you probably might not have heard about it, but YouTube also has libraries for audiobooks – with the majority of them for free. This is another Libby Alternatives.

Now, as other apps like Libby mentioned in this article, YouTube doesn’t directly have audiobooks to offer whenever you want with special features, but it has hundreds of channels on its platform, offering some good quality audiobook collections.

Key Highlights

  • Subscribe and stay connected — YouTube has the usual subscription, like, and comment features allowing you to subscribe to your favorite audiobook channel to stay connected with the narrator.
  • Create playlists — with YouTube’s usual creating playlist feature, you can create your personal library or a public playlist, including all your favorite audiobooks.

8. Spotify


Spotify is one of the popular music streaming platforms, indeed, focusing more on Music, but it is also widespread for offering audiobooks and podcasts from well-known narrators and speakers.

With Spotify, if you have already tried the app for listening to music, then you might know how ends meet. It’s a professional music streaming platform where you can discover thousands of podcasts and audiobooks, create playlists, change the playback speed, adjust settings, and do many such things to enhance your listening experience. This is another Libby Alternatives.

Key Highlights

  • Download for offline use — Spotify offers all the premium subscribers to download all the content on its site to some extent, according to the subscription you have taken, for offline use.
  • Choose from recommendations — Spotify’s homepage has literally everything on it, from the recently played podcasts to all the recommendations and playlists made just for you according to your history.

Final Words

The above-mentioned list of apps like Libby contains some of the most trusted and famous apps out there for audiobooks, e-books, podcasts, etc — all types of digital content, and storytelling.

Moreover, the Internet has more apps offering you a good variety of unique features like more customizations, more features for free, etc, but if you wish to go for the best and want to focus on more variety — then the app titles mentioned in this article are what you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there more free apps like Libby?

Yes, the Internet has many apps like Libby, but some of the best ones can be called – hoopla Digital, cloudLibrary, LibriVox, and Chirp.

Are there any apps similar to Libby?

cloudLibrary, LibriVox, hoopla Digital, Audible, and Chirp are some of the best apps similar to Libby.

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