Ways to Find Out Your Dream Job with Social Media Guide

Social media platforms are the major way of communication with friends and family members. That is why these platforms have billions of users that have better connections with a wide range of networks.

Obviously, no one now spends the whole day without checking social accounts and going online on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. Maybe you don’t know, but social platforms are a sea of unbelievable benefits.

As social platforms are a way to interact with others, it does not mean that these platforms are only for communication. These platforms are also the way to find the dream job. You just need to have a laptop, an internet connection, a social media account, and patience.

How You Can Locate Your Dream Job Through Social Media

We are going to discuss how social platforms are beneficial for you. These are not only for connecting with others but also for helping you find your dream job. If you can’t find but still, you are able to move out to your current career.

Many recruiters move to social accounts to find new talent, and ExpressVPN revealed that over 70% of hiring managers reported successful hires through social media platforms.

If you want to come into the eyes of recruiters, you need to make some effort. What efforts? To explore such efforts, read the following section?

Step 1. Position Yourself to Be the Candidate Recruiters Are Looking For

Before jumping to find the dream job, one thing comes first. Make sure to optimize your profile in the best way to make your presence attractive in the eyes of recruiters.

Most companies use social platforms to recruit employees. At the same time, Business News Daily reported that 78% of employers believe current employees should maintain a work-appropriate social media profile. On the other hand, 54% of recruiters reject candidates based on their profiles.

It is why you must polish your profile that looks perfect to recruiters. Then, obviously, you will be called for an interview.

Step 2. Evaluate Your Social Presence

After enhancing your profile, another thing is to check your social presence. Check if your presence represents the best side of you or a bad one. The following are some tips to enhance social presence:

– Remove any updates that are unprofessional:

Here comes the removal of the college party profile pic. Maybe you have got many likes on this profile, but it looks unprofessional to employers.

– Analyze who you are following/the pages you like:

Maybe you have an old Facebook account with many liked pages. It may be possible that you liked a page almost 5 years ago but never visited that page. Then, obviously, it will not look good to employers.

The algorithm of social media makes you alert about all the recent and upcoming updates about that particular service or page. So, it is better to make your online presence to find the right target workplace that gives you worthy output based on your skills.

Step 3: Identify Dream Job Opportunities

In this step, you have to identify which dream job you want to achieve. For this, you can get help from websites such as Indeed and Monster. These have millions of jobs that help you to find your dream job.

Make sure to find the actual job; otherwise, it will become difficult for recruiters to find you on social platforms. It will be good to have at least 10 listings of your dream jobs to find the right one.

Step 4: Research The Industry

When you have job listings in hand, it is time to get benefits from the sea of information on social platforms. It will be better to start finding job listings yourself. Check what common skills are in all jobs and note them down.

After finding many skills, start searching keywords regarding such skills. You will see many jobs and articles related to such skills.

If you don’t have the expertise to find the dream job, then it is better to remain on step 3. Take your time and invest it in getting skills, courses and mentorships.

The best way to learn any skill is to learn from someone who has already learned it. Don’t hesitate and ask different people to help you. You will be surprised to see how others help you free of cost.

After searching more and more and making connections, you will be confident enough to look for employers. So, it is the time when you should polish your social presence.

Step 5: Update Your LinkedIn With Specific Keywords

In steps 1 and 2, you have learned how to improve your profile on social platforms. You also have learned which non-professional content you need to remove. In step 3, you get an idea of how to find your dream job. While in step 4, you come to know the ways to research the industry and the right keywords for your job. All these are necessary steps to help you find the job you dreamed of.

Now, maybe you are ready to start applying for dream jobs. But no! You need to consider some steps. The next step is to add important keywords to your LinkedIn profile. The best news is that you have gathered all these keywords or skills. So, add them to the profile to help employers find you easily. Adding experience and keywords into it will also be better for you to become a perfect candidate.

Step 6: Connect With Key Decision Makers On Social Media

After all the above-mentioned steps, it is time to connect with different key decision-makers. Start searching for them and try to connect with all. It will be better if you connect them to place your resume at their desk to become the final candidate. Having a connection with makers helps your resume to stand out from others who don’t have a connection.

Step 7: Create A Stellar Paper Resume

Still, a paper resume is widely known and used. Keep this thing in mind and create an attractive paper resume. Always add URLs of social accounts, mainly LinkedIn, in your resume. So it will help you to optimize your profile. For more information about attractive paper resumes, you can check out Google and YouTube videos.

Step 8: Rock Your Interview(s) and Land The Job

Now is the big day to rock. Don’t hesitate and give a rocky interview to get the dream job. Never forget the struggles you have done to reach this point. All this thinking will surely encourage you to do your best.

Once you have done with a rocky interview, then nothing can stop you from getting the job you always dreamed of having. Good luck with all the struggles, from polishing the profile to researching the industry to connecting with makers to a rock interview.


Are you curious to know how you can find a dream job on social platforms? Well! We have gone through all the ways to find a job that you may dream of. Mostly 95% of employers and fresh graduate students show their resumes on social accounts to target new companies who are recruiting new talent.

Social media makes life easier not only for those who want to start their career but also for those who want to change their jobs and find better places. We all are aware of the importance of social media. These platforms are the better ways to interact with others but also the way to find jobs. You may also learn how to start a business and find a job from these platforms.

But before finding a job, you need to have skills, practice, courses and the best tips. After that, you will surely find the right job for your better future.

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