Best 15 Upwork Competitors & Alternatives In 2024

This post will explain upwork alternatives. The biggest network for connecting corporations and freelancers is called Upwork. After the platforms for oDesk and Elance merged, it was created. In 2015, it switched its name to Upwork. Upwork had 14 million users and handled $1 billion in annual freelancer billings as of March 2017. The business has offices in Santa Clara and San Francisco, California, and services customers in 180 different countries. Upwork employed about 540 people in 2020, and its income increased by 24 percent to $373.6 million.

30% of the Fortune 100 as well as one-person businesses are served by Upwork. Through this platform, firms have access to a larger, more diverse talent pool with more than 10,000 capabilities. Employers may use Upwork to locate, connect with, and work with qualified website designers, app developers, SEO content writers, consultants, and more.

Best 15 Upwork Competitors & Alternatives In 2024

In this article, you can know about upwork alternatives here are the details below;

With the goal of focusing more on the requirements of Fortune 500 organisations and reducing its reliance on smaller businesses with one-off engagements, Upwork’s new CEO Hayden Brown announced a number of adjustments in 2019. The network has 145,400 active users who collectively spend $2.52 billion annually and make at least $5,000 each year. In 2020, Upwork freelancers made more than $2.3 billion.

The business anticipates generating $460-$470 million in revenue for the entire 2021 calendar year. Upwork, the top platform for freelancing, faces tough competition from sites like, Fiverr, Outsourcely, Textbroker, Workhoppers, and PeoplePerHour.

1. Fiverr


Online marketplace Fiverr provides freelancing services. Since its debut in 2010, it has stood in direct competition with Upwork for more than a decade. Similar to Upwork, Fiverr offers programming, coding, graphic design, video editing, SEO content writing, and translation services. With 420 people and $189.51 million in revenue in 2020, Fiverr experienced a 77 percent increase from 2019.

In order to go beyond its main per-project service, Fiverr introduced a new option called Subscriptions in 2021 and placed its first advertisement during the NFL championship game.

In 2021, Fiverr also purchased Working Not Working in an effort to attract high-end customers. Fiverr is now able to take advantage of more gig opportunities thanks to the new service and acquisition, giving it a competitive advantage over Upwork. This is another Upwork alternative.

Fiverr’s profits increased significantly in the first half of 2021. Its first quarter revenue increased by twofold to $75.3 million, a 60 percent increase. Due to these outstanding achievements, the company revised its year-over-year growth forecast for 2021 to between 59 and 63 percent.

Fiverr now projects that its 2021 sales will range between $280 million and $288 million. One of the biggest competitors to Upwork is Fiverr, which has a market valuation of $6.3 billion. Overall, Fiverr is the finest option to Upwork. Also check language learning Apps



One of the top venues for freelance work in the world is This online freelance marketplace provides outsourcing services in over 1350 different categories. With 1.9 million new users joining in just the first quarter, had 52.7 million registered users by March 2021. The platform has facilitated more than 19.7 million projects since its inception.

Freelancer’s gross payment volume increased by 39% in the first half of 2021. The company now generates about $12 million per quarter in revenue and pays out over $190 million. Despite being similar to Upwork, has more features than its American rival.

On this Australian platform, independent contractors can engage in live chat conversations with clients and work both full- and part-time jobs. These services give it a competitive advantage over Upwork. A skilled and powerful alternative to Upwork, Freelancer is a competitor.

3. Outsourcely


A platform for remote employment called Outsourcely links companies with workers all around the world. Outsourcely, like Upwork, gives users access to qualified web designers, multimedia producers, online and mobile app developers, content and article writers, and more.

This is another Upwork alternative. The company employs about 100 people, and its platform currently has more than 400,000 remote workers. The ability to find full- and part-time freelancing jobs is Outsourcely’s key selling feature.

It is the ideal Upwork substitute for digital nomads looking for a reliable income. While Upwork charges 20% of income generated plus 3% transaction fees, Outsourcely imposes no fees on freelancers’ earnings. The fee-free business strategy of Outsourcely gives it a competitive advantage over Upwork. It can easily steal some freelancers from Upwork.

4. Guru


One of the first internet markets for organisations to find outstanding professionals was called Guru. More than 1.5 million independent developers, designers, and authors are part of its global network. Guru employed about 140 people in 2020, and its revenue exceeded $100 million.

Guru provides SMBs with high-quality app, blog, and web development services at low prices. The website offers strong features that enable freelancers to define milestones, sign agreements, share their work examples, and speak with clients directly.

User ratings for Upwork’s performance and quality give it a 9.7 rating compared to Guru’s 9.2. Guru, meanwhile, has a 100% user satisfaction rating compared to Upwork’s 98%. Guru is a respectable rival to Upwork.

5. Toptal


A global platform for remote employment and freelancing is called Toptal (Top Talent). It links companies with software engineers, product and project managers, finance specialists, website and app designers, and more.

Toptal raised $1.4 million in startup capital in 2012, became profitable that year, and never required more money. From $80 million in 2015 & $100 million in 2016, the company’s revenue climbed, and since 2018 it has been stable at more than $200 million yearly. This is another Upwork alternative.

Since its inception, Toptal has grown to rank among the most widely used platforms for on-demand tech talent worldwide. More than 1,000 clients in more than 10 countries are served by the business.

Toptal filed a lawsuit against Andela in June 2021 for unfair business practises and the theft of trade secrets. With this litigation, Toptal is firmly established as one of the industry leaders that everyone wants to emulate.

For businesses looking to hire remote workers and freelancers to cover engineering and IT tasks, Toptal is the ideal Upwork substitute.

6. Hubstaff


Hubstaff is a platform for managing a workforce and finding remote labour. Employers can plan work for staff members, monitor time and attendance, and handle payroll based on time entries.

Hubstaff’s annual sales rose from $5.88 million in 2020 to $9.15 million, a rise of more than 55%. In 2020, the number of users actively using its platform increased by 25% to 13,259 users.

Hubstaff’s strong qualities are its key competitive edge. Field teams and remote workers can log their time on the platform, produce timesheets, and turn them into bills.

Hubstaff software was used by businesses in 2020 to transition to remote work and boost team efficiency. The greatest Upwork substitute for businesses with remote employees is Hubstaff. Also check Online survey tools

7. Flex Jobs

Flex Jobs

This is another Upwork alternative. For professionals looking for flexible work, there is a website called FlexJobs. The business specialises on on-site, freelance, and remote full- and part-time jobs. Since its founding better than 13 years ago, more than 4 million people have found lucrative full-time positions through FlexJobs.

FlexJobs’ extensive database of verifiable flexible jobs is its primary competitive edge. One of the largest validated employment databases in the world, with over 50 career categories, is maintained by the organisation.

Additionally, it offers career counselling and support to assist in matching job seekers with relevant employers. However, in order to use FlexJobs, independent contractors must subscribe and pay a fee of $14.95 per month or $49.95 per year.

For freelancers and professionals looking for the ideal gig, FlexJobs is still more alluring than Upwork, despite the fact that the cost undercuts its advantage.

8. PeoplePerHour


A UK-based internet marketplace called PeoplePerHour links companies with independent contractors. By enlisting independent contractors to undertake urgent assignments, the business assists startups and SMBs in growing while reducing costs.

Every “Offer” on the platform is finished and paid for in increments of one hour. It can be scaled up by more hours to days, weeks, and months.

PeoplePerHour also bases service fees on earnings, similar to Upwork. Freelancers receive 20% of every project worth less than $350. For projects costing between $350 and $5,000, the service charge drops to 7.5 percent, and for those beyond $5,000, it falls to 3.5 percent. This is another Upwork alternative.

Despite being comparable to Upwork, PeoplePerHour is better suited for organisations of all sizes thanks to its scalable architecture. Some SMBs and large corporations from Upwork may defect to it

9. Andela


Former Toptal employees started the talent acquisition company Andela to assist digital firms in assembling remote engineering teams in Africa. In Nigeria, Egypt, and Ghana, the platform was first introduced. In 2020, Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda were included.

To obtain its trade secrets and create a “perfect clone of its business,” Andela stole Toptal’s top employees in 2021, according to a lawsuit filed by Toptal. Andela continued to grow internationally despite the litigation.

Now, Andela links remote employees and freelancers from African nations with clients throughout the world. In the foremost half of 2021, the group experienced a 750 percent rise in applications from outside of Africa and a 500 percent increase from within the continent.

With engineers from 37 different nations, Andela today has over 200 clients, including GitHub, Seismic, Cloudflare, CBS, Pluralsight, Coursera, and many more. It is the finest Upwork substitute in Africa and Latin America and one of the remote work platforms with the quickest growth.

10. Credo


One of the biggest freelance markets, Credo offers vetted and highly experienced freelancers. Before listing any freelancers on the website, the firm thoroughly checks them out.

This is another Upwork alternative. Credo, in contrast to Upwork, focuses solely on SEO and marketing. Credo helps independent contractors complete their given work and connects them with the finest clients in less than 24 hours.

Companies can use Credo to locate SEO experts in a variety of fields, including local SEO, content marketing, paid social ads, travel SEO, inbound marketing, real estate SEO, link building, and eCommerce SEO. Due of its expertise, the organisation is the finest Upwork option for SEO and marketing.

11. Workhoppers


A Canadian freelance marketplace called Workhoppers aids employers in finding independent contractors for temporary or permanent positions. A strong geolocation function on the site connects clients and freelancers in the same city or municipality. Currently, Workhoppers employs about 20 people and makes $1 million in revenue annually.

The diversity of talent on Workhoppers’ platform is its primary competitive edge. With more than 85,000 freelancers adept in IT, writing, graphic design, sales, and other in-demand sectors, the company has established Canada’s top freelancing marketplace. The finest Upwork substitute for full-time independent contractors and part-timers in Canada is Workhoppers

12. Textbroker


Clients can post freelance writing jobs on Textbroker, an online content mill or marketplace. Contrary to Upwork, Textbroker serves as a middleman rather than a full-service platform for freelancing. The business employs about 100 people and has a $5 million annual revenue. This is another Upwork alternative.

Two out of every three freelance writers on Textbroker or Upwork earn $25,000 or less annually, according to a 2021 Mindnet Analytics survey. However, one out of every three independent contractors who deal directly with clients make more than $25,000.

But since Textbroker doesn’t involve job bidding, it appeals to beginners more. In order for Textbroker to match them with qualified writers, clients post writing assignments with detailed specifications.

The best writer can then be chosen to complete their assignment. The managed solution from Textbroker costs $2500 for each client. Frustrated novices from Upwork may be lured away by this feature and the absence of bidding wars.

13. Truelancer


Truelancer, as the name implies, matches clients with reliable freelancers. The website is one of the main rivals of Upwork both internationally and in India. With about 300 people, Truelancer generates annual sales of approximately $3 million.

Similar to Upwork, Truelancer connects businesses with qualified copywriters, interpreters, software developers, graphic designers, customer service representatives, sales and marketing experts, and more. Freelancers can sign up for Truelancer and bid on jobs that are offered there, just like Upwork.

This is another Upwork alternative. Freelancers can communicate and work together with clients directly through the site. Truelancer is one of the greatest alternatives to Upwork because of all these commonalities.

14. FreeUp


A freelance marketplace called FreeUp gives users access to talent. Businesses can search for and engage a variety of professionals, including web developers, tech support, sales and marketing experts, accountants, translators, and more. Depending on their degree of expertise, freelancers might make between $10 and $75 per hour.

FreeUp, in contrast to Upwork, eliminates the drawbacks of freelancing. The company’s freelancers are spared the hassle of protracted interviews, ongoing CV updates, and salary disputes. Freelancers can focus on the actual work because FreeUp handles all menial responsibilities.

15. ProBlogger


ProBlogger is a job board that enables freelancers and bloggers to earn money from their blogging endeavours. Businesses get access to a wealth of bloggers with expertise in content development and remote writing possibilities across several industries through the site. This is another Upwork alternative.

ProBlogger is an open platform, in contrast to Upwork, which lacks substantial freelance tools, customer support, and other services. Businesses pay ProBlogger to offer their jobs on the site’s “Jobs Board,” where ProBlogger then promotes them to qualified freelancers throughout the world.

It is too pricey for SMBs and low-budget businesses because its freelancers command high prices. Businesses must spend $70 for a single job listing that lasts for 30 days, and an additional $140 for a featured top page listing that lasts for one month.

For independent contractors, ProBlogger is cost-free. Any Upwork freelancer can be persuaded by this pricing structure.

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