This Tumblr May Contain Sensitive Media ? Complete Guide

This article will show that this Tumblr May Contain Sensitive Media or not ? Tumblr has been around considering that 2007 as well as has actually pretty much been on the liberal side when it comes to material users supplied. Nevertheless, the system just recently proclaimed war on all sensitive, violent, and NSFW material. Along with countless blogs as well as posts, the Safe Mode toggle button disappeared from Tumblr.

This Tumblr May Contain Sensitive Media ? Complete Guide

In this article, you can know about is this tumblr may contain sensitive media here are the details below

Nevertheless, not all is shed. You can still see old blogs with edgier web content that have been flagged, however not deleted.

Tumblr’s Safe Mode

Safe Mode has, in one kind or an additional, pretty much become a staple of websites like. This tumblr may contain sensitive media. Millions upon millions of users creating content daily can not be left without supervision. On Reddit, for examples, you still have the choice to allow and outlaw NSFW web content in their feeds. On the other hand, Tumblr’s taken a totally different approach.

Just recently, Tumblr has purged a lot of sense as well as improper material from the site. Throughout the cleanup, the Safe Mode button went away from the Account Settings, leaving all users in a long-term Safe Mode. Many blog writers were prohibited from accessing their blogs as a result of sensitive web content.

If you’ve come across somebody’s blog as well as it presents a message that warns you regarding the blog concerned potentially having sensitive media, it means that it’s been flagged by the neighborhood or deemed unsuitable by the Tumblr group. While you can not transform it off, there are ways to circumnavigate Safe Mode having delicate media; it suggests that it’s been flagged by the area or deemed unacceptable by the Tumblr group. While you can not turn it off, there are means to go around a safe setting as well as take pleasure in the site the means you please. Let’s check out how to work around Safe Mode on computers, Android, and iOS gadgets. Also check Sites like NewTumbl Alternatives

Computer system

If you have an accounts on Tumblr, you can easily tailor your experience as well as choose what you intend to see, including the material the neighborhood and also Tumblr could deem as delicate or NSFW. Below’s exactly how to function around Safe Mode through a computer browser.

Keep in mind: This method works on Windows, Linux, as well as Mac computer systems, and also laptop computers.

  1. Introduce your favored web browser.
  2. Navigate to
  3. Click the login button in the middle of the screen
  4. Enter your e-mail and also click the Next switch.
  5. Click the “Use password to visit” option. Additionally, if you don’t bear in mind the password, click the “Send me a magic web link” button, and also this Tumblr may contain sensitive media. will send you a visit link to the e-mail account you’ve formerly gone into.
  6. Once you’ve logged in, you will be redirected to your Dashboard. Start searching.
  7. When you click on a web link or post that will take you to a hazardous blog site, the Safe Mode advising will turn up.
  8. Click the “Go to my control panel” link.
  9. There, the problematic blog will certainly show up on the appropriate side of the web browser home window.
  10. Click the “View this Tumblr” switch.
  11. The blog site will load in the assigned area.

The desire that you will have to go via this procedure every single time you encounter a flagged blog you’d such as to see. If you check out a flagged blog site often, you will certainly need to enable it this way each time you would certainly intend to visit it.

Without Account

If you don’t have an account or you’re hesitant to visit, you can make use of one of the third-party apps to surf this Tumblr may contain sensitive media.without being impeded by Safe Mode. Tumbex is an excellent solution. It has an easy user interface and also is pretty easy to use. Follow these steps to locate flagged blogs on Tumblr:

  1. Release your internet browser and most likely to
  2. Enter the name of the post you wish to find right into the top of the two search boxes as well as struck Search.
  3. If there are any articles, Tumbex will certainly inform you that they exist yet will hide them.
  4. Click on the Save Search toggle button.
  5. Select the sort of material you wish to see and also hit the reload button.

If you’re looking for a blog site, try the lower of both search bars.

  1. Go back to the Tumbex home page.
  2. Go into the name of the blog you’d like to see right into the reduced search box.
  3. Press Enter or click the Go switch.
  4. If the blog site still exists, Tumbex will present it totally.


Android customers have only one means to walk around Safe Mode on Tumblr. That’s to make it possible for each delicate blog site from the control panel every single time they would certainly such as to take a peek. Right here’s exactly how to do it: Also check Sites Like AO3

  1. Download as well as install the Tumblr app from Google Play. If you have the application, miss this step.
  2. Launch the Tumblr app from your device’s Home screen.
  3. Visit, if you’re not already visited.
  4. As soon as you reach the Dashboard, start browsing Tumblr.
  5. When you attempt to reach a blog site that’s been flagged as risky, you’ll get a similar message as on the desktop computer variation of the website. Touch the “View this Tumblr” switch.


iOS users have it practically like Android customers. You won’t have the ability to turn the Safe Mode filter off in the settings; however, you can by hand check out blog sites that have not been deleted throughout the NSFW content search. Right here’s how to see delicate content on the iOS app:

  1. Download and install and mount the Tumblr app from the App Store. If you have the application, skip stepping 2.
  2. Launch the application as well as visit if essential.
  3. On the control panel, begin surfing Tumblr.
  4. When you click on a web link that results in a prohibited Tumblr, you’ll obtain a similar message as on Android as well as desktop versions. Touch the “View this Tumblr” switch.


If you believe this Tumblr may contain sensitive media.shouldn’t determine for its customer which kind of content is appropriate and which isn’t, you can still take matters right into your own hands. While you can not turn Safe Mode off, you can function around it.

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