Top 11 Sites like NewTumbl And NewTumbl Alternatives

Best Sites like NewTumbl Alternatives will be discussed in this article. A new social networking platform called newTumbl offers a natural and intuitive posting, sharing, curating, and exploring experience for all kinds of stuff. You can interact with others who are sharing similar interest with you. However, several other sites like newTumbl, are even better for you to share various content. In addition to using them for self-expression, you may also use them to examine other types of topics.

You can contribute your thoughts, ideas, and whatever else you are working on using websites like newTumbl, and you can also browse content shared by other producers. The websites that are most similar to newTumbl are included in this list.

Top 11 Sites like NewTumbl And NewTumbl Alternatives

In this article, you can know about NewTumbl Alternatives here are the details below;

1. Reddit


Reddit is a full-featured social networking site with innumerable subreddits designed for various interests and market segments. On your profile or in the subreddits of your choice, you can share text-based posts, images, and videos.

It allows you to vote up or down the post according to your opinions about the post. You can communicate a wide range of information, from politics to entertainment. In general, it is a collection of communities where you may delve deeply into your favorite interests, passions, and hobbies.

Key Highlights

  • You can publish and communicate anonymously.
  • A broad selection of material across all genres.
  • On Reddit, you’ll always find the solution to a problem.
  • It is a fantastic resource for finding fresh stuff.
  • For more info visit here.

2. Medium


Medium is a blog-publishing platform that is simple to use and understand. You can utilize it to create articles & blog posts on any subject, which you can then distribute to your followers.

Additionally, it gives you a platform to express your ideas freely. You may get high-quality information on a wide range of subjects, including technology, fitness, and more. It offers the possibility to import content from your website using a link and features a simple text editor.

Key Highlights

  • Your feed is tailored to reflect your interests.
  • Online search engines have content.
  • Excellent location to post your article.
  • Free to use.
  • Find people who share your opinions.
  • For more info visit here.

3. Tumbex


Tumbex is a well-liked, user-friendly Tumblr blog post collection site that enables quick online access to Tumblr blogs and images. It is the ideal social media platform for keeping your blogs, articles, pictures, memories, and other content secure from unauthorized access.

Additionally, this Tumbex website allows you to print memories, images, etc., in various sizes. Such content may also be viewed by your relatives and friends.

Key Highlights

  • It is easy to use and delivers top-notch outcomes.
  • It provides you with a wealth of options that can help you to save time and maintaining the organization of your blogs.
  • It makes it simple to generate and secretly distribute the content among your peers.
  • It is simple to order copies of your content, which you should store securely.
  • For more info visit here.

4. 4Chan


On the well-known microblogging site 4Chan, you can post anonymously about a variety of subjects. It is an imageboard site where users can upload photographs and comments about a wide range of subjects, including video games, anime, and other things.

You can share information there and interact with others who have similar interests. 4chan has a variety of boards with everything from explicit content to anime, comics, music, random, and photos.

Key Highlights

  • Posting anonymously without requiring account creation.
  • The minimum age to access 4chan is 18.
  • Moderators never interfere much with the content.
  • You can hide an inappropriate post or comment.
  • For more info visit here.
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5. Newgrounds


On the website Newgrounds, you can publish, play, and rate games, animations, and other types of user-generated content. If you are looking for newTumbl alternatives, this will be the most well-liked suggestion.

It is a completely unrestricted and unaffiliated platform where you can share anything with anyone. Based on your goods, you can also join other communities. When spotted by the system, your work will show up in the open for everyone to see.

Key Highlights

  • Authentic content, including games, audio displays, and even NSFW material.
  • A community with significant sections on how-tos, animation, programming, and other topics.
  • It gives independent artists a chance to showcase their talents.
  • A good resource for music, flash animations, and games
  • For more info visit here.

6. Dreamwidth


A social networking and blogging platform is called Dreamwidth. It’s an excellent place to talk to friends and exchange ideas and experiences. If you’re seeking platforms that don’t flag or prohibit NSFW content, this one is ideal. Also check Tailwind UI Alternatives

It allows you to make your profiles, invite friends, and publish stuff. There is also an explore section available with a variety of interests to which you can subscribe or look through the explore menu. You have privacy settings and control over who can access your online stuff.

Key Highlights

  • As an artist, it is a great forum to display your talent.
  • NSFW stuff is not blocked.
  • A fantastic tool for building private communities.
  • Lots of themes.
  • For more info visit here.

7. Mastodon


It’s an open-source social networking site that offers fantastic chances for microblogging. You can publish posts with text, images, videos, and GIFs and other people can respond to them. You should use it if you prefer a social networking network without advertisements.

You can install it on your service and run it according to your own unique rules. Mastodon’s network interoperability, which allows two separate servers to exchange information with one another, is one of its strongest features.

Key Highlights

  • It is free to use and open-source.
  • All content types are supported, and moderation is easy.
  • Independent management and hosting are used for servers.
  • Offer data security.
  • For more info visit here.

8. Pillowfort


Pillowfort is a social networking site that allows you to share photos & videos or a place to find & share information on a combination of topics. It can also be used to find and book accommodation when travelling and to buy and sell items.

Based on your goods, you can also join a community. Additionally, you can build communities and follow other individuals. You have total control over your content and privacy, as well as what you see.

Key Highlights

  • The user interface is simple to understand.
  • Allows you to post privately.
  • NSFW content is filterable.
  • You can easily filter and blacklist information.
  • For more info visit here.

9. Ghost


Ghost is a social media outlet specifically designed for blogging that allows you to share short, text-based posts with other users. You can host your website and platform on this self-hosted media platform without any restrictions on the content you can host.

You can read the posts of other users and follow them. You don’t need other plugins because it has social sharing options and SEO settings in the core itself.

Key Highlights

  • Draw similar-minded individuals.
  • It is a quick, reputable, open-source publishing platform.
  • If you are a content provider with a large audience, Ghost is ideal for you.
  • For more info visit here.

10. Ello


Paul Budnitz and Todd Berger founded Ello, an online social networking service, in March 2014. It was developed as a free-of-ads substitute for social networks.

If you’re looking for the best newTumbl alternatives for you, go no further than Ello. Ello is ideal for you as a designer and artist. You can work together and support other creatives. You can also sell your work or get employment on Ello.

Key Highlights

  • Your comments and posts are public.
  • Anyone can follow you, & you can follow anyone without needing their follow in return.
  • For more info visit here.

11. Steemit


On top of the Steem blockchain, Steemit is a blogging and social networking platform. You can follow subjects, participate in discussions, and submit your content in addition to up-voting and down-voting content, similar to Reddit. However, Steemit truly rewards upvoted content and rewards you for the number of upvotes your posts receive. Also check Ship Station Alternatives

Key Highlights

  • The website’s user base is quite active.
  • By publishing engaging content that receives attention, it can be leveraged to earn some extra cash.
  • As much content as you like can be posted.
  • For more info visit here.

Final Words

newTumbl is one of the most used microblogging platforms and one of the most popular social media websites. However, we have shared the best options if you are also looking to quit using it and shift to an alternative.

You can choose whichever one of them you want to use.


What are some good alternatives to newTumbl?

Reddit, Medium, 4Chan, Newgrounds, Pillowfort, Mastodon, Dreamwidth and some others mentioned in this article are the best alternatives to newTumbl.

What is newTumbl?

newTumbl is a microblogging social media platform where you can share all types of content, including text, photos, videos, audio, and more. You can also categorize your posts in a way they resemble blogs.

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