The best virtual cards in dollars and euros for purchases around the world

In a world of rapidly changing financial technologies and global payment systems, many people are looking for reliable and convenient ways to pay for goods around the world. However, along with popular payment systems such as PayPal, there are many other alternative services on the market that can offer comparable or even more favorable conditions.


PSTNET is virtual dollar cards Visa and Mastercard for paying for goods, services and advertising accounts around the world.

The most important thing at the very beginning:

  • The first card without verification. To issue the next card and remove spending restrictions, you need to go through KYC
  • Easy registration using Google/Telegram/Apple ID/WhatsApp account or email and password
  • Fast replenishment of cryptocurrency USDT TRC-20 (Tether)/Bitcoin and others, bank transfers SWIFT/SEPA) and Visa/Mastercard
  • Converting cryptocurrency to €/$ and vice versa in your personal account
  • The largest number of premium BINs (US and European banks, 25+ BINs)
  • Several types of cards for different purposes with different conditions, there are cards with 3D-Secure (confirmation of transactions using a code from SMS, codes are sent to your personal account and to a telegram bot)

The service offers the most favorable commissions on the market:

  • No transaction fees
  • No commission for withdrawing funds from the card
  • No fee for declined payments
  • No commission for transactions with blocked cards

Virtual cards from PST reliably perform their main task (secure payment for various services) and at the same time their use is really convenient. Canva, Amazon, eBay, Digital Ocean, Jira, Steam, Netflix – you can pay for almost any service using these cards. There are also cards that can be added to e-wallets (Google Pay and Apple Pay). If you are interested in the opinions of other users, you can read reviews about PSTNET.

Especially for arbitration teams and those who work solo with high turnover, PST.NET offers the best PST Private program on the market:

  • 3% cashback on advertising expenses;
  • Up to 100 free cards;
  • Low commission from 3% on the market.


Pyypl is a payment system that provides simple and convenient online payment solutions. It provides fast and secure transactions between users. Suitable for a wide range of users, including freelancers, entrepreneurs, online stores and individuals who need to accept and send payments.

The service applies transparent fees, which may vary depending on the type of transaction. They usually consist of a fixed fee and a percentage fee of the transfer amount. Details about fees and conditions can be found on the official Pyypl website.

To use, you must create an account and go through verification – send a photo of your foreign passport. Pyypl also offers a mobile application that provides convenient access to the payment system.


The PayWithMoon service also offers the creation of virtual cards and their use for online purchases in US stores such as eBay, Etsy, Walmart and others. The process of using the service is simple: your cryptocurrency is automatically converted into US dollars.

  • Registration using Google or email and password
  • No verification required
  • Cards first free
  • The card can only be topped up once
  • Funded using cryptocurrency (requires a cryptocurrency wallet on Lightning Network or CoinBase)
  • Works with all US online stores
  • The card is valid for 60 days, after which you need to issue a new one
  • Replenishment limit up to $1000
  • Doesn’t work with Google or Apple Pay

It is important to note that the card has replenishment and spending limits, so you should plan your purchases carefully. However, there are no restrictions on creating the next card, which makes the process even more convenient.


Wallester is a financial institution licensed in Estonia that develops financial digital technologies and issues VISA cards.

Detailed registration (telephone, website, company name, etc.)

The site works only with legal entities (scans of documents – not only their own, but also the company’s)

  • Free virtual card package
  • Prepaid cards, debit, credit, virtual
  • It is possible to order plastic
  • Premium for $999 includes full functionality for business
  • Paid plans start from 199 euros per month
  • Identity verification required
  • Mobile application for Android / IOS.

Virtual cards open up new opportunities for users who want to pay for services that are unavailable due to sanctions. Convenient registration, a wide range of supported services and low commissions make these cards attractive to users of all age groups. If you are faced with access restrictions to certain services, virtual cards can be a reliable and convenient solution for you.

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