10 Best Subreddits For Gamers In 2022

Subreddits for gamers will be described in this article. Following these 10 Reddit communities will help you find tips, leaks, or maybe just new friends if you’re a video game enthusiast. Even the most devoted gamers may find it challenging to stay up. The internet is flooded with games to play, videos to watch, articles to read, and more due to several consoles and platforms, a steady stream of releases, and unending controversies and comments.

Finding what you actually want can be difficult amidst all the noise. Reddit can be a fantastic tool for navigating the plethora of alternatives available to you. There is a subreddit for everyone, whether you want to connect with other gamers who share your interests, get highly specialised tips and tricks, or just stay up with gaming news.

10 Best Subreddits For Gamers In 2022

THE 10 BEST Subreddits for gamers are explained here.



A Super Mario Bros. cartoon figurine stands in front of a Nintendo SNES, while a Super Mario Bros. According to its website, r/truegaming is a community for gamers who like discussing games just as much as they do playing them.

It’s a terrific way to stay up to date on the newest games that everyone is talking about and to join in on more general discussions about the successes and failures of the gaming industry right now.

This is the site to be if you enjoy debating or have a lot to say about video games.



GameDeals sub is an excellent location to look for cheap games, r/PlayItForward is a worthwhile community to have on your list if you need something new but lack the funds to buy it. Also check games like corruption of champions.

You can register for user-organized free game giveaways and even gain access to free game codes as long as you’re not picky about it. For free Steam games and even the occasional Xbox code, it’s fantastic.



Science focuses on using rational thought to break into video games. Every few days, members publish videos on a variety of topics, like the best information-theoretic word to start Wordle with and the AI source code for Super Mario 64.

It’s a terrific location to peruse if you want to learn more about the psychology and science involved in the games you enjoy.



When you’re looking for a long-forgotten childhood game or struggling to remember what you used to play, r/tipofmyjoystick ought to be your go-to sub. It’s a community that specialises in finding games based on brief descriptions. Also check games like tinierme

It’s wonderful for those who have trouble remembering things, or you can buy new games there if you’re looking for classics.



Senior couple sitting together and playing video games with excitement and concentration This is the subreddit for you if you detest all the controversy that surrounds new releases. People who wait at least a year after a game’s release to play it belong to the community known as “patient gamers” on Reddit.

This is the site to be if you detest the drama that surrounds new releases or would rather wait till the bugs are fixed. If you’re forgetful or have trouble keeping up with game releases, it’s also worthwhile to subscribe because this subreddit will prompt you to play through the year’s best games long after the buzz has died down.

Once or twice in 2023, be sure to check out the Elden Ring discussion on r/patientgamers.



In a community that is frequently dominated by men, r/girlgamers accomplishes just what it says on the tin: it gives women a place to discuss gaming openly.

Although people of all gender identities are welcome here, the main purpose of this subreddit is to discuss topics in gaming that affect women and to offer advice to other women who are unsure of where to begin.

LGBT gamers might take a look at sister sub, r/gaymers, for another welcoming environment.



An elderly black man in a wheelchair is smiling and gesturing while wearing… When encountering accessibility-related difficulties, start here. Despite being small, the r/disabledgamers group is quite active and committed to facilitating accessibility in the gaming industry.

It’s a fantastic resource for learning about adaptations and how to make your gaming sessions more accessible for gamers with disabilities. The group frequently responds to inquiries about where to get more inclusive apparel.

If you have accessibility-related problems and are disabled or have a friend or family member who is, you should start here. Also check games like skyrim



If you really dislike waiting for answers or want to stay ahead of everyone else when it comes to gaming rumours, r/GamingLeaks should be your go-to subreddit. It is the antithesis of r/patientgamers.

Regular posts of leaks, speculations, and broad hypotheses about what’s next in the gaming industry are common, which is ideal if you want to remain on top of the latest developments.



Old-fashioned electronics concept with a desktop computer with a keyboard. The best resource for learning how to run a game without the necessary hardware. R/lowendgaming should be on your list if you don’t have the newest hardware. It’s the best place to learn how to run a game if your computer doesn’t meet the necessary specifications or, alternatively, to locate a game that works with your present hardware.

For those who are unable to obtain the most recent software or to provide Grandpa with games compatible with his vintage PC, this is a terrific resource.



This community offers a forum for open conversation about everything happening in the esports scene and will keep you informed about the most recent changes and competitions. It’s a place where you may establish a team with players that share your interests or interact with other competitive gamers in your niche.

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