Top 8 Best Boomerang Alternatives For Gmail

Best Alternatives to Boomerang for Gmail will be described in this article. Despite being undoubtedly the best free email service provider, Gmail has certain drawbacks. One of the most well-liked Gmail add-ons and extensions is Boomerang. Boomerang is a Gmail extension that you can install on any web browser, including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

You may make follow-ups, schedule emails for later, and more with Boomerang’s features. Boomerang’s Respondable feature, which employs artificial intelligence to help you compose better emails, is one of the factors contributing to its success. The major flaw of Boomerang is the price; to access all of the capabilities, it can cost up to $49.99 per month, and its free tier is among the least generous when compared to other similar products. Therefore, it’s crucial to consider Boomerang alternatives at all times.

Top 8 Best Alternatives to Boomerang for Gmail in 2023

Top 8 Best Alternatives to Boomerang for Gmail are explained here.

1. Right Inbox

Right Inbox

Boomerang’s replacement, Right Inbox, is simple and reasonably priced.

There are several features in Right Inbox, including:

Email monitoring that shows you who opened your emails, when they were opened, and how often

You can schedule recurring emails to send at specified intervals to boost your productivity.

Saving time using email templates

Later email sending capability

Effective email reminders to make sure you never miss a crucial email

You can maintain contact information about your contacts together with their emails in private notes.

Beautiful (and numerous) Gmail email signatures

Sequences that let you automate the sending of email follow-ups to contacts if you don’t hear back from them and push important conversations into your CRM programme without ever leaving Gmail.

You also receive clever link previews and the option to add GIFs straight into your Gmail messages in addition to these capabilities.

Right Inbox is not only attractive but also simple to use.

Due to its simple user interface, you may add it to Gmail and begin using it straight away.

Additionally, Right Inbox provides a sizable free tier and an unlimited package for less than $8 per month.

2. MixMax


One of the most recent entrants in the Gmail tool industry is Mixmax.

Boomerang’s free and lower tiers are far more generous, and it also includes many more features, which can potentially be one of its disadvantages.

The sheer number of features can make it seem a little cumbersome.

When you master the variety of capabilities, you can arrange meetings, collaborate with your team via the side chat tool, and take use of the robust automation feature, which will help you save hours each week.

Other characteristics include:

Tracking to learn how well your emails have been received.

Integration provides a more seamless experience so that all of your tools can speak with one another

3. Yesware


One of the earliest tools on the market, Yesware later served as an inspiration for a number of other tools.

Although unquestionably a fantastic tool, it is specifically targeted at sales people.

The initial tier of pricing for Yesware is set at $14 per month, which can be a little intimidating if you’re self-employed or working in a small team despite the software’s incredible functionality.

The price will appear less onerous if you are a sales professional.

Other characteristics include:

Using email templates to cut down on repetition

Salesforce integration for meeting scheduling to support growth

4. Bananatag


Bananatag began as a straightforward email tracking tool but has since developed into a sophisticated product that lets you design stunning emails using the email designer, use employee distribution lists to cut down on internal email, and give employees a voice through embedded surveys and commenting.

Bananatag’s annoying lack of pricing transparency on the website and requirement for scheduling a demo before using the product indicates that it is geared toward enterprise clients.

This can be a nice option if you do require something that is more business-oriented.

Other characteristics include:

Gmail has built-in templates to send emails more quickly.

Device and location monitoring to gain market data Email tracking to see who opened your email or clicked on a link

5. FollowupCC


Another option to Boomerang is Followupcc, and they have maintained a pretty similar offering throughout time.

It’s simple to get started right away because it doesn’t have as many functions, but don’t anticipate a tool with a huge number of features.

The only significant functionality you get for $29 a month is the option to track emails, schedule for later, and automatically follow up.

This works well for the occasional user due to its simplicity.

There isn’t a lot of crowding, and you get precisely what you want.

Other characteristics include:

Follow-ups that are automatic so you never forget

Reminders can be set with just one click.

Track delivery and open rates

Later, at a predetermined time

6. Gmass


A lot of well-liked features are included in the email service Gmass to speed up client nurturing and cold outreach.

Using Gmass, you can tailor your campaigns and create email lists.

Other characteristics include:

Send larger messages than Gmail would normally permit.

Send Sheets emails

Plan out your bulk emails and mail merges.

To be sure your messages reach their receivers, look for bounces.

7. Gmelius


Gmelius is software made for those who frequently cooperate in Gmail.

Without a dozen apps, you can synchronise your company workflow by sharing email inboxes, draughts, and more.

Other characteristics include:

Gmail labels that are shared for better organisation

Kanban boards are used to manage complicated tasks.

Using a meeting planner will help you get everyone on the same page.

8. Mailtrack


In order to track your outreach, this programme primarily serves as a tool to see who opened your emails.

High security standards are upheld by the business to prevent unauthorised access to your emails.

Other characteristics include:

Real-time alerts to know when an email has been opened

Zapier integrations allow you to transfer data to other marketing software.

Make sure your outreach KPIs are being met with a daily report.

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