Top 10 Storyworth Alternatives In 2023

This post will explain Top 10 Storyworth Alternatives In 2023. On Zoom, you discovered our collection of enjoyable online Christmas games. These activities are meant to entertain the virtual audience and liven up any virtual Christmas parties or business gatherings. These pursuits are additionally referred to as “online Christmas party games.” These activities serve as both a virtual holiday party activity and a Zoom team game.

Top 10 Storyworth Alternatives In 2023

In this article, you can know about Top 10 Storyworth Alternatives In 2023 here are the details below;

Let’s begin! A list of online holiday games Here is a collection of entertaining online games to play on Zoom for Christmas, including scavenger hunts, gift exchanges, and holiday movie charades.

1. Jingle Mingle Bingo

One of the best virtual games for a Christmas party is Jingle Mingle Bingo.

Give individually team a link to a Bingo card and divide the group into teams before starting the game on Zoom.

Participants are required to locate another player who matches the criteria in order to mark off a square.

The first team to collect five consecutive boxes and make it back to the breakout space wins.

Giving each player their own Bingo card, you may also play the game in the main Zoom area by having players take turns reciting a fact related to Christmas.

You can use our online Christmas Bingo generator for your game because we created it:

2. Gingerbread Wars (Fully hosted + with real gingerbread cookies!)

Banner for Gingerbread Wars Your employees will never have a better holiday experience in a Zoom room than this one!

The entire gingerbread person and tree cookie kit, including all the cookies and decorating materials required for an epic holiday showdown, will be delivered to your participants by our crew. This is another Storyworth Alternatives. Also check Free ebook web sites

Your group will be guided by our top-notch hosts through a variety of games, tasks, and activities that all include your gingerbread cookies!

You can choose the winner of the office Gingerbread Wars at the conclusion of the competition.

Booking early is advised because towards the end of November, Santa’s sleigh carrying gingerbread cookies departs from the North Pole.

3. Seasonal Scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts for the season are among the top Christmas Zoom games.

These exercises are techniques to energise and get everyone involved in a Zoom meeting.

A Zoom holiday scavenger hunt can be organised in a number of different ways.

You could, for instance, organise a lightning scavenger hunt where visitors run around the house or office to collect each item the host names.

You might alternatively show the list to the players on the screen and allow them three to five minutes to gather as many items as they can.

We created the following template for this format:

Template for a zoom Christmas scavenger hunt

Hosting a photo scavenger search is another option to do seasonal scavenger hunts on Zoom.

To complete this activity:

Create breakout rooms and divide the group into teams.

Drop a link to the prompts in the conversation before the players come in.

Give teams about 10 minutes to locate or prepare the pictures on the list.

Recall the players to the main room when the timer expires.

Pick a few teams at random to participate in each photo category.

Players can either drop a file into the conversation or share their screens to display photos.

Decide who will receive points for each category’s winner.

The winning crew is the one with the most points at the back of the list.

Here is a basic game template that we created:

Zoom template for a Christmas picture hunt

See also this list of photo scavenger hunts and this assortment of seasonal scavenger hunts.

4. Holiday This or That

One of the simplest virtual holiday games for large gatherings is This or That.

A series of prompts are read out by the game’s leader, and each player is required to react with their preference.

This is another Storyworth Alternatives. Participants have three options for responding: typing their response in the chat window, writing their response on paper and holding it up utilising Zoom’s responses function.

While facilitating group consensus, the game can also lead to interesting discussion.

This or That can also promote a feeling of unity among group members.

The following are some sample Christmas This or That questions:

Wreaths or trees?

Icicles or snowflakes?

Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

either sugar cookies or gingerbread?

Reindeer or elves?

Snow angels or snowmen?

singing or seeing the lights?

Which is more appropriate, an angel or a star?

Real or artificial trees?

Look at the This or That questions below.

5. Just a Darn Fun holiday Event

A 60-minute, fully hosted event called “Just a Darn Fun Holiday Event” can be held via Zoom, Webex, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams.

You and your employees will be led through a variety of Christmas and holiday-themed games, including “Which came first?”, “White Elephant Stampede,” and “Blackout Dare,” by a knowledgeable presenter.

One of the most pleasing experiences you’ll ever have in a Zoom room, the event is entertaining and fast-paced.

Banner for a Just a Darn Fun Holiday Event

Find out more information about Just a Darn Fun Holiday Event.

6. The Naughty List

Players who are on the Naughty List are forced to admit their Christmas transgressions.

Participants begin the Zoom game by turning on their cameras.

Players are required to turn their cameras off once the leader reads off a list of “naughty” behaviours.

The players who are still visible after the game’s conclusion are considered “pleasant” players and are awarded a prize.

Here are some introductory questions:

Told a youngster

Santa was a fake.

Posed as being asleep so I wouldn’t have to shovel.

I gave away something I received for free.

Viewed Netflix throughout the working day.

Ran a stop sign.

Interrupt someone in traffic.

Stole chocolates from someone else’s cache.

Dishes were not cleaned for a few days.

debated pop culture.

watched reality TV on a 5-hour binge. This is another Storyworth Alternatives.

During a Zoom meeting, I privately messaged a colleague regarding an unrelated subject.

Please feel free to expand upon the prompts and explore additional Zoom drinking games.

7. Never Have I Ever: Christmas Edition

The icebreaker game Never Have I Ever: Christmas Edition is one of the most well-liked virtual holiday happy hour games.

Each participant holds up ten fingers, or “reindeer antlers,” to begin the game.

Each player takes a turn saying something that begins, “Never Have I Ever.”

Every time they hear what they have done, participants must release a finger.

Here are some introductory questions:

I have never given a gift again.

I’ve never consumed the entire batch of cookie dough.

I have never sneaked a cookie from Santa.

Never in my life have I given a trivial gift.

Never in my life have I given someone a coupon book as a gift.

I have never lied about a gift taking longer than expected to arrive in the mail.

I have never bought a Christmas present for more than $1,000.

Never have I ever given someone a single gift for both of their December birthdays.

I’ve never celebrated Christmas in a terminal.

I’ve never celebrated Christmas in a warm nation.

The prompts don’t always have to be bad deeds; they might be be strange holiday behaviours.

When just one player is left, or after a predetermined number of rounds, the game is over.

Here is a collection of the top Never Have I Ever interview questions.

8. Secret Santa

One of the most favoured Zoom virtual Christmas games is the Secret Santa exchange.

Set a date for teams to be matched up and notified, and ask participants to sign up on a website like Elfster or Giftser.

Team members will submit their addresses on the website, and before the exchange, the gift-givers will ship the gifts to the recipients.

The group will then gather together to unwrap gifts over a video call.

The majority of Secret Santas have spending limits of $25 or less, but you can decide on a range that your participants will find most comfortable.

This is another Storyworth Alternatives. Pro tip: To ensure that the sender of the gift remains anonymous and that the recipient must make an educated guess, you can direct participants to use the boss’s or the headquarters’ address on the return label.

Otherwise, if not the sender, the recipients can be taken aback by the gifts’ contents during the celebration.

View the complete virtual secret Santa instructions.

9. White elephant Exchange

White Elephant Exchanges are gift exchanges where players steal each other’s presents and exchange joke gifts.

Using this slideshow template we created will help you enable the good-natured present thieving, even though it could appear difficult to pull off the stolen portion of the exchange online.

Give each gift a number, invite participants to send images of their gifts to the host, and instruct players to click the image of the numbered boxes to expose the contents.

Throughout the game, keep track of which visitor is claiming ownership of each item, and at the conclusion, have the gift giver mail the goods to the appropriate recipients.

You may also just have team members give each other weird gifts and adhere to virtual Secret Santa rules if the stealing component sounds too hard.

Visit the whole virtual white elephant swap guide.

10. Santa’s Workshop

Santa’s Workshop is like a Christmas-themed “Shark Tank.”

The participants act as elves distributing goodies in Santa’s workshop.

Use breakout rooms to divide the gathering into teams before the game begins.

Each team will have between five and seven minutes to develop the most innovative holiday toy.

Participants will next present their toys to a panel of judges—Santa, Mrs. Claus, and the top elf—in the main room.

The judges will ultimately determine whether or not to approve the toy’s production.

The judges will select one presentation as the “popular toy of the season” following the presentations.

11. Seasonal Trivia

One of the best internet games for Christmas parties is seasonal trivia.

Prepare a series of holiday-related questions before to playing.


Christmas-related categories could include shows, customs, music, and dishes.

Then, divide the gathering into teams while encouraging them to come up with fun team names, like “noel-it-alls.”

Trivia can also be played without teams, with each player answering questions and receiving points independently.

You can set up your game in a variety of ways.

For instance, you can ask teams to complete forms in breakout rooms, use Kahoot!, or ask participants to “buzz in” by typing a sign in the chat or electronically raising their hands.

Here are some Christmas trivia questions and instructions for playing online.

12. Babes in Toyland

The holiday variation of the game “Who da Baby” is called Babes in Toyland.

Participants give the host images of themselves as children celebrating Christmas before the Zoom meeting begins.

Participants must ascertain the identify of the child in a slideshow that the host creates and shares with the audience. This is another Storyworth Alternatives.

Instead, participants can send a picture of a gift they’ve previously coveted or received for Christmas, and other players must figure out whose teammate sent it.

13. Who Am I?

Is a game of guessing with a seasonal twist.

Send attendees a survey in advance of the meeting.

A digital form that can be filled out, like a Google Form, is the simplest approach to get responses.

Here are a few examples of questions you could ask:

What has ever happened to you that is the most absurd or embarrassing over the holidays?

What was the finest gift you have ever gotten?

What is the most destructive present you have ever gotten?

What unique holiday customs does your family observe?

What do you desire the most this year for Christmas?

The host chooses one answer from each participant at random after the meeting and game have started.

Who the answer belongs to must be conjectured by the other players.

One point is awarded to the first correct guesser.

14. Awkward Family Christmas Card

One of the more interesting virtual Christmas games to play on Zoom is Awkward Family Christmas Card.

Before beginning the activity, divide the group up into breakout rooms.

After that, allow each group between five and ten minutes to collaborate on making the most embarrassing Christmas card imaginable using the digital whiteboard tool.

To ensure that your artists have enough time to complete their cards and take a snapshot before returning to the main room, be sure to give mates a one minute warning before approaching the breakout rooms.

Next, have each team alternately drop a file into the conversation or share their screen to share their cards.

The best shot should then be chosen by group vote or by a panel of judges.

15. Rich Kid Christmas

The Price is Right’s Christmas edition can be found online.

To begin playing the game on Zoom, collect images of pricey products like jet skis, vacations, watches, collectible toys, vehicles, and so on.

Then, share your screen so that teams may see the images of these things and predict the prices without going over.

The team that comes the closest to the actual cost should receive points.

Pro tip: The game will be more difficult and entertaining if an object is more elusive.

In order to keep the group from being completely perplexed, you should include some well-known items. However, feel free to also include a few oddballs!

Here are some additional concepts for virtual game shows.

16. Holiday Hangman

The age-old word game has a holiday variation called Holiday Hangman.

Create a few slides on Zoom with slots for each letter in festive words to play the game.

You can utilise seasonal terms such as “merry Christmas,” “happy holidays,” “carols,” “tales,” “foods,” and other expressions.

Display a slide during each round using the screen sharing function.

This is another Storyworth Alternatives. Make sure the annotation tool is activated so you may sketch the hangman and write letters.

Pro tip: You can draw a rough Christmas tree in its place if the conventional hangman seems too depressing for the season.

Here are some additional word games for grownups.

17. Christmas Movie Charades

One of the simplest virtual Christmas games for families is charades.

Then, select one member of each team at a time to act out the prompts after the group has been divided into teams.

To choose the names, you might utilise a Christmas movie generator.

Then, without using any words, participants have up to two minutes to act out a location from the movie or its name, and their team has to determine the movie from context. Also check kindle matchbook.

For your games, you can use this free charades maker.

18. Holiday plot or not?

A Christmas film version of fact or fiction is the holiday plot or not. The audience must vote on whether or not each summary of a Christmas movie is true or false as the game’s leader reads them out.

Here are a few illustrations:

Prior to a Christmas bake-off, a competitor switches identities for two days with a princess who shares her identity.

Princess Switch (plot)

After his sister suffers a concussion from falling on the ice, a brother convinces her that Christmas does not exist as retaliation for her practical joke gifts.

When a young guy who has inherited an ancient toy train store and she cross paths, the young executive of a toy firm discovers love and a new sense of purpose.

An attempt to rob a toy store is thwarted by a toddler who was unintentionally abandoned.

Home Alone 2’s plot

In Santa Claus attire, a frightened orphan goes on a murdering spree.

Silent Night, Deadly Night (Plot)

After exchanging homes during the holidays, two ladies find love.

(The Holiday Plot)

The chairman of the town’s Christmas committee is the primary suspect in a string of burglaries, so two cops pose as husband and wife to investigate.

The Santa Stakeout, the plot

A documentary about five department store Santas and elves’ unexpectedly filthy after-hours lives

(Not!) This is another Storyworth Alternatives.

Together, an expert on evergreens and a grower of Christmas trees can unravel the mystery of the disease that is endangering this year’s crop.

You, Me, and the Christmas tree (plot).

When a mute young girl joins the church bell choir, she experiences Christmas enchantment.


By using the Zoom polling function or by asking participants to use the reaction feature, hosts can let participants cast their votes.

19. Winter Minute to Win It

Games are holiday-themed activities where participants compete to complete tasks in under a minute.

Many of these games are available for use with adults via Zoom.

Here are a few instances:

Fondly, frostbitten – Put on mittens and start typing a sentence

Snowball b-ball – To play snowball b-ball, crumple up a ball of paper, step back from it by three feet, and then pitch it into a cup as many moments as you can in a minute.

Christmas cookie face – Put a Christmas cookie on your forehead for the “Christmas cookie face.”

Move the biscuit into your mouth without using your hands.

Tree toppers – Make a tree with a capper that stands up by itself using spaghetti and marshmallows.

Cane hang – Hang as many candy canes as you can on your face in a minute by performing the “cane hang.”

Bundle up – Put on as numerous layers of clothing as you can in 60 seconds to bundle up.

Participants should first obtain the necessary supplies before beginning these games.

This is another Storyworth Alternatives. The competition will then begin after setting a 60-second time limit.

At the conclusion of the minute, provide points in accordance.

View further virtual minute to win it suggestions.

20. Guess the Gift

A seasonal deductive game is called Guess the Gift.

One team member comes up with a gift for each round.

Once the selections have been reduced, the other players guess the object by asking questions.

For optimal results, restrict the number of questions to five or ten, or give each round a one-minute time limit.

This game can be played in teams, and any team that successfully guesses the present within the specified time or question allowance receives points.

Another approach to play this game is to have players package up a few oddly shaped objects and ask other players to guess what’s inside.

Explore further games for solving problems.

21. Misheard Christmas Carols

In the entertaining language game Misheard Christmas Carols, players must determine the song’s title from a pair of incorrectly sung lyrics. This is another Storyworth Alternatives.

The game is played by the leader showing a card with a misheard carol on their shared screen.

The first person to shout out or input the name of the right Christmas carol wins a point.

Here are a few illustrations:

My father is not Phil.

(Happy Holidays)

Decks and hallways devoid of a pastime (Deck the halls with boughs of holly)

Mummy case that is an eyesore in the sand (I saw my mother kissing Santa Claus) Owl, tall, ow, knife, fight them!

(Oh, Bethlehem, small town!) Also check

In the side, Bayleaf is required.

It’s freezing outdoors, baby.

Divide the party into breakout rooms and ask each team to come up with the cleverest misheard Christmas carol lyric. This is another approach to play the game.

After that, return to the main area, discuss your responses, and cast your votes for the funniest line.

22. Christmas Mad Libs

During video conversations over the holidays, playing Mad Libs together is enjoyable.

Send players into escape rooms with a list of word kinds to finish for this exercise.

Then, summon the players back to the main area and fill in the blanks in a story using those words.

The results of the answers given out of context are frequently humorous.

Dear Santa: Zoom Christmas Mad Libs 1

Before Christmas, Zoom Christmas crazy libs 2 Blank

Making more holiday Mad Libs is simple if you collect Christmas tales, music, and movie moments and leave the words blank.

Final Thoughts

There are other ways to have fun during the holidays outside hosting actual gatherings.

A holiday Zoom party or business meeting might be livened up with one of the many entertaining online Christmas games available.

The finest Zoom holiday games make use of the capabilities of the platform and promote engagement.

Whatever the distance between participants, these activities can animate a video conference and get people in the holiday spirit.

Check out this list of mixed Christmas activities, this assortment of holiday party favour suggestions, and these Zoom games for families for more holiday fun.

In the UK, we also have a list of suggestions for virtual Christmas parties as well as a list of Christmas icebreaker games.

Question: Online Christmas games

Here are responses to frequently asked questions concerning online Christmas games.

What are virtual Christmas games?

Virtual Christmas games are enjoyable team competitions and activities with a holiday theme that can be played on video conferencing tools like Zoom, Skype, and Google Meet.

These activities are meant to promote team unity and Christmas cheer throughout December.

The terms “online Christmas games” and “Zoom Christmas games” are also used to describe these activities.

Which online games are ideal for Christmas parties?

Holiday This or That, Santa’s Workshop, Seasonal Trivia, and Christmas Mad Libs are some of the top internet games for Christmas gatherings.

On Zoom, how do you participate in virtual Christmas games?

Gather your company together on a Zoom call before beginning any Christmas games on Zoom. Be sure to inform participants if they should bring any items with them to the call, and make any necessary game materials, such as slides or questions. After that, go over the game’s rules with everyone, form teams, and play your selected games.

To make the game easier, you can use Zoom features like breakout rooms, screen and audio sharing, chat, and reactions. You can reward game victors with games like digital gift cards after the event.

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