Stop Sharing Videos For Free – Monetize Your Content!

Suppose you create many valuable videos and share them via social media platforms for free. Suppose you want to expand and monetize your video content. In this article, we are talking about what you need to monetize your content and where you should start.

How To Monetize Your Videos In 2022?

#1 Find a video streaming platform solution

A video streaming platform is a place where you can upload your videos.

You can hire a team to develop your platform. But it is a long and money-consuming process.

There are companies that have already developed solutions. They have different functionality and capabilities, so you need some time to define which solution is suitable for you. We recommend you find an end-to-end one as a company can provide you with everything necessary for a video streaming business and its further enhancements.

The primary element of your video streaming platform is IPTV/OTT Middleware. It is what you need to manage the whole process. Middleware helps you organize your content into categories and subcategories. It has analytics functionality, so you can understand your viewers better and study the performance of content. You define monetization models and configure the user interface with the help of IPTV/OTT Middleware.

#2 Choose a monetization model

You are starting a video streaming platform to monetize. That’s why you need to understand the capabilities of each of the monetization models. There are the following:

  • AVOD is an advertisement-based video service. Your audience can access videos for free, but they watch ad videos instead. You make revenue on ads that other companies can place on your platform. Ads are usually dynamically inserted on a server-side. Learn more about dynamic server-side ad insertion.
  • TVOD is a transaction-based video service. People use a platform on a pay-per-view basis. They choose a video they want to watch right now and purchase it. This model is suitable for those who don’t have a library of videos or want to stream on mobile devices.
  • SVOD is based on subscriptions. Customers buy access to videos for a period. They pay for a subscription and enjoy videos without ads.

Choose the one that suits your goals.

#3 Promote your new video streaming platform

Once you launch a platform, you need to inform people about it. The tools you will use depend on the preferences of your target audience. The rule is to use those channels they use. For example, if they prefer using Facebook, then you should use Facebook to promote your service. If they mostly use Instagram, then use its tools to attract people to your platform.

This process requires understanding your audience, making hypotheses, and doing A/B tests.

Understanding your audience might help you enhance the platform in the future. So, make sure you do that properly.


To run a video streaming service successfully, all elements are essential: content, software, marketing campaigns, and audience understanding. But video streaming service is a profitable business worth trying to start. Good luck!

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