How to Create an AI Voiceover

Before the advent of images and videos, our primary means of communication was voice. Even after many years and technological advancements, voice remains the most effective communication mode.

It is why every online video you see always has a compelling voiceover. However, since technology has evolved tremendously, AI-based voiceovers have replaced manual voices to streamline the process.

Now you might be wondering what a voiceover is and how you can create a compelling voice over video. So without any further ado, let’s dive in to understand what a voiceover is and ways to create an AI voiceover.

What Do We Mean by a Voiceover?

Voiceovers refer to the modern-day interpretation of the narrator in a novel. In most circumstances, a voiceover (aka off-camera comment) defines a presentation technique where a voice is employed to convey a story – they are heard but not witnessed.

How Can You Create the Perfect AI Voiceover?

Here are some ways to create a compelling AI voiceover to make your videos more persuasive:

Create Your Voiceover Script

Preparing your video script is the primary step to creating a voiceover with AI. While composing a script for AI may sound daunting, it is not challenging.

For instance, you can add a comma into your voiceover script whenever you’d like your text to speech output to pause. In addition, you can use a quotation mark when you want to highlight a word or a sentence.

Choose the Perfect Voice

Your online brand maintains a personality, and the voiceover should convey that distinctive personality. Therefore, it is imperative not to overlook choosing the perfect voice.

Voice plays a crucial role in attracting and persuading your viewers. In addition, you have to choose between upbeat and optimistic or helpful and contemplative, female or male, young or mature, accent or not?

Moreover, no matter your preference, pay specific attention that the voice is of high quality, clear, and communicates with the right speed; but most significantly, make sure it sounds and feels suitable for what you are attempting to convey.

Select the Perfect Sound Design 

Choosing the perfect sound is hard to get right. As everyone has their favored sound genre, sometimes it can be difficult to take a step back and identify what will make your voiceover video shine.

Therefore, it becomes imperative to understand whether you want a young voice for teenagers or youthful viewers or a more mature voice for middle-aged viewers.

In addition, to better support your description and the advancement of your story, well-executed changes in the sound design are important.

Save Your Voiceovers 

One of the most suitable parts of operating with an AI production setting is that you can configure and use your voiceover narration preferences repeatedly.

For instance, your business likely has specific vocabulary, language, or acronyms special to your industry.

In such circumstances, you can save your choices rather than constantly training the voice artists. Then, if you ever like to edit your voiceover in the future, you can access your AI recorder and render your text-to-speech files without reminding the voice over about any distinctive business vocabulary or pronunciations.

The Bottom Line 

With the easy tips mentioned above, you can readily create AI-based voice overs for your videos to present a more comfortable experience to your viewers.

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