Top 8 Best Spinbot Alternatives For Better Paraphrasing

Best Spinbot Alternatives For Better Paraphrasing will be discussed in this article. Chances are, either you have exhausted your 10,000 characters limit or simply tired of getting unreadable, machine-like paraphrased content. If these are the reasons (or something other) then you’ve come to the right place. After consulting with various paraphrasing tool users, I have curated a list of 8 best Spinbot alternatives. According to them, these tools have been offering better paraphrasing services, in little to no time, and also at a cheaper price. So students, teachers, SEO experts, newbie bloggers, or literally anyone else can use these tools to reap maximum benefits.

Let’s start by checking out the –

Before you pick your ideal alternative to Spinbot, don’t forget to check out its detailed breakdown and pricing plans mentioned below.

What Is Spinbot?

Spinbot is an article or content spinning software. In simple words, Spinbot has the power to rewrite any pre-written text into additional human-readable text.

In order to convert any text using Spinbot, you’d have to copy the text, paste it in the content field provided by Spinbot, and hit the “Go” button. Your new content will be ready in a matter of a few seconds.

Cons Of Spinbot – Why You Should For Spinbot Alternatives?

Despite providing a free content spinning solution, you’d be surprised to know that there are certain disadvantages of relying on Spinbot.

  • You will be granted a daily spinning credit of only 10,000 characters.
  • No matter if you spin 1 article of 10,000 characters or 10 articles of 1,000 characters, once the limits is reached, you won’t be able to spin anymore content.
  • Unlike its competitors, Spinbot does not use any advanced article spinning technologies like ENL, NLP, AI, etc.
  • The content generated after spinning with Spinbot still requires manual correction.
  • It is most likely that your spun content may not pass the Copyscape test.
  • With that being said, I hope you now realize that finding a better content spinning tool than Spinbot is necessary.

So without any further ado, let’s break down each of the alternatives in detail –

1. Spin Rewriter

Spin Rewriter

If you are an SEO expert who wants to generate human-like natural content then Spin Rewriter could be one of the best Spinbot alternatives. At the current moment, over 180,000 users are actively using Spin Rewriter. So you could estimate the efficiency and also the popularity of this article rewriting tool.

Besides this, Spin Rewriter packs advanced ENL technology that enables it to rewrite unique as well as highly readable content. With the help of this technology, the software first understands the context of sentences. After this, it logically spins these sentences with new words but keeps the overall meaning of content intact. This characteristic definitely makes Spin Rewriter one of the best alternatives to Spinbot.

New Features In Spin Rewriter 12

The software has been updated to its latest version i.e. Spin Rewriter 12. Here is a brief rundown of some of its latest features and enhancements –

  • Improved phrase-level spinning
  • Manual review & refining of synonyms database
  • Enrishment of spun content with stock images & videos
  • Categorization of spun articles
  • Detection of broken articles before rewriting
  • Improved auto-capitalization of synonyms
  • Enhanced active-to-passive voice converter
  • Exporting of spun articles in text, PDF and Word (.doc) formats
  • The mobile version now offer complete features like the desktop version
  • Improvements in the user interface
  • Improved on-boarding process
  • Refreshed 16+ detailed tutorial videos

Features Of Spin Rewriter

  • The Spin Rewriter tool is backed up by Emulated Natural Language technology that spins content as if it is written by a human.
  • The tool offers you the option to generate up to 1000 versions of your original content with a simple button click.
  • Spin Rewriter also offers you the option to spin your articles in bulk. You can spin up to 10 articles in a single attempt.
  • You could also compare the new spun content with the original content by keeping them side-by-side.
  • You can also include relevant images and videos in your text to make it look more visually appealing.
  • The software offers an API and is perfectly integrable with all the third-party software. It also comes with a WordPress plugin as well to facilitate article spinning on your WordPress site.
  • Spin Rewriter is compatible with all kinds of devices as it is a cloud application.

Pricing Of Spin Rewriter

Spin Rewriter offers 3 pricing plans, each with different billing cycles. I guess, this flexibility in pricing makes it a top alternative to Spinbot.

Monthly – Spin and paraphrase unlimited articles at a price of $47/month.

Yearly – Use Spin Rewriter without any restrictions for a year at the rate of $77/year.

Lifetime – Lastly, if you want lifetime access to Spin Rewriter, then you’d have to pay a one-time fee of $497.

2. QuillBot



Despite having “bot” in its brand name, QuillBot impresses us by rewriting top-quality, human-like content. So much so that it is one of the most used and popular paraphrasing & spinning tool. You would love to know that it comes with a Chrome extension and its extension has a huge rating of 4.8/5 with 200,000+ users. Arguably, it comes out on top and gives tough competition to other softwares.

QuillBot is a free Spinbot alternative that offers basic features with a few limitations. For instance, the free version will allow you to paraphrase/rewrite up to 400 words on a daily basis. However, with the premium version of QuillBot, you get to unleash its full potential of article spinning.

Features Of QuillBot

  • Just like other alternatives to Spinbot, QuillBot too works on the one-click concept of copying the content, pasting, and generating its spun version.
  • The free version of QuillBot provides merely 400 characters & 3 sentences spinning limit at once. But with the premium version, you get to increase this spinning limit to 10,000 characters & 15 sentences.
  • QuillBot offers you 3 spinning modes (or Quill modes) in the free plan. While the premium plan offers you 4 new modes (a total of 7 modes) to generate unique content.
  • This tool seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Word (offline and online) and also with Google Docs as an add-on.
  • Unlike any other spinning tool, QuillBot also offers a Chrome extension that allows you to use QuillBot paraphrasing features on all the platforms.
  • QuillBot also allows you to control the amount of synonyms incorporated in your newly paraphrased content.

Pricing Of QuillBot

In addition to being absolutely free, QuillBot offers inexpensive pricing plans with different billing cycles.

Monthly – This plan would cost you $7.95/month.

Semi-Annual – If you opt for this plan, you’d have to pay $29.95 semi yearly (billed every 6 months) at the rate of $4.99/month.

Annual – Lastly, you will be charged $39.95 per year in total, at the rate of $3.33/month.

3. The Best Spinner 4

The Best Spinner 4

The Best Spinner 4 comes true to its name by offering the best paraphrasing and article rewriting services. Hence, it rightfully deserves one of the top spots in the list of best alternatives to Spinbot. Speaking about its usability, it has the best user interface. All you have to do is copy & paste the content, click the button and you are presented with unique paraphrased content.

As you can see, the software is as simple as Spinbot but it certainly does offer better features and efficiency. Not to forget, the software comes with a library of 150,000 seed articles. These articles will help you provide a constant stream of content no matter what.

Features Of The Best Spinner 4

  • This tool comes with an in-built Thesaurus whose content/words are added by real users.
  • The Best Spinner 4 tool can create up to 100 paraphrased or spun versions of your content at once.
  • It also offers the flexibility of translating content into 14 different languages.
  • There is a text-to-audio module through which you can also generate an audio file of your content.
  • This tool also integrates with Copyscape API to ensure that your rewritten content isn’t plagiarised.

Pricing Of The Best Spinner 4

Another significant characteristic that makes The Best Spinner 4 one of the top-rated Spinbot alternatives is its pricing plan. As of now, it only offers 3 different yearly plans.

Basic – This plan is ideal for users who have basic article spinning needs. It comes at the price of $67/year and also offers 30 text-to-audio conversion credits on a monthly basis.

Standard – You’d be charged $127/year for full access to the tool. Along with this, you’d also get 60 monthly credits for text-to-audio conversion.

Pro – This plan offers the maximum value at the price of $247/year with 300 monthly credits for text-to-audio conversion.

4. Spinner Chief 6

Spinner Chief 6

Spinner Chief 6 has been recently upgraded from the 5th version to the 6th. Hence, it is safe to say that it can generate better human-like content than its 5th version and also Spinbot. Due to this latest upgrade in the technology of Spinner Chief, it can be regarded as one of the most promising alternatives to Spinbot.

It is one of the only software that uses Natural Language Analysis and Artificial Intelligence together to rewrite your content. With both the technologies working together, you can only assume that the quality of content produced remains top-notch and perfectly readable.

Features Of Spinner Chief 6

  • The software is infused with the Statistical Replacement Technology and A.I. that ensures generation of human-like content.
  • It also incorporates an in-built grammar checker that automatically corrects the grammar of your content.
  • Spinner Chief 6’s Thesaurus works on cloud and supports more than 20 global languages.
  • You can set spinning rules for sentences or paragraphs. Also, batch spinning of 1,000+ articles is also possible with this software.
  • It is the only alternative to Spinbot that offers desktop as well as online versions of the software.
  • The software comes with a team version where you would be able to share you paraphrased content and projects with your team members.

Pricing Of Spinner Chief 6

With so many features to offer, Spinner Chief 6 has managed to keep its pricing extremely cheap. Moreover, it also offers a free version that makes it a free Spinbot alternative.

Elite Version – The Elite version can be obtained after the one-time fee of $88.

Ultimate Version – The Ultimate version offers 5 different payment options. Out of which you can opt for a one-time fee of $138, a yearly subscription of $48/year, or a monthly subscription of $25/month.

Team Version – The Team version of Spinner Chief 6 offers access to 3, 5, and 10 team members. The pricing starts at $124/year (for 3 members) and goes up to $282/year (for 10 members).

In addition to these, there are different payment options available with hybrid billing cycles. So make sure to check out all the pricing plans before purchasing.

5. WordAi


WordAi has been recently updated with its newest version i.e. WordAi 4. This means that the AI technology embedded in the application has the potential to dignify WordAi as one of the best alternatives to Spinbot. Simply speaking, WordAi has all the tricks up its sleeves that can spin and curate fresh content in no time.

The recent software update in WordAi makes it perfectly capable of amplifying the content rewriting efficiency for up to 10 times. In addition to this, besides rewriting, WordAi can now improve the quality of your content as well. These features certainly make it one of the best Spinbot alternatives.

Features Of WordAi

  • In spite of having a simple interface, WordAi is known to generate content that seems to be written by a real human.
  • The AI technology infused in WordAi has the power of understanding the meaning of sentences before paraphrasing it.
  • From paraphrasing just a sentence, WordAi has the capability to spin 1000 articles with the bulk spinning option.
  • WordAi can easily translate your content into English, Spanish, French, and Italian.
  • If you are a blogger who is lacking in generating decent content ideas, WordAi allows you to link your Article Forge account to get new content ideas and also to spin them.

Pricing Of WordAi

Unlike other Spinbot alternatives, WordAi offers a 3 days free trial at the start, followed by the option to pay monthly or yearly.

  • Monthly – $57/month for spinning content in 4 languages.
  • Turing – $324/year (charged at the rate of $27/month) for paraphrasing unique content.
  • Custom – A custom plan for users with higher article spinning and paraphrasing needs.

6. Chimp Rewriter

Chimp Rewriter

If you are a marketer or SEO expert, Chimp Rewriter could come up as one of the top Spinbot alternatives to generate non-plagiarized content. The user base of over 31,000 marketers would agree with me if I say that Chimp Rewriter has the most fluid and efficient way of rewriting your content. The software has a generous 14 days free trial period that gives you ample time to test out the application. Not to forget, the quality of rewritten content is high as if it was written by human writers.

Note – Chimp Rewriter is a downloadable software that works on Windows devices only. For macOS users, you must install a Windows emulator in order to use it.

Features Of Chimp Rewriter

  • Chimp Rewriter is also loaded with an AI and Natural Language Processing module. This prevents it from generating machine-like or nonsensical content.
  • Apart from spinning or rewriting content with a push of a button, Chimp Rewriter works great with different languages.
  • This software also has an in-built module that allows you to search across the web, grab it and spin into new content automatically.
  • Chimp Rewriter also extends its usability through API. You can use this API to integrate with several SEO tools.
  • Another great unique feature of Chimp Rewriter allows you to automatically insert images or videos that correspond to the spun content.

Pricing Of Chimp Rewriter

Just like its feature-set, Chimp Rewriter doesn’t fail to impress with its pricing plans. This alternative to Spinbot offers a 14 days trial period and a monthly & yearly plan. And, each plan includes 3 different bonuses.

Monthly – $15/month with 2 devices license and free software updates.

Yearly – $99/year with the license to install on 2 devices and free updates.

7. CleverSpinner (AI Based Spinbot Alternative)


CleverSpinner cleverly uses its in-built Artificial Intelligence to quickly spin the given content into a new version. Simply copy the content, paste it, press the button and your new spun content is ready. And, this easy to go nature of CleverSpinner makes it the most basic but arguably one of the most used alternatives to Spinbot.

Besides its simple yet efficient set of features, the characteristic that makes CleverSpinner one of the best Spinbot alternatives is its cheap pricing plan. There’s only one monthly pricing plan that is relatively cheaper than most of the alternatives.

Features Of CleverSpinner

  • It is the easiest article spinning and paraphrasing tool that is preferred by students and other individuals who have basic requirements.
  • CleverSpinner claims to spin a 500 word article (or even more) in just a matter of seconds.
  • This tool will also provide you a perfect balance of active and passive voice. Thanks to its in-built AI technology that understands the meaning of sentences before spinning them.
  • Again, due to its AI-based article spinning, the users have claimed that it generates the most human-like readable content.
  • CleverSpinner also provides a deeper level of paraphrasing wherein it converts the article on word and sentence levels.

Pricing Of CleverSpinner

Just as its usability, CleverSpinner likes to keep its pricing simple. Therefore, it offers a single plan that is billed every month. Although, there’s a 3 days free trial period to test this alternative to Spinbot.

8. Content Professor

Content Professor

If you are looking for a free Spinbot alternative then your search will lead you to Content Professor. The software is not known to many but despite its low popularity, it is one of the easiest article spinning and paraphrasing tools.

Since it is a free tool, a lot of students, new SEO professionals, beginner freelancers, etc. use it to rewrite content. Most importantly, you’d be glad to know that Content Professor will be safe to use for websites (web 2.0 and PBNs) even after the Google Panda & Penguin algorithm updates.

Features Of Content Professor

  • This alternative allows you to spin a single content/article or multiple articles at once.
  • The software supports all the major spintax formats so that you can export your spun content with the spintax format that you know.
  • Content Professor comes with a synonym database that also accepts requests for adding new words. Moreover, there an inbuilt synonym algorithm that determines the ranking of synonyms based on their usage.
  • In addition to the synonym database, there’s a multilingual cloud thesaurus that supports Spanish, French, German, English, and Italian languages.
  • Apart from spinning your content at sentences and paragraph level, Content Professor also supports nested spinning of content.

Pricing Of Content Professor

As I have said, Content Professor is a free-to-use tool, just like Spinbot. It is a cloud-based software that works on all devices. All you’d need is a web browser and internet connection.

Here’s an overview of its pricing plans –

Standard – It’s the free plan that offers 200-400 monthly spin credits and a content word count limit of 5,000. There’s also a 90 seconds downloading wait time for your spun content. And, you can only save 1 project in this free plan.

Pro – The Pro plan would cost you $19.95/month and would grant you unlimited word count limit, spin credits, etc. Moreover, you’d be also able to instantly download your spun content.

What’s The Next Step?

I hope you are well aware of the consequences of using plagiarised content… If you are a student, you could be accused of copying your colleague’s content. Similarly, if you are a scholar, working on a thesis, you could fall into the pit of stealing others’ content. Also, if you are a blogger or SEO expert, Google won’t forgive you or your website for using plagiarised content.

So before you move on to the decision-making process, you must commit to using only 100% unique content. With that being said, I leave you with the list of the 8 best Spinbot alternatives. Rest assured, each of the above-mentioned tools is known to offer the best article spinning or paraphrasing services. As always, if you think that I am missing a deserving Spinbot alternative, feel free to drop it in the comments section.

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