Top 8 Best SMTP2GO Alternatives And Competitors

Best SMTP2GO Alternatives And Competitors will be discussed in this article. Are you looking for some of the best SMTP2GO alternatives that are just as efficient? If so then you have arrived at the right blog post.It’s a known fact that despite its low popularity, SMTP2GO is one of the best SMTP services. And consequently, email delivery is also top-notch. Although to maintain such high deliverability, SMTP2GO is known to enforce some strict actions. Simply said, if your spam or bounce rate exceeds their set limit, you’d have to face a ban. So if you are a new email marketer or an SMTP2GO banned user, you should definitely look for some lenient yet efficient SMTP2GO alternatives.

What Is SMTP2GO?

SMTP2GO is an SMTP service provider that was founded in 2006, in New Zealand. Ever since then, it has been catering to the email delivery needs of its users. Ideally, SMTP2GO categorizes itself as a transaction email SMTP service but you can very well utilize it for marketing emails as well, provided you follow the right email marketing practice. Apart from this, according to me, the one key thing that impresses me most about SMTP2GO is its competence in email delivery. If you would pick any random SMTP service, you’d see that they promote themselves with flashy marketing strategies. But when it comes to SMTP2GO, they like to keep things simple.

Despite low recognition, this SMTP service has excelled in email delivery. To maintain its email delivery reputation, SMTP2GO has a couple of data centers in the US and EU. And, to facilitate lightning fast email sending, SMTP2GO employs multiple data networks, spread across the globe. In addition to this, SMTP2GO also uses sender authentication, provides API for integration, and delivery reports to help you meet your email sending needs. At this point, I am quite sure that you might be wondering that if SMTP2GO is so great, why do we need alternatives to SMTP2GO?

Why You Should Look For SMTP2GO Alternatives?

  • Risk Of Ban – As I have said earlier, SMTP2GO is very serious about its email delivery. Hence, if they find your spam & unsubscribe rate higher or if they find that your email sending practices are bad, you will get banned.
  • No Email Builder – SMTP2GO is purely an SMTP service. It means that you must have an external, third-party email builder to create newsletters or templates.
  • No Contact Management – At the same time, SMTP2GO does not allow you to import and manage your contacts. In order to do so, you must rely either on the email builder or your integrated software.
  • No A/B Testing – On the one hand, SMTP2GO supports email testing where you can check how your email will appear in 40 email clients. But it lacks the feature of email A/B testing that allows you to send different versions of your email to a different set of contacts at the same time.
  • Increases Overall Cost – The pricing of SMTP2GO is fairly cheap but it certainly increases the overall expenditure as you’d have to also pay for the email builder or the third party emailing software.

1. Sendinblue


Sendinblue is one such SMTP service that offers the best email marketing services. Not only you could send transactional emails but it can also be used for sending marketing/promotional emails. Therefore, it naturally qualifies to be the best SMTP2GO alternative.

The best characteristic of Sendinblue is that it is very easy to integrate with your email builder or any other software. For this, it offers an extensive API, SMTP relay configuration, and a WordPress plugin. In addition to this, Sendinblue also offers all the other marketing tools like automation, contact management, chat widget, SMS marketing, sign up forms, landing pages, etc.

What Makes Sendinblue An Ideal Alternative?

  • First and foremost, Sendinblue comes with a native email template builder and contact management module. So you don’t have to rely upon and invest in other third-party software.
  • To get the best inboxing delivery, Sendinblue emphasizes authenticating your domain through SPF and DKIM records.
  • The delivery servers are managed by experts and the SMTP is also capable of automatically handling spam, bounce, and unsubscribe complaints.
  • Not only your emails will be sent at a blazing fast speed but you also get to monitor their deliverability & engagement statistics in the realtime.

How Much Does Sendinblue SMTP Cost?

The best part of Sendinblue SMTP is that it comes with a forever free plan. This makes Sendinblue an SMTP2GO free alternative. Sure, the free plan comes with a few restrictions like Sendinblue branding and a daily email sending limit. But if you want to remove these restrictions, you can subscribe to its premium plans.

The pricing is founded on the number of emails sent in a month. There are multiple sub-tiers in each plan and each plan has a different set of features. You can unlock advanced elements as you go up the plan hierarchy. But you should know that all the plans offer access to Sendinblue SMTP.

Sendinblue Pricing

  • Free – A forever free plan that allows you to send 9,000 emails/month with a 300 emails/day sending limit.
  • Lite – This plan includes features like custom branding, no daily sending limit, etc.
  • 20,000 emails/month – $25/month
  • 40,000 emails/month – $32/month
  • 60,000 emails/month – $45/month
  • 100,000 emails/month – $65/month
  • Premium – For advanced features like landing pages, marketing automation, Facebook ads, multi-user access, etc. you should pick this plan.
  • 20,000 emails/month – $65/month
  • 40,000 emails/month – $79/month
  • 60,000 emails/month – $94/month
  • 100,000 emails/month – $124/month
  • 150,000 emails/month – $169/month
  • 250,000 emails/month – $229/month
  • 350,000 emails/month – $289/month
  • 500,000 emails/month – $379/month
  • 750,000 emails/month – $499/month
  • 1,000,000 emails/month – $599/month
  • Enterprise – For emails more than 1 million and advanced features, you’d have to get in touch with the sales team for custom pricing.

2. SendPulse


SendPulse is yet another email marketing software that rose to popularity through its SMTP relay server. Although, it generally classifies itself to be a transactional email SMTP service but with the right practices, you can send promotional emails as well.

And, just like other alternatives to SMTP2GO, SendPulse also offers other marketing tools and services in one place. This includes features like marketing automation, web push notifications, Facebook chatbots, sign up forms, etc.

What Makes SendPulse An Ideal Alternative?

  • Unlike SMTP2GO, SendPulse packs an inbuilt email template builder and readymade template library. This negates you to depend on an external email builder.
  • When it comes to integration, SendPulse SMTP integrates with all the software either through simple SMTP configuration or through API. It offers API in 6 different programming languages.
  • SendPulse provides you with an insightful reporting section that documents your open, click, & unsubscribe rates. It automatically handles spam and bounce complaints as well.
  • To further improve your email delivery, SendPulse encourages you to authenticate your domain via SPF and DKIM records. You can also maintain your sending reputation by getting a dedicated IP address for email sending.

How Much Does SendPulse SMTP Cost?

You’d be amazed to know that SendPulse is yet another SMTP2GO free alternative. There’s a pretty generous forever free plan. When it comes to pricing, SendPulse offers all the modules separately. Meaning, there’s a separate pricing structure for the email marketing suite, SMS marketing, web push notifications, and also for SMTP. The pricing for SMTP is based on the number of emails sent in a month.

Here’s a brief rundown of the SendPulse SMTP pricing plans –

SendPulse Pricing

  • Basic – This plan has three sub-tiers.
  • The first trier is forever free and allows you to transmit 12,000 emails in a month.
  • 25,000 emails per month – $8.85/month
  • 50,000 emails per month – $16.85/month
  • Pro – Similarly, this plan also has three sub-ties but it also includes one dedicated IP address.
  • 100,000 emails per month – $74.85/month
  • 200,000 emails per month – $124.85/month
  • 300,000 emails per month – $174.85/month
  • Company – If you require more than 500,000 emails in a month, this plan would be ideal for you. It also contains a dedicated IP address and pricing is flexible when compared with its other plans. The key milestones of this plan are –
  • 500,000 emails per month – $274.86/month
  • 1 million emails per month – $524.85/month
  • 2 million emails per month – $924.85/month
  • 5 million emails per month – $1,824.85/month

3. Pepipost


If you want purely an SMTP service, just like SMTP2GO then you’d love Pepipost. This SMTP is an AI-powered email delivery system that allows you to send transactional as well as marketing emails. But since Pepipost is just an SMTP, it means that you’d have to keep using your existing email builder or find one. Nevertheless, when it comes to email delivery, Pepipost leaves no stones unturned to deliver your emails to the recipients’ inbox.

What Makes Pepipost An Ideal Alternative?

  • Just like all the other SMTP2GO alternatives, Pepipost encourages domain authentication via SPF and DKIM records.
  • Pepipost SMTP can be easily integrated with any third-party software or an open-source email marketing platform through API, SMTP relay, or plugin.
  • In order to facilitate lightning-fast email sending, Pepipost employs six different data servers across the globe.
  • When it comes to security, Pepipost supports HTTPS and TLS encryption for all outgoing emails. Moreover, it also enforces the DMARC policy so as to avoid spoofing.

How Much Does Pepipost SMTP Cost?

Pepipost likes to keep things simple and flexible when it comes to pricing. To start off, Pepipost allows you to send 30,000 emails free for the first 30 days. If you exhaust your sending limit or exceed the 30 days mark, you can still send emails for free at the rate of 100 emails/day.

However, you have the liberty to subscribe to its premium pricing tiers if you want to send a large volume of emails. The pricing is built on the monthly quota of email sending and available at monthly or yearly subscriptions. Since the pricing is very flexible, I would encourage you to find the actual cost with a sliding calculator available on the Pepipost pricing page. However, to give you the idea, here’s an overview of the key pricing tiers –

Pepipost Pricing

  • Up to 150,000 emails/month – $25/month + $0.60 per extra 1,000 emails
  • Up to 400,000 emails/month – $85/month + $0.55 per extra 1,000 emails
  • Up to 600,000 emails-month – $145/month + $0.50 per extra 1,000 emails
  • Up to 1,000,000 emails/month – $245/month + $0.45 per extra 1,000 emails
  • Up to 2,000,000 emails/month – $445/month + $0.40 per extra 1,000 emails
  • More than 2,000,000 emails/month – Custom pricing

4. MailerSend


If you are looking for an SMTP service that purely deals with sending transactional emails then you’d love MailerSend. This SMTP has been developed and launched by the team behind MailerLite back in 2020. Despite MailerSend being new, it is getting a lot of attention from developers and marketers. And hence, MailerSend classifies to be one of the best SMTP2GO alternatives.

Well if we keep its popularity aside, MailerSend still deserves to be on this list as it packs some of the unique features. Mind you, a lot of transactional SMTP services do not offer some of these features. In addition to this, its infrastructure is capable enough to send millions of emails in a quick span of time.

What Makes MailerSend An Ideal Alternative?

  • Unlike any transactional SMTP service provider, MailerSend offers a drag & drop email builder to create dynamic and personalized email templates.
  • MailerSend offers you the choice to connect this SMTP via Email API or SMTP Relay. Both methods ensure better email deliverability.
  • Speaking about improving email delivery, MailerSend uses SPF, DKIM, and DMARC security protocols while transmitting emails.
  • MailerSend also ensures that you do not send emails to the recipients who have unsubscribed, marked your emails as spam, or got bounced. For this, it packs the suppression list management feature.

How Much Does MailerSend Cost?

MailerSend also proves to be an SMTP2GO free alternative due to its forever free plan. In the free plan, you get to send 12,000 emails in a month for free. Although, if you cross the 12,000 emails limit, the extra emails will be charged at the rate of $1/1000 emails.

Besides this, if you want to send a larger volume of emails, you would have to subscribe to its monthly Premium plan. It has multiple sub-tier and grants access to advanced features like multiple sending domains, user management, etc.

Here’s a brief breakdown of MailerSend pricing plans –

MailerSend Pricing

  • 50,000 emails/month – $25/month (extra emails $0.90/1000)
  • 100,000 emails/month – $55/month (extra emails $0.80/1000)
  • 250,000 emails/month – $85/month (extra emails $0.70/1000)
  • 500,000 emails/month – $225/month (extra emails $0.60/1000)
  • 750,000 emails/month – $475/month (extra emails $0.50/1000)
  • 1,000,000 emails/month – $550/month (extra emails $0.45/1000)
  • 1,500,000 emails/month – $725/month (extra emails $0.40/1000)
  • 2,000,000 emails/month – $975/month (extra emails $0.35/1000)
  • 2,500,000 emails/month – $1250/month (extra emails $0.30/1000)
  • 3,000,000 emails/month or more – Custom pricing

5. Mailjet


Did you know that Mailgun acquired Mailjet in 2019? Due to this merger and its experience in providing SMTP services, Mailjet has improved its performance even more. And, hence, it naturally qualifies to be an ideal alternative to SMTP2GO. Just like a few other SMTP2GO replacements, Mailjet is yet another complete email marketing software. In simple words, with SMTP you’d also get access to other features like email builder, automation, contact management, transactional emails, sign up forms, etc.

What Makes Mailjet An Ideal Alternative?

It is an all-in-one email marketing software. If you opt for this, you will get an inbuilt SMTP relay, email builder, and other key features. If not then you’d have to depend on external third-party software. If you choose just the Mailjet SMTP, you can very well integrate with any software with the help of its RESTful API. As of now, the API is available in four programming languages.

Mailjet ensures that your email is sent securely. For this, it employs TLS and SSL encryption. Also to ensure maximum deliverability, Mailjet supports setting up SPF, DMARC, and DKIM records for parts authentication. All the emails sent via Mailjet SMTP are methodically tracked and presented in insightful reports. Moreover, it automatically handles bounce and spam complaints.

How Much Does Mailjet SMTP Cost?

Rather than being an email marketing software that charges you on the basis of the number of contacts imported, it will charge you on the basis of the number of emails sent in a month. To start things off, Mailjet offers a forever free plan that allows you to transmit 6,000 emails in a month with 200 emails/day mailing limit. The free plan will also grant you access to email builder & API and hence making it one of the best SMTP2GO free alternatives. Apart from this, if you want to send a larger volume of emails, you can subscribe to its premium plans. All the plans have five tiers of emailing quota and a different set of features.

Mailjet Pricing

  • Free – A forever free plan that offers 6,000 emails/month (200 emails/day sending limit).
  • Basic – This plan includes online customer support and custom branding.
  • 30,000 emails – $9.65/month
  • 60,000 emails – $18.95/month
  • 150,000 emails – $68.95/month
  • 450,000 emails – $166.95/month
  • 900,000 emails – $333.95/month
  • Premium – In this plan, you’d unlock advanced features like marketing automation, dedicated IP address, A/B testing, segmentation, etc.
  • 30,000 emails – $20.95/month
  • 60,000 emails – $41.95/month
  • 150,000 emails – $96.95/month
  • 450,000 emails – $229.95/month
  • 900,000 emails – $398.95/month
  • Enterprise – For enterprise level needs and features, you’d have to get in touch with the sales team for trade pricing.

6. turboSMTP


turboSMTP is yet another name that excels in offering SMTP services to email marketers. Just like SMTP2GO, it only offers SMTP relays, APIs, and webhooks. Without a doubt, the email delivery with turboSMTP is excellent, and therefore, it proves to be one of the best SMTP2GO alternatives.

Not to forget, turboSMTP is very flexible as it allows you to send transactional as well as promotional emails using its servers. And, just in case if you need professional assistance, turboSMTP provides 24*7 multi-lingual customer support.

What Makes turboSMTP An Ideal Alternative?

Unlike any other SMTP services, turboSMTP provides you with an option to create email newsletters with its downloadable email template creator software MailStyler. turboSMTP is very fluidic in terms of integration. You can connect with any email marketing software or any other open-source software. For this, it has an extensive API and webhook library. This SMTP is also capable of managing your spam, bounce, and unsubscribe requests. It will automatically prevent you from sending emails to the opted-out subscribers. You’d get to send a large volume of emails at a blazing fast speed. In addition to this, you will also get better delivery as turboSMTP claims to have a good reputation in the eyes of ISPs and mailboxes.

How Much Does turboSMTP SMTP Cost?

When it comes to pricing, turboSMTP can be termed as a great SMTP2GO free alternative. All thanks to its forever free plan. It permits you to send 6,000 emails/month at a 200 emails/day sending limit. The free plan also includes an email validation tool and statistics for the first month only. To get more features, you’d have to sign up for its premium plans. The pricing of turboSMTP is based on the number of emails sent in a month. However, there are certain features like dedicated IP addresses, sub-accounts, etc. that will be unlocked as you go higher in the pricing plans.

turboSMTP Pricing

  • Free – A lifetime free plan with 6,000 emails per month sending quota.
  • Basic – In this plan, you’d get email statistics for each and every campaign.
  • Up to 50,000 emails/month – $14.95 per month
  • Up to 100,000 emails/month – $29.95 per month
  • Professional – If you opt for this plan, you’d unlock features like email validation credits, MailStyler, dedicated IP address, sub-accounts, etc.
  • Up to 200,000 emails/month – $79.95 per month
  • Up to 700,000 emails/month – $199.95 per month
  • Up to 1,400,000 emails/month – $399.95 per month
  • Up to 1,500,000 emails/month – $749.95 per month
  • Up to 2,000,000 emails/month – $979.95 per month
  • Enterprise – For emails more than 2 million and other advanced features, you’d have to get in touch with the deals team for custom pricing.

7. Elastic Email

Elastic Email

Having started in 2010, Elastic Email has come a long way in the email marketing industry. Earlier, it used to just offer SMTP relay and API services. But over the years, the team behind Elastic Email has transformed the platform into a full-fledged email marketing software.

But the stuff that makes Elastic Email one of the top SMTP2GO alternatives is its email API or SMTP relay service. The service packs all the tools and utilities that you’d require to send promotional and transactional email campaigns.

What Makes Elastic Email An Ideal Alternative?

The seamless integration with any software either via SMTP relay configuration or API is possible with Elastic Email. To ensure that your emails reach your contact’s inbox, Elastic Email asks you to authenticate your domain by adding SPF and DKIM records.

Elastic Emails automatically manages spam and bounce requests. In addition to this, it also handles unsubscribe requests so that you don’t send to the opted-out emails again. The service provider also gives you with real-time reports for your sent emails. It tracks and shows all the important metrics like opens, clicks, unsubscribes, bounce, etc.

How Much Does Elastic Email SMTP Cost?

You’d be pleased to know that Elastic Email has different pricing plans for the email marketing suite and SMTP relay servers.To start things off, Elastic Email offers a forever free package that allows you to send 100 emails in a day. If you want to send a higher number of emails, you can sign up for its pay as you go pricing plans. Now, if you’d look at the pricing structure, you’d notice that Elastic Email is the cheapest SMTP2GO alternative.

Elastic Email Pricing

  • Email API – It will cost you $0.10 per 1000 emails + a fixed fee of $0.40/day. The plan includes features like SMTP, API access, email builder, web forms, landing page editor, and analytics.
  • Email API Pro – Similarly, this plan will charge you $0.12 per 1000 emails +$1/day as a fixed fee. In addition to all the basic features, you’d get other advanced features like webhooks, sub-accounts, inbound email processing, etc.

8. SenssdGrid


In the world of email marketing, SendGrid needs no introduction. Such is the popularity and efficiency of this SMTP service. SendGrid was already the most preferred software for sending transactional and marketing emails. But after Twilio acquired it in 2018, the efficiency grew even more and so does its user base. So it’s safe to say that SendGrid is one of the best SMTP2GO alternatives to carry out email marketing campaigns. As of now, it offers a complete email marketing suite and an email API as two separate products.

What Makes SendGrid An Ideal Alternative?

If you are just looking to use the SendGrid SMTP, it offers you the choice to use the Email API or SMTP relay with its cloud-based proprietary MTA. To ensure optimal inbox delivery, SendGrid makes sure to use SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records. Additionally, it also employs adequate security measures while sending emails.

SendGrid, just like most of the alternatives to SMTP2GO, is capable of managing your suppression list. It also uses feedback loops and webhooks to filter out the recipients who have marked your emails as spam or have unsubscribed. This SMTP service is also backed up by an extensive analytics dashboard. It displays all the key email metrics like opens, clicks, unsubscribes, etc. for 30 days.

How Much Does SendGrid Cost?

Since SendGrid has two separate products related to sending emails, it offers separate pricing for both of them. For now, we will only focus on its Email API plans. SendGrid offers a forever free plan that enables you to send 100 emails in a day. The free plan will also grant you access to basic features in the software. To remove this daily sending limit and also to get access to a better set of features, you must subscribe to monthly subscription plans.

SendGrid Pricing

  • Free – You get to send 100 emails in a day.
  • Essential – This plan has two sub-tiers that allow you to send 50,000 emails/month at the cost of $14.95/month and 100,000 emails/month at the cost of $29.95/month.
  • Pro – Similarly, the Pro plan has multiple sub-tiers and also grants you access to a dedicated IP address. You can start sending up to 200,000 emails/month at $89.95/month, 650,000 at $249/month, and 1,300,000 emails/month at $449/month. This plan goes up to $1,400,000 emails/month and will cost you $749/month.
  • Premier – If you have email sending needs of more than 1,500,000 emails in a month, SendGrid encourages you to get in touch with them for custom pricing.

Summing Up

With this, we have explored all the best SMTP2GO alternatives in detail. I hope you have found a decent replacement for it. If not then I would recommend you to try out the above-mentioned SMTP services. All of them have a generous free plan that will allow you to thoroughly test the performance. Although, if you’d ask me, I would suggest you go with either Sendinblue or Pepipost. I have used these services before (still using Sendinblue) and these SMTPs have never let me down. If you still have any more doubts, feel free to get in touch with me. I’d love to help you out.

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