Top 7 Redfin Competitors And Redfin Alternatives To Try Out

Best Redfin Alternatives will be discussed in this article.  Redfin Corporation is a trusted residential real estate company, operating in over 90 markets across US and Canada. Redfin agents — ranking in the top 1% for luxurious property agents, offer a professional experience in selling and buying luxurious homes.

Redfin is one of those platforms which you must visit if you wish to sell your high-end house or are looking to buy one. But, what if Redfin isn’t able to offer you the choices you want? Or maybe it doesn’t have enough choices to offer for your preferences?

In any case, if you can’t find what you’re looking for at Redfin, or simply wish to have more options, then we are pleased to inform you that the article mentioned below holds a list of the top Redfin competitors and Redfin alternatives you must try out right now!

Top 7 Redfin Competitors And Redfin Alternatives To Try Out

In this article, you can know about Redfin Alternatives here are the details below;

1. Zillow


Zillow is an American-based real estate marketplace offering a variety of services in the fields of mortgages, real estate, home values, selling, and buying apartments. It’s also seen as the leading real estate marketplace across the US.

Zillow is a platform with millions of listings for a buyer, and just as many chances for you, as a seller, to sell your property at its original market value without compromising the price at all.

Key Features

  • Quick updates — Zillow has a quick update feature where whether you are surfing on its website or app, you’ll get updated with the newest listings of your choice every five minutes.
  • Recommendations — Zillow has a good recommendation function on its platform where it first studies your preferences and liking for the type of property you are searching for, and then recommends the perfect home.
  • 3D Home Tour — 3D home tour is one of the best features of Zillow where along with the usual photos and floorplan, with the 3D home section you can also view the entire place virtually in one go.

2. Realtor


Realtor is another good alternative to Redfin through which you can find a home according to your ideal choices, and also search effortlessly across various devices with its professional real estate app.

Realtor makes searching for homes easier by offering enough functions and tools. Honestly, it doesn’t matter whether you are renting, selling, or buying, because Realtor real estate offers all types of resources to help you achieve your real estate goal effortlessly.

Key Features

  • Customizable tools — Realtor is good with its customizable tools where you can alter the filter for your home search and get the listings fitting perfectly according to your liking – then whether we are talking about prices, size, schools, bathrooms, or something else.
  • Map — the in-built map allows you to carry on your home search easier, where you can zoom in and out on the map to see the nearby supermarkets, hospitals, etc, and use the map layers to check the neighbourhood traffic, and noise levels.
  • 3D Virtual Tour — Realtor has the 3D virtual home tour feature where you can check the pictures of the property as well as check it in the 3D virtual form for a better idea.

3. Opendoor


Opendoor Technologies is an online-based company that buys your residential real estate properties for you. It deals in instant cash offers on houses with the help of an entirely online-based process and takes full responsibility for all the repairs of the property before relisting it.

Opendoor proposes a new way to list your homes for sale without compromising their original market value. Also, you get to skip all the hassle of finding a proper marketplace, listing the home, thinking about its marketing, and waiting for months for the seller to contact you.

Key Features

  • Book a Tour — Opendoor allows you to book a tour of any house in just a few simple taps and make an appointment according to your personal schedule.
  • Live video call — in case you are too busy to go for a physical tour of the house, you can always choose the timing and date for a live video call – a virtual tour of the house.
  • Easy for sellers – unlike buyers, sellers don’t have to go through any process because they will be directly selling their house to Opendoor and getting an all-cash offer within a few minutes.

4. Trulia


Trulia is an American-based real estate marketplace – a subsidiary to the leading real estate platform, Zillow. It is like a bridge for buyers and renters to search for their dream homes and neighbourhoods across the US.

Trulia helps renters and buyers through regional insights, map overlays, and recommendations, offering details on a variety of important things like schools, commutes, shops, churches, etc. Also, it has a huge collection to offer including over 1 million MLS listings, more than 30 million neighbourhood reviews from existing users, and over 30 neighbourhood mapoverlays.

Key Features

  • Take a Tour — Trulia helps you take a quick tour of the entire property through its latest pictures, local stories, and drone videos.
  • Reviews — Trulia offers a review feature where you can search for schools and nearby necessities by trustworthy reviews from existing customers and people from the same area.
  • Street View — Street view is another good feature of Trulia where you can get a complete overview of the neighbourhood area.

5. Homesnap


Homesnap is a popular real estate search portal which features accurate and real-time information used by professional agents. It’s powered by Realtors – using the same information to connect you with your ideal home.

Homesnap is one of the best Redfin alternatives because it offers a unique feature where you can take a picture of any home and upload it to the app to reveal all its hidden details that include the interior, beds, taxes, nearby schools, school ratings, and more.

Key Features

  • More listings — since Homesnap is a search engine for homes, it has comparatively 20% more agent listings compared to national portals.
  • Built-in messaging — the built-in messaging feature in the app allows you to message and share your opinion with the agent freely.
  • Listing media — listing media section is the place where you get to see real-time videos and pictures of the entire property and even get a 3D tour.

6. is a well-known and fifth-largest real estate portal across the USA. As the name suggests, it gives you a new home search experience and offers services for renting, selling, and buying your dream house. does business through its website and app, and you can find houses for sale, check home values increasing and decreasing in different seasons, and explore rental properties in your favourite neighbourhood.

Key Features

  • HD Photos — HD photos corner, the full-screen high-resolution property photos feature will give you detailed shots about the property where you can easily check its flooring, walls, and more details.
  • Interactive maps — comes with interactive maps where you can search for nearby homes through the GPS-driven location and zoom in and out to navigate across the neighbourhoods.
  • Built-in Mortgage Calculator — to make things easier for you, the app offers a built-in mortgage calculator to help you calculate the financing for your new house within seconds.

7. is here to offer you a huge variety of apartments along with other types of homes for rent, including townhomes, condos, and houses in your area. It’s a community including millions of renters where 1000s of properties get updated monthly.

Also, allows you to browse the recently updated prices and availability of the property. It shows high-resolution pictures, and HD videos – along with updated information with robust filter search features.

Key Features

  • Learn about neighbourhoods — lets you learn more about the area where you can check the nearby schools, department stores, all the available transportation options, etc.
  • Smart Search tool — has a smart search tool that allows you to view properties in specific target areas. You can also find more options with the strong filter feature like fitness facilities, laundry, etc.
  • Alerts — has an alert tool which will reach out to you whenever there are any changes in your saved searches and properties.
  • Maps — the Maps feature in the app helps you search for the property more easily with filters like pets, price, beds, style, etc, and you can also check for navigations.

Final Words

Indeed, the Internet is filled with hundreds of agents and websites promising to guide you to your dream home, but only a few of these can be trusted, and the best among these few are mentioned in this article. With this, we have successfully presented to you the best Redfin Competitors, and hope you now know which real estate platform is best to find your ideal house.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Redfin’s biggest competitor?

There are many Redfin competitors out there, but Realtor and Zillow are probably Redfin’s biggest competitors as of April 2023, offering the widest collections all across the US.

Are there more apps like Redfin?

Zillow, Realtor, Trulia, Opendoor, and Homesnap are a few of the good apps like Redfin – offering a good variety of selections and tools for sellers and buyers to search for their dream house.

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