Top 21 Sites Like Textbroker For Freelance Writers

Sites Like Textbroker For Freelance Writers will be described in this article. As an experienced writer who has a thorough awareness of the freelancing industry, I am aware of how critical it is to select the right platforms for publishing your work and making money. While Textbroker is a well-liked alternative for many independent writers, it is essential to investigate additional options in order to diversify your writing chances and build your portfolio. I will offer my skills and ideas about the best substitute sites for freelance writing in this instructive essay.

I will examine various platforms that can help your online writing business expand while drawing on my expertise in the field to assist you understand why some authors decide to look outside of Textbroker. Join me as we examine the world of freelance writing, giving you useful knowledge to help you decide where to showcase your writing abilities and increase your success in this cutthroat industry. Textbroker Alternatives Based in the U.S.

You may enjoy to have a glance at a few websites now that you’ve made the decision to look into Textbroker alternatives. These websites are exclusively available to writers in the United States. However, those of you who reside outside of the United States can access some websites. These are listed in the section below.

Top 21 Sites Like Textbroker For Freelance Writers

In this article, you can know about Sites Like Textbroker here are the details below;

1. Writer Access

Writer Access

Writer Access is another reputable website similar to Textbroker. Although anyone can submit an application to write for Writer Access, acceptance is not certain. On the basis of their résumé and samples of their freelancing, applicants are manually screened. Though you can establish your own fees and thus make more money writing, you need still submit an application to write for Writer Access.

2. Verblio


Verblio claims that they are the “easiest, most flexible freelance writing gig,” yet this writing site wants you to do better than just work with Textbroker. They want you to have experience with SEO and content marketing. Also check Ecwid Alternatives

Nevertheless, after being accepted as a content writer, you can select from a range of orders or create on-spec material (content that you create in the hopes that someone will someday buy it but without getting paid for it up front) for clients to purchase. The wonderful part regarding this site is that payment for posts begins at $10.50.

3. Word Agents

Word Agents

You are required to create SEO material for clients in order to enhance their search engine rankings. Word Agents will give you themes to write about, unlike Textbroker and some of the other websites on this list. For many freelance writers, it’s worth it because of the compensation ($0.03 per word). Before applying, exercise prudence and make sure you’re prepared to accept a 90-day probationary period.

4. BKA Content

BKA Content

This website is a little different from Textbroker in that you will also write E-commerce listings in addition to blog posts & online articles. Additionally, they demand that their writers commit to writing at least 1,000 words per week. BKA Content pays $8–14 per hour, or roughly 1.5–5 cents per word, as opposed to paying by the word. You must pass their 20-minute exam with at least an 80% to be hired by this organization.

Sites like Textbroker for freelance writers outside the U.S

There are numerous possibilities open to anyone who lives outside of the United States who wants to write for content websites like Textbroker. If they so choose, Americans may also apply to these websites. Take a moment to read through individually one to find out how to apply & what each employer requires of you.

1. iWriter


iWriter is the content mill that most resembles Textbroker and where both native English speakers and non-native English speakers can find work. According to the star rating method used on this website, you can earn more stars if customers are happy. It gets more lucrative the more stars you have, but at first it’s really challenging to earn a respectable living.

It is an excellent place to develop your writing skills. Contrary to Textbroker, they have an application process, and it could take a week before you find out if you’ve been given the go-ahead to write for them.

2. UpWork


Freelance writers from all around the world have been using UpWork for many years. While making a profile is free, you must pay if you want to submit a bid for any writing jobs that are listed on the job boards. Since some customers will browse through profiles and opt to hire you this way, you can also find work without doing this.

Although UpWork is a fantastic resource for finding long-term employment, it is highly busy. It is therefore difficult to begin there. The good news is that since you choose your fees, you can control how much clients pay you for your work.



Another writing website like UpWork is this one. There are some writing positions accessible, despite the fact that the majority of their opportunities are for web designers and developers. You can submit a bid for jobs that clients publish. You can use this chance to let them know how considerably you want to be paid and when you can complete the assignment.

However, because customers typically select the lowest bidder, it also makes the website extremely competitive. After acquiring a few customers, you can establish a long-lasting relationship with them.

4. Fiverr


There are many freelance writers scrutinizing for appointment on this sizable marketplace. This is because there is no application process, making it simple to start. Simply create your profile, add your available “gigs” (jobs), and specify your fee. You should be sure to promote your gigs elsewhere as well, given how competitive this site is.

5. Writer’s Domain

Writer’s Domain

This is a smaller version of a Textbroker-like website. Authors from the U.S, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand are welcome. Before getting accepted, you must register and submit a writing sample. Then, you will create short-form content (600–800 words) for a range of clients, earning $12.25–$40 each article.

6. People Per Hour

People Per Hour

You must go through a prolonged application process, which includes submitting references, before you can begin writing for this website. After completing this phase, you choose an hourly rate for your clients.

7. Scripted


Making a profile and passing a writing test are all that are needed to acquire started with Scripted. Anyone who can write well in English can therefore apply for a job here. If you’re hired, you’ll produce excellent work. You have entire control over how considerably work you do and how much you charge. The majority of authors here make more than 10 cents per word on average.

8. Constant content

Constant content

Although Constant Content is one of the harder websites to get accepted to, its top writers earn more than $90K annually. You’ll be required to complete a form, pass a test, and submit a writing sample. The only drawback of being allowed to write here is that you’ll have to endure stringent continuing quality control procedures. As a talented writer, you will have the opportunity to create top-notch material for well-known companies like Home Depot and Uber. Also check Publisher Rocket Alternatives

9. Crowd content

Crowd content

While the pay is larger than it would be if you were writing for Textbroker, the standard of your work must also be higher. You only require to make an account and provide basic information to get started.

As soon as your application is accepted, you’ll have access to a variety of tasks (such as blog entries, product descriptions, and editorial possibilities) to choose from. The most suitable disadvantage is that you have to reapply for every new position.

10. Zerys


You must pass a 40-minute test that includes writing a sample in order to be accepted by Zerys. Once you’re approved, you’ll have three options for finding work: a client job board that anyone can see, a “favorite” job board where clients share opportunities with their preferred writers, and direct assignments from clients. The client will disclose their price range to you for each job. This platform is popular because it enables you to develop lasting relationships with your customers.

11. Contently


You should wait to submit an application for this content company unless you possess excellent writing abilities. However, this is an excellent alternative if you’re just getting started & need a place to host your portfolio. To share your writing samples with the numerous employers you apply to, you can make a portfolio here. When you’re ready to apply for a assignment at Contently, you’ll need to complete a thorough application and submit this writing sample.

12. Words of worth

Words of worth

One of the smallest versions of Textbroker websites is this one. You will be needed to write a piece article for this content portal before they accept you. They want their authors to commit to completing a specific amount of work each week because once accepted, there is plenty of work available.

13. Clear voice

Clear voice

There are several wonderful reasons for you to think about submitting an application to write here. The application procedure is straightforward in that you just ought to set up an account and a portfolio. Your ability to demonstrate your abilities to potential clients on this site is improved by having a portfolio there. You are responsible for choosing your fees once you have a client to work with. Then you can contact them using this platform.

14. Skyword


You must register for this site, go through a verification process, and create an account before you can use it. This is so since the business works with well-known companies that demand authors of the highest caliber. The remuneration for these brands, which serve a wide range of niches, varies according to their requirements.

15. Content Gather

Content Gather

Fill up an application before you begin posting here. Once inside, you’ll discover two opportunities for earning money. Create whatever kind of material you like first, then put it for sale in their marketplace. Then, others that require material can look around here and purchase your pre-written articles. The second option is to pick from client-posted custom jobs. Your starting pay in both situations is $0.01 per word.

16. The content Authority

The content Authority

Another content website similar to Textbroker is this one. Depending on the tier you’re in, you can earn anywhere between 1.2 and 6.5 cents per word here. You’ll earn more money as your tier rises. However, you might also be asked to write for clients who need help with ebooks, press releases, and social media postings. Most of their clients just need content to help them fill out their blogs.

17. Content Fly

Content Fly

Despite the fact that this site and Textbroker are very similar, they seek to differentiate themselves by how they display themselves. They accomplish this because they want their clients to think of them as a premium option for all of their writing requirements.

Do not be deterred from writing for them by their marketing strategy. They don’t demand top-notch content like some of the other websites on this list (like Constant Content and Writer Access). They also don’t pay any more than what Textbroker and similar websites generally do. However, they anticipate that you will find royalty-free pictures to accompany your work.

18. Copy Press

Copy Press

Despite the fact that this content marketing organization requires writers to be proficient in writing and research, much of the content you’ll produce is straightforward blog content.

What the client shares with you will determine what you write. Copy Press does not demand that you produce a predetermined quantity of articles every week, in contrast to some of the other content mills on this list. Instead, they put additional additional of an emphasis on quality than quantity.

19. Smart Bug Media

Smart Bug Media

You might like to think about writing for content marketing companies like this one in addition to searching for websites like Textbroker. Small enterprises with limited resources are catered to by Smart Bug Media.

They recruit for a variety of content kinds that users of their platforms and managed services, for example, need. They do, however, place a lot of emphasis on B2B and some B2C material. Given this, Smart Bug is a fantastic starting point for independent B2B writers.

20. News Cred

News Cred

This is yet another content website with a narrow focus. Here, journalism and distinctive, in-depth reporting are emphasized. They have been capable to accomplish this by building a pool of really excellent writers and researchers for their clients. They are now able to pay their freelancers fairly while still expecting them to produce quality material.

21. Pro Blogger

Pro Blogger

Online employment boards should be your next step after you’re prepared to move beyond content marketing websites like Textbroker. Pro Blogger is one of the ones that has been operating for a while and developed a reliable name for itself. On occasion, clients will also hire copywriters and editors in addition to writers. Create a résumé and portfolio with published examples before seeking for freelance writing employment on our site. This is because, as opposed to merely penning a few pieces for various clients on a website, you’re applying for long-term, permanent work. Though most of these businesses still view you as a freelance writer.

It’s a good idea to expend a few minutes each day checking this job board since you’ll find fresh listings for independent writing and editing positions. Although entry-level positions are occasionally available (and occasionally customers may even train you to write for them), the positions are primarily geared for intermediate to advanced writers. As a result, the majority of opportunities start at $0.05 per word.

It’s crucial that you apply right away if you come across a position here that appeals to you. Writers from all around the world congregate here to locate their next employment in addition to business owners from all over posting positions.

What is Textbroker?

One of the major freelance writing job boards for content writers is Texbroker, which is also where many writers began their freelancing careers. Anyone in the US can easily register and begin writing. You are in charge of determining when and how you work after you have an account. Starting with lower-paying projects, you can progress to higher-paying ones while still getting paid weekly. You can also create enduring relationships with clients while on this journey.

Reasons to Consider Leaving Textbroker

There are many explanations why you might wish to investigate Textbroker alternatives, even though it’s a great location for independent writers to start. One of the primary motivations is that you won’t make as much money with some of these other sites since the pay rate, which starts at 1.5 cents per word ($15 for 1,000 words), is lower. If you don’t reside in the U.S., you might want to look at Textbroker alternatives because it exclusively accepts writers from the United States[1].

Making Money With Freelance Writing Platforms Like Textbroker

In the end, you could discover that writing articles for yourself is simpler than writing for other people. When you have assistance studying as much as you can about SEO, starting a blog isn’t that difficult. The Affiliate Lab steps into the scene at this point. We’ll provide you all the knowledge you need to produce content that ranks highly in search engines.

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