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Best 8 Solution To Fix Sim Not Provisioned Error

Sim not provisioned are little chips that function as a connecting medium between your cellular phone and your provider. It is configured to help your carrier recognize your cellular phone account with certain info. And eventually, you are allowed to make calls and to utilize the mobile web.

Best 8 Solution To Fix Sim Not Provisioned Error

In this article, you can know about sim not provisioned here are the details below;

Now, suppose your gadget is revealing “SIM not provisioned” on Android. In that case, it symbolizes that the connection to the carrier network cannot be established or perhaps, your carrier isn’t able to determine your cellular phone account.

 Part 1. Why does the mistake “SIM not provisioned MM # 2” turn up?

There can be various reasons behind the turn up that reads “SIM not provisioned” on Android. But generally, it most likely impacts the users who have registered a brand-new SIM card. If you get to experience this problem in other circumstances or if the SIM is not working in Android, then the problem is with the SIM card and must be replaced. Anyways, here is a list of scenarios when the “SIM not provisioned” mistake might bother you.

  •  – You got a brand-new SIM card for your new phone.
  •  – You are moving your contacts into the new SIM card.
  •  – In case the carrier network company’s permission server is unavailable.
  •  – Possibly, you run out the reach of the carrier protection area and that too, without active strolling contract.
  •  – Though brand-new SIM cards work perfectly. But it is often needed to get your SIM card activated due to security factors.

Simply in case you have not bought any brand-new SIM card, and the one you were utilizing was working fine previously, then the most probable reasons behind it could be listed below:

  •  – If your SIM card is too old, perhaps it may have gone dead; attempt changing it.

The SIM card was possibly not properly placed into the slot, or there might be some dirt between the SIM and smartphone pins.

Another factor could be that your SIM card got deactivated by your carrier service provider as it could have been locked to a specific phone. Now, if you insert such a SIM card to another gadget or a new gadget even, you might get to witness a message that checks out “SIM not valid.”

 Part 2. 8 Solutions to fix the error “SIM not provisioned MM # 2”.

 2.1 One click to repair the “SIM not provisioned MM # 2” mistake on Android.

Without taking any, even more, let’s straightly get to the first and the simplest way to fix SIM not provisioned concern on Android. Whether it is SIM not provisioned on Android or SIM not working in Android or your device stuck in a boot loop or black/white screen of death. The most probable factor for these errors is Android OS corruption.

 2.3 Insert the SIM card correctly.

If your SIM card was working appropriately until yet, there is a good possibility that the SIM card may have moved a bit from its actual place. Ultimately, there is poor contact between the SIM card pins and the circuit. Try inserting your SIM card correctly with the following steps.

  •  – Power off your Android device, and with the help of Q pin, eject the SIM card holder from the SIM slot of your device.
  •  – Now, grab a soft rubber pencil eraser and gently rub it in on the gold pins of the SIM card to clean them appropriately. Then, with the help of a soft cloth, clean away the rubber residue from the SIM card.
  •  – Next, press the SIM back into the SIM card holder properly and push it back into the SIM slot now.
  •  – Turn your gadget back on and look if your SIM not provisioned on the Android concern is dealt with or not.

 2.4 Activate the SIM card.

Generally, when you buy a new SIM card, it gets automatically activated within 24 hr of being plugged into a new gadget. However, if that’s not happening in your case and you’re wondering how to activate a SIM card, use the three choices listed below to make it possible for activation.

  •  – Call your provider service provider.
  •  – Send out an SMS.
  •  – Visit your carrier’s site and try to find the activation page over it.

 Note: The previously mentioned alternatives are straightforward and fast ways to enable activation. It depends upon your provider network, whether they support them.

 2.5 Contact your carrier.

Even if your SIM isn’t triggered, get another working device to make a telephone call to your carrier or network. Make sure to explain the entire situation and the error message to them. Be patient while they examine the concern. It may eat up a heck load of time or may get solved in a few minutes that totally depend upon the intricacy of the problem.

 2.6 Try the other SIM card slot.

A yet another reason SIM not operating in Android can be because the SIM card slot may have gone damaged. Thanks to the dual SIM technology, you do not have to hurry right away to get it to inspect or repair. You can just rule out this possibility by ejecting the SIM card from its initial SIM slot and then replacing it with the other SIM card slot. If this service did work out for you, then it is apparent that the issue was with the SIM card slot that got corrupted. And thus, it was setting off SIM not reacting concern.

 2.7 Try the SIM card in other phones.

Or just in case you have actually still no joy and the SIM not provisioned on Android message is troubling you. Attempt making use of another Android gadget. Eject the SIM card from the gadget, which is creating problems, and try plugging it into other smart device gadgets. Possibly, this will let you understand whether the issue is with your device only or with the SIM card itself.

 2.8 Try a new SIM card.

Still, questioning how to fix SIM not provisioned? Possibly, absolutely nothing worked for you, right? Well, on that note, you need to head to your provider shop and demand a new SIM card. Also, notify them about the “SIM not provisioned MM2” error; they will be able to execute proper diagnostics over your old SIM card and ideally get it fixed. Or else, they’ll equip you with a brand new SIM card and swap the brand-new SIM card into your gadget and get it activated in the meantime. Eventually, restoring the normal functioning of your gadget.

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