7 Best Pastebin Alternatives and Similar Sites

7 Best Pastebin Alternatives and Similar Sites. These Pastebin alternatives make it simple to write, paste, and share code or text blocks with others online., as its name suggests, was the very first text storing website.

It’s a tool for quickly saving and exchanging script or text with others via the internet. If you don’t like Pastebin, there are lots of other options available on the internet.

Let’s have a peek at some of the finest Pastebin alternatives for saving text and script. We’ll look at their major highlights and why they’re better than the popular service.

What Is Pastebin, Exactly?

Let’s take a short glance as to what Pastebin is just in case you’ve forgotten why some are interested in discovering sites similar to Pastebin.

Pastebin emerged in the mid-2000s as a method to quickly exchange code chunks with correct formatting while without interrupting the flow of conversations. IRC  chat rooms were much less sophisticated than contemporary chat applications like Discord or WhatsApp at the time.

In such a conversation, posting a 50-line piece of code would clearly interrupt the flow for everybody. Pastebin sites emerged as a result, allowing you to paste a large block of code complete with simple syntax and appropriate formatting. You may publish a link in your conversation when you’re ready to share. It was a fantastic option since the URL was just one line long.

If their IM program doesn’t allow appropriate formatting, users still utilize services like Pastebin to exchange code. You may also use it to transmit a significant quantity of debugging output while seeking online assistance. Lists of dark web connections and hackers releasing stolen information, such as passwords, are two more frequent applications for Pastebin. is a good service, however, it hides some of its features behind a Pro membership and isn’t renowned for its security. Here are a few Pastebin alternatives to consider.

7 Best Pastebin Alternatives and Similar Sites

In this article, you can know about 7 Best Pastebin Alternatives and Similar Sites here are the details below;

1. ControlC


This Pastebin alternative, formerly called Tinypaste, supports dead easy sharing and is excellent for non-code applications. After you’ve given your paste a title, you’ll have a few formatting choices. Text may be bolded, italicized, underlined, and struck through, and code highlighting can be enabled. ControlC also allows you to embed YouTube videos and change the text colors.

You won’t find the latest public pastes down the part of the site, like Pastebin. By default, all cut paste is concealed from google search, and you may secure your paste with a passcode if you like. While you may establish an account to keep track of your submissions, it is not required.

You can change the page number of the copy or even generate style based on the source when you access a ControlC link. ControlC is a simple alternative to Pastebin. It may not have a lot of bells and whistles, but it suffices when you only need to communicate a few lines of text.

2. Ghostbin


Give Ghostbin a try if you really want to put some code into a beautiful interface. It’s a code Pastebin alternative where the whole site’s interface is an interactive text field, making it aesthetically appealing. Also check Dribbble Alternatives

Input or copy and paste you chose to share, then select the language from the selection box at the upper right. There are several options here, with the more popular ones towards the top.

You may instruct the program to retain your language and expiry choices by using the Options button. If you want to maintain a record of your pastes, you may create an account.

The Expiration icon allows you to choose how late the paste will be visible. Aside from Always, you have a range of options from 10 min to a fortnight. Click the Lock button to add a password if you wish to encrypt the paste.

To save your paste, use Ctrl + S or click the Save located in the upper corner after giving it a name. Send the resultant URL to others so they may share the paste. You may then see the source code, save this as a document, or give someone else permission to modify it using the new top-right choices. In case you regret your decision, there’s also an Edit button.

There are no advertisements, CAPTCHAs, or registration requirements for this service. It’s a straightforward and aesthetically appealing Pastebin site. is a free web-based program that lets you write, upload, and exchange text with people all over the globe. It is a site similar to, and it delivers all of the same services as, as well as some new ones. The site is mostly used by developers to exchange their source code. This is another Pastebin Alternatives.

You may simply write and submit any code or plain text on our platform with no restrictions. To publish and exchange your paper with others, it needed authentication and other private information, much as other comparable sites.

The editor has an encryption function, which is one of the most appealing features. This functionality enables you to quickly encrypt your code using a password that distinguishes it from others. It also offers a number of characteristics that set it apart from the competition.

3. ZeroBin


It’s not like all pasting sites are all the same, as we’re seeing. ZeroBin distinguishes itself as a free site similar to Pastebin that prioritizes privacy. Choose Normal Text, Code, or Markdown from the Format selection at the top. Then, in the editor, type in your content.

You’ll find many choices for controlling how you share at the top. The Expires column is limited to 1 week by standard, but you may alter it to as low as 5 mins or never.

If you choose Burn after reading, the text will vanish after the URL is initiated one time. You can also choose Open discussion to allow others to make comments on the pasting. You secure important pastes, be sure to use a Password. This is another Pastebin Alternatives. Also check DAKboard Alternatives

The Preview option in ZeroBin allows you to preview how your output will appear before sharing it. When you’re finished, click the Post button to obtain a shared Link for your pasting. There are no advertisements or other annoyances here.

According to the site, the website has no information of copied data, therefore it’s the ideal option for sharing potentially sensitive information. There are, of course, safer methods to exchange passwords and other sensitive information online.

This website provides client-side encrypting for your messages, which acts as a kind of fortification. This provides a safer workplace, which is particularly important for individuals who work with sensitive information. ZeroBin provides you with the kind of security where the site is completely unaware of the information of your transmitted text snippets. Even in the possibility of a network breach or seizure, you can be confident that your content will be safe. It has a 2MB per paste size restriction and a feature that allows you to encrypt and decode your information on the internet using 256-bit AES encryption.

4. GitHub Gist

GitHub Gist

Gist Github is indeed a similar site to Pastebin tool that enables you to generate code snippets in any computer language & share them with the community. It’s a huge repository of applications that you may create and share with others in the Github network. It’s a competitor to Pastebin that includes all of the same tools & services as Pastebin, as well as some additional capabilities that make it better for coders. This is another Pastebin Alternatives.

Users may access an ever-growing collection of source code for almost any reason they can imagine because of the Gist community. Users may utilize this platform to upload additional coding in order to assist others. Every one of your Gists comes with a link that you can simply share on your website, in forums, in emails, and anywhere else you can share a link.

You may also insert the code entry straight into your website, and some forums enable you to embed code for examples. Gist Github is a sophisticated web-based tool that enables code samples to be created and distributed from virtually any device with internet connection. It also offers a number of important characteristics that set it apart from the competition.

5. Hastebin


Haste is the simplest alternative to Pastebin; the UI is very simple, with just a few functional buttons. It also saves everything you paste and provides a transmitted URL so you can email it to someone. Unlike certain paste tools, it will not display advertisements in any way; in fact, there is no space for anything other than the paste area.

You may also utilize Paste bin out of a terminal if you wish. It has made it very simple to do. It has a lot more features than that. Hastebin, on the other hand, does not guarantee your privacy. It assumes no responsibility for your information.

As a result, you must paste at your own risk. However, it stops search engines from crawling your material. Pastes will be kept for a maximum of 30 days. You may also set it up on your network.

Along with being a helpful tool, Hastebin is a beautiful sight to see. Its straightforward user interface makes pasting and saving content to get a unique Link for distribution with friends a breeze. This is another Pastebin Alternatives.

It should be remembered that anything you post will remain in it for 30 days after your last view. It may also be deployed simply behind your system and utilized as an accessible solution.

6. Ideone

Ideone is a sophisticated site similar to Pastebin, compiler, and debugger that enables you to build and run source code in over 60 high-level programming languages. It’s a comprehensive solution with many built-in features that make managing your code a breeze.

The platform is really simple to use; you just choose a computer language, add the source code along with any optional input information, and you’re ready to go. Ideone was created with both professionals and novices in mind, and it includes a large number of example codes that function properly and find ways to resolve your main issues.

The platform included a Sphere Engine system that enables you to run applications on a distant server in a safe manner while maintaining the full runtime environment. It also features a strong editor that sets it apart from the competition.

7. JSFiddle

JSFiddle is indeed a site similar to Pastebin for testing and displaying HTML, Javascript, and Source code snippets produced by users. It’s also described as a JavaScript workshop on the internet that allows web developers to modify their code and view the results in real-time. This is another Pastebin Alternatives.

Not just JavaScript and its variations, but also Rss and Html codes are supported by the platform. It also encourages popular JavaScript technologies such as JQuery, ReactiveJS, and AngularJS, among others. With the assistance of this platform, you can simply share your programming with people all around the globe who can improve it.

To use this platform to develop your code, you must first sign up with just an email account and any other necessary information. After successful registration, you will have full access to all features.

Unlike all other major websites, it has important advantages such as being completely free to use, allowing you to modify your script in real-time, and allowing you to share any code with one another. JSFiddle allows you to quickly test bits of JavaScript/CSS/HTML code while also allowing you to use additional libraries such as jQuery.


So, there were several Pastebin options. Actually, they aren’t alternatives, but each of the aforementioned options has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. As a result, you may now make your selection based on your requirements.

However, Ghostbin is a better option for everyone especially because it offers a great user interface. The majority of the aforementioned options cater to a certain set of professionals.

So pass them along to your fellow programmers; they’ll appreciate it! Do you have any other suggestions? Don’t forget to share if you come across any of them.

We hope that these Pastebin alternatives have given you enough choices to choose the one that best suits your requirements. Many of these sites are available to use, however some of their creators would appreciate contributions, so be sure to contribute back if you’re happy with their work.

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