Top 20 Best Reelgood Alternatives In 2022

Best Reelgood Alternatives In December 2022 will be described in this article. On the Reelgood platform, you can look for, follow, search for, and watch movies & TV shows from your preferred streaming services. Simply told, Reelgood provides a listing of TV shows, movies, and streaming options. On the website, a variety of subscription services are listed, including Netflix, HBO, and Prime Video. Additionally, it shows sites that offer free streaming, including Crackle and TubiTV.

You may follow movies and television shows on Reelgood in order to pick up where you left off watching. Additionally, an iPhone or Android can access it. We did discover a few limitations with this platform, though. For instance, it mostly functions in the US and the UK and does not permit downloading or streaming of movies. Exist any Reelgood alternatives that let you keep track of movies and TV shows, select a streaming service from a list, watch or download your preferred content, and even share it with friends?

Top 20 Best Reelgood Alternatives In December 2022

Top 20 Best Reelgood Alternatives In December 2022 are explained here.

1. Stremio


You may watch your selected movies & TV shows on Stremio, our first Reelgood replacement, whenever and whenever you choose.

You can use this platform to locate, look up, explore, and organise your video content, which includes TV and web channels.

By exporting and synchronising your Stremio calendar, you can keep track of all the movies you’re watching and remain up to date on upcoming premieres and new television shows.

With Stremio, you can cast your videos to a bigger screen with just one click as opposed to Reelgood.

Stremio’s user-friendly interface makes signing up for the service simple.

Furthermore, it strictly respects your privacy and is safe.

First off, the website just collects the information necessary to create an account, including a name and email address, and does not save any further personal data.

Instead, those who are interested can register in Guest Mode without revealing any personal information.

Stremio is also an open-source programme, allowing anybody to view, critique, and audit the code.

Numerous operating systems, including Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac, are compatible with the platform.

2. JustWatch


With JustWatch, all of your chosen streaming providers are consolidated onto a single platform.

Streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, and others are available on this platform.

You may search across several streaming services at once with the app.

You can also create a watchlist of films from different streaming sites.

Using a single list, you can keep track of the TV series and movies you wish to watch on all of your devices.

Discover the newest additions to your favourite streaming providers and receive personalised recommendations.

JustWatch is accessible in more than 100 nations, in contrast to Reelgood, which is largely used in the US and the UK.

Both the iOS and Android smartphone apps from JustWatch are available for free.

The website provides recommendations for films and television programmes.

You can also keep up by entering your your address and password.

3. Simkl


Simkl is yet another Reelgood replacement that automatically keeps track of your favourite motion pictures and television shows.

The website currently incorporates popular streaming services including Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime, and Hulu.

So, if you’re not sure where to look, just type the title of the movie or TV show into Simkl’s search bar.

Based on your tastes and watching history, Simkl will keep track of what you watch and let you know when new movies and TV episodes are launched.

There will be some of the episodes that you missed because of your busy schedule.

Simkl, as opposed to Reelgood, allows you to browse through the profiles of your friends, making it simple to discover new and intriguing movies to watch.

You won’t need to ask your pals for recommendations any longer if they have a talent for recommending excellent films and TV shows. This is another reelgood alternatives. Also check letterboxd Alternatives

The viewpoints and rankings of your friends could also be trusted.

After downloading the software for free, you must install it in order to use it.

4. Yidio


Yidio makes it simple to locate where to watch movies and TV shows by bringing all of your streaming providers together under one roof.

There are other streaming options, including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Showtime.

Yidio is a profitable business that is rapidly growing, with more than 15 million monthly users.

You can access content from more than 180 different content providers via its highly regarded Android, iOS, and web apps.

In contrast to Reelgood, it has robot fleets that keep an eye on these websites and provide suggestions for movies or TV shows depending on your most recent search.

You can add your favourite TV shows to your watchlist to receive notifications when new episodes are released.

You can also create a profile that keeps track of your favourite television shows.

It will contain a personalised TV schedule for recently released episodes, as well as daily reminders given to you via your feed, email, or push alerts.

Amazingly, the website maintains user interest by disseminating news about gossip about famous people, interviews, new episodes, movie premieres, behind-the-scenes information, and social media trends.

Their writings can be utilised to assess the calibre of motion pictures and television programmes.

5. 123Movies


123Movies is the greatest option if you’re looking for a website where you can quickly search for and obtain the content you want without having to register or pay a monthly fee.

The app does not require downloading or installation on your smartphone.

The website provides access to popular streaming providers including HBO, Netflix, and others’ television shows and movies. This is another reelgood alternatives.

The platform enables you to stream your videos online.

You won’t have to spend as much time searching for movies online because to its user-friendly design, which makes it simple to use for newcomers.

Furthermore, 123Movies has a sizable library of films and TV shows that it has assembled from other streaming services.

Despite having thousands of films in its database already, they constantly add new and interesting material.

The best thing is that, although offering a wide variety of films and TV shows, it won’t cause any devices’ visual or aural quality to diminish.

You may also always reduce or alter the quality if you wish to broadcast utilising a slower internet connection.

6. FlickZee


FlickZee is a reputable streaming service.

It’s really simple to sign up and the platform is completely free.

A variety of streaming services, like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime, provide an easy-to-find, follow, and watchable selection of movies and TV series.

To keep you interested, the website also provides a blog section with the most recent details regarding rumours, celebrities, and movies.

The website goes over and above to provide comprehensive information on user ratings and comments, in contrast to Reelgood.

You can choose whether or not to watch the movie in this manner.

Additionally, movies can be downloaded for free, rented, or bought.

7. GoMovies


GoMovies, one of the best Reelgood alternatives, offers a simple and quick way to access all of your preferred movies and TV shows for no cost.

The best thing is that no registration or account creation is required.

The desired movie’s name must be input, the website must be accessed, and then the search button must be selected.

The video library on the internet is segmented into a number of specialised categories to make it easier for you to find movies.

You can study about any genre, including sci-fi, thrillers, action movies, love stories, and comedies.

Despite the website’s huge range of information, the audio and video quality is still fairly good. Also check  Moviefone Alternatives

The fact that this website offers streaming of foreign films gives it an advantage over Reelgood.

Use of GoMovies is secure and authorised.

The forum owns all of the content that is seen.

Samsung, iPhones, Linux, Windows, Android, and Chromecast are all compatible as well as Smart TVs.

8. Vudu


Vudu offers a unique approach to manage your digital movie library.

Making a list of your favourite TV series and movies so that you can easily access them is entirely up to you.

Currently, they provide thousands more films that can be watched for free without a membership in addition to over 200,000 new releases and TV episodes that can be rented or purchased.

There are also the most 4K UHD movies to choose from.

It would be fantastic to be able to buy DVDs at Walmart and take digital copies with you, but Reelgood does not offer this capability. This is another reelgood alternatives.

You can continue if the email addresses linked to your Walmart account and Vudu account are the same.

It is a trustworthy and objective source of guidance.

It has a rating and review from Common Sense Media, which emphasises it and offers advice from a parent’s perspective.

This may assist you in selecting the best movie or TV show for your child to watch.

Additionally, the Kids Mode feature, which makes use of Common Sense Media’s age-level recommendations, allows you to limit the browsing and viewing of the movies in your library.

You can choose to add age-appropriate free titles as well.

By scanning the barcodes on Blu-ray or DVD discs, you may turn them into digital movies on Vudu.

This makes DVDs unnecessary because you can watch your movies wherever you go.

The fact that converted videos retain their 4K resolution is the nicest feature.

The software is open for free download from the Apple, Google Play, and Microsoft stores.

9. Plex


You may watch free movies and TV series on Plex from anywhere in the world.

On the platform, your home screen will be refreshed with the newest streaming discoveries that you have personally chosen.

The settings for Plex can be modified so that you can add the streaming services you use most frequently.

More than 50,000 digital entertainment items from renowned movie studios including Lionsgate, Warner Brothers, and Crackle are included.

There is no cost or requirement for a subscription.

More than 250 TV stations can also be streamed.

Plex features a blog section where you can read the most recent news on movies, celebrities, and other topics, in contrast to Reelgood.

The tool is easy to use and is compatible with well-known gadgets like Apple, Android, and Smart TVs.

Plex makes sure you can resume watching a movie if you run out of time to finish it.

It also helps in organising, classifying, and saving media materials (videos, music, and pictures).

Find the best Plex alternatives right here.

10. Zona


Zona is another free Reelgood substitute if you’re seeking for a place to watch recent releases, box office hits, and animated films.

In contrast to Reelgood, it enables movie downloads.

This is another reelgood alternatives. The quality of the video, audio, and subtitles is also yours to determine.

You can always stop watching a TV show and pick up where you left off.

Currently, 150 TV channels, 10,000 TV series, and more than 90,000 films are available on this free service.

The nicest part about them is that they are all live broadcasts on various news, sports, education, adult, and kidvid channels.

In addition, it offers more than 1400 games for download and play.

To ensure you don’t miss any future television series, movies, or sporting events, it is designed to give you reminders when you subscribe.

11. PlayOn


PlayOn is the best option if you prefer to download your favourite TV series & movies from well-known streaming services than watching them online.

Your smartphone will download and record your chosen cloud content.

The validity of downloaded recordings never expires.

PlayOn lets you find and download movies, while Reelgood just lets you search for them and watch them via streaming services.

The most popular streaming providers, including HBO, Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Video, have all been incorporated.

The platform provides a seamless movie, and the adverts are automatically skipped.

Downloading it from the Apple Store or Playstore is free.

12. SelectTV


Free channels and films are available on an app called SelectTV.

It serves as a tool to save users from wasting time looking for movies on various streaming providers.

It functions similarly to Reelgood by combining more than 500 free TV channels and movie streaming providers, such as Tubi, Crackle, and Pluto, into a single SmartGuide where you can look up your favourite show.

You may manage TV shows that include pay-per-view and subscription options as well.

By purchasing a membership, you may easily add content from any premium service to SelectTV’s SmartGuide.

However, SelectTV has a $29.99 one-time membership plan.

It provides a seven-day free trial after joining up.

You will also get a free Cloud DVR service. This is another reelgood alternatives.

Find the best Emby alternatives right here.

13. Fandor


This is another Reelgood replacement you shouldn’t miss if you like and are looking for independent movies, international classics, and documentaries. Also check Europix Alternatives

Free options are available from Fandor.

Fandor collaborates with independent filmmakers, film festivals, and distributors as opposed to Reelgood, which gathers content from streaming platforms.

You can also create the following movie you watch on Fandor.

To promote the film business and build a global community of movie aficionados, they collaborate with various organisations.

By means of Keyframe, their digital magazine, they are pleased to promote perspectives from around the world in the film industry.

Keyframe provides fresh viewpoints on movies to assist viewers reach higher heights.

You only need to click on the desired category to see movies arranged by their release year, popularity, length, title, and rating.

You may find out more about performers and recommended movies in its editorial section.

Reelgood does not allow you to download movies to your tablet or smartphone, however Fandor does.

14. TV Time

TV Time

TV Time is a free service for keeping track of the dramas and comedies on television networks.

It is among the most comprehensive tracking and organising systems for movies.

You can comment on posts on this social network and keep track of your media consumption.

In contrast to Reelgood, TV Time can help you choose the appropriate movies and TV shows to watch.

15. IMDb


The largest and most well-known database, IMDb, has details on every film, television show, video game, home video, and piece of online streaming media.

If you want more details about a certain drama or movie, head over to IMDb.

IMDb, as opposed to Reelgood, offers authentic details about the TV show or movie, including actor biographies, plot summaries, star ratings, and viewer reviews.

IMDb is freely available on both Apple and Android devices. This is another reelgood alternatives.

Since it offers information considerably quicker, its website is mostly used.

16. Trakt


Your favourite TV shows and movies may be found and shared on Trakt.

It provides links to hundreds of TV networks and streaming services that are accessible in 110 different countries, including BBC America, STARZ, Netflix, iTunes, Hulu, and MOTV.

You can rate, comment on, and suggest changes to any movie on Trakt.

It enables you to keep your device synchronised across several apps.

Installing the plugin and connecting your Trakt account are the only steps required.

Start scrobbling to keep track of your favourite programmes.

You can follow other people from the community using Trakt.

You are regarded as buddies if they comply.

Go to a person’s profile page and choose Follow from the menu if you want to follow them.

If the individual has a public profile, you will start following them right away.

Although the app is only available for Apple devices, the website is freely accessible across all platforms.

17. Moviebase


One of the top Reelgood alternatives is Moviebase, a popular website for discovering and following movies and TV shows.

Its major community database, TMDB, offers reviews, suggestions, trailers, and actor information for films.

You can peruse their catalogues, including Disney and Marvel Universe, with the aid of the site.

Additionally, it gives you access to content on Disney+, Netflix, or Amazon Prime.

You can use this app, which is free, to get movie reviews and choose what to watch next.

Moviebase gives you the freedom and power to customise your home screen with the aid of your card categories.

In contrast to Reelgood, Moviebase is used in more than 180 countries and contains extensive multilingual material that is completely supported in 39 languages.

The application is available on Play Store for no cost.

18. SeriesGuide


Your favourite films and television shows are catalogued by SeriesGuide. This is another reelgood alternatives.

It uses the extensive TV show library on TMDb to assist the display of new episodes on your homepage.

It offers access to the huge TMDb movie library and lists movies that are now showing in theatres.

When compared to Reelgood, it offers visual indicators that make it simple to track remaining episodes and detect unwatched episodes.

Finally, you may sync the episodes and movies you’re watching by creating a free SeriesGuide Cloud account or connecting your Trakt account.

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19. MovieTracker


You can keep track of the movies you’ve seen, want to see, have purchased, etc. with MovieTracker.

You may organise your film library and make your own movie lists.

It enables you to access statistics about your lists and information about each actor or movie, in contrast to Reelgood. This is another reelgood alternatives.

MovieTracker is free and accessible on the App Store, and it is also straightforward and quick to use.

20. Letterboxd


It’s free to use Letterboxd to find movies, share your opinions on them, or keep track of the ones you’ve already seen.

To find out what your friends are doing, you can follow them.

Additionally, you’ll create lists or collections of any content you come across and keep a wishlist of the movies you want to see.

This is something that Reelgood does not offer.

You can use the tool without creating an account to browse, but you’ll need to do so if you want to watch any movies or take part in other activities.


Stremio is the greatest Reelgood substitute in our opinion.

You can use the website to find and watch your favourite movies and TV episodes.

Casting your videos with a single click enables you to view them on a wider screen.

It is a terrific choice because it also functions with many other gadgets.

Even the design is straightforward and easy to understand, making it easy to register for the site.

To register on the website, you are not need to submit any personal data.

Even the Guest Mode option, which takes no personal information from you, lets you sign in.

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