Top Best 12 Letterboxd Alternatives In 2022

Best 12 letterboxd Alternatives In December will be described in tis article. Letterboxd is a social network platform where you can express your thoughts and feelings about movies. It is an alternative to IMDb that provides all of the core functions as well as some unique features. You can simply explore popular, highly rated, and most anticipated films using our platform, which includes trailers, ratings, cast, genres, and popular reviews.

It began on a basic level and today has over 20 million users worldwide who use it to select the greatest and highest rated movies. This also allows you to read reviews and access all of the popular lists, as well as read and comment on the lists and reviews.


  • Track movies
  • User rating
  • List management
  • Movie Database

Top Best 12 letterboxd Alternatives In December 2022

Top Best 12 letterboxd Alternatives In December 2022 are explained here.


Hbomax is a premium streaming platform that brings entertainment in the form of must-see TV series, exclusive Max originals, blockbuster movies, and so much more. This is another letterboxd alternatives. Also check M4uFree Alternatives

lets users have unlimited admission to thousands of hours of enjoyment on laptops, computers, and mobile phones.

You can find your next favourite from one of its most sleeked hubs including Cartoon network Collection, DC, Sesame Workshop, Classics curated by TCM, and various others.

2. Fandango


Fandango Media is an American ticketing firm that sells movie tickets through its website and mobile app, as well as a source of television and streaming media content, for example, through its subsidiaries Flixster,, and Rotten Tomatoes.

You may save time by utilising your Android mobile for easy, quick, and contactless entrance with Mobile Tickets.

Using this site, you can view the most recent trailers and Rotten Tomatoes ratings.

With ticketing to more than 33,000 screens countrywide, you can…


AllMovie is a website that provides information on movies, television shows, and performers.

RhythmOne owns and the AllMovie consumer brand as of 2015. is a free website that relies on advertising money to keep the lights turned on.

One of the simplest methods to locate a film’s title is to look up the actors that appeared in it.

You can check an actor’s filmography on the search button, and you should be able to discover the film you’re…

4. Reelgood


Reelgood – Streaming Guide & Remote software assists customers in making live streaming simple by simply connecting their mobile phone to a large screen and picking the material that best suits their needs.

You may add a movie to your favourites list by tapping on it and then choosing your preferred online streaming service for more amusement. This is another letterboxd alternatives.

Reelgood app includes a built-in TV remote, allowing users to adjust the channel, volume, and brightness level and mute the sound simply by…

5. Flixster


Flixster is a community-based entertainment web platform where you may discover new things to do for fun.

The app allows you to search for movies, read user reviews, and watch television series for free.

It is basically a residential zone for entertainment aficionados where they may express their opinions on any TV show or movie.

It not only allows you to see new movie trailers, but it also informs you about the release date.

Flixster provides a web-based solution for…

6. Simkl


Simkl is a complete web-based platform built specifically for streaming fans who want to track what they watch, find new series and movies, and receive notifications, among other things.

You may use this to automatically track what you’re watching. This is another letterboxd alternatives.

It also has fundamental functions including radio, watching all the latest movies, voting, reading reviews, and a simple UI. Also check WatchAnimeMovie Alternatives

It is a comprehensive solution that works with all of your favourite media servers, services, and media players, such as PLEX, KODI,…

7. MovieLens


MovieLens is a web-based recommender system and virtual community that suggests movies to its users based on their film tastes through collaborative filtering of members’ movie ratings and movie reviews.

It has around 11 million ratings for approximately 8500 films.

MovieLens is a website that provides non-commercial, individualised movie suggestions.

Rate movies to create a personalised taste profile, and then MovieLens recommends other films for you to see.

Rating data sets from the MovieLens website have been compiled and made…

8. is one of the most well-established community-driven TV and movie databases. This is another letterboxd alternatives.

TheTVDB is a thorough and accurate, yet economical entertainment metadata system, with content metadata accessible for 130,000+ TV Series and 310,000+ movies. is a community-driven television show database.

The site’s users provided all of the text and graphics, and the site utilises moderated editing to maintain its own standards. is a television scraper.

The site is a big open database that anybody can edit and provides…

9. Hollywood


Hollywood helps you to keep track of all your favourite movies and TV shows directly on your phone screen so you can view them later.

Users may visit the news area to broaden their knowledge by reading the most recent news from the film industry, and they can also communicate the news to their family members.

The programme allows you to sort the list of movies using various criteria such as genre, release date, duration, and many more.

10. Rotten Tomatoes

Rotten Tomatoes

Rotten Tomatoes is a movie and television programme review aggregation website based in the United States.

The site claims to have the greatest library of movies and TV series in the world, which you may freely browse and share with others.

It is an alternate site to Metacritic that provides comparable functions with a fresh UI and some unique features that make it better than others.

The website includes detailed information about each movie and TV programme, such as the…

11. Metacritic


Metacritic is one of the most popular websites for aggregating reviews of video games, movies, TV series, music, books, and other media.

The site is well-known as the most important online review aggregation area for the video game enterprise, and you may use it from anywhere in the globe. This is another letterboxd alternatives.

It includes an extract from each review as well as a link to the original source.

The colour scheme of red, yellow, and green summarises the recommendations of the critics.

12. TMDb


TMDb Movies & TV Shows app enables you maintain track of all your favourite movies and TV shows directly on your phone screen so you can view them later. Also check KatmovieHD Movies

Users may visit the news area to broaden their knowledge by reading the most recent news from the film industry, and they can also communicate the news to their family members.

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