Top 19 Best Pricing Consultants to Work with In 2023

This post will explain Pricing consultants are experts who help with businesses to make sure pricing are fair and optimize income from goods and services. Boston Consulting Group, Homburg & Partner, and Iris Pricing Solutions are a few examples. These experts’ job is to provide organizations with tactical pricing advice that will encourage organizational growth as a whole.

Top 19 Best Pricing Consultants to Work with In 2023

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These consultants are comparable to payroll consultants, HR consultants, and consultants for workplace culture.


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Pricing consultants’ directory

The success of a business can be strongly impacted by pricing decisions. Businesses can determine the appropriate price for their goods and services with the aid of pricing consultants. Here is a list of the top consultants who provide pricing solutions, including Roland Berger, L.E.K., and Strategy&.

1. Bain & Company

Bain & Company is a highly recommended option for businesses searching for pricing strategy consultants because of its international reputation. The company’s primary objective is to provide ambitious change-makers with diverse consulting services to define the future. In order for businesses to set the proper price and take advantage of all revenue opportunities, Bain & Company assists in the development of dynamic pricing capabilities. For instance, businesses can find strategies to boost immediate revenues by using B2B pricing services.

The team of specialists at Bain & Company can support firms as they enhance numerous aspects. These capabilities comprise tools and capacities for analysis, pricing establishing, price strategy, operating model, and price obtaining. Additionally, businesses can spot communication gaps and connect their pricing strategy to customer interactions. The business has a thorough strategy for pricing that takes into account client segmentation, bargaining, quick innovation cycles, and intricate pricing models. Over 1,500 pricing strategy projects have been completed successfully by Bain & Company globally.

2. Putnam

Putnam is a great option for pricing consultants because it was established to offer traditional strategy consulting. The company assists companies in creating comprehensive pricing capabilities and strategies that promote overall expansion. Putnam provides pricing solutions like value maximization, economic stakeholder tool development, and product or service value communication. The company collaborates with a variety of enterprises, including leading pharmaceutical firms from around the world. Over 200 consultants work for Putnam in the US, the UK, and Ireland. Also check  Management Consulting Companies.

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3. Roland Berger

Roland Berger concentrates on assisting the global community in mastering business techniques to ensure sustainable growth. The firm’s pricing consulting services will help businesses build solid business plans, consider fresh ideas, and take use of cutting-edge technology. The company’s expertise can assist businesses in choosing an effective pricing plan. Building data-driven and value-based pricing strategies is another area of competence for Roland Berger. The implementation of price increase campaigns, the improvement of monetization models, and the assessment of pricing tools are further noteworthy alternatives that organizations should look for. The company offers price negotiation instruction to businesses looking for long-term solutions. Over 3,000 people work for the 1967-founded business, which has more than 50 offices around the world.

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4. Homburg & Partner

Solutions for sales, pricing, and strategy are offered by Homburg & Partner. With a proven track record of doing so, Homburg & Partner can boost market orientation, market share, sales, and profitability. Businesses can achieve market success that is sustainable, generate significant value for price and sales management, and hit growth targets by implementing strategic pricing solutions. The business has more than 20 years of expertise working with private equity investors, family foundations, and capital market institutions. Additionally, Homburg & Partner works with companies in a variety of sectors, including the pharmaceutical, chemical, and industrial goods industries.

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5. Boston Consulting Group

Boston Consulting Group, established in 1963, collaborates with companies to address the most difficult pricing issues. The business collaborates with organizations to create a long-lasting competitive edge and generate beneficial impact. A team of pricing specialists at Boston Consulting Group works with organizational leaders to develop procedures and skills and unleash the potential of pricing. The business begins by utilizing technology to improve internal capabilities. Additionally, businesses can seek advice on how to optimize packaging, use ecosystems, and provide the optimum incentives for their sales staff.

The Boston Consulting Group provides solutions for pricing strategy in the areas of B2B pricing, revenue growth management, and B2C pricing. The end user will be understood, and organizational leaders will learn how crucial it is to combine data and automation in their pricing.

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6. Simon-Kucher

Simon-Kucher, a rapidly expanding global consultancy that focuses on expanding firms using scientific approaches, was founded in 1985. Instead of employing short-term strategies, the organization utilizes a method that fosters long-term, sustainable growth. Simon-Kucher optimizes price, product, marketing, innovation, and sales to generate sustainable company pricing. For instance, rather than focusing solely on cost reduction, partnering organizations can accomplish better results by building trust, supporting one another, and fostering loyalty. Price differentiation, low-cost competitors, pricing models, and fair exchange for value are some examples of pricing strategies that businesses can request from Simon-Kucher. The organization assists businesses in developing strong internal pricing skills that complement their financial objectives and business plans.

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7. Oliver Wyman

Oliver Wyman collaborates with companies looking to maximize their margin expansion through radical changes. The company has a staff of professionals in pricing, marketing, and sales tactics who make use of their unique data skills and analytical insights. The company works with companies in a variety of industries, including the public sector, the automotive, financial, educational, and industrial products industries.

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8. L.E.K.

L.E.K. is a wise choice if you’re looking for pricing strategy consultants. The multinational consulting firm aids businesses in understanding pricing, maximizing it, and doing away with discounts as a sales tactic. With the help of L.E.K.’s consulting services, organizations may determine the relationships between pricing and performance. Market and competitive dynamics analysis, product and service qualities, and pricing models are a few of the pricing solutions that L.E.K. provides. Businesses can also pinpoint the reasons behind margin leakage, figure out how to enforce pricing guidelines, and create analytical tools with long-term pricing capabilities. The business adopts a strategy that emphasizes its extensive knowledge, thorough research, and long-term success.

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9. ZS

ZS uses data, technology, and science to support businesses in developing thoughtful and original solutions. The business employs consultants who use their knowledge to execute audacious ideas. As a result, companies may create value-driven strategies that concentrate on benefits for customers and a respectable return on investment. Analysis, strategy, architecture, and execution are examples of pricing-related services that organizations can seek. ZS serves a variety of industries, including healthcare, financial services, consumer products, private equity, and industrials, from its more than 35 offices across the world.

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10. Kearney

Leading international consulting business Kearney operates in more than 40 nations. A group of consultants at the partner-owned company are passionate about bringing creative transformation to organizations. Kearney offers solutions for pricing, including pricing strategy, product selection, and price setting. Monitoring, channel pricing, and discounting are some further noteworthy services. Businesses can also use the company’s in-house Pricing Full Potential Analyzer, a dependable instrument that offers predictions of profit production at 100% power. Businesses of all sizes and types, including Fortune 500 companies, governmental agencies, and nonprofits, are served by the company.

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11. McKinsey & Company

McKinsey & Company is a great option for business pricing specialists because it is a worldwide consulting organization that focuses on transforming the world. In order to improve long-term profitability, the organization makes use of capabilities it has built for higher margins and superior pricing management. The pricing consulting company follows the strategy-before-structure principle. In order to develop people, techniques, and processes, the experts will first work with the organization to identify areas that need improvement. Data-driven insights, specialized training, and enterprise-level tools are all included in the pricing consulting services.

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12. The Cambridge Group

The Cambridge Group was established in 1975 to assist businesses in creating and implementing strategies. The business focuses on demand techniques that let companies use their resources to satisfy customer demands. By ensuring that pricing and promotion methods meet customer preferences, The Cambridge Group also encourages profitable growth. Businesses can ask The Cambridge Group for pricing strategies, product portfolio customisation, and market analytics, among other pricing solutions. Businesses can also learn how to increase profit margins while taking consumers into account, capitalize on various distribution channels, and forecast the market. All of these solutions give companies the ability to take advantage of differences in consumer demand and willingness to pay across channels, markets, product categories, and seasons.

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13. Iris Pricing Solutions

With an emphasis on pricing, Iris Pricing Solutions seeks to increase businesses’ profitability and market share. In order to meet both short-term and long-term objectives, the organization pledges to supply research solutions, tools, systems, competences, and management procedures. The company’s primary offering includes strategy development. Organizations learn how to create the optimal pricing frameworks, effectively discount, and capture value in pricing through the service. Pricing research, analytics, and training for sales teams, senior management, marketing departments, and sales teams are further significant options.

The company provides a range of exclusive tools, research methods, and processes for examining pricing difficulties as a company that specializes in pricing strategy. Organizations can gain from services related to innovation, customer loyalty, brand strategy, and customer experience, even when pricing is the company’s primary priority. Businesses throughout Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific, the United Kingdom, and Latin America are served by Iris Pricing Solutions.

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14. Strategy&

Strategy& is a great partner for pricing solutions and has a long history in consulting. The business has a strong professional culture that benefits from almost a century of expertise. Businesses are able to successfully handle complex environments because to the teams’ in-depth understanding. An approach that enables price optimization is the main focus of Strategy&, from assessment to design and implementation. Through pricing consulting services including price planning, implementation, and control, businesses can gain access to essential solutions. Strategy& prioritizes long-term fixes above abrupt, inefficient improvements. Healthcare, consumer markets, automotive, technology, and the public sector are just a few of the diverse industries served by Strategy&.

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15. ScienceSoft

ScienceSoft is a wonderful option if you need software pricing consultants. Businesses can benefit from the company’s 15 years of financial software expertise. Across all selling channels, the ScienceSoft pricing platform automates and adjusts prices. Businesses are able to manage discounts, see how their prices are performing, and optimize their prices as a result. Initial pricing calculation, strategy planning, segmentation, optimization, and profitability monitoring are some important elements. Negotiation, dynamic, and promotional pricing management are further capabilities.

ScienceSoft offers software development, data analytics, cybersecurity, and help desk services in addition to software pricing solutions. The multinational IT corporation has offices across the world, including in the Middle East, Europe, and North America. The company provides services to both non-IT businesses and firms that produce software in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, banking and financial services, oil and gas, and banking.

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16. Accenture

Accenture plans and implements long-term business change. By utilizing clever pricing, the company helps businesses in a variety of industries create growth. Businesses can obtain real-time data focused on competition intelligence, market signals, and shifts in customer preferences with AI for pricing solutions. These perceptions are essential for developing and implementing sensible and long-lasting pricing strategies. Proprietary algorithms, real-time notification, a cloud native platform, and programmable pricing modules are a few examples of AI pricing capabilities. More than 200 cities and more than 50 countries are home to Accenture.

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17. Analysis Group

Analysis Group combines client service, quantitative analysis, and effective project management. The business has a group of consultants who have the knowledge and abilities to address the issues with today’s pricing. Businesses can choose from a variety of bespoke pricing options across channels, product categories, and locations. Price analysis and the creation of pricing strategies are some of Analysis Group’s competencies. Pricing, reimbursement, and contracting arrangement implementation are other services offered by the company. The business is well known for its proficiency in healthcare analysis, finance, and economics consultancy in addition to its pricing solutions. In Asia, North America, and Europe, Analysis Group has 14 offices. Also check Benefits of Hiring a Consultant

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18. Guidehouse

In order to address issues that cut across industries, sectors, and locations, Guidehouse integrates knowledge and resources. The company offers a multi-functional perspective on market access and pricing. Launch excellence, new product planning, payer marketing, and reimbursement policy are a few of Guidehouse’s pricing solutions. The company is present in better than 50 countries worldwide. The business collaborates with a variety of sectors, including the public sector, financial services, national security, health, and life sciences.

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19. Katherine Ka Wan Leong

For businesses looking for independent pricing consultants, Katherine Ka Wan Leong is a great option. The London-based consultant specializes in life sciences pricing and market access strategies. Additionally, Katherine Ka Wan Leong has experience completing projects that involve launch pricing, landscape analysis, indication sequencing, and portfolio optimization.

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Pricing, when combined with promotion, has the potential to completely alter how organizations expand profitably. For the majority of businesses, pricing and revenue generation continue to be fundamental obstacles. To maximize their pricing power, many businesses must connect their pricing strategy with consumer demand. Losses that can occur as a result of pricing changes could potentially be a problem for businesses. Businesses can improve their rates for deeper insights and various customer markets by working with qualified and trustworthy pricing consultants.

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FAQ: Pricing Advisors

Here are responses to frequently asked queries concerning pricing consultants.

What exactly do pricing consultants do?

Pricing consultants are experts who assist businesses in choosing the best prices for their goods and services. These people examine cost structures, market developments, competition, and the price of goods and services. The consultants then suggest pricing plans to increase sales and profitability.

How do pricing consultants help?

Most companies decide on pricing without conducting a thorough market investigation. However, businesses can improve their choices without having a detrimental effect on their clientele or revenue by engaging with a pricing expert.

The following is a list of what pricing consultants do:

collecting information on market variables, rival pricing, and client demand through market research utilizing data analysis to identify the best price for goods or services

Making pricing strategy and price point recommendations based on the findings of market research and data analysis

helping businesses develop pricing strategies and assessing their efficacy

advising companies on necessary pricing adjustments when necessary, taking into account aspects such as shifting market conditions and consumer preferences

assisting businesses with pricing optimization to increase profit and sales while preserving market competitiveness

identifying and resolving the issues that a firm has with pricing

Businesses must be willing to experiment with various pricing execution plans and techniques when working with pricing consultants. To reach a pricing equilibrium, entities must also consider their objectives and the competition.

Which pricing consultants are the best?

Businesses that want to have strong pricing strategies may consider hiring pricing consultants. Businesses can price their goods and services to meet their desired profit margins by selecting the proper consultant. Choosing pricing consultants, however, can be difficult. Relevant sector expertise, the utilization of data-driven methodologies, flexibility, pricing, and availability are a few considerations that organizations may take into account. Simon-Kucher, Accenture, and The Cambridge Group are a few of the top pricing consultants.

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