15 Best Management Consulting Companies

15 Top Management Consulting Companies. By offering knowledgeable counsel on organisational procedures, management consulting companies assist enterprises in enhancing their performance. Examples include Accenture, Roland Berger, and LEK. The objective of these companies is to assist other organisations in identifying operational gaps and devising solutions to these difficulties.

15 Best Management Consulting Companies

In this article, you can know about 15 Best Management Consulting Companies here are the details below;

These companies deal with companies in a variety of industries, including healthcare, finance, marketing, and nonprofit. Using these consulting companies to assist organisations in developing their team management abilities is one of the greatest management advice. Performing with consultants can develop team building management & management styles.

This list consists of:

  • Some large management consulting companies
  • Boutique management consulting companies
  • Companies offering strategic consulting
  • Independent management consultants
  • Business management consulting companies
  • Management consulting companies
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  • Management consulting companies are included.
  • For firms looking to find and close operational gaps, management consultants provide crucial services.
  • These consultants collaborate with businesses in the public and commercial sectors.
  • Here is a list of the top companies that provide management consulting services, from McKinsey & Company to Kearney.

1. Boston Consulting Group

Boston Consulting Group is a wonderful choice if you’re seeking for sizable management consulting companies.

The worldwide consulting firm helps with organisations to tackle the most essential operational challenges while exploiting interesting prospects.

The company focuses on engaging with companies to deliver a personalised strategy.

Boston Consulting Group provides a variety of management consulting services, such as corporate strategy, people strategy, revenue management, and risk management.


Has a broad international staff that provides services to corporations worldwide

Serves enterprises of all sizes, with the majority of clients ranking among the Global 500

Is one of the most esteemed international management consulting companies.

Has received recognition for excellence and prizes including the 2021 Consulting Best Businesses to Work For and the 2021 Seramount 100 Best Companies

The business collaborates with a wide range of sectors, including the public, healthcare, automotive, and energy industries.

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2. Accenture

The largest management consulting companies in the world are Accenture.

Through enhancing organisational structures, the business focuses on assisting clients in becoming the best versions of themselves.

Automation, artificial intelligence, and digital commerce are a few of Accenture’s management consulting offerings.

Also, businesses can seek consulting on customer experience, finance, and business strategy.


Has more than 721,000 employees worldwide

Serves more than 200 places in 49 different countries

Has received numerous accolades, including being named one of Fortune’s 33 Most Admired Companies.

Is the largest consulting firm in the world in terms of personnel

The business provides services to the banking, energy, insurance, retail, and aerospace sectors.

3. McKinsey & Company

Top-ranking among international management consulting companies is McKinsey & Company.

In a number of financial areas, the organisation wants to hasten inclusive and long-term growth.

McKinsey & Company collaborates with businesses all over the world to develop innovative strategies and put forward disruptive technology.

The management consulting firm assists organisations in realising their full potential through these initiatives.

The organisation provides a variety of services, such as risk & resilience, corporate and strategy finance, & implementation.

McKinsey & Company also focuses on processes, people and organisational performance, and digital operations.


Supports businesses in over 65 countries

According to operations and revenue, it is the Big Three global management consulting businesses’ oldest and largest.

Primarily focuses on operations and financing

Has more than 38,000 people who work for international organisations

The management consulting organisation, founded in 1926, works with companies in the engineering, education, industrial, manufacturing, and retail sectors.

Find out more about McKinsey & Company.

4. Roland Berger

Management consulting firm Roland Berger focuses on corporate acumen and social problem-solving.

The organisation aspires to provide long-term solutions across key industries rather than concentrating on immediate societal issues.

Partnering with Roland Berger provides businesses with fresh approaches to expanding while assuring long-term success.

The 1967-founded corporation has experience in a range of corporate activities, including digital, private equity, mergers & acquisitions, and organisational restructuring.


Serves the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

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Has a focus on the company culture’s defining characteristics of excellence, entrepreneurship, and empathy

To satisfy client needs, the business provides a blend of emotional and intellectual competency.

Roland Berger supports a number of industries, including construction, finance, chemicals, industrial products, and automotive.

Find out more about Roland Berger.

5. Bain & Company

Bain & Company, one of the Big Three strategy consulting companies, is the best choice for businesses all around the world.

The business uses a distinctive method of management consulting to assist businesses in organising their operations to produce lasting outcomes.

Bain & Company provides advice to firms on a variety of topics, including operations, finance, strategy, people and organisation, and DEI.

Companies can also seek learning and development, sales and marketing, and digital transformation consulting services.


Serves charitable, governmental, and private organisations

Has offices across North & South America, Africa, Europe, Australia, the Middle East, & Asia.

Has nearly 50 years of expertise in management consulting

Companies can upgrade all business parts with the company’s enterprise technology capabilities to deliver maximum value.

The business provides services to several different areas, including banking, infrastructure and consulting, aviation, and energy.

Find out more about Bain & Company.

6. Kearney

Kearney is a top administration consulting firm that helps international businesses find solutions to their most challenging issues.

The company, which was established in 1926, bases its operations on the idea of essential rightness, which guarantees that all actions are taken to benefit the customers.

Mergers & acquisitions, procurement, and sustainability are a few of the management consulting services offered by Kearney.

The company also specialises in worldwide business policy, digital, and performance consulting.


Collaborates with government agencies, charities, and Fortune 500 companies

Focuses on creating a workplace culture that spans organisational and regional barriers

Is a multinational management consulting firm that is ranked in Vault’s Consulting 50.

The business takes pride in its in-depth expertise in top sectors like technology, private equity, consumer goods, and health.

Kearney also works with businesses in the media, telecommunications, financial services, and industrial goods and services sectors.

7. LEK

For businesses looking to boost growth by using their competitive advantages, LEK is one of the best management strategy consulting companies. Also check Foolproof Bookkeeping Tips

Insights are used by the international strategic consulting organisation to alter the course of businesses.

By highlighting practical opportunities and developing fresh winning tactics, LEK assists organisations in making long-lasting transformation.

Marketing and sales, data and analytics, mergers & acquisitions, & value activation are some of the company’s specialties.

Other significant specialties include private equity, disruption management, and post-merger integration.


Is a worldwide firm having offices in the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific

Has a team with industry expertise to offer perception into special organisational situations

With more than 40 years of management consulting experience

9th place in 2022

50 accolades for Vault Consulting

In order to deliver management consulting services, the business makes use of analytical tools, strategic frameworks, and tried-and-true research procedures.

LEK collaborates with businesses in sectors like finance, technology, healthcare, and consumer goods.

The company’s consulting services are useful for businesses in the consumer goods, private equity, entertainment, and energy sectors.

Find out more about LEK.

8. Oliver Wyman

Oliver Wyman is an American corporation that offers management consulting services to a variety of sectors.

The business has experience finding possibilities and creating long-term fixes.

Oliver Wyman can use data-driven tactics to create transformation with the help of a team of accomplished thinking leaders.

Brand and innovation, operations, organisational effectiveness, and payments are a few of the company’s management consulting offerings.

Oliver Wyman also offers risk management, strategy, & sustainability consulting.


Has offices in over 70 cities throughout 30 nations

prides itself on specific knowledge in operations, organisational transformation, risk management, and strategy

Working with approximately 6,000 experts across the world

By delivering consulting services, the company’s dedication to industry specialty removes the learning curve.

Some of the industries that Oliver Wyman supports include automotive, education, IT, telecommunication, and financial services.

The business also provides services to the public sector, private equity, health sciences, and industrial sectors.

9. Putnam

Putnam is a wonderful option if you’re seeking for boutique management consulting companies.

For thirty years, the business has offered its expertise in resolving issues with organisations.

The business compiles data, conducts analyses, and interprets findings for the sustainable development of organisations.

The boutique consulting firm’s practise areas include new product strategy, value pricing, data strategy, and portfolio licencing.

The organisation also focuses on development, franchise, and medical and scientific initiatives.


Works with a range of clients, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies

Focuses on the life science sector and employs more than 200 consultants

Serves important cities throughout the world, such as Boston, New York, London, France, Delhi, and Japan

The firm’s values, which include putting the interests of the customer first and applying rigorous problem-solving techniques, guarantee the provision of top-notch management consulting services.

Clientele in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical, and diagnostic device industries are served by the Boston-based business.

10. Adversary Business Partners

Advention Business Partners offers a comprehensive range of strategic consulting services.

In order to increase shareholder value, the company collaborates with clients from a variety of industries to spot and seize fresh opportunities.

The firm’s core product categories include growth strategy, business opportunity evaluation, corporate business unit strategy, and performance improvement.

Advention Business Partners additionally provides services for value chain enhancement, change management, wealth development strategies, and strategic evaluation.


Has over 21 years of expertise in management consulting

Has locations in New York, Dubai, Shanghai, London, and Paris.

Serves principle and private equity investors in addition to corporate clients.

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Healthcare, technology, business services, aviation, and the public sector are just a few of the areas that Advention Business Partners serves as a customer.

Find out more about Advention Business Partners.

11. The Keystone Group

The Keystone Group is at the top of the list of boutique management consulting companies that cater to mid-market manufacturing and distribution businesses.

The business assists businesses in creating and putting strategies into action.

For instance, The Keystone Group concentrates on streamlining organisational operations, integrating acquisitions, and reorganising finances.

The business has particular expertise in a number of fields, including cash flow management, corporate finance, and profit enhancement.


With more than 25 years of management consulting expertise

Serves the cities of Los Angeles, Chicago, and Atlanta

Ranked 16th and 8th best boutique consulting firms by Vault in 2021.

The Keystone Group functions with consumers in the construction, automotive, agricultural products, and textile industries.

Additionally, the business collaborates with rental service companies, speciality chemical manufacturers, and business service suppliers.

12. The Cambridge Group

The Cambridge Group is a specialised strategic consulting firm that specialises in client growth.

Based on its extensive knowledge of many industries, the company assists clients in the creation and execution of strategies.

The Cambridge Group determines itself from other boutique consulting companies with a team of experienced & senior consultants.

Marketing strategy, organisation and culture, digital strategy, and innovation and design are some of the areas where the company excels.


Has almost 45 years of management consulting experience.

Collaborates with market giants on a worldwide scale, including Facebook, BestBuy, Allstate, and CBS

Has a proven track record working with Fortune 100 companies in the consumer and B2B industries.

The company, which has its headquarters in Chicago, uses a demand approach to help businesses align their infrastructure and resources in order to gain a competitive advantage. Also check product backlog management tools

13. Sergo Arutinian

Working with independent management consultants is one of the best choices you can make as a small business owner.

Sergo Arutinian is a freelance leadership consultant who provides services in corporate sectors such as policy strategy, budgeting, financial analysis, and strategic planning.


Has demonstrated 15 years of management consulting experience with well-known companies including Ernst & Young and McKinsey

Available for in-person or online consultations

Possesses expertise in a variety of industries, including the healthcare, telecom, and financial sectors

Investments and general company management are two other areas of expertise for Sergo Arutinian.

Connect with Sergo Arutinian.

14. ABS Group of Companies

A company called ABS Group of Companies offers services to support the dependability of high-performance processes and assets.

The company can overcome big commercial issues by utilising data-driven solutions.

ABS Group of Companies uses a methodology that blends unique data methodologies, domain experience, and advanced analytics.

Asset management, industrial cybersecurity, and safety management are among the products offered by the organisation.


Has more than 1,000 people and a global reach.

Has a team of professionals who conduct on-site training in companies

Has almost 30 years of expertise in management consulting

Moreover, the ABS Group of Companies offers software solutions, management system certification, and technical inspection and verification.

The business provides services to the government, marine, chemical, industrial manufacturing, and energy sectors.

Discover more information about the ABS Group of Companies.

15. Booz Allen

If you are seeking for business management consulting companies with years of experience, then Booz Allen is a fantastic pick.

Booz Allen can help firms flourish in their difficult areas because to its more than a century of management consulting knowledge.

To achieve goals, Booz Allen employs cutting-edge change management techniques.

The management consulting firm also takes a multidisciplinary, custom approach to every project.

Digital solutions, cybersecurity, engineering, and product sectors are among the company’s areas of specialisation.


Renowned for important consultations, such as when the American and National Football Leagues merged to form the Super Bowl

Possesses more than ten years of experience in management consulting

Has locations around the world

The consulting company provides services to a variety of industries, including transportation, civil government, health, and law enforcement.

Find out more about Booz Allen.


In order to increase performance and ensure long-term success, management consultants are essential.

These consultants concentrate on HR consulting, strategy consulting, and operations consulting.

Other corporate operational areas including supply chain, learning and development, and economic policy may also be covered by management consulting services.

These consultants can be an excellent investment that can help bring about long-lasting and noticeable changes, even though they could be an additional corporate expense.

Yet, organisations must find the proper fit for their organisational demands.

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FAQ: Management consulting companies

The answers to some of your multiple frequently asked questions concerning management consulting companies are provided below.

Expansion in the Expan Adaptation Industry. What are Management Consulting Companies?

Companies that provide management consulting services help other corporations find issues with their operations and provide solutions.

These companies frequently introduce concepts and processes that are exclusive to the industry and help identify issue areas in an organisation.

Change management support, process analysis, strategy formulation, and technology implementation are just a few of the services offered by management consultants.

What are the services provided by management consulting companies?

By examining corporate processes and putting methods to increase productivity and efficiency into place, management consultants assist firms in performing better.

Supply chain management, human resources, and information technology are a few examples of the industries or areas on which management consultants may concentrate.

While management companies provide customised services based on organisational needs, most consultants adhere to a set procedure.

This process may include:

Identifying the client’s needs and goals

Data collection and analysis

Creating suggestions and a strategy for action

Putting action plans into action and monitoring progress

Assessing the outcomes and making any required modifications

In order to assist clients in implementing the suggested changes, management consultants may also offer training and support.

Which Management Consulting Companies Are the Best?

Businesses can benefit from the unbiased analysis, specialist help, and outside perspectives offered by management consultants.

However, it’s crucial to perform your research and ascertain whether the firm is the best fit for your organisation before hiring a management consultant.

Organizations should think about the consultants’ ROI, level of experience, and cultural fit.

Other essential factors to consider are the company’s reputation, compatibility with organisational goals, and the cost of the services.

Bain & Company, The Cambridge Group, and Oliver Wyman are a few of the greatest management consulting companies.

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