5 Best Grocery Store POS Systems For Small Businesses

This post will explain pos systems. There are many strategies to improve the efficiency of your company, but the best ones are the ones that increase sales. This is especially accurate for small enterprises, which frequently struggle to stay viable. Retailers can improve their earnings and expedite their processes by deploying a point-of-sale system with an integrated inventory management application.

Standard point-of-sale (POS) capabilities and industry-specific features are both included in grocery point-of-sale (POS) systems. These features include scale and scanner connections, online grocery sales, self-checkout options, and interactive customer-facing displays. However, the cost of these extra features is typically higher. We examined hundreds of solutions in order to find the supermarket POS systems for small businesses that offer the best value.

How Did We Evaluate POS Systems for Groceries?

A point-of-sale system that can manage large quantities of perishable goods, keep track of and manage workers, and leverage customer relationship management (CRM) skills to foster customer loyalty is essential for grocery businesses like supermarkets and corner shops. Grocers frequently require durable, sector-specific equipment, such as scale and scanner connections, integration with deli and butcher departments, and self-checkout options. Given the slim profit margins of grocery stores, it is especially important that POS systems be affordable and offer good value.

The best overall supermarket POS system, in our opinion, is Revel Systems, a software development business. The programme scored a nearly perfect 4.94 out of 5 with points for grocery-specific hardware and payment processing capabilities, a self-checkout option, SNAP EBT payments, FIFO and perishable inventory monitoring, tools for online grocery sales, and a full CRM feature set.

35 percent of the final score

Since supermarkets contain tens of thousands of items, we looked at systems that have complete inventory management capabilities and can take into account different criteria like expiry dates and first-in, first-out (FIFO) schedules. We also considered whether the CRM can regulate employee authorization levels, scheduling, and productivity. These features include loyalty programmes, customised discounts, and marketing tools. Furthermore, having an online shopping option is essential because more consumers are ordering online these days.

25 percent of the final score

Hardware and integrated payment processing capabilities rank as two of the most important criteria in our evaluation of supermarket POS software. First, we made sure the system has technology tailored to the market, simple payment processing, and a user-facing display. We checked whether supermarkets have scale and scanner connections because they typically sell fruit and other items by weight. Due to the high number of customers in a grocery shop, we also made sure that self-checkout options are offered.

20 percent of the final score

We considered the system’s distinctive features, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness. We also checked to see if grocery store owners liked it and if it received mostly positive reviews.

10% of the final grade

When looking for the finest grocery POS for small businesses, cost is a major factor. We looked at whether a monthly subscription costing less than $100 was offered, as well as how much the software for extra registers would cost. Additionally, we awarded points to users who purchased software for under $20.

10% of the final grade

We looked for businesses that offered 24/7 phone and email customer care because grocery stores had such a fast-paced sales environment. We also gave points to businesses with many counters or branches that have a hybrid organisational structure, demonstrating that they do not entirely rely on an internet connection to conduct their business. Finally, we considered how simple it is for staff to install and use each system.

5 Best Grocery Store POS Systems For Small Businesses

In this article, you can know about pos systems here are the details below;

1. Revel Systems

Revel Systems


  • Both online ordering and delivery work really well.
  • For displays and kiosks that interact with customers, there are a variety of hardware options.
  • Customizable reports that can be synced across many locations
  • Back-office administrative features are accessible through registration.


  • The system is expensive and doesn’t offer a free trial.
  • The contract stipulates a three-year commitment.
  • Because of its extensive feature set, mastering it requires patience.

Total Points: 4.94/5.0

Revel Systems is a point-of-sale platform that runs in the cloud and lets you personalise self-order kiosks, online ordering, and displays that face customers. Despite being popular among restaurants with many locations, the programme is also well suited for grocery stores of any size thanks to its robust inventory and customer administration capabilities, flexible hardware configurations, scale and scanner interfaces, and powerful customer management features. Also check registry cleaner software

Revel Systems scored 4.94 out of 5 overall based on our evaluation standards. The application received an A+ for hardware, payment processing, ease of use, price criterion, as well as grocery-specific capabilities (such as inventory management, CRM, online sales, and loyalty). The value for money assessment made by our expert prevented it from obtaining a perfect score of 5, though. This is because the total cost of installation and setup, which will be assessed based on your needs, may be too high for small businesses to afford. This is another pos systems.

Revel develops a user-friendly POS system for grocery stores using the iPad’s capabilities.


  • Inventory management: You can categorise products, keep track of stock levels in real-time, send out automated low-stock alerts, and construct purchase orders that can deal with complex matrix stocks. You can scan items using your phone instead of a barcode scanner, and the activity will be seamlessly synchronised from the app to your dashboard.
  • Self-checkout options: Take advantage of clever self-service kiosks to speed up services without compromising customer care, especially during peak times.
  • Scale and scanner integrations: To avoid double entry and costly errors, integrate scales directly into your POS system. All scales from Revel Systems have been certified by the National Conference on Weights and Measures.
  • Build your own CRM and loyalty programme based on the rewards your consumers want to receive, such as receiving points for each transaction, for buying specific products, or based on the amount spent. The administration interface of the app can be used to collect information to develop a rewards programme (such as exclusive discounts and promotions) that will make customers happier.
  • Create administrator powers, assign duties and pay, monitor timesheets, and manage payroll for your workers. In compliance with regional laws, you may also utilise the system to set up personnel schedules and standardise time-sheet requirements.
  • Payment processing: Revel Systems’ administration interface enables you to keep track of credit card transactions over time and check on money that has been deposited. Additionally, it links with QuickBooks for simple bookkeeping and is EMV-compliant.
  • Customer service is available around-the-clock, every day of the week, by phone, email, and the internet.
  • Reporting and analytics: The software generates thorough reports on sales, inventory, and labour that contain details like cost of goods sold (COGS), product mix, and staff costs in relation to revenue from sales.

2. Retail IT

Retail IT

The Finest Cheap Point-of-Sale for Groceries


  • Specific to the market and grocery store features
  • Seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, customer support is offered.
  • On-site installation and scale integration are options.


  • It’s difficult to find pricing information for hardware and software.
  • There is no free trial and there is a steep learning curve.

Points total: 4.65 out of 5.

One of the few grocery-focused systems created especially for small, independent businesses is the POS system from IT Retail. The features such as multiple-scale integration, robust hardware, bottle deposit management, self-checkout options, marketing tools, and reward programmes, to name a few, are all included in its base plan, which other software lacks (or only offers as a premium add-on) in comparison. Small grocers should choose IT Retail since it may be expanded as your business grows. This is another pos systems.

In our evaluation, IT Retail earned a final score of 4.65 out of 5. Every category, including hardware, payment processing, and supermarket functionality, gave the programme perfect scores. The programme placed second on our list despite not receiving a perfect score due to its confusing price and short customer service hours.

Independent grocers can now have access to cutting-edge POS systems thanks to IT Retail.


  • Inventory management: You may monitor your stock levels across many locations in real-time with IT Retail’s mobile inventory and reporting capabilities. The software can be used to produce, print, and scan barcode labels as well as make shelf tags, purchase orders, and barcode labels.
  • Self-checkout options: Self-checkout kiosks allow you to assign only one person to monitor two to six lanes, saving you money on manpower. The system may swiftly switch between cashier-assisted and self-checkout modes at peak times.
  • Scale and scanner integrations: Depending on the traffic in your store, IT Retail offers specialised scale and scanner hardware for quick swipe-and-go capabilities. Additionally, it frequently provides programming updates and technical support.
  • CRM and customer loyalty programmes: Increase consumer engagement by providing a personalised incentive system that motivates them to come back. Giving clients loyalty points for each purchase is one strategy. These points may then be redeemed for cash or a certain amount off of future purchases.
  • Employee management: Track employee actions using the built-in time clock, and restrict POS access based on job level. You may examine the quantity of cancellations, voids, transactions, and other indicators thanks to the system’s real-time tracking of staff performance at the POS.
  • Processing of payments: IT Retail supports cash, debit card, check, gift card, NFC, EMV, eWIC, and EBT food payments.
  • Customer service: From 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific time, seven days a week, tech support specialists are available via phone for emergencies.
  • Analytics and reporting: Create a range of staff, customer, and sales data from any device, including profit reports, end-of-day analyses, and suspicious transaction reports.

3.POS Nation is a company that specializes in point

POS Nation

The Most Modular Grocery Point-of-Sale System


  • Hardware and features created specifically for the grocery sector
  • Extremely flexible to the needs of your store
  • The base design already includes the necessary components.


  • The hardware from POS Nation must be used.
  • It’s highly expensive when compared to other carriers.

Total Points: 4.58/5.0

This is another pos systems. A supermarket point-of-sale system that scales with your business is called POS Nation. The technology and functionality that other software often offers as pricey add-ons for the grocery industry, such as receipt printers, touch PCs, cash drawers, chip and card readers, and scanners, is already included in its basic package. Also check  overclocking software

With an overall rating of 4.58 out of 5, POS Nation placed third in our review. Customer service, payment processing capabilities, hardware, and tools designed specifically for grocers all received perfect ratings. Due to its distinctive characteristics and severe learning curve, it fell short of receiving an A. Additionally, it has expensive software, with additional software costing over $20.

POS Nation comes with a mix-and-match pricing tool and a multi-interface capabilities.


  • Inventory management includes tracking perishables, case breakage, and carton-pack inventories in addition to purchase orders, vendor management, and inventory tracking. One of the extra features is a pricing tool for mix-and-match products.
  • Customizable interface: You can select the interface layout that best matches your team from a variety of options provided by POS Nation. The buttons allow clerks and cashiers to rapidly locate a specific item and view details including its SKU, price, and availability.
  • Self-checkout options: To bring the sale to your customer, use the mobile checkout feature on its wireless scanners and tablets. Avoid large queues by moving around the store and approaching customers who want to pay straight away.
  • Scale and scanner integrations: To expedite the checkout process, automate the ringing up of weighed and scanned items.
  • Customer loyalty programme and CRM: POS Nation’s integrated customer tracking feature uses purchase information to provide a more individualised approach to customer care. The technology can also be used to create reward and loyalty programmes, which will promote repeat business and higher transaction values.
  • Employee management: You may simplify employee administration by using the clock-in and clock-out functions, user rights, automatic payroll, and payroll deduction reports.
  • Processing of payments: Includes check, EBT, cash, credit card, debit card, and other forms of payment. Discounts, bulk pricing, and even time-based pricing can be applied to select products at predetermined times.
  • Customer service: POS Nation provides phone and email support around-the-clock, every day of the week.
  • Reports and analytics: The system includes over 55 pre-built reports, such as a detailed monthly 1014 file for clients in Pennsylvania, which is necessary to comply with the state’s requirement to document malt beverage sales and purchases.

4. ehopper



  • Has a free option that has capabilities for supermarket shopping pre-installed.
  • Support for multiple measurement systems, measurement units, and languages.


  • There is no integration for payment processing in the free plan (need to upgrade to a paid package)
  • Weak software integrations and limited reporting options are revealed by customer feedback.

A specific retail point-of-sale system that is cloud-based and compatible with a range of hardware and computer systems is called eHopper. Its extensive inventory management features, which include the capability to sell produce and bulk food items by weight, will be advantageous to supermarkets. Small businesses can use eHopper with a free subscription as well.

This software’s free edition is perfect for small supermarkets because it already has features for managing sales, customers, and inventory, which is another feature worth mentioning. If you want integrations for payment processing and merchant services, you must upgrade to a higher plan.

We give eHopper a 4.36 out of 5 rating, giving it top marks for hardware, customer service, ease of use, payment processing capabilities, and grocery-specific features. eHopper was unable to receive a higher grade, nevertheless, due to its limited feature set and weak reporting capabilities, as businesses may outgrow it and, generally speaking, find greater value in alternative products. This is another pos systems.


  • Inventory management: eHopper uses a pretty traditional approach to inventory management. For prepared foods, you can manage all vendor and purchase order information straight from the POS, set customised low-stock alerts, and track inventory down to the ingredient level. The premium plans include barcode production, management, and printing.
  • Hardware integrations: While eHopper does not provide a direct scale solution, it does provide a self-service kiosk. However, you can work close this by designing your own system and managing price by weight in the backend. Enter the price per pound sold and synchronise in the POS. The price of the goods will then be automatically determined based on its weight by the system.
  • Customer loyalty programme and CRM: By keeping personal or business data, purchasing preferences, frequency of visits, and other essential notes in the system, you can empower your team to provide more effective customer care.
  • Employee management: Assign each employee specific duties and privileges as well as, if necessary, the software language. Additionally, eHopper can be configured to track inventory-related actions including stock changes and sales by employee. Paid programmes come with a time clock to record employee hours.
  • Processing of payments: Using NFC technology, eHopper supports contactless payments from Google Pay and Apple Pay as well as card payments from First Data, Global, Elavon, Evo Payments International, and TSYS. Dejavoo Z1, Dejavoo Z11, PAX s300, and PAX D210 terminals can all be used for this.
  • Customer service: Users of the free plan can access the knowledge base and video tutorials whenever they want, while users of the premium plans can get in touch with the technical support team by chat, phone, or email.

5. Nextar


The Finest Point-of-Sale Device Locally Installed


  • A low-cost, pay-as-you-go premium plan is offered alongside a free version.
  • Even if your internet association is down, it still works perfectly.
  • Built-in features include barcode scanning and accurate weighing.
  • Aids in the management of delivery and purchase orders.


  • There isn’t an in-house or integrated payment processor.
  • Only premium users have the possibility to register many times.
  • Online sales are not supported.
  • A paid subscription is required for several payment methods.

Nextar is a free POS system for supermarkets, bakeries, liquor shops, and car repair companies that may be adopted locally. Nextar is also offered in a premium plan with pay-as-you-go choices, making it a perfect programme for small food retailers. The system is easy to place up and use, having a user-friendly interface. It does not, however, offer an integrated payment processor or the possibility to attach to your payment system. Nextar is an excellent choice if you wish to choose your own payment processing company. This is another pos systems. Also check best dlna server

We granted Nextar a 3.34 out of 5 rating after careful investigation, including top scores for pricing, which demonstrates its affordability and value-for-money features. The software’s premium subscription is simply $19 a month and gives you access to all of the software’s features on an infinite number of terminals. Because the system is deployed locally, it is entirely functioning even when there is no internet connection.

While there are benefits to a locally installed system, Nextar also has limitations. Nextar lacks native online selling capabilities and a straightforward setup for a self-checkout lane due to its absence of cloud-based data storage—two major criterion in our grading process. The absence of an integrated payment processing system, as well as the unavailability of a hybrid setup, precluded Nextar from scoring higher in our assessment.


  • Inventory management: You may add goods and specify expiry dates, define your sales tax, and develop a supplier list using Nextar’s free plan. You may establish promotional pricing, print product labels, and control inventory counts with the premium plan.
  • Cash register management: The “Quick Seller Switch” function keeps track of your cash balance, allowing you to conduct transactions swiftly and avoid lengthy lines. On a single screen, it has an edit or cancels transaction option, a money counter tool, and discrepancy warning triggers. Each user’s cash register actions are also recorded.
  • System for managing deliveries: Make a list of your delivery employees and keep track of orders for each of them. Nextar also allows you to check pending orders in real-time and shows the delivery address on both the sales invoice and the sales receipt. With an optional internet connection, you may acquire instructions right from the POS screen and utilise Google Maps to determine the optimal path.
  • Customer loyalty programme and CRM: You may register customer information, including an ID photo and other details like a favourite delivery person, multiple address registration, and parentage for minor consumers. Activate the built-in loyalty programme, set your redeemable point conversion rates, and provide redemption possibilities such as shop credit and reward products.
  • Set up staff logins, commission rules, and regulate user permissions with Nextar’s employee administration capabilities. You may also keep track of shift schedules and compare them to cash register transactions. With the login processes at the start and conclusion of a shift, cash registers may be identified by the user.
  • For the free plan, Nextar customer service is accessible by live chat and email throughout extended hours. WhatsApp gives phone assistance as well. A knowledge base and video lessons are also available in the support area.
  • Reports and analytics: Get real-time access to company data. Transaction reports, sales tax reports, accounts payable records, and sales reports may all be generated by product, customer, and employee. Customized statistical reports on inventory expenses, stock movement, consumer behaviour, and more are also available. For further versatility, drag and drop column headers, apply filters and export your results to an excel file.


Grocery POS systems need characteristics that aren’t normally available in retail POS systems, such as strong hardware, scale integrations, time-sensitive inventory monitoring, and complex loyalty and promotion tools. There is a lot of feature-rich small company POS software on the market, but only a handful of them are suited for grocery stores.

Because the bulk of grocery shops are low-margin enterprises, having a POS and management software that can run within their budgets is vital. For less than $100 a month, Revel Systems’ POS offers all of these grocery-specific capabilities and more.

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