Top 24 Mobile App Development Companies Belarus In 2024

Are you trying to find the mobile app development companies belarus? This manual has been selected for you by SoftwareWorld. It will not only assist you in locating the top mobile app developers in Belarus, but it will also share reviews and other pertinent data. There are numerous app development companies in Belarus, which has a slowly expanding app market. Businesses seeking to outsource the development of their mobile applications to Belarusian mobile app development companies can review the list below to select the best app developer.

Top 24 Mobile App Development Companies Belarus In 2024

In this article, you can know about mobile app development companies belarus here are the details below;

together to create a variety of mobile apps. Prior to selecting a mobile app development business, one should research the company’s background in development, market share, customer feedback, and designing abilities. Nowadays, companies choose to work with offshore mobile app development firms. It lowers costs for a business. SoftwareWorld is aware of these issues facing companies and organisations. The top mobile app development companies in Belarus are listed in the list that is provided below. You can select from this list of the top 20+ mobile app developers in Belarus who have solid client relationships and efficient communication. It displays key details about each of Belarus’ top mobile app developers.

1. SoftTeco – Software Development


SoftTeco is a mobile app development firm renowned for its cutting-edge technology, distinctive application design, and incredibly effective products. The company employs highly qualified technicians and developers who work around the clock to produce the greatest apps for start-ups and well-established businesses. Additionally, the business offers services like Java development, API integration, SAAS and cloud development, web app development, and many others of this nature.

2. SKY INCOM – Web & Mobile App Development


This is another mobile app development companies belarus. Regarding SKY INCOM Any business that wants to grow quickly must automate business processes. For start-ups and established businesses, Sky Incom develops websites, digital services, and mobile applications. A reputable business, Sky Incom, provides creating services and products that may be used for IT maintenance solutions. Sky Incom assumes complete responsibility for creating a strong portfolio for companies and curating promotional websites for new ventures.

3. Ciklum – Your Technology Partner


Ciklum’s innovative concepts help both forward-thinking development and a company’s operational performance. Ciklum promises to oversee all aspects of the company’s web development because it recognises the value of custom-built applications. With the help of committed professionals, Ciklum, a leading mobile app development company in Belarus, creates your idea from the ground up. Ciklum is knowledgeable with developing chatbots, DevOps, big data analytics, the Internet of Things, and research and development.

4. ElateSoftware – Customized app development


Elate Software’s three major services that set it apart and make it unique are customising ideas, development, and support. Elate Software is a mobile app development business in Belarus which believes in materialising your ideas and giving them life. The organisation uses the latest tools and technology that meet your demands and idealises the current market trends. This is another mobile app development companies belarus.



About Fingers : Fingers is a company which accompanies its clients from their first meeting with app designing till its upkeep. Fingers is a group of incredibly talented, experienced, and power-packed developers who value client needs and pledge to offer complete assistance in order to generate future profits. Fingers offers technical consultation and aids in making the company stand out in a crowded market.

6. XB Software – Custom Software Development Company

XB Software 

About XB Software: For the past ten years, XB Software has served as a one-stop shop for the development of custom software. With its intelligence solution, personalised learning, data visualisation tools, and cutting-edge technology, the company focuses on creating an enterprise. To provide its clients with the greatest web-based solution, XB Software makes use of cross-platform frameworks and technologies. A skilled group of experts supports XB Software, ensuring that its customers receive full-cycle software solutions of the highest calibre and dependability.

7. Softeq – Custom apps: Mobile, Web, Wearable, Desktop


This is another mobile app development companies belarus. Softeq is an engineering solution for companies looking to expand and connect with the world. In addition to creating web-based mobile solutions, Softeq also connects devices and the entire ecosystem on the front end. Softeq appreciates taking projects that entail innovation and has complete opportunity to explore. Along with developing IOT systems and embedded software, Softeq also does some fascinating hardware development. Also check Best term life insurance.

8. Celadon – For those who need it done


Celadon is a cutting-edge software development company that offers a wide range of services to companies with futuristic objectives. Celadon takes care of Blockchain development, online solution, Iot and AI development, technologies, and frontend framework, cross-platform apps, and project rescue operations. Companies and start-ups that wish to grow in the modern development and withstand the newest technology consult Celadon.

9. Almet – mCommerce and Social Network apps


Almet is a full-service mobile app development business that also offers specialised marketing and monetization services. Because of the type of services they offer, Almet is one of the top software solutions for new businesses. The business offers frontend, backend, and custom software solutions for all types of businesses, along with prototyping, web software development, brand marketing, designing, and CRM development. Almet also offers inventory management solution for firms involved in manufacturing. This is another mobile app development companies belarus.

10. Elinext – On time and budget since 1997.


About Elinext: Elinext is the firm to contact if you’re seeking for help with a digital solution. The business adapts web applications to meet user needs. Elinext is a business that is aware of what its customers need. Elinext offers a strong, dependable, and resourceful solution that secures the business’s future development and is supported by a team of experts. Additionally, this software provider takes on the duty of ongoing maintenance.

11. Andersen – Software Solutions to Transform your Business


Regarding Andersen Within 10 business days, more than 1500 competent and experienced IT workers are available to begin. There is a 6-month warranty on all of our code, and you have control over the recruiting process, screening resumes and interviewing candidates. Over 823 successful projects have been completed by the Andersen team since 2007. Western and Eastern Europe, the US, and Australia all have offices.

12. Code Inspiration – Software Development for your Business

 Code Inspiration

This is another mobile app development companies belarus. Code Inspiration is a venerable and exceptional platform for solving the most recent digital problems for your company. Through a variety of services, the items selected by Code Inspiration are intended to address issues and improve corporate growth. Through affordable solutions, Code Inspiration offers top-notch services. The company offers programming services such as web mobile app development, prototyping, creating mobile products, application analytics, and mobile backend apps.

13. ITRex Group – Advanced Web / Mobile and Custom Solutions

ITRex Group 

ITRex Group is a structured business that believes in identifying ideas and transforming them into beneficial opportunities to realise futuristic aims. Itrex Group guarantees to provide the best outcome every time with its more than ten years of experience, 100+ professional software engineers, and competent developers. The company deals in custom software development, online application, mobile solutions, and branding. The business continues to provide the greatest services and has ties to many prestigious commercial organisations.

14. Touchlane LLC 


About Touchlane LLC: Touchlane LLC has a reputation for providing technological accuracy with knowledge. The business provides services for using cutting-edge technologies to simplify complicated digital solutions. The business provides its clients with high-end performance support, quality control, and technical consulting. Touchlane LLC treats each app as if it were their own, and as such, assumes full liability for ongoing maintenance. This is another mobile app development companies belarus.

15. Axora – Software & Mobile Solutions


Axora’s services include assisting clients with online service and product sales. We create bespoke software, mobile apps, work on e-commerce projects, start pay-per-click campaigns, and offer Internet marketing advice. Also check Cryptocurrency companies in new jersey 

16. Lotasoft – IT-Consulting, Mobile/Web Development


Establishing a fully managed, bespoke digital solution is LotaSoft’s primary business. UI/UX designing, high-quality software development, front-end and back-end development, and other services are all areas of expertise for the business. To satisfy customer demand and uphold the company’s belief in service transparency, software updates are made every two weeks. While providing its distinctive service, LotaSoft makes it a point to stay in touch with its customers and avoid making mistakes.

17. Goozix – Mobile apps development!


Goozix is a flexible platform that every firm seeks for upcoming growth and development, according to its description. Goozix provides open consultation and unrestricted communication with its designers, which aids the business in comprehending customer ideas and turning them into polished items. Goozix is committed to creating applications that function and look great simultaneously. Both iOS and Android smartphones can run the Goozix-curated apps. They are fully loaded with the most recent designs and deployment possibilities.

18. Promwad – Electronics + soft design and manufacturing


This is another mobile app development companies belarus. Promwad is an electrical design firm that specialises in creating top-notch software and website designs for new products. Promwad is a one-stop shop for all your electronics needs, whether you need a bespoke gadget, an automobile, telecommunications equipment, media equipment, or entertainment equipment. Promwad’s new web designs give users a clear idea of the gadget and connect it to expertly created applications.

19. Orangesoft – Mobile development, iOS, Android, WP


About Orangesoft: We are a talented group of over 100 developers, designers, analysts, strategists, and testers who revolutionise not just the delivery of effective digital solutions but also the manner that business people approach their problems. With optimal levels of openness and high standards, our business believes in building long-term strategic partnerships with its clients.

20. BLAKIT – Web, Android, iOS, IoT – we make IT right!


About BLAKIT : No matter if it’s a healthcare facility, a fitness startup, a housekeeping service, or any other for-profit business looking to get rid of all the digital barriers, Blakit does it all. In addition to building UI/UX mobile apps, VR, AR, media streaming, mobile analytics, and Bluetooth connectivity for a variety of companies in the sector, Blakit is a well-organized software development company. Blakit builds comprehensive software solution product for bakery, retails, and insurance and e-Learning companies as well. This is another mobile app development companies belarus.

21. APRO Software – Custom application development company

APRO Software 

About APRO Software : APRO software is an outsourcing digital partner for multiple corporate and non-profit organisations that wish to increase their development. The company offers numerous services that include machine learning development, mobile app development, custom software development, web development, iOT development, and IT development. The designers and developers on the APRO software team are aware of the needs of their customers and find innovative ways to meet them.

22. DashBouquet Development – We create mobile and web apps for innovators

DashBouquet Development

This is another mobile app development companies belarus. DashBouquet Development is one of the leading mobile app development companies in Belarus, working together to create software that solves digital problems for businesses. The business specialises in web development, mobile app development, and development development. Computer data science is visualised by DashBouquet, which benefits companies. The expanding team provides a wide range of services with exceptional responsiveness and effectiveness.

23. Yellow – Awesome web and mobile products for your business


Regarding Yellow The secret to success in the digital world is effective and good web design architecture. Yellow is a team of highly skilled engineers and designers who construct a scalable solution and future-proof the client’s development. Yellow generates innumerable versions of products and blueprints the most desired ones. Yellow deals in site designing, mobile app development and brand managing for its customers. Also check sharepoint development companies

24. IntexSoft – The Intelligent Software


Regarding IntexSoft Since 2001, IntexSoft has been a productive mobile app development company. The business turns concepts into programmes and gives its clients access to scalable earnings. Inetxsoft helps its clients by putting in place an appropriate web development platform. The firm is adaptable in its approach and thinks that giving its clients market-beating competition will aid in the company’s future growth and success. This is another mobile app development companies belarus.

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