8 Methods To Fix Instagram Won’t Let Me Login Error on Mobile and Browser

Methods To Fix Instagram Won’t Let Me Login Error on Mobile and Browser. There is no need to log in again after you are hooked into Instagram through your mobile app. There may be situations, though, where you need to log in but Instagram won’t allow you to. Say you use a web browser or perhaps just purchased a new smartphone. You want to check your feeds in either scenario, but you are unable to sign into Instagram. Here are all the minor tricks you can use.

Methods To Fix Instagram Won’t Let Me Login Error on Mobile and Browser

In this article, you can know about Methods To Fix Instagram Won’t Let Me Login Error on Mobile and Browser here are the details below;

1. Common Solutions

Check the list below to see if it can help before moving on to more complex solutions. These are solutions to issues that Instagram users encounter frequently and on a daily basis.

Excessive user activity may result in a temporary account access restriction. You might have followed too many accounts too quickly, liked or commented on too many posts, etc. Instagram blocks your account for up to 24 hours because it believes this is spammy or bot-like conduct. Wait a day, then try signing in again, taking your time and acting more naturally this time.

Verify that you are utilizing the right email address, username, and password. You can sign into Instagram using your phone number, email address, or username, did you know that? However, avoid using the @ sign when entering a username. Check to see if the problem is with your ID or password. We also advise using a password manager for this reason.

The Instagram server may be unavailable. And it won’t be the first time. To find out if Instagram is unavailable in your country, visit Downdetector. You can also see their official Twitter account to see their most recent updates.

A bad internet connection could make browsing unpleasant. A different mobile hotspot or internet connection should be tried. To verify bandwidth information, visit Fast (owned by Netflix).

Try updating the app to the multiple recent version if you’re having trouble signing in to Instagram on a mobile device. Visit the Instagram page on the Play Store or App Store.

A device restart can resolve a number of frequent but enduring problems. It enhances performance by forcibly quitting all open programs and processes.

If you are using a VPN or proxy, turn it off. If you must, switch your location or IP to a different zone.

2. Use Facebook

Facebook owns Instagram. This is significant since Instagram now allows you to check in with your Facebook credentials. However, you can only do this if you have previously set it up because Facebook asks for your Instagram password when you link the two accounts. Have you connected your Facebook account to Instagram? Maybe you did, but you completely forgot.

Facebook sign-up is one of the sign-in alternatives for Instagram.

Just below the sign-in box, you should see the Log in with Facebook option. Choose the option, then input your Facebook login information.

3. Use Device Where Already Signed in

On our mobile devices, the majority of us have already logged in to Instagram. You can try to log in on the other device/browser again after changing the password on your smartphone. You can move forward if it works. If it doesn’t, you may be sure that the problem with Instagram’s refusal to allow you sign in is not with your login information.

4. Account Disabled or Deleted

I’m aware of how strange this sounds, but have you recently posted any dubious material? Like other social media platforms, Instagram has community and content policies that all users must follow. Failure to do so could result in sanctions ranging from a temporary ban to the cancellation of your account permanently.

Asking a buddy if they can read your profile is one easy way to determine if that is the case. If the answer is yes, your Instagram account is active. If not, it’s conceivable that your account was marked for deletion. To see if you have any emails from Instagram, check your inbox.

When you attempt to login within that time, Instagram claims you should see a warning if your account has been disabled. If the account was deleted for violating the ToS or community rules, you won’t receive any notification.

Do you let someone else use your Instagram password? Get in touch with them to discover if they unintentionally erased your account or changed the password. Keep in mind that, per Instagram, deleted accounts cannot be retrieved. Be careful who you share your Instagram login information with. Also check Methods To Fix Google Calendar Not Syncing On iPhone

5. Clear Cache, Data

Depending on the device you use to connect into your Instagram account, the processes will change. We’ll go over the key ones here:

Reminder: Deleting device data connected to any app, in this case Instagram, will require you to sign in again. Do not take these actions if you are unsure whether you can sign back into Instagram. One illustration would be if you lost the password to your Instagram account.

Chrome browser (Mac and Windows)

The F12 key is the quickest way to activate Dev Tools. The Dev Tools menu should be visible on the right side of the screen. The Reload button can now be right-clicked to reveal a hidden menu. Pick the option for an empty cache and hard reload.

clear the cache for Instagram in Chrome

This will make the browser reload the entire page from the server from scratch and just erase the cache files for


Depending on the brand and type of the Android phone you’re using, the steps may change a little.

The Settings menu can be accessed through the Quick Notifications menu or the Settings app. To remove all related data, locate Apps > Instagram > Storage and press on Clear data and Clear cache.

deleting the Instagram cache on iOS and Android

On iOS, it is impossible to remove app cache and data. We advise you to reinstall Instagram because doing so will bring it up to date.

6. Try Signing in with New Device

It’s also conceivable that the Instagram login issue has to do with the device you’re using. There are other factors besides cache and data. There might be another mistake at work here. Try logging into Instagram on a different phone, table, or computer if you believe the username and password are accurate. If you can sign in to Instagram with a different phone or browser, there is a problem with the one you were previously using. a successful method of removing potential chokepoints.

Be aware that by doing this, Instagram will be forced to confirm your account ownership. Instagram should send you an email containing a link or a code. You must enter that if you have 2FA activated, which we strongly suggest you do.

7. Sign in to Different Instangram Account

Have you got a different Instagram account? If not, you might ask a friend or member of your family to log into their Instagram account. If other people can sign in without issue but you still can’t, then the app or device being used to sign in is working properly. If Instagram won’t let them sign in there either, the issue may not be with Instagram. yet another method of excluding some options. Also check Ways To Fix Windows 11 Troubleshooter Not Working

8. Reset Instagram Account

You will sign out of your Instagram account globally if you do this. But if you’ve gotten this far, the only option left is to change your Instagram password.

  1. Click the Forgot password option when you open the Instagram app or website in a browser.
  2. On the following screen, under the Username tab, enter your username or email address. Under the Phone tab, enter your registered phone number. Select Next.

Using your username, email, or phone, you can reset your Instagram password.

  1. Your profile image and username should now appear if you supplied the correct information. The login link can be sent to you through SMS or email. Both the email address and the mobile number are concealed for security purposes. After selecting an alternative, click Send Login Link. Then, check your email or transmission for the link, 6-digit OTP number, or link.

Enter the OTP to proceed (Instagram may send either) or click the link to change your password in your browser.

  1. Open Instagram on a different device if you’re logged in there and look for an approval notification. Again, this is for security reasons so you’ll be aware if someone tries to alter your account password secretly. In my situation, I asked for a reset on my iPhone and got a notification on my Android.

Instant Instagram Access

After accepting the request, Instagram will be open on the new device for you to use. You can now use Instagram normally or decide to reset your password if you think that is the cause of the issue.

Instagram has a visual appeal that no other social networking platform has, or can possibly aim to have. Power users and influencers may experience anxiety if they are unable to get into Instagram. Hopefully one of the aforementioned techniques assisted you in regaining access to your Instagram account. Contact Instagram help by email or Twitter if you are still unable to log in.

We advise turning on 2FA in order to prevent Instagram login troubles in the future. Additionally, it will defend your account from hacking and other online threats.

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