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13 Methods To Fix Discord Not Working On Android And iPhone

Methods To Fix Discord Not Working On Android And iPhone will be described in this article. Why isn’t my Discord functioning? Is it the query that prompted you to come here? You are not alone, though. The Discord app on other people’s phones is likewise problematic for them. This guide will address all of your Discord-related issues, whether the program won’t launch, has a blank screen, or keeps crashing. Let’s examine several solutions to the Discord on Android and iPhone issues.

13 Methods To Fix Discord Not Working On Android And iPhone

In this article, you can know about Methods To Fix Discord Not Working On Android And iPhone here are the details below;

1. Restart Devices

Restart your phone first before attempting any of the fixes listed below. Additionally, you need restart the Wi-Fi router if you are already connected to Wi-Fi. Hopefully, these two solutions will be sufficient to resolve the Discord not working on mobile issue.

2. Check Down Detector

If resetting your phone and modem didn’t work, see if Discord is unavailable for everyone or just you. Open the website & type “Discord” into the box to accomplish this.

Check Down Detector

Check the bottom of the next screen to see whether Discord is experiencing any outages.

On the next screen

The official Discord Status tracker app is another option.

3. Set Correct Time

On mobile devices, Discord frequently fails to function because the date and time are off. As a result, Discord has issues connecting to servers and functions improperly.

General management

Turn on the switch for Automatically set time.

Set time automatically

On an iPhone, do same by going to Settings > General > Date & time. Turn on the automatic setting toggle.

Set automatically

4. Free up Space on Your Phone

You need to have enough free space on your phone for the Discord software to operate properly. Find out what’s using up your phone’s storage and how to clear up space if it’s full.

Pro tip: To fix the Discord not working issue, try disabling Power saving or Low power mode on your phone.

5. Update App

You should then attempt to update the Discord app. The Discord app frequently has bugs that cause it to continuously crashing or stop functioning. You need to update the app on your iPhone and Android device to address the issue.

Search for Discord on the Play Store (for Android) or App Store (for iPhone). To update Discord, click the Update icon. Restart your phone after the update.

Pro tip: Get familiar with Android app updates.

6. Update Phone software

The Discord app won’t function if it doesn’t support the operating system version of your phone. Therefore, you must also update the software on your phone to avoid compatibility problems.

 If an update is available, select Check for Update and install it.

Software update.

Go to Settings > General > Software update on an iPhone. Put the update in.

go to Settings

Restarting your phone after an update is complete is advised.

7. Log Out of your Account

If the Discord app can be launched, you should try logging out of your account. Any short-term problem brought on by your account will be resolved by doing this.

1. Start the Discord app on your mobile device.

2. Click the Account icon in the bottom-right corner.

3. On the following screen, scroll down and click Log out.

Scroll down to the next screen and tap on Log out.

4. Restart the phone. Log out. After that, sign back into your Discord account.

8. Clear Cache and data of discord app (Android Only)

You should also try deleting the Discord app’s cache and data on Android. While emptying the cache won’t have an impact on your account, wiping the data will log you out and return the program to its factory settings.

Follow these instructions to remove the Discord app’s cache and data:

1. Launch the Locations app on your Android device.

2. Select All apps > Apps > Discord.

Discord under All apps.

2. Select Storage. Press the button to clear the cache. Reboot the phone.

Tap on Storage.

4. If Discord is still not functioning properly, choose Clear Data from the menu in step 3 rather than Clear cache.

5. Switch the phone off.

9. Disable VPN and Ad Blockers

Do you use an adblocker or a VPN on your phone? To fix the Discord not working on mobile issue, turn them off temporarily. If Discord functions properly without these apps, you’ve identified the problem.

10. Reinstall the Discord App

You should reinstall the Discord app if the aforementioned remedies are ineffective. You need to uninstall the software first, then reinstall it, in order to achieve that.

Go to Settings > Apps > Discord on your Android device to uninstall Discord. Press the Uninstall key. As an alternative, you can pick Uninstall by touching and holding the Discord app icon. Reboot the phone. then download the Discord app from the Play Store.

Hit the Uninstall button.

Touch & hold the Discord app icon in the App library on an iPhone, then choose Delete App from the menu. On the subsequent confirmation page, click Delete. Restart your iPhone after the removal is complete. After that, launch the program Store and install Discord similarly to how you would any other program.

Delete app.

11. Leave Discord Beta

There’s a significant probability that the Discord Beta version is the reason your Discord app isn’t working if you’ve signed up for the program.

Open Google Play Store and look for Discord there to get started. To open the Discord app, simply tap on it. Then click Leave under “You are a beta tester section” by scrolling down.

After doing that, wait a while and search for the Discord app once more in the Play Store. The stable version of the software will shortly receive an update.

You are a beta tester section

12. Change DNS Server

You must try switching the DNS server to and if the Discord app still stops functioning. For a comprehensive guide on how to switch the DNS server, click here.

13. Reset Network Settings

Problematic mobile network settings frequently lead to issues with apps like Discord. So, you must attempt to reset your phone’s network settings. The Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other network settings will be restored to their factory defaulting when you do this.

Go to Settings > Design (or General settings) > Reset > Reset network environments (or Reset Wi-fi, mobile & Bluetooth) on an Android device to reset network settings.

Reset network settings

To reset web settings on an iPhone, navigate to Settings > General > Transfer or reset > Reset.

 Reset network settings.

Be Patient

Finally, you should wait a day if nothing else works. After a day, there is a good probability that the problem will resolve itself, as it has for many Discord users. So wait and be patient. Learn how to utilize Discord on your phone like an expert once everything is running well. Find out where to get the greatest Discord servers as well.

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