Top 15 Best MeetVibe Alternatives In 2024

This post will explain meetvibe alternatives. A robust and feature-rich scheduling tool designed for startups, agencies, and small enterprises is called MeetVibe. You can enhance productivity and manage your time more effectively with the software’s many capabilities. It contains everything you need, from calendar management to invoicing, to make the most of your working day.

Appointment scheduling is simple thanks to the user-friendly interface, and the integrated invoicing system makes sure that you are always compensated for your efforts. The programme can handle your complete business and supports an unlimited number of users, clients, and reservations. You can make personalised appointment and meeting scheduling forms for your customers with MeetVibe, track staff availability and bookings, and send automatic reminders and alerts.

Top 15 Best MeetVibe Alternatives In 2024

In this article, you can know about meetvibe alternatives here are the details below;

1. FullCalendar


A JavaScript occasion calendar tool that can be tailored to your needs is called FullCalendar. It is simple to use and makes it simple to add events to your calendar. It may be customised to complement your website by changing the fonts, colours, and a number of other parameters. Additionally, it has many other features, including recurrence, multi-day events, interaction with Maps, and more. Events can be shown via a desktop programme, a mobile app, or on a website. To see your events, pick a view type that suits you best from a list view, day view, or month view. Also check  examination test software

This is another meetvibe alternative. Receive an email alert when an affair is about to begin so you won’t miss a thing. Allow guests to RSVP for events right from the calendar and maintain tabs on attendance. Additionally, you receive connectors with other calendars, support for event drag-and-drop, and support for event recurrence. Any website that requires a calendar, timetable, or event management system should use FullCalendar. This is the ideal option whether you’re a business owner, a web developer, or just need a calendar for your website.

2. Let’sfind


Meeting scheduling may be done using the simple programme Letsfind. You may look for prospective meeting times that work for everyone by integrating it with your calendar. You may also send out meeting invitations to check who is available when. It’s ideal for time-constrained businesspeople who want to schedule a meeting without wasting time on email chains. For organisations who need to locate a meeting time that works for everyone, Letsfind is fantastic.

Additionally, it enables you to keep track of who has replied and who has not, ensuring that everyone is aware of the time and location of the meeting. With only few clicks, you can import your calendar, quickly plan meetings, see who is available for a meeting and reserve the best time, send meeting invites, monitor replies, and receive alerts when attendees are running late or need to cancel. Letsfind is the ideal solution for working people that need to maximise their time.

3. Fasterplan


A cutting-edge online collaboration tool called Fasterplan will help you more effectively plan your free time and professional appointments. You can easily create and share event calendars, assign duties to attendees, and maintain organisation with its user-friendly design. Additionally, its robust search capabilities make it easy to locate the ideal meeting space. You will find it simpler to complete tasks because to the robust features and user-friendly layout. You can make and share calendars with coworkers or friends with Fasterplan. You can also track and manage tasks, generate meeting agendas and minutes, and store and share documents.

Additionally, it is simple to get everyone on the same page because you can exchange papers and data with other participants. You may use any device to access it because it is cloud-based and accessible from anywhere. You can quickly and easily construct a meeting agenda using Fasterplan, invite participants, and keep track of attendance. You can connect with your team members in real-time with the real-time chat tool, allowing you to remain on top of things. This is another meetvibe alternative.

4. DO’ZZ


A meeting scheduling tool called DO’ZZ is revolutionising how people interact. The tool’s user-friendly interface makes scheduling meetings straightforward and intuitive, and its robust features enable you make the most of your meetings. A straightforward user interface, the ability to quickly and easily arrange meetings and check everyone’s availability are just a few of the features. Other features include reminders and alerts for impending meetings as well as a calendar view that makes it simple to see all upcoming appointments. Also check P2P Lending Software

Do’ZZ has you covered whether you’re setting up a meeting for the first time or attempting to locate a time that works for everyone. For working professionals who need to manage their calendars and keep organised, this software is ideal. Participants receive an email or text message reminder just before the meeting is set to start thanks to the automated meeting reminders function. During or after the meeting, meeting minutes can be written down, and they are then automatically uploaded to the meeting’s page. For professionals who are constantly scheduling and attending meetings, DO’ZZ is ideal.

5. FreeBu


This is another meetvibe alternative. You and your team can stay connected and organised with the aid of FreeBu, an online, real-time calendar and meeting organiser. Meeting scheduling and coordination are made simple by the intuitive design and robust features. An excellent feature that makes it simple to connect with folks who aren’t using this programme is an interface with Office365 and Google Calendar. You can effortlessly plan and organise your meetings, appointments, and events using FreeBu. You can constantly keep in touch with your coworkers and clients because it is real-time and online.

The application is simple to use; after creating an account, you can begin setting up meetings straight immediately. Additionally, the integrated chat tool makes it simple to engage with your coworkers. Everything you need to keep connected and organised will be available to you. Real-time updates make sure that everyone is aware of the most recent information regarding upcoming events and meetings. Other features include calendar sharing, which lets you share your schedule with others and invite them to upcoming events, and a meeting organiser feature, which makes it simple to schedule and manage meetings and includes agenda notes.

6. CozyCal


CozyCal is an online meeting booking and scheduling tool that aids in better appointment management for businesses. Businesses can monitor and manage their appointments from a single spot thanks to the calendar integration. A web browser may be used to make and manage appointments while on the go. You can simply plan appointments and manage your hectic calendar using our online scheduling tool.

Multiple calendars can be managed, schedules can be managed, online payments can be processed, booking forms can be customised, email and text notifications can be sent, appointment reminders can be sent, and online bookings can be accepted. These are just a rare of the many features that CozyCal offers. Businesses may design their own booking pages using the tool to fit their logo. Overall, CozyCal is perfect for companies that need to handle a large number of appointments or for companies who wish to enable online appointment booking for their clients. This is another meetvibe alternative.

7. Mark the Meeting

Mark the Meeting

An online meeting calendar called Mark the Meeting will help you better manage your time and meetings. To help you better arrange your day, it is simple to know when you are available and when you have scheduled appointments. Additionally, it’s simple to invite people to attend your meeting, and they will get a reminder when it’s time to start. You can accomplish more and utilise your time more effectively using Mark the meeting.

By inputting information such as an email address, name, meeting title, etc., you may quickly plan a meeting using this tool. Find out who is available and schedule a time that works for everyone. Never miss a meeting again by managing your calendar and receiving notifications when someone accepts or refuses your meeting invitation. Mark the Meeting stops the need for time-consuming phone calls and enables users to book and manage appointments online, enabling workers to concentrate on their jobs.

8. CalendarSpots


A web-based booking and scheduling tool called CalendarSpots aids companies in more effective time management. Online scheduling and management tools are available for use by businesses. Additionally, it provides a number of services, including the ability to handle payments online, send automated appointment reminders, and more. It is the ideal option for companies of all sizes. Businesses may get started fast and manage their time more effectively with reasonable prices and an intuitive UI. Online appointment management is simple with a user-friendly UI.

This is another meetvibe alternative. You may also make different calendars for various uses or share a single calendar with a number of people. With its customisable booking features, allow your clients to schedule appointments online at their leisure. Prior to your appointments, get automated reminders to help you remember everything while maintaining the security of your data using an SSL connection. Therefore, CalendarSpots is the ideal option for you if you’re seeking for online scheduling software that can assist you organise your appointments.

9. Let’s Meet

Let's Meet

With the help of the online meeting tool Let’s Meet On, you may arrange a time and day for your friends to get together. It makes scheduling events easier, whether you’re organising a meeting, dinner party, or get-together. Simply enter your guest list, and the programme will suggest a number of times and days that suit everyone.

You may quickly create a poll, enter probable dates and hours, and receive responses from everyone. There won’t be any more back and forth emails or missed calls. The event may still be fully edited after the invitations have been issued, and the invitations are sent by email. It’s ideal for social gatherings between groups of friends, coworkers, or family members who are unable to agree on a time that works for everyone. This is another meetvibe alternative.

10. Croodle


You may build a meeting poll using the online application Croodle to choose the ideal time for the meeting. All of your chats and meetings are safe because to the tool’s end-to-end encryption, use of the most recent web technologies, and complete responsiveness. The list of participants is automatically updated, and you can watch who enters or leaves your event with real-time updates. Multiple users can simultaneously modify a poll or event thanks to collaborative editing. Also check Live Streaming Software

Any device can display Croodle well, and native apps will be available shortly. It offers a range of question formats, including ratings, text input, and multiple-choice questions. So, if you’re looking for a simple tool to plan meetings and surveys, this is it.

11. Meetifyr


Meetifyr is a web-based shared calendar tool that facilitates communication and organisation for organisations and groups. Users may make and share calendars with other people, invite others to meetings and activities, and keep track of who is showing up. With the help of this service, organisations can quickly organise meetings and activities and keep track of their team members’ availability. Groups are capable of controlling their tasks and due dates. You may make a calendar for your group using Meetifyr, add events, and invite people to join. To let others understand what you’re up to, you may also make your calendar public.

This is another meetvibe alternative. The ability to attend meetings without downloading any software, a shared calendar that makes it simple to arrange and manage meetings, and a user-friendly layout that makes it simple to use for everyone are a few of its important advantages. Overall, Meetifyr is a fantastic programme that you may take into account as one of its substitutes.

12. Meetapp


MeetApp is a tool for managing and scheduling events that assists you in planning, executing, and publicising events and conferences. It has you covered for everything from website development to attendance registration and payment processing to speaker management and on-site coordination. Additionally, the platform allows for complete customization, allowing you to design the ideal event experience for both you and your attendees. The integrated marketing tools also assist you in promoting your event and increasing attendance. Therefore, MeetApp includes the features and resources you need to make any event successful, whether you’re organising a small meeting or a big conference.

This end-to-end platform includes tools like real-time chat, agenda development, and networking and covers everything from event preparation to on-site implementation. The built-in registration system allows you to manage guests and keep track of registrations, and the drag-and-drop interface makes it simple to construct unique event websites. A matching system is another element that aids participants in connecting with the appropriate individuals, and a chat system allows them to converse with one another while at the event.

13. Omnipointment


The quickest solution for managing time schedules and meetings with real-time start-up in under a minute, as well as gathering answers for events and last-minute tasks, is Omnipointment. Users may utilise filtering to check at individual people’s schedules to find ones that will work for them. It enables students to carve out time for meetings despite their hectic schedules and gives academics unique information about how their students interact. The collaborative reports are paid for by the teachers since they simplify group grading, provide results to supervisors, and offer information for study. After the accelerator is through, the company acquires three paying clients by establishing a reputation and securing bigger contracts. This is another meetvibe alternative.

14. Picktime


Picktime is a clever online appointment scheduling tool that stands out by simplifying the booking process and enabling upgrades. When you use the programme to arrange meetings, classes, interviews, or appointments while online, it gives you access to a wide range of intelligent features. Picktime is the way to go for managing many activities, and you won’t go back to the outdated method of scheduling appointments using calendars and excel spreadsheets.

You may manage your staff’s schedule in a very simple manner and create the timetable for the entire day with only a few clicks. With Picktime’s several location tracking tools, you can easily observe what is happening to your business right now.

Online calendars, SMS alerts, calendar sync, class bookings, booking pages, statistical dashboards, invoice generation, recurring appointments, email alerts, a robust reporting system, and more features are available. Additionally, Picktime appears to be an essential tool for your company that may be useful in extracting results and offer a number of advantages thanks to its interaction with a variety of apps.

15. Acuity


With the help of the online appointment booking tool Acuity, you may optimise your operations without resorting to human labour. This online application offers all of the features and resources you’ll need to remain on top of scheduling activities, whether for a class, business meetings, reservations, and much more, in one convenient location. You have the advantage of a personalised scheduling page, and your clients may self-schedule their meetings in real time while having a transparent picture of your availability. This is another meetvibe alternative.

Get full control over managing several locations, and the clients and workers you choose will see them. Acuity is presenting a number of services for you, including the ability to sell subscriptions, memberships, sell time zones, reschedule, create reminders, manage client information, send follow-up emails, and more. Additionally, you can acquire additional features like embedding choices, the ability to receive money, events, seminars, and more, but these are only accessible with expensive subscriptions.

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