Top 10 Best Medium Alternatives For Reading And Publishing

Best Medium Alternatives will be described in this article. We’re going to look at a occasional of the top Medium alternatives today. The community of writers and readers on Medium is a wonderful place for mutual appreciation. The process of opening your profile on Medium is simple and quick. You can just start reading or writing as soon as you become a legitimate member of the Medium community.

However, if you’ve previously used Medium and want to look at some alternatives, don’t worry; we’ve compiled a list of the top Medium substitutes. Publishers and readers can both display and praise their work on Medium. However, occasionally the audience will have different expectations from the application or would merely desire a slight modification. We have given you a list of alternatives along with the benefits and drawbacks of individually venue so you can determine which one is best for you.

Top 10 Best Medium Alternatives For Reading And Publishing

In this article, you can know about Medium Alternatives here are the details below;

1. Quora


If you’re a reader, Quora and Medium are pretty comparable in terms of reading features. Both platforms’ vibrant communities serve as sources of new material. The difference between Medium & Quora is that Medium offers extensive content, whereas Quora offers quick responses to your queries.

Yes, Quora provides a function that allows you to post any random topic and receive immediate responses from other users. You may get the chance to consult with respected individuals. If your query connects to one of the many persons who are authorities in that field, they might be able to respond.

Like any other social media network, Quora has advanced to the point where you might start to encounter users who are merely browsing for entertainment, which degrades the quality of the information. But to get the greatest result, exercise caution and heed the advice of knowledgeable users. Get a Quora Plus subscription if you want to avoid advertising and get access to premium content.


  • You are free to put any query.
  • Of the top Medium alternatives, particularly for readers.
  • Post articles written by professionals.


  • The information might not always be true because of its popularity.
  • Far too many.
  • Available on iOS, Android, and the Web
  • Free or $6.99 per year for a membership

2. HubPages


You’ll be reminded of Medium’s depths by HubPages because of how similarly its content is produced. Both long and short article formats are available on HubPages. Additionally, you are not required to write any of your own content. To read the material you want, visit the platform whenever you like.

The fact that the writers on this site are real and offer true content is one of its distinguishing features. They write concisely and simply about subjects in which they have expertise. You will receive unique knowledge from this that you won’t find anywhere else. Through this site, writers can potentially begin to make some money. Although it won’t be enough to buy a house, it will be a good passive income.


  • Community and Medium have a lot in common.
  • A variety of topics.
  • Utilizing monetization, authors can make money.


  • There must be strict rules observed.
  • Disposition: Only Free to access the website

3. DEV Community

DEV Community

One of the greatest Medium alternatives is this, particularly for content creators. This website provides content in a number of different programming languages. In addition to material, there are jobs, movies, and podcasts available. You can even hunt for mentors who can help you in your career if you so want. You can leave comments on posts, favorite them, or store them for later on this site.


  • One of the top Medium alternatives for programmers.
  • Get information on programming languages.
  • May locate mentors and get in touch with them.


  • There is just a small amount of variability in programming languages.
  • Available on iOS, Android, and the Web
  • Free Access to Website

4. Vocal /Media

Vocal /Media

This website was created with authors in mind. Vocal encourages authors to publish material that the readership actually needs. The writers are paid for their work, & you can make up to $3.80 for every 1000 views. By purchasing a premium subscription, you can make up to $6. You also get tales in areas like crime, drama, sports, etc. in addition to informational content.


  • Good for creatives that work hard.
  • Can be monetized to generate income.
  • Numerous niches.


  • Not advisable for developing a brand.
  • Availability: Free with a 9.99$ monthly membership on the web

5. BeamStart


People who are interested in business startups, cryptocurrency investments, market monitoring, etc. should visit this location. The site has a wealth of knowledge from globally renowned publications. BeamStart includes every stage of the startup journey. Tech and business nerds can also visit this site to learn as much as they desire.


  • Very good content selection.
  • Excellent source.
  • Friendly language.
  • You won’t find any unique content; instead, publications supply the information.
  • Availability: Free to access the website

6. Substack


For Substack to establish itself in the industry, the last several years have been fantastic. This platform has advanced, leaving numerous significant publishing platforms in its wake. The main selling point of Substack is how simple it is to utilize & how easy it is for novice writers to monetize. Instead than paying authors by placing advertisements over their articles, the company pays authors through subscription costs. Naturally, the platform keeps 10%. Also check Mailgun Alternatives


  • For content producers, the best alternatives to Medium.
  • Easily profitable.
  • emphasizes the users more.


  • Getting repeat readers can be challenging.
  • Available on Web and iOS
  • Free or $5 per month for a subscription

7. WordPress


One of the largest content systems on the internet is this one. WordPress has a large professional user base. You can strengthen yourself here for a brighter future. It contains numerous templates, comprehensive editing tools, different plugins, etc.

This is ideal for those that take their material seriously and want to have a reputable brand face. The multiple useful part about this venue is that you may spend hours creating your own themes site or you can just pick a lovely theme and start writing right away.


  • Best overall substitute for Medium.
  • Extensive customisation option.
  • Themes appropriate for business.


  • The most attractive themes cost a lot of money.
  • It can bring a long time to manually create your page.
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  • Accessibility: Web, iOS, and Android
  • Cost: $5 per month for a subscription

8. Ghost


The user interface of Ghost is a compelling argument for switching from Medium. The user interface for Medium is lacking in features. Regular readers can find your information dull because it is quite similar to other content.

On Ghost, you can use your imagination while still having a functional system.

It’s highly advised to check out Ghost if you’ve already used Medium and WordPress and want something that blends the multiple suitable of both worlds. Do you not enjoy reading or writing? Fortunately, Ghost is still available for use in advertising campaigns that promote your company or product.


  • Characteristics that are rich and keep things interesting.
  • Friendly for publishers.
  • Incredibly easy to use.


  • There aren’t many themes available.
  • Availability: Price on the web: You can pay either $11 per month or $9 per month if you sign up for a year.
  • Website visit

9. Notion


Notion is ideal for you if you are a productive person who enjoys working on numerous tasks. It functions well as a project manager and includes tools for taking notes. A user-friendly interface makes it easier to publish content quickly and effectively. This portal is even being used by certain startups to obtain job listings. Your page is prepared to be used for social media sharing in just a few clicks.


  • It is easy to use.
  • Working together is simple.
  • Easily applied with a few clicks.


  • Building a personal brand is challenging or impossible.
  • Available on iOS, Android, and the Web
  • Cost: Free or $4 monthly
  • Website visit


This website originally served as a straightforward and user-friendly hub for different writers. But the platform has developed into something lovely over time. Blogs, newsletters, journals, etc. may all be published quickly and effortlessly. can be the finest option for you if you’re looking for the top Medium alternatives with a simple user interface. is still present in the same place. The ability to post content anonymously is still available. No one choice ever know it was you who expressed your ideas. Also check Bootstrap Alternatives


  • It is simple to use.
  • Easy-to-use editing options.
  • Option to publish anonymously.


  • The recurring fee is costly.
  • Little opportunities for customisation.
  • Web availability
  • Free or $6 per month for a one-year subscription.
  • Website visit

Final Words

Find your favorite among them; everyone has a special place in our hearts. These tools can improve your intelligence and assist you in forming lifelong positive habits. There is a free version of almost all options. You can attempt some of the possibilities if you’re new to earning passive money and want to get started. But always exercise patience and diligence. We hope you were able to discover one that works for you out of these top Medium alternatives.

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