7 Product Backlog Management Tools

This post will explain product backlog management tools. When we talk about a finished product that is put on show in the market, it is a fantastic conclusion of numerous individual processes that were carried out by members of the product development team who were assigned to various duties.

The project managers prepare to-do lists in coordination with the scrum team in order to maximise team productivity and ensure that every team member is aware of their responsibilities.

7 Product Backlog Management Tools

In this article, you can know about 7 Product Backlog Management Tools here are the details below;

A product backlog is a list of tasks that is outlined by the strategic roadmap for the entire project or product.

If you need a product management backlog, you’ve come to the correct spot. In this article, we’ll examine the industry to identify the top 7 apps for managing product backlogs and discuss how they might meet our needs and specifications in 2023.

Let’s start.

The Top Seven Product Backlog Management Tools

Here is a list of all the software and tools that will be covered in this article’s discussion of product backlog management.

Let’s go through each of these remarkable applications in greater detail and see how they might help us with product backlog management.

1. nTask


We’re going to start with nTask, one of the most popular project management and task management applications available today.

The programme is a fantastic solution that makes managing your backlog simple. It also enables you to define dependencies and seniorities so that your team will know exactly what tasks they need to do.

Key Features

Ensure that all of your tasks and processes are monitored and handled by using task management.

Project management is responsible for supervising all project or product management activities.

To manage the project backlog and give the team a clear management of what has to be done, use Gantt charts and Kanban boards.

Using risk management and bug tracking, the project will be free of any problems and scope creep.


The business offers a free trial, and monthly subscriptions begin at $3 per month.

2. Microsoft Planner

Microsoft Planner

Microsoft Planner is ideal for you if your team is not yet accustomed to the general paradigm of product backlog tools.

Apart from that, the application provides a long list of remarkable features that make it ideal for both large and small teams looking to manage their product backlog.

Key Features

Use kanban boards to ensure that your product development team has a clear understanding of all the tasks and procedures they must complete as part of the product roadmap that their manager has specified.

Making ensuring that everyone receives the necessary knowledge about every area of the project through reporting and analysis

The application’s drag and drop interface must be supremely intuitive to prevent users from becoming lost or confused when using it.


This amazing software is available for free trial from the company, but you must pay a beginning fee of $5 per user per month to receive a paid subscription.

3. Yodiz


You will adore Yodiz if you desire software that is a complete package for scrum masters and project development teams alike.

The programme has amazing features and capabilities that genuinely make it a top-notch product backlog tool.

The following are simply a occasional of the amazing features that make the application so great.

Key Features

Alerts to ensure that neither the scrum master nor the members of the product development team miss any notifications or updates

To ensure that everything that occurs during the management of the product backlog is documented and later quantified, create an audit trail.

Billing & Invoicing to ensure that the overall product development process’s financial arrangements are in order.

Agile Methodologies to ensure that you can manage numerous projects simultaneously using the tool without any problems.

Assignment management to ensure that the tasks are distributed to the specific team members in accordance with their areas of strength. Also check FITE TV Alternatives

Backlog management to ensure that no information is withheld or miscommunicated among the members of the product development team.


This amazing backlog management tool is available in a free version, but if you want a membership, you must pay $5 per user per month

4. Teamwork


You require the programme Teamwork if you are an agile project management team and want a powerful product backlog management tool that is user-friendly and extremely intuitive for all of your users.

When it comes to setting tasks, maintaining procedures, or even changing the workflows of the entire team, the programme is fantastic.

Key Features

Dependencies Across Projects

Project Scheduling Templates

Include Repeating Tasks

calendar exchange


Gantt Diagrams

Supports for Backlog Management

Numerous Projects


The business provides a fantastic free, perpetual version of the programme with restricted capability, but you are not required to pay anything.

Depending on the billing plan you choose, you will need to pay $10 per user per month or $18 per user per month to get the paid subscription with more premium features 5.

5. Hygger


Hygger is perhaps one of the greatest tools on our list for managing product backlogs.

The programme is a fantastic tool that enables you to construct your own Kanban boards so that you may have a clear, lean perspective of the actions and procedures you must carry out as part of the execution of the product backlog.

Here are a few of the features and capabilities that this platform for managing the product backlog has to offer.

Key Features

Table View to ensure that each member of the product development team has a view that meets their needs and requirements

Sprint Boards to enable the project managers to continuously monitor every sprint taking place as part of the product development process

WIP Capacity

Using deadlines, you can ensure that each activity and process is completed within the time and resources that the project roadmap has allotted for them.

Kanban Boards to provide you a clear perspective of the tasks that the team must complete and how those tasks are related.


For this amazing product backlog management programme, the company offers a free forever plan, but if you want a more premium toolset, you will need to pay $7 or $14/month/user depending on the payment plan you choose 6.

6. Planigle


Planigle is another significant piece of software that was created with all the scrum teams currently searching the market for a tool to prioritise customer relationship management in mind.

The application is a fantastic tool that is straightforward and simple to use, and to top it off, the creators of this fantastic software have included an useful training and consulting guide to ensure that the product development team is soon up to speed and has no problems utilising the software.

The development team may conclude their work fast without having to spend too much time learning the interface thanks to this practical consulting and training guide.

Let’s look at some of the incredible primary features that this application offers to its users worldwide.

Key Features

The programme has a fantastic backlog generation and prioritisation function that greatly facilitates your backlog management tasks.

Additionally, the software enables you to track the advancement of your iterations as they move through the product development process and schedule your iterations accordingly.

There is also an audit log that the project manager or those in charge can review to make sure everything is accurate and nothing is missing.

A fantastic task board is also available to keep track of and manage all the activities taking place as part of the product development process.

Additionally, the software has a fantastic customer assistance module that makes it simple and obstacle-free for you to use.  Also check Alternatives To Ronaldo7


This product backlog management tool is open-source and free to use, but if you want to upgrade to the premium package, which includes a lot more capabilities than the free version, you will need to pay $30 each quarter per user



One thing you should consistently keep in mind when selecting a product backlog management tool is that you require software that can streamline all of the processes right away and has the ability to make the team’s workload more manageable right from the start.

Still haven’t located one?

Teams may get to work right away after registering for the Monday app, which is a fantastic product backlog management solution.

The programme also includes fantastic additional features like data visualisation, integration with existing tools so you don’t have to stop using anything and start using anything new, and automation options so you can automate the tasks that your team finds tedious.

Let’s examine some outstanding main features that this product backlog management tool provides for its users.

Key Features

The tool’s fantastic product backlog management capability

The programme enables seamless collaboration and communication between team members, reducing uncertainty about the task they need to complete and eliminating information-related blank areas.

You may sync the programme with Outlook and Gmail so that all of your emails arrive directly in the program’s interface and nothing is lost.

You may quickly document and manage all of the work you need to undertake in relation to the product development process with this application.

The programme makes it simple and hassle-free for you to onboard all of your new workers.

New users of the application are also given specific permissions so that the documents that are more confidential and require a high pay grade clearance can be hidden from them.

It is simple to delegate various tasks to various team members so that everyone is aware of their responsibilities within the product development process.

Additionally, you can use automation to keep everyone’s work in sync so that no tasks are missed when it comes time to put the entire product together.


You can utilise a free trial of the software and an individual plan to see what the programme has to offer without having to spend anything. Also check WWITV Alternatives

The price of this amazing backlog management tool’s paid subscription is $24 per month.


These are the greatest product backlog management tools available in 2023, in our opinion.

Write to us and we’ll review it as soon as possible if you feel that we missed something and want it to be included in the post.

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