Knowledgehut brings to you the latest courses and certifications for the learning enthusiasts who always wish to gain progressive and experiential learning and have skills as per the industry requirements. There is always a hidden benefit for such individuals who aspire to seek knowledge in forms of various in-demand courses and make them equip with the requisite skills that are enough to make their portfolio job ready.

In this regard, Knowledgehut acts as a one stop solution for the learning enthusiasts because they continue to offer various courses, workshops, and globally accredited certifications so that they come par with the demands of the recruiters.

In this article, we will be specifically talking about the latest machine learning with python training program which is being offered on the immersive learning platform of Knowledgehut. The training program is a Machine Learning Course with Python which is conducted with the aim of helping the enrolled candidates gain the relevant expertise in Machine learning as per industry requirements and for this the curriculum overall has been curated to make the candidates competent in all spheres of this course so that they directly land to lucrative job offers coming from several industry recruiters.

In this comprehensively designed Machine Learning Course with Python you will be given training to build Python skills at first with simultaneously learning it with varied approaches of Machine Learning. Get trained in the supervised as well as unsupervised learning, advanced ML algorithms, regression and classification, and much more so that you become able to easily build and deploy your theoretical learned knowledge from this course into data visualization models as per real life scenario.

 I. Grow your Machine Learning skills

The Machine Learning with Python Training is a 4 week comprehensive course which is designed by the industry experts themselves to make you dive deep into learning the basics of Machine learning at first and using it efficiently with the most popular programming language i.e. Python.

In this course, candidates will be provided training by the expert instructors who are experienced in this field to give introduction to the data exploration and also how to discover varied approached to machine learning such as the regression and classifications, and supervised as well as unsupervised learning, and much more,

You will be given practice sets to explore and visualize data sets using Python and in-built libraries of Python such as Matplotlib, Pandas, and Scikit. To get fully equipped with the Machine learning with Python you need to prepare yourself with those machine learning skills that are highly sought after across the industries and can add a advantage to your resume such as sci-kit, clustering, regression, etc. Also, you would have to make addition of new projects to job portfolio along with a widely accepted certification in Machine learning because it will showcase you increased influence and competency over the subject matter to the recruiters.


It is wisely said that you need to be always up at game and in the job industry you must learn how to capitalize on the demand for one of the ‘hottest job of the 21st century’ and for this a search for the right training program who makes you capable for acing it all becomes imperative.

Data Science and Python Programming is no exception to the list of hottest job because they have bagged their position of being top at the list since past few years and are expected to retain so in the long run. As per the latest report of LinkdIn, Data Science has topped the list of Emerging Jobs since the past three continuous years. There are several organizations, numbered in thousands who are looking to hire someone capable as their team members who have acquired the machine learning and Python skills and can single handedly transform their datasets into strategic forecasts.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Leaning are known to be the centre of attraction since more and more companies are realizing their importance every since the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic. After this pandemic, it was the efficient tools of AI and machine learning only who were in use for the continuous development of the organization but for that to apply they seek to hire data engineers and data scientists who can take up the role and own it up in their potential way.

This is lead to the increased demand for data engineers in the year of 2020 by 50% and for data scientists it has shot up by 32% which is way more than as the previous year data shows. As per the latest report of Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for data scientists is continue to rise in the upcoming years by 16% as between 2020 and 2028, which is the highest rate than an average concerning other occupations. In addition to this, a Data Scientist earns an average annual salary of $122,338 per year in U.S.


The Machine learning with Python Training program is designed keeping in mind the need and requirements that will suit to all levels of expertise in Machine Learning ranging from the basics to the advanced concepts. The program is overall suitable for both the beginners and professionals who are in that stage of their career as to learn the fundamentals or to strengthen their knowledge and understanding further, the course is designed considering all of these needs.

To help you develop the immediate applicable skills, the program has adopted an applied learn approach which will be provided with the instructor led engaging live sessions, projects, daily activities, and best hands-on practical exercises which is curated as per real world projects.

The Machine learning with Python Training is an extensive and interactive course which has integrated curriculum as per industry relevance and with personalized mentorship program to facilitate you launch a promising career as an expert in Machine Learning.

Some of the benefits that you will gain from this immersive course are listed as below;

  1. Learn fundamentals of machine learning, in-built libraries of Python and how to optimize techniques in finding error in the model
  2. Get equipped with Supervised Learning and Unsupervised Learning that involves KNN Classification, Linear and Logistic Regression, Clustering, and Bayesian Classifiers.
  3. Learn how to Ensemble techniques and correctly use the algorithms in order to gain better predictive performance.
  4. Understand Neural Networks and their application in correct classification of image so to perform sentiment analysis.


There are no prior requirements that candidates need to satisfy in order to attend our Machine Learning with Python training on Knowledgehut. However, it is wisely recommended that the candidates come equipped with fundamental knowledge of minimum one coding language so that they can get most out of this training program. To learn at least one coding language, the most intuitive and minimalistic is the Python programming which is considered to be the best when learnt with Machine Learning.

The course is ideal for all the individuals who are interested in the Python programming and Machine learning and gaining the required skills to solve problems as a data or software engineer, or data analysts, researcher, or economist in doing quantitative analysis with Python programming. So, enroll with the Machine Learning Course with Python Training and give a boost to your career growth at the right time.

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