Jigoshop Ecommerce WordPress Plug Review

The Best Jigoshop Ecommerce WordPress Plug Review. Reeves and Sons Limited might receive a commission if you sign up for a service using one of the links on this page. Jigowatt, a UK-based business, has created Jigoshop, an open-source and user-friendly WordPress e-commerce plug-in.

Jigoshop Ecommerce WordPress Plug Review

In this article, you can know about Jigoshop Ecommerce WordPress Plug Review here are the details below;

This feature-rich plug-initial in’s public beta version was made available on May 31, 2011. Jigoshop 1.11.4, which was just launched, is the most recent upgrade. Jigoshop has been downloaded over 370,000 times since it first launched, more than three years ago. Jigoshop gives you everything you need to quickly set up an eStore and is trusted and used by thousands of businesses and people worldwide. This is another Jigoshop Ecommerce WordPress Plug Review. Also check Balancer Review

You should definitely give Jigoshop a try if you’re seeking for a straightforward yet very sophisticated eCommerce solution for your WordPress online store. Everyone would be curious to learn about the conflict between Jigoshop and WooCommerce, another free WordPress eCommerce plug-in.

Few people are aware that Jigoshop’s fork gave rise to WooCommerce, which is still in its infancy. Yes, you read that correctly. Mike Jolley and Jay Koster were two of Jigowatt’s original developers when Jigoshop first came into existence.

In any case, Mike and Jay were hired by the Woo team since they were having trouble creating their own WordPress eCommerce plug-in at the time. Later, the Woo team made an effort to purchase the copyrights of Jigoshop, but Jigowatt refused their proposal. Finally, the Woo team just took the Jigoshop codebase and forked it, rebranding it as their own WooCommerce plug-in.

Jigoshop Video Preview:

Jigoshop Features:

The nicest thing about Jigoshop is that it’s one of the most feature-rich WordPress eCommerce plug-ins available and it’s completely free to use. Also check buy tripadvisor reviews

Jigoshop’s small code base enables you to quickly launch your online store.

With a fantastic developer community, it comes with a variety of payment channels, shipping tools, a stunning dashboard, comprehensive order management, product import/export, product search, and much more.

The features of the Jigoshop Ecommerce WordPress Plugin

Over a hundred extensions, 40 of which are free, can be used to increase Jigoshop’s functionality.

You can choose any one of the more than 40 pre-built shopping cart themes as the foundation for your project.

Jigoshop, it goes without saying, is the ideal fusion of simple migration options, rich functionality, and expert support options. This is another Jigoshop Ecommerce WordPress Plug Review.

Jigoshop’s simplicity of use is excellent because it is based on the WordPress platform.

You can set up and manage your shop with digital, physical, and service products in a relatively short amount of time because to its user-friendly interface.

You may browse sortable sales graphs, stock reports, and recent product orders & reviews in the Jigoshop admin dashboard to get an idea of how your store is doing.

Jigoshop Ease of Use:

In addition, all settings have clear explanations, making it simple for a common user to set up the store’s operation.

It’s as simple as posting a new blog entry with a specific website address to add a product to the store that has thorough descriptions and excerpts.

Additionally, a wide variety of widgets are available for you to employ in order to give your clients the finest online buying experience possible.

Jigoshop Themes: Currently, Jigoshop offers more than 30 highly adaptable and expert-looking themes, with prices ranging from $35 to $155.

They provide fully featured eCommerce themes appropriate for all kinds of online stores, whether you want to construct a boutique shop or a fashion store. This is another Jigoshop Ecommerce WordPress Plug Review.

They have two categories for their vast array of themes: internal themes and external themes.

They present their official themes in the first area, and Jigoshop themes created by renowned web template providers like Template Monster are presented in the second section.

Jigoshop Themes:

Inventory management is a breeze with Jigoshop.

  • Jigoshop enables you to specify the amount of inventory you have for each product in your store.
  • Jigoshop keeps track of the number of inventory that is available for sale once you have added inventory to each product. It also alerts you when the quantity of a particular item is about to reach a predetermined threshold level.

Jigoshop Inventory:

As I previously stated, Jigoshop’s dashboard lets you identify which items are low on stock or out of stock.

The ability to place backorders is one of Jigoshop’s greatest features.

You can allow or disallow backorders for each product using the product editor.

I have to say that this is one of the most user-friendly inventory managers I have ever encountered after seeing how straightforward their inventory system is.

Jigoshop SEO & Marketing:

  • Jigoshop offers a variety of effective SEO features to assist you in getting your website to the top of all major search engines.
  • You may improve your store to rank higher in search engine results by utilising SEO extensions like Jigoshop SEO Deluxe Plug-in.

I also advise you to read their SEO advice if you want to increase sales from your Jigoshop store. In addition to this, Jigoshop has over 40 premium and free marketing extensions that enable you to thank your customers, combine Jigoshop with your MailChimp lists, integrate Affiliates with Jigoshop, and draw attention to the discount that is being offered.

Jigoshop appears to be an advanced marketing solution that is SEO-ready.

Jigoshop Payments:

  • A third-party payment processor is in charge of all Jigoshop transactions.
  • FuturePay, Bank Transfer, PayPal Standard, Checks, and Cash on Delivery are all accepted as built-in payment methods in Jigoshop.
  • Any of these can be used to take payments from your clients.
  • Dashboard for Jigoshop’s payments

There are over 70 free and premium payment gateway extensions available to pick from, including well-known payment processors like PayPal Pro, ZaakPay, and Amazon Payments, in case you’re dissatisfied with the default payment gateways. This is another Jigoshop Ecommerce WordPress Plug Review.

Jigoshop Support:

  • For both small and large businesses, Jigoshop provides the best support packages available on the market.
  • They have diversified their support system into many levels to make it more effective and efficient.
  • According to their comparison website for assistance packages, the more you spend, the quicker your inquiries will be answered.
  • The fact that they offer the first 14 days of support free of charge along with a money-back guarantee for each extension you buy from their official website is something I truly liked.
  • Furthermore, you can directly publish any bugs or problems you encounter with Jigoshop or any of its official extensions on their WordPress Support Forum.


As you can see from our review, Jigoshop provides practically all of the tools needed to sell anything online. Jigoshop excels in every facet of creating a multi-million dollar eCommerce business, from the theme to the payment gateways. After carefully examining Jigoshop’s standout features, I’ve come to the conclusion that small to medium-sized businesses would benefit most from using this expert WordPress eCommerce plug-in.

Remember that using this plug-in is completely free. Therefore, I’m confident you won’t be disappointed after utilising it. How does Jigoshop sound to you? Please share your thoughts in the space provided below.

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