How You Can Use iBeeSoft Data Recovery On Mac & Windows

This post explains ibeesoft data recovery. Ever experienced circumstances of accidental Data losses? We don’t need detailed information any longer and wind up erasing them or formatting the drive. However, later on, we are sorry for erasing them without any backup. Likewise, often we lose them because of our simple carelessness. In any case, it needs to be extremely agonizing to lose your vital information without correct authorization or objective.

How You Can Use iBeeSoft Data Recovery On Mac & Windows

In this article, you can know about ibeesoft data recovery here are the details below;

This is where the data healing tools enter into action. One such recovery tools is the iBeeSoft Data Recovery Software’s. It features lots of features and a terrific user interface for easy user navigation. In this short articles, we will have an in-depth discussion about every part of this Software and play a considerable function. You can also check another article like data backup recovery.

What is iBeeSoft Data Recovery Software?

iBeeSoft Data Recovery

If you love using healing tools, you should currently know what they essentially are. The iBeeSoft Data Recovery softwares are similar recovery tools that will help you get back the information you unintentionally deleted. Because it includes a minimalistic user interface, it is further much easier to use it.

iBeeSoft can recuperate any file, such as audio, video, archives, PDF, and so on. When you look at it’s launch screen, you can see a big START button. Besides, there are numerous file types, which essentially work as a filter over your scan.

This software application can be of terrific assistance in the following circumstances:

  • – Deleted data intentionally or unintentionally.
  • – Formatted hard drive due to certain reason
  • – Accidental loss of disk partition
  • – Corrupt or harmed disk drive
  • – Unexpected disturbances while information transfer

Support Storage Devices

– PC & Server

– Memory Card

– Digital Camera


– External Hard Drive

– USB Flash Drive

– Other Drives

Support File Types

– Pictures.

– Audio.

– Videos.

– Documents (PPT, docx, doc, pdf, cvf, etc ).

– Archives (. Zip,. rar. tar etc).

– Other files.

How To Use iBeeSoft Data Recovery Software.

The software application includes an extraordinarily mild and user-friendly interface, making it more straightforward for you to recognize each aspect. Firstly, as you introduce the Software, you can either scan for a specific file format. You can utilize the filters, so the Software only looks for comparable kinds of files.


Nevertheless, if you wish to recover multiple files at the same time, click the START button. This will start the scanning deleted all files on your system. The next step includes a list of all partition’s consisting of both the deleted and staying files. However, the advantage is that all these drives are marked with different colors and exact names, making them easily recognizable.


Plus, if you connect an external hard drive to your system, it will likewise be shown with the exact name and a plug icon. And in case you click any brand-new gadget, revitalize the page, and note the existing external device as well.

After finishing the scan, you can see a list of files in addition to their preview so that you can quickly determine them. Select your required files and click recover and let the magic happen. Thus, the iBeeSoft Data Recovery Software is straightforward to use and recover lost files.

By now, you need to have got an exact concept about its outstanding performance and user-friendly nature. So, coming down to some of its most highlighted features, the iBeeSoft Recovery software application includes a Quick Scan and a Deep Scan. Also, check how to fix sprint error 104.

1.) Quick Scan.

Like any other recovery softwares, iBeeSoft Data Recovery features a quick scan function. It finds all the files that can be recovered and provides you with an immediate result.

All you need to do is pick the targeted drive from the list and click on the scan button. This will run an instant scan and bring all the erased files back for healing.

Nevertheless, something to note is that a fast scan will assist you to discover the recently deleted information and not all. That is why you might wish to have a look at what Deep scan has to offer you.

2.) Deep Recovery.

A quick scan gives you a fast outcome, but the results are minimal. On the other hand, a deep scans play a significant function in learning the files deleted long. It’s typical to erase files, and after a substantial duration, the same data ends up being so essential to us but no longer exists on our system.

At these times, iBeeSoft Deep scan will undoubtedly be a beam under the dark sky. As soon as you have performed the quick scan, you will then get a link to start the deep scanning. Remember, this will takes a much longer time than the quick scan, so you must be patient. It will scan every sectors one by one and supply you with in-depth details about each file.

You can see the file names, file types, and all consisted of the information. Besides, the outcomes are incredibly stunning. You can utilize its search feature to find any files, and it will do the rest for you.

The best feature of iBeeSoft Data Recovery Software is here, you can recuperate data not just from the past couple of days, not even a couple of months, but it tracks information year after year. For this reason, you can expect some old stuff to be someplace there in this spectacular Software.

Pricing & Compatibility.

iBeeSoft recovery softwares can save you from embarrassing situations where you inadvertently lose your essential data. Nevertheless, you do not have to pay a fortune to utilize this service. The cost of iBeeSoft information healing price depends upon the nature of your use. You can inspect the price plans below.

You will be more than happy to know that iBeeSoft information recovery support major OS platforms, consisting of Windows 10/8/7/ Vista/XP/Server & Mac OS (all variants).

What Makes iBeeSoft Different From Others?

As pointed out earlier, it includes among the most simple and easy-to-navigate user interfaces. However, that is not the only favorable factor. Another remarkable ability of the iBeeSoft Data Recovery Software that most others do not have is recovering such files.

The majority of the data recovering tools are only able to recognize the files. However, this Software comes with a benefit, making it a better and more advanced alternative.

On top of thats, you can likewise utilize this Software to recover any erased files from your iPhone or Android smartphone! How cool is that? Believe me when I say this– You never have to fret about accidental information loss after utilizing iBeeSoft data healing! Also, review how to reset nintendo switch.


After using a few data obtaining Software now, I feel iBeeSoft to be the very best match for me. That’s mainly because of its easy to use nature. Even an individual without much understanding in the technical field can easily navigate through this software application. Another visible thing is its well-organized search list outcomes.

This lets you look for any drive with excessives ease. Besides, the file recovering power is just like a cherry on the leading and is undoubtedly one of the most crucial aspects behind iBeeSoft’s grand success.

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