How To Get Someone IP Address On PS4

How To Get Someone IP Address On PS4 will be discussed in this article. How do I find someone’s PS4 IP address? An effective PS4 IP address finder is something that a lot of people are seeking for. To assist you in locating someone’s PS4 IP address, MiniTool provides a number of available PS4 IP trackers in this article.

An IP address, also understood as an Internet Protocol Address, is a distinctive address that can distinguish your device from billions of others as well as its geographic location, including country, region, and Internet service provider. However, many individuals are unaware of how to monitor IP addresses from various hardware or software, including how to grab IPs from Xbox, locate IPs from Discord, find IP addresses for Roku, etc.

How To Get Someone IP Address On PS4

In this article, you can know about How To Get Someone IP Address On PS4 here are the details below;

So, how does one obtain a PS4 user’s IP address? Here, we’ll give you access to a number of PS4 IP address finders that are frequently utilized. Continue reading.

Can You find someone’s IP Address from PS4

Can PS4 be used to obtain someone’s IP address? Without a doubt, the response is “Yes”. This is because online PlayStation 4 gaming will use shared IP addresses. The IP address will also be made known by other internet actions on the console. Therefore, it’s highly likely that you may discover someone’s IP address utilizing specific PS4 IP tracker programs.

How to Get Someone IP Address on PS4

Can be used to determine a PS4 user’s location. How do I get my PS4’s IP address? There are four workable ways to discover PS4 IP addresses. You can either choose the one that works best for you without trying them all in order.

#1. Use PSN Resolver

One of the most popular PS4 IP tracker apps that may obtain an IP address using a PSN ID is PSN Resolver. The PSN ID, which functions as a username on PlayStation, is the PlayStation online ID. To obtain the ID, you can choose the target’s profile and copy his username and IP address from there. Then, after pasting the login into the given area on the PSN Resolver website after clicking here, click Resolve.

Use PSN Resolver

#2. Use PS4 IP Grabber – Grabify

This PS4 Resolver tool is not always efficient, though. Don’t worry if you can’t find the IP address on the PS4. Simply scroll down to the next PS4 IP trackers.

A legitimate URL or pursuit code can be employed to grab the IP address using the online application Grabify. The only thing you have to do is build a Grabify URL and send the target the link. His IP address will be tracked by this tool once he clicks the link. Here’s how to use Grabify on a PS4 to obtain someone’s IP address. Also check What Is My Ip Address 

Step 1: Find and copy a site address that you are certain the target will be interested in.

Step 2: After pasting the URL into the provided box on the GRABIFY IP LOGGER page, click Create URL.


Step 3.  When encouraged to agree to the terms of service & privacy statement, click the I Agree & Create URL.

 Click on the I Agree & Create URL

Step 4.  After that, you’ll be taken to the Link Information page. The hunt code is used to follow the IP address once the target visits the new URL, which is used as bait to draw in the target.

Then you will be redirected

Step 5. Send the target the new URL now, and do your best to get him to click it. Return to the Grabify homepage after clicking, type the tracking code you just received, and choose Tracking Code. Then, all of the target user’s details, such as IP address, country, and user agent, ought to be included here. Also check ProtonMail Logged IP Address

Now, send the New URL

#3. Use Wireshark

To trace IP addresses from PS4, use the popular network protocol analyzer Wireshark. Since the PS4 relies on a P2P connection, other players may be able to obtain your IP and vice versa even if you are unable to view it. Let’s look at how to use Wireshark on a PS4 to obtain someone’s IP.

Advice: There is a quick workaround you may use to obtain the IP on a PS4 since Wireshark doesn’t function properly on Xbox.

Step 1: Download and install the Wireshark application on your computer from the application’s official website.

Step 2: Directly connect your computer to a router, then use an Ethernet wire to attach your PS4 console to the PC. Here, make sure the PC’s connection sharing feature is turned on to enable the PS4’s network connection.

Step 3. And all of the packets should arrive at your console. The associated IP addresses can then be identified by viewing them in Wireshark.

#4. Use Command Prompt

From a PS4, you may track a person’s IP address using the Command Prompt. The only requirements are that you talk with your target and use a shared internet connection.

Step 1 and locate the target whose IP address you want to obtain.

Step 2: Make sure you connect with the target by inviting him to the PS4 party or messaging him directly.

Step 3: Type cmd into the search bar, then pick Run as Administrator from context menu of the Command Prompt.

Step 4: Type the netstat -an command and press Enter in the Command Prompt window. Then you may look at the most recent TCP tag, which might assist you in tracking the IP address with the aid of an IP location finder.

On a PS4, how can you find someone’s IP address? The top four PS4 IP finders are shown in the images. Please share any better options you may have in the section below.

In the Command Prompt window

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