How to capture the best app store screenshots

An average phone user accesses all the new apps via the concerned app store. For Android users, the app store is known as the Play Store, whereas, for iOS, the app store is called the same. Now, app stores are considered the safest source to download an application. This is because OS platforms ensure that the applications listed on their platform are safe, secure, and free of fraudulent elements. Therefore, we hardly notice any consumer activity regarding third-party app downloads.

Moreover, iOS doesn’t even allow third-party app downloads as part of its tight integration policy. For an app developer, it is crucial to market the app in the most efficient manner to ensure a considerable number of downloads. App development companies resort to digital marketing techniques to get clicks, views, and installations. However, the most effective way is to market the app in the most innovative way on the app store.

Now, the most fundamental procedure of marketing an app on app stores is app screenshots that give users real-time insight into the app, thereby affecting their decision to install the app. Needless to say, app screenshots are an indispensable part of digital app marketing. ‘

Hence, it is crucial to put the most convincing screenshots out there. It is important to note that even when a user attributes to the app installation page on the app store, he/she is bound to look at the screenshot, which may cause a decision change. In this article, we will talk about 5 fundamental principles that should be kept in mind to capture outstanding app screenshots.


The screenshot layout and app store screenshot size are very important because it determines the amount of app information that will be captured in the image. So, if you go for a horizontal layout, you may not be able to capture all of the key features. However, in certain circumstances, like if the concerned app is a video editing app, media playback app, gaming app, etc., the horizontal layout may provide better visual appeal.

But if you are a feature-oriented app, a vertical layout may do wonders for you. Vertical layouts are preferred when important functional details are to be captured. If the concerned application provides various services, it might be best to start with a vertical layout. You do not have to follow a hard line regarding this.

You may choose to post a blend of horizontal and vertical layouts too. However, be diligent in the case of the first screenshot because a standard user makes a decision in the wake of a numero uno screenshot. Also, design your arrangement in a way that appeals to the users’ inquisitiveness.

Screenshot content

Eventually, everything comes down to the kind of content you capture in your screenshots. If your app offers a paid premium service, you may add a glimpse of that to appeal to the audience’s curiosity. Similarly, if you are promoting a gaming app, it is best to upload a gameplay video because it will allow the users to understand the progression of the game, the graphics, etc.

You have to weave a short story using app screenshots. Therefore, ensure that you put out gradual screenshot content. In terms of marketing, you need to take care of four things, attention, interest, desire, and action. Appeal to these emotions in the same progression via screenshots if you want to convert the app view to installation.

Describe your application

Using the screenshots, you must be able to tell the user everything about the app. iOS offers the space for 10 screenshots. Use this space to put ten relevant screenshots that tell the user about the exact functionality.

Apple restricts the display of out-of-app screenshots. Therefore, stick to the actual features and do not exaggerate your features. Promise exactly what you are going to deliver. Exaggeration will disappoint the user, eventually leading to app uninstallation and negative reviews.

Display your main features

Invest your time and energy in your application’s flagship features. You get 10 screenshot space, but you don’t have to utilize all of it mostly because hardly any user goes through 10 slides. It is the first few slides that build the impression.

Therefore, focus on the most outstanding features of your app and design a story using them. Also, conduct a thorough app store research before posting anything. Take note of the top-ranked keywords and choose the screenshots that capture those screenshots.

Capture all devices

This part is especially focused on iOS app developers. The apps developed for iOS support all Apple devices usually, and it is one of the most sought-after features too.

Therefore, when posting app screenshots, you must inform the user that your app can be accessed from all Apple devices. For this reason, it is best to take a common window and place the screenshots from all the different devices in that window. This will help you save space on screenshot slides. 

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