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How To Get Backlinks For Free 56 Ways That Work In 2024

How To Get Backlinks For Free will be described in this article. This article will teach you 56 strategies that may be used by any website or business to obtain backlinks for free. You may improve your website’s rankings in search motors like Google, Yahoo, and Bing to get more organic search traffic by utilizing these free link building techniques for search engine optimization (SEO). Think of this as your go-to resource for getting free backlinks, which you may consult repeatedly while developing your off-page SEO strategy.

How To Get Backlinks For Free 56 Ways That Work In 2024

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In this article, you can know about How To Get Backlinks For Free here are the details below;

1. Analyze Competitor Backlink Profiles

Firstly, you should examine the backlink profiles of your main rivals in order to obtain free backlinks.

You can collect the URLs referring to your competitors by using a backlink checker tool such as Ahrefs, Semrush, or LinkMiner. After obtaining this information, you can visit the same websites and attempt to obtain a backlink at no cost.

The quickest method for determining which links are most important for raising page and domain authority for target keywords is to analyse competitor backlink profiles.

2. Get Backlinks on free Websites

Making your own backlinks on other websites is another approach to get free backlinks.

Because it’s quick and simple to execute, novice link builders frequently use this strategy. Additionally, you can create your own websites for this purpose using any one of the hundreds of website platforms available on the Internet.

You may either do the work yourself by creating free accounts on these kinds of Web 2.0 backlink sites, or you can outsource it to a platform like Fiverr:

  • WordPress
  • Writer
  • Weebly
  • Wix
  • Instagram
  • Live Diary
  • Wikipedia

Just keep in mind that on these kinds of platforms, you want to create a great website with lots of pages and excellent content. Don’t merely make one page with a backlink to your website on it. For more information, see this related guide on creating Web 2.0 backlinks.

The more robust these kinds of websites are, the better your backlink profile will be. To increase the page authority of these websites, you can also build links to them.

3. Create Backlinks on Business Directiories

Here’s how to build backlinks for a legitimate local business or brand at no cost. Visit business directories and register for a membership. Next, enter your address, phone number, and website’s URL into the listing.

A few hyperlinks from local company directories can increase the algorithm’s perception of your website’s credibility by proving to it that you’re not just a one-man show.

Among the top local business directories are:

  • Google Places
  • Bing Locations
  • Foursquare
  • Regional Business Association
  • Merchant Circle
  • Yelp
  • Warm Frog
  • Tupalo

4. Build Backlinks from Industry Brands

Here’s a quick and easy method to obtain free backlinks for your website from leading companies in your sector.

Write a blog piece or an affiliate buying guide rating and reviewing one of their goods or services, then let them know about it. You can probably receive a link placement on these brands’ websites if you tell them that they “made your top 10 list” or that you “loved their stuff so much you had to review it.”

I have personally employed this strategy to persuade well-known companies to provide a backlink to my promotional content on their news sections and media mention webpages. Try it out, then.

5. Find Co-Marketing Partners

By establishing connections with other bloggers or professionals in the field, you can obtain multiple backlinks simultaneously with minimal exertion.

In essence, you promise one another that you would link to and discuss each other’s work from pieces on your websites that are topically related.

6. Ask EDU Professors for a Backlink

Obtaining a backlink from a college or university website will boost your domain authority significantly with its high PageRank. Furthermore, obtaining these links is far simpler than you may imagine. as long as you take the proper approach.

Establishing a rapport with one or more of the teachers is the SEO secret here.

The majority of academics maintain personal webpages on the primary college or university domain. Furthermore, the content that is published is usually completely under the academics’ authority.

You can then request a hyperlink to a pertinent page on your website by establishing a connection with a professor and demonstrating an interest in their work. These instructors might have a resources page that you can easily obtain a free link to, or you could modify one of their already-published blog entries to include a hyperlink to one of your websites for free.

7. Build free Backlinks with HARO

My other tutorial on building high-quality backlinks includes this SEO link-building trick. Additionally, it has a specific page for SEO and backlinks here: HARO.

The significance of this technique for obtaining high-quality linkages is already evident. And you should definitely look into those other resources. The secret here, though, is to register for a free HARO account and reply to questions from journalists.

Because you may obtain backlinks on well-known websites like CNN, Forbes, Weight Watchers and the Parenting Magazine, Business Insider, etc. just by offering to be quoted, HARO is an excellent resource for editorial link building.

8. Create an Account on wikipedia

Use this method for getting backlinks from Wikipedia articles if you want to create free backlinks on one of the most well-known websites on the globe.

The strategy just consists of five steps, but if you follow them perfectly, you can obtain a permanent, thematically relevant backlink on a Wikipedia page.

9. Get Listed as a Sponsored Website

While not entirely free, this technique can still be extremely affordable and is something to think about for a quality backlink.

Thousands of companies, particularly nonprofits, are in dire need of funding. And for a small gift, you’d be astonished at how many of these companies will put your brand name along with a link to your website from a prominent page like the homepage.

10. Offer to Speak at Industry Events

By offering to speak at local or virtual industry events, you may quickly build free backlinks that are thematically relevant.

You will receive a written bio as an event speaker, which frequently including a link to your website.

11. Make Reviews for Popular Books, Tools, and Services

You can write your own reviews of well-known books, tools, services, and other things if you wish to draw links from particular businesses and other website owners.

It’s important to inform the company about your review page or video once you’ve finished it. This may result in a link back to your material as the business may wish to highlight a favourable review.

Additionally, more website owners will start linking to your work as it becomes more widely known online. If you made a review video, they might even embed it.

12. Reclaim Brand Mentions

Occasionally a website will mention your business or brand in an article, but it won’t provide a link to your website. Additionally, this mention of the unlinked brand is a terrific technique to obtain free backlinks for your website.

You have two options for locating these opportunities:

  • Create a Google Alert to receive daily notifications whenever your brand is mentioned by the search engine algorithm.
  • To identify websites that are currently mentioning your company, manually search Google for your brand name with quotes around it. Then, browse the web pages to check if there are any links.

You can take back a brand mention that isn’t linked by getting in touch with the website owner and requesting that they connect to your page. Quite simply put.

13. Share Your Images for Free

Here’s an SEO trick that goes largely unnoticed but can provide an endless supply of fresh backlinks like crazy.

As many photos as you can should be uploaded to Flickr and licenced under a Creative Commons licence that permits unrestricted use. Next, enter the following in the image descriptions:

“With a connected attribution, you are free to use this image. Please attribute the image with “Photo by” for proper usage.

14. Reclaim Unlinked Images

It happens occasionally that someone will take pictures off of your website and use them in their own writing without giving you credit. Still, there are a few easy actions you may take to get these disconnected photos back.

Link construction is a bit of a manual process, but there are two approaches you can take:

  • Paste the image’s URL (copy and paste) into Google. Following that, Google will display a list of all the websites it discovered utilising your image.
  • Upload your photos using a service like TinyEye, or just paste the URL. TinyEye is a software for image identification and reverse image search that can locate other websites where your image has been uploaded.

You must email the site owners requesting that they properly credit your image with a backlink once you have located the websites that have been utilising your images without your consent.

You can file a DMCA takedown notice if they refuse to comply with this request, in which case they must take down the image from their website.

15. Submit guest posts

This is a typical, yet still well-liked, method of obtaining pertinent backlinks.

To locate guest writing possibilities, use Google’s advanced search operators:

  • title with keyword “write for us”
  • title with keyword “write for me”
  • Title keyword: “contribute to”
  • Keyword combination: “submit” + “blog”
  • Enter the term “submit a guest post”
  • The term inurl is “guest-post.”
  • “Guest post” is the keyword
  • The phrase “guest post by”
  • “Accepting guest posts” is a keyword.
  • “Guest post guidelines” as a keyword
  • “Guest author” is a keyword.
  • “Guest article” is the keyword
  • “Guest Column” is the keyword
  • “Become a contributor” is the keyword
  • key phrase inpostauthor:guest
  • Keyword “guest blog” in postauthor
  • “guest post” keyword in the inpostauthor

16. Create Forum Profiles

On the Internet, there are still a lot of forums. Additionally, creating a free account and adding a backlink to your website in your profile are both options.

In order for it to be seen and indexed each time you leave a remark on another forum post, you can also include a link in your forum signature.

17. Get Listed on Blog Aggregators

A blog aggregator is a website that gathers blog entries from several websites and presents them in a single spot for users to view. Your URLs get instantaneous backlinks as a result.

You can submit the RSS feed for your website to two excellent blog aggregators: Alltop and Feedspot.

18. Build an Affiliate Program

Establishing an affiliate programme can be a quick and easy approach to increase the number of backlinks to the sites that are most important to your business’s bottom line if you provide goods or services.

You can encourage new affiliates to submit in-depth evaluations and provide the ideal anchor text to utilise for backlinks that are optimised as you bring them on board.

19. Give Away a Free Book for Backlinks

People adore freebies. Particularly books, electronic or printed.

And all you need to use as a free lead magnet for links is a brief book.

Here’s an SEO tip: Include an email opt-in form on your homepage so visitors may download the book. As a result, your domain authority will rise.

People will spread the word about your free book more widely on social media and in articles on their own websites, which will raise the quantity of backlinks pointing to your domain.

20. Host a Giveaway for Free Backlinks

when with the last SEO backlink suggestion, holding a giveaway with cash or prizes is an easy method to quickly build a large number of backlinks when news gets out online. This can wind up only costing you cents per link, making it likely the least expensive method of building backlinks at scale.

21. Syndicate your Content on Other Websites

Syndicating your material is a quick and simple method to increase website traffic and link building to your original articles. You also don’t need to write any original content. A duplicate of your original piece that appears on another website with a link attribution is known as syndicated content.

Content can be syndicated on websites such as, Medium, and LinkedIn. To learn more about how this tactic operates, check out this linked article that includes a list of free backlink sites. Also check How To Create A Micro Niche Blog

22. Create your own Subreddit

Create your own subreddit if you’d like to learn how to get backlinks on Reddit for free.

On the Reddit platform, a subreddit is a distinct online community that may be created by anyone, provided that their account has been active for at least 30 days and has a minimum of good karma.

You are free to create threads about anything you like inside your own subreddit, as long as you provide links back to your website. As previously indicated in the link building SEO advice, you can also syndicate your blog entries using this platform.

23. Join a Link Exchange Facebook Group

There are lots of link sharing groups on Facebook. To get a comprehensive list of groups you may join to exchange links, simply type “backlink groups” into the search bar.

24. Find Duplicate Content and Request a backlink

The internet is inundated with content that has been scraped, and even reputable websites are frequently reproducing passages of articles without giving due credit.

You can take advantage of this to increase the number of backlinks you have. To identify your plagiarised content, simply enter your URL into Copyscape. After that, send a polite email to the site owners stating that you would like a backlink with author credit or that you would like to file a DMCA takedown request.

You would be shocked at how many websites with high domain authority have copied information and would prefer to offer the author a free link rather than face DMCA actions or have the text removed from their published work.

25. Get on a Podcast

Here’s another easy technique to obtain free backlinks: subscribe to another person’s podcast.

You have the option to ask the host to provide a link to your websites in the show notes as the guest. To boost the page authority, you can even be quite particular about the URL you want to pass through the highest PageRank.

26. Create a YouTube Channel

Another excellent tool for quickly and easily building links is YouTube. Links to your channel can be added, as well as inserted, into the descriptions of your videos.

Making the videos doesn’t have to be difficult in order to obtain these links. With these techniques, creating video material can be done quickly:

  • Recapitulating your blog entries live on camera.
  • making a presentation on the screen that includes the article’s most crucial text in bullet points together with photos.
  • To enable YouTube video uploading, an audio version of the blog post should be recorded and a stock image should be added as a placeholder for the video.

27. Produce Audio Files

Like in the previous advice, you can record an audio file and post it to Sound Cloud or another website, making sure the description includes a link to the original website.

28. Publish Facts and Statistics

Are you curious in how to obtain free backlinks for your website from leading figures in your industry?

Create a page with your own facts and figures.

Experts enjoy citing data in their own publications, so if you gather your own information through surveys, case studies, or industry data analysis and report on it with original research, your content will gain a lot of authority dofollow links.

29. Ask Writters to Give your Website a Backlink

You might want to take this backlinking strategy into account if you hire writers to create your material.

Request that the writers post a brief synopsis of the work they completed for you on their personal blogs, complete with a links. As an alternative, you may ask them to include a link to the piece on their portfolio or about page.

30. Submit a Press Release

A popular strategy for informing media sources about your company is to send out press releases. Furthermore, it’s a simple method of obtaining a tonne of fresh backlinks.

31. Build a Free Tool or Interactive Content

As previously stated, people adore free things. In particular, resources and engaging material that simplify work and improve quality of life.

You can develop a sound resource that is shared and connected to without incurring any outreach payments by creating an interactive tool or piece of content that fits into one of the following categories:

  • Tests
  • Surveys
  • Calculators
  • Games
  • Maps

32. Engage on Quora

Quora is an excellent position to question questions and get free backlinks in addition to raising company recognition. Answers from your articles can be copied and pasted into the questions you uncover by physically browsing the site for questions that relate to the information on your website.

You can also include a link to the original article in your Quora replies so that people may visit it. See our comprehensive tutorial on Quora backlinks for SEO.

33. Write About Trending Topics

Backlinks from news websites, blogs, and other rapidly evolving media channels can frequently be obtained by publishing content on your website that is related to noteworthy and popular subjects.

To gain the maximum attention in this situation, it’s important to be among the first websites to publish a response or comment on a breaking news item or trend.

34. Get Listed on Website Resource Pages

Links to other helpful websites can be found on the resources pages of many websites.

Once you locate these chances, you may get in contact with the website owners to request that your URL be added as well.

To locate resource sites similar to this, use these sophisticated Google search operators:

  • resources inurl:[keyword or topic] intitle:
  • intitle:[keyword or topic] inurl:links

35. Publish Your Own Roundup Posts

Experts in the field can provide you with free backlinks to your website by taking part in a roundup piece.

Roundup articles are simple to write and consist of a compilation of viewpoints from authorities in your field. All you have to do is get in touch with experts in your field and ask them one question about it.

Next, you can request that these professionals link to the published roundup piece from their own websites and post it on social media.

36. Get Featured on other Roundups

You should also get mentioned on other expert roundup posts if you want to get dofollow backlinks.

Use these advanced search operators when conducting a Google search to locate these opportunities:

  • [Your term] plus “roundup of experts”
  • [Your speciality] plus “expert roundup”

Once you’ve come across a few quality roundups, get in contact with the website owners and inquire about contributing to the post as well.

37. Ask other website owners for backlinks

One popular link-building strategy for obtaining free backlinks is email outreach. But most people go about it incorrectly.

In the first email, they request a link, which frequently results in the email being ignored or deleted.

You should take a more diplomatic approach, as I outline in my tutorial on how to ask for backlinks, to increase your chances of success.

38. Do Phone Outreach

Make inquiries with nearby companies about being a resource link on their website. This is a strategy that can offer you an advantage over your rivals but that most people are unwilling to use.

39. Do Broken Link Building

Finding broken links on other websites and reporting them to their owner is known as broken link building. You also include a useful substitute link that points back to your website.

You can find a comprehensive instruction on broken link creation on Ahrefs, but these are the fast actions you’ll need to take to get started:

  • Make a list of credible rivals in your industry.
  • Employ Ahrefs Site Explorer for domain analysis.
  • By going to Site Explorer -> Pages -> Best by Links -> filter for HTTP 404 errors, you can use Ahrefs Broken Link Checker to locate the broken links.

Using that procedure, you may identify the most popular pages on the website that are no longer up to date, and you can then examine the referring domains to see where on the Internet those sites are linked to.

40. Create and Share Infographics

Everybody adores an excellent infographic. Additionally, it will be easier to share and link to if it has excellent data. This content can also be uploaded to infographic submission websites, with a relevant link included in the description.

41. Add Your Website to Social Booking Sites

Websites that let you share webpages, articles, blog entries, photos, and videos for public access are known as social bookmarking sites.

Among the well-known, free social bookmarking sites are:

  • Diigo
  • Digg
  • We Are in Love With It
  • it
  • Carry-on

Additionally, you need to ensure that your website is indexed by all of the main search engines. See this helpful resource of free websites for web submissions.

42. Develop Slide Decks

One quick and simple way to get new backlinks is to make a slide show, also called a slide deck, and submit it on a website like SlideShare with a link to your website in the description.

43. Upload Content to Document Sharing sites

You can produce a Word or PDF document and post it to a document sharing website with a link to one of your web pages in the report, much to the last SEO link building advice.

Several well-known websites for sharing documents are:

  • Scribd
  • Zoho
  • Name: Calameo

44. Offer free Services In Exchange for a Backlink

In exchange for a hyperlink on the client’s website, you can provide a free membership or upgrade if you offer any kind of service.

45. Use a Backlink Generator

Backlink generators are programmes that work automatically to build plenty of free backlinks to your website. Even if they’re sometimes of lower quality, they nonetheless count.

SENuke and Backlink Maker are two well-liked programmes for this purpose.

46. Repurpose Content on Social Media

You can use every article, picture, and video on your website to create smaller content pieces that you can communicate on social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Reddit, and so on, generating backlinks to specific pages on your website.

47. Publish Blog Comments

Link building was all the rage in the early days, when blog comments were the big thing. Even though they don’t have the best PageRank, they might still be useful for developing mostly nofollow connections that balance out your backlink profile.

48. Quote Industry Experts and Tell them About It

Quoting industry experts is a simple approach to get them to spread your URLs.

Locate influential people in your field, take a quote from their bio, and use it in one of your pieces. After that, let them know about it. Frequently, they will post a link to that quotation in an effort to enhance their own visibility.

49. Submit your Site to Feedback Websites

Website owners can enhance their layouts and conversion rates with the aid of website feedback sites. These websites can, however, also be secretive sources of backlinks.

By asking for input and publishing a connection to your website, you can get insightful comments on how to make your site better in addition to an immediate link.

50. Offer a Scholarships oppertunity

Establishing a page on your website to advertise a scholarship that your company funds is known as scholarship link building. You then notify the financial aid offices of colleges and universities about your scholarship.

These universities will provide you an EDU link, which is usually a dofollow backlink, in exchange for including your company information and a free backlink to the scholarship page.

51. Post a Job Listing

Do you wish to fill a position at your company? or wish to hire a freelancer to aid in the expansion of your website?

When hiring, you can obtain high domain authority backlinks by generating a job listing and promoting it on Indeed, LinkedIn and the Monster, CareerBuilder, SimpleHired, etc.

53. Buy a Website with a good Backlink Profile

Although it’s obvious that this isn’t a free means of obtaining fresh links, it’s still something to think about.

Many bloggers and website owners have failed to receive a significant amount of gridlock to their websites because they are ignorant of SEO. These domains might, nevertheless, have a sizable amount of pertinent backlinks.

You can quickly obtain these natural backlinks and pass PageRank by buying an inexpensive website like this and using 301 redirects to send traffic to individual pages or the entire domain to your website. Also check Ways How To Use HARO For Backlinks

54. Get Google Backlinks

You may utilise Google properties to build backlinks to your website in at least fifteen different ways, as you may be aware. And among these links, a few have the highest PageRank value for SEO and are dofollow links.

You may leverage Google-owned properties, such as Google Docs, Sheets, My Maps, Calendar, and more, to create high-quality backlinks to your website. This is covered in detail in our other tutorial on how to earn backlinks from Google. (Also called Entity Stacking on Google.)

55. Build Your Own Network of Websites

The creation of your own website network is another popular strategy for obtaining backlinks. You link to your different online properties, set up the domains, and provide the content.

Since you’re building your own organic links, this strategy is frequently referred regarded as “black hat SEO.” However, a lot of big firms employ this SEO technique in public by tying together their most important website assets without trying to hide it.

56. Create Internal Backlinks

The last method for building backlinks for your website is internal linking. However, you’re transmitting this strength inside rather than obtaining PageRank from other pages.

If you want a quick review on the differences between internal and external links in SEO, I have a comprehensive guide. For the sake of this post, however, you can use well-optimized anchor text with internal links to raise the ranks for a target website.

An increased number of internal links to a page communicates to search engines such as Google that the material is relevant. Furthermore, if it’s significant, the algorithm will benefit from knowing that the website should be more visible for its target keywords in search results.

Why Create Free Backlinks for Your Website?

Because it increases the domain authority and page authority of your website, you should establish free backlinks for it. Building backlinks is crucial for certain keywords in order to place your content on search engines’ first page.

Financially neutral backlinks offer the highest return on investment. This kind of link building only requires your time and work, and you may increase the backlink profile of your website by taking advantage of several online alternatives.

Furthermore, obtaining backlinks has benefits beyond improving search engine results. In addition to generating targeted referral traffic, high-quality links can improve content discoverability and brand exposure. If you need assistance with your anchor text ratios for improved optimisation, check out my post on using keywords in backlinks.

Backlinks aren’t necessary for a website to rank highly in the SERPs, though. To find out how to achieve high rankings with minimal link building, see my post on how to rank without backlinks.

Build Backlinks for Free Summary

This post about how to obtain backlinks for free I hope was helpful. As you found, anyone may improve a website’s rankings in Google, Yahoo, and Bing by using one of the several free methods for building backlinks. Simply select your preferred techniques to build backlinks for your website that support your long-term search engine optimisation objectives.

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