How Can You Upgrade the Lifespan and Quality of Your Smartphone?

We have already spent a lot of money on smartphones, which are considered the handheld and most efficient devices not only for individuals but also for businesses. Probably you have to pick a new phone when your old one fails. You may have to invest time in adapting yourself to new features and systems. Though buying a new smartphone is the best feeling, upgrading the lifespan of your old phone is also the better option.

People don’t prefer upgrading their old phone with a new one because, obviously, it is the most expensive decision. PIA found that 60% of people would rather repair their phone than buy a new one. However protecting your old phone can save your investment for so long.

Moreover, technology can easily change and become outdated. The best thing is that you can still save money by extending the lifespan of your device even after the technology upgrade. We will help you explore all such ways that may increase the lifespan of your smartphone and its quality. So keep reading.

Common Smartphone Damaging Issues

The screen of the smartphone is cracked or damaged, which is considered the most common issue that needs to be repaired. According to the research, it is revealed that almost 55% of smartphones are repaired because of screen damage. On the other hand, another research revealed that nearly 50% of people experience damaged screen phones in their lives, and almost 38% of people who share such issues belong to the UK.

However, when you properly care for your phone, it means you can protect your phone from screen damage. As the phone display is the most sensitive part of the device as well as the most costly part, it is always suggested to use the glass screen protector on this part. Using this protector, you can protect the screen of your phone from cracks and damage even if it is dropped. Besides this, it can minimize the chances of scratches on your phone.

Not only protectors but phone cases are also the best way to protect the phone from damage. The best thing is that cases don’t impact the overall appeal of the phone. That is why you must invest in a premium and aesthetically appealing phone case to protect the phone from damage and improve the phone’s style. These can prevent scratches to the phone even after falling and minimize the risk of chips around the phone and camera. Now, many phone cases are available with genuine leather to improve the overall look of the phone.

Research revealed that almost 20% of phone repairs are the result of liquid immersion in the device. So always check if the phone case has waterproof features to prevent water entry to your device.

Water and other liquids damage the circuitry, hardware and motherboard of the device. In that case, it is better to be cautious and avoid using the phone when you are in the bathroom or rain.

9 Proven Ways to Prolong the Lifespan of Your Smartphone

Now is the digital world, and phones have become the main or most essential part of everyone’s lives. There are many uses for smartphones, such as communication, entertainment and much more.

The survey revealed that, with time, phones start getting slower and losing their appeal. So, to keep the phone in better condition, you also need to maintain or protect many parts, not just hardware. It means storage, software, and other sensitive areas also need maintenance and protection for better performance.

Buying smartphones means a costly investment because of the continuously increasing price of phones. So, keeping your old device in better condition can save you money. Here, we will discuss how you can do this:

1. Safeguard with a Sturdy Case: Shield and Preserve Your Smartphone’s Brilliance

Smartphones are the most sensitive devices, but the use of metal chassis makes them durable. That is why mobile phones are much more prone to damage and cause you to pay heavy bills. Also, these metal chassis can easily chip and shatter the exterior of your mobile. So it is better to choose the durable phone case and protector.

However keep in mind that all cases are not designed to protect your phone. At the same time, some are just for aesthetic appeal. So make sure to find a case made of durable and supreme quality materials as well as a shock absorber.

2. Keep Ports and Screen Pristine: Easy Cleaning Routine for Peak Performance

Dirt is the main factor that may be accumulated in the phone port. Whether you are at work, at dinner or running errands, dirt may cause sound and charging issues, which are all the main elements of the phone.

Always clean the phone ports and keep them clean without accumulating dirt, which may cause damage. Don’t clean daily or weekly while clean monthly.

3. Beat the Heat: Prevent Overheating for Prolonged Lifespan

Research findings show that you can enhance your phone’s lifespan by not using it in areas with direct sunlight. In extremely hot conditions, your phone gives a sign of battery overheating or may shut off, which then further impacts the battery life and, ultimately, the phone’s life.

Some phones, such as the iPhone, are designed in a way that easily detects the temperature of the battery and notifies the user. When the iPhone overheats, it displays the message that your phone needs to be cooled down. It is a preventive message, so consider it to protect your phone from overheating. O

4. Streamline Storage: Declutter Your Device for Swift Operation

Smartphones have finite storage, so be aware of the downloaded apps. Make sure to delete unused apps and files to enhance phone performance. Other than this, make sure to clear the cache on a regular basis.

Make sure to check the storage of the phone to know which apps are taking more space and which are not needed if you want to upgrade your phone with more storage. Then, you can explore different phones, such as Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus. Also check phone scams to be aware of in 2023.

5. Power Down, Power Up: The Importance of Regular Reset for Your Smartphone

You need to reset your computer. Similarly, you have to reset or switch off and on the phone regularly. If you are not using a phone or it is not operating, then switch it off; otherwise, it will affect performance.

Make sure to switch the phone off at least one time a week to keep it running smoothly and extend its lifespan.

6. Strengthen Security: Defend Against Threats for a Safe Mobile Experience

Smartphones are more prone to infection by viruses and malware. The common reason behind this infection is hackers who want to access your personal information to access online accounts further. So you can protect your phone from such attacks via the following methods:

  • Download a legal antivirus software. You may also add 2 two-factor authentication system to all your accounts and ensure the encryption of your details.
  • Another way is to keep software updated and fix bugs to enhance the phone’s performance.

7. Maximize Control: Optimize App Permissions for Enhanced Security

The best way to boost the performance of your phone is to manage all app permissions. Make sure to check the app for new updates and permissions to avoid unwanted access to your sensitive details and the operation of processes that may take battery.

8. Optimal Charging Practices: Preserve Battery Health by Avoiding Overcharging

Never charge your device to 100%. At the same time, ensure to keep charging between 20-80% or charge your phone partially. This can minimize battery strain, enhance the lifespan of your phone battery, and boost performance.

Moreover, some smartphones allow you to check the capacity of your battery. You have to go to settings, tap battery, and check the battery health and its maximum capacity. It will allow you to know the battery percentage as well as the health of your phone’s battery. The high percentage is an indication of battery health, while the low percentage indicates a damaged battery. Also read Fix Screen Time Keeps Turning Off On iPhone

9. Embrace Wi-FI Connectivity: Preserve Battery Life and Reduce Data Usage

It is better to use a Wi-Fi connection instead of using mobile data as it can minimize strain on your phone’s battery and preserve it from much consumption. Other than this, it can ensure efficient data use and save you money.


Mobile phones are a major part of our lives. From chatting to calling to ordering to entertainment to so on, smartphones can now do everything. We frequently use our phones, but most of us neglect the maintenance that may minimize the phone’s lifespan.

Even though technology is developing and growing continuously, maintaining the phone is still necessary. All the ways mentioned above are helpful to extend the life of your smartphone so you may save money and avoid headaches.

More maintenance means your phone has a long life, which in turn optimizes performance. So, never neglect the maintenance of your phone, and keep your smartphone in top shape and condition!

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