iPhone Battery Life How to Make iPhone Battery Last Longer?

This post will explain home and lock screen. Smartphones nowadays feature a great deal of features that can let you do anything over the phone. With a variety of apps to utilize for various purposes, you can have all kinds of services as well as entertainment. Nevertheless, with all such features, it drains the battery life of the phone. Besides, if you are an iPhone user, then the iPhone battery life problem is something typical for you. And if your iPhone is having a battery drainage issue, then this is something to stress over. This is because if your phone goes to sleep, then this may create problems or make you fall under issues.

iPhone Battery Life How to Make iPhone Battery Last Longer?

In this article, you can know about home and lock screen here are the details below;

So, in this post, we are continuing to discuss a few of the easy procedures that you can follow to improve the iPhone battery life. Although the iPhone 8 and its next-generation iPhones have rather an excellent battery life. But the iPhone 6 battery life and its preceding are not up to the mark.

To become the battery lifetime of the iPhone, you have to fine-tune the Settings of your phone. Nevertheless, you need to make some changes to do so. Go through the below-given tips to enhance iPhone battery life or know how to make the iPhone battery last longer.

 1. Turn on the Low Power Mode

This is the firstly thing that you can do. If you are utilizing the iOS 9 or the later versions, then you can get the of Apple’s Low Power Mode. Nevertheless, in order to turn it on, you can follow the provided below actions;

– Open the Settings of the Device.

– Then find and click the Battery alternative.

– There you can find the Low Power Mode, toggle it on.

However, you need to know that when you turn this function on, there are couple of things that will be handicapped. Such as it minimizes the mail fetch, Siri functions, automatic downloads, background app refresh, and some visual results until the phone is 100% charge.

 2. Shut off the iCloud

Another thing that continues draining your battery in the background is the iCloud. As it continuously runs in the background and instantly supporting files. However, it is an essential and helpful feature for backing up crucial files, documents, and pictures as well as videos. Possibly, if you pick to turn it off, then you can follow the actions specified listed below:

– Open the Settings of the Phone.

– Then tap on Your Name.

– There you can find the iCloud, click on it. Then toggle Off anything that you do not want.

After doing that, the iCloud will not be able to run in the background to support your files. Thereby, you can conserve the battery life of your iPhone.However, you can connect with iPhone repair Dubai professional for an instant repair. Also check how to find out who hacked your cell phone.

 3. Shut off “Hey Siri”

The only thing in the iPhone that drains battery for no factor is the “Hey Siri”. This choice lets you talk to the voice assistant and can do a great deal of virtual work. Nevertheless, this choice is always running in the background and consequently, keeps the microphone of the iPhone active in the background. For that reason it drains quite a lot of battery. So, if you do not wish to avail of this feature and wish to deactivate it, then you can turn it off by heeding the actions provided below:

– Go to the Settings of the phone.

– Locate and Tap on Siri & Search.

– Then you have to switch off the Listen for “Hey Siri”.

 4. Eliminate the Background App Refresh

There are various application that run in the background & drains the battery. Nevertheless, before that, you can examine the details of the standby time of your iPhone. For this fast check, you need to go to the Settings and after that browse to the Battery. There you can discover the Standby time and the use time of your iPhone and take down it. Then restart your iPhone and again, go to the battery and inspect the Standby time. You can see that it is increased by 10 minutes. Therefore, something is keeping your phone running in the background.

Therefore, you require to kill those apps that run in the background to improve the battery life of the Phone. Here’s how you can do it.

– Open the Settings of the phone.

– Then browse and click General.

– Locate the Background app and inspect the apps that are running in the background. After that, switch off all the apps that you do not run in the background.

Though the apps just work when you turn them on, this will improve the battery life of the iPhone.

 5. Turn the Automatic Downloads Off

Do you understand that automated downloads are one of the common factors that drain pipes the battery? Apart from that, your phone may take improper time to update whatever. This will likewise eat up a lot of your information. Therefore, if you don’t want this to happen, then you can turn it off. Just follow the simple actions noted hereunder.

– Open the Settings.

– Tap on iTunes & App Store.

– Then you simply need to move the Use Cellular Data to Off.

This will stop the upgrade of the app in the background. Likewise, the app will download when the mobile links to any WiFi network and therefore it will improve the battery life. Also check best battery saver apps.

 6. Turn Off AirDrop

AirDrop is not needed to be turned on each time. So, you can turn it off when it is not required. Just just swipe up the bottom of the screen to toggle up the Notification Tray. Then simply shut off the AirDrop by tapping on the AirDrop button.

 7. Switch off the Location

The Location service is a very essential thing to find any directions to any given unknown area. However, keeping it on when not needed is unneeded. This alternative keeps the phone constantly connected to the GPS system in the background and keeps draining the battery. Nevertheless, to turn it off, you can follow the actions gone over in this section.

– Tap on the Settings.

– Then go to Privacy.

– Navigate to the Location Services and toggle it off.

– Apart from that, if you believe to turn the Location-Based Apple ads, then in the Location Services, tap on the System Service and turn it off.

 8. Disable iOS Dynamic Backgrounds

Are you familiar with the fact that the home and lock screen draining pipes the battery if the dynamic wallpaper is turned on? Yes, it does. Apart from that, the dynamic wallpaper really alters the background of the app depending on what app you are utilizing. This function drains a lot of battery. So, you can turn it to improve your iPhone battery life.

– Open the Settings of the phone.

– Then tap on Wallpaper & Brightness.

– Further, alter the wallpaper of the phone by picking any stills instead of choosing from Dynamic.

 9. Deal with the Brightness of the Display

The Auto-brightness of the iPhone assists you to change the brightness of the display depending upon the outside and the indoor area. However, this keeps the sensor switched on for finding the conditions. Hence, draining a great deal of battery. So, you can turn off the Auto-brightness option and therefore enhance battery life. Also check kindle voyage page turns.

 10. Switch on the Airplane Mode

When the network signal of the phone is extremely low, the phone increases the strength of the antenna to remain gotten in touch with the network. For that reason, it drains pipes the battery. So, when you are at a location with a bad network connection, then you can switch on the flight mode.

Alternative Method: It’s constantly better to choose experts of iPhone Repair Dubai to know how to make iPhone battery life and draining battery problem.

 Summing Up

That’s all with the suggestions for how to make the iPhone battery last longer. You can go through the tips and follow them, consequently improving iPhone battery life. Nevertheless, isolated from these, there are a lot of other alternatives too that enhance iPhone 6 battery life. However these above actions will absolutely enhance your iPhone battery life and will also fix home and iPhone draining pipes battery concern.

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