The Best or the Worst eBook Reader Ever? Amazon Kindle Voyage Review

This post will explain kindle voyage page turns. When you are trying to find an eBook reader with e-ink display, it boils down to just a few choices from Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Kobo. My newest e-reader is the Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight and I was rather delighted with the good device. I even thought that there could not be substantial enhancements in the market up until Amazon released its new flagship e-reader called Kindle Voyage with some promising functions.

The Best or the Worst eBook Reader Ever? Amazon Kindle Voyage Review

In this article, kindle voyage page turns here are the details below;

While you can quickly buy most ebook readers for around $100, the Voyage has an exceptional cost starting at $200. Does it truly are worthy of the additional $100? Keep checking out for my insightful evaluation after utilizing the gadget in the last 2 weeks. Also check off facebook activity guide.

 Unboxing & Basic Guide


Inside package, there are just the Kindle Voyage and a USB cable, the power adapter is not consisted of but you can charge the gadget with adapter of your mobile phone or by just stopping it into your computer.

As compared to the Kindle Paperwhite and the Voyage is noticeable smaller, thinner & lighter. The Voyage determines 6.7 ″ x 4.6 ″ x 0.36 ″ and weighs 6.3 ounces while the Paperwhite’s measurements are 6.7 ″ x 4.6 ″ x 0.36 ″ and its weight is 7.3 ounces. This is the lightest Kindle but the it is not almost the size. Unlike previous designs with somewhat recessed screens, the Voyage includes a flush front screen, which suggests the screen and page-turning buttons linger on the same glass surface. To obtain the design even cleaner and those buttons on the bezel are truly capacitive buttons. So the buttons do not extend from the surface area and they will return a little haptic response when being pressed. The long bar will help you move to the next page while the small dot will return to the previous one.

To simplify the style, Amazon likewise moved the Power button to the back where it could quickly be reached by our index finger. The rear of the gadget is manufactured from magnesium which looks far more durable and sleeker. Also check common facebook ads mistakes.


The Voyage is still geared up with a 6-inch screen but its quality is drastically enhanced. This is the screen with greatest resolution on the marketplace, the pixel density now reaches 300 ppi while other display screens still stay at around 200 ppi. The screen is just best for outdoor and indoor reading experience, along with night reading. The text looks extremely sharp and this is a substantial upgrade if you position the Voyage together with other e-readers like Nook GlowLight or Kindle PaperWhite.

The front glass has matte finish to mimic the real paper and it’s done an excellent task to minimize glare and finger prints. Often I even can’t discriminate between checking out a physical book and reading on the Voyage, the brilliant screen with dark text provides practically the very same experience. The screen still need to refresh itself after about 12 page turns but you will hardly observe text ghosting. You can take a glance at the video below to see performance of the screen in different lighting conditions, definitely you will be overwhelmed.

My only complaint is the adaptive front light. Is is supposed to instantly adjust brightness of the display to offer an ideal lighting, nevertheless, I had to turn this function off since it constantly makes the screen extremely dark and I hardly could check out the text. I typically manually set the brightness level at about 15-20.

 Content and User Experience

Amazon is just the very best in its eBook environment and I think they will keep controling the North America’s market for a long period of time. The Kindle Store has a great rates technique with a lot of day-to-day and regular monthly offers on books. Furthermore, if you have subscription to Amazon Prime or Kindle Unlimited, you can borrow and read many books at no additional cost. Apart from the Store, you can also copy books from other sources to this device, it supports some popular file types like Amazon’s AZW and AZW3, TXT, DOC, DOCX, HTML, MOBI and PDF. Regrettably, ePub files are not supported at the moment.

The Voyage is integrated with some intriguing functions like Kindle FreeTime, Family Library, WordWise, Enhanced Search, About The Book, Goodreads and a speculative Web browser. They are not fantastic selling points but they will supply a better experience using this device.

In regards to efficiency, this is a really responsive device. Turning between pages, moving in between screens and typing on the virtual keyboard is fast and very acceptable for an e-ink screen. Nevertheless, it has a severe problem that makes many purchasers disturbed. It appears like Amazon has some problems in controlling quality of this gadget, numerous buyers are distressed with the Application Error that makes the device non-functional after awakening. You can find out more about the Application Error in my another post here.

Amazon declared that the battery life on this gadget could reach 2 weeks with 30 minutes of everyday reading at brightness level of 10 and Wi-Fi off. However, I often need to set the brightness at nearly 20 and switch on Wi-Fi all the time, for that reason, it could last just about 1 week. It is not an outstanding battery life however it is still far better than smartphones and tablets out there. Also check ebook web sites.



– Bright and clear display screen.

– More compact and cleaner style.

– Matte screen works fantastic for indoor and outside environments.

– Good efficiency and battery life.


– The adaptive front light does not work as anticipated.

– ePub format is still not supported.

– Hefty price.

The Kindle Voyage’s pricing begins at $199. I anticipated a fully practical device at this high rate variety but Amazon failed to deliver it. It looks like the Voyage was not all set in terms of software application when it was released. This is an amazing e-reader when it works, fortunately, all the concerns have been repaired. Therefore, I can recommend this item now.

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